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Chapter 1305: 1305
Chapter 1305: A Disappearing Act

Li Wubo paced about in his room, his eyes flickering . At last, pressing his lips together, he made up his mind .

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Smacking the table, he shouted, “Relay my orders immediately…”

Chu Yang stayed in the Purple Crystal mine for two days straight, waiting for Li Wubo to take action .

He naturally knew that if Li Wubo ascertained the information about Lang Yilang, he definitely wouldn’t tell him . He would keep it only for himself!

Therefore, he needed to observe every little clue and hint he could find .

At last, on this day, Chu Yang discovered that the Purple Crystal mine was transferring Purple Crystals out in large quantities .

Grabbing Li Qingliu over, Chu Yang asked fiercely, “What’s going on? There aren’t even enough Purple Crystals for my usage, so why are they being transferred out?”

Li Qingliu had a troubled expression on his face . “Lord Zi, it really is the clan that needs to use it…”

“What’s going on that is so important that it needs to resort to using my Purple Crystals!” Chu Yang was furious . “Stop and leave everything here!”

Li Qingliu didn’t know whether to laugh or cry .

Do you seriously goddamn think that all these Purple Crystals belong to you? Who do you think you are?

“It’s the clan leader who requested for it!” Under Chu Yang’s despotism, Li Qingliu finally confessed .

“The clan leader requested for it… Hmph! Damn him…” Lord Zi cursed a little before he announced, “I’m starting the huge breakthrough today!”

Since Li Wubo had started to transfer out Purple Crystals in large quantities, that meant that there would definitely be some kind of plan put into action . In addition, the scale of the operation definitely would not be small . The amount of time they were going to spend outside would also be very long .

If it were just a short period of time, they wouldn’t need to bring so many Purple Crystals with them .

Besides, other than Li Wubo discovering Lang Yilang’s trail, Chu Yang couldn’t think of any other reason that could make Li Wubo carry out such a large-scale operation during this timing…

Since that was the case, it was time for him to leave . However, considering the Li Clan’s tight surveillance over him, finding a way to leave was a serious issue .

“Huge breakthrough? Really?” Li Qingliu was overjoyed .

Snorting, Chu Yang waved and showed off his hand . Li Qingliu then discovered that around Lord Zi’s hand was a rich purple aura that stayed together and didn’t dissipate . In particular, the number of those purple lines that could break through strong fortifications had increased from the original one to two strands into easily ten million strands which spread all over his entire palm!

Li Qingliu was filled with delight instantly before a twinge of heartache came over him . They had spent a good three million Purple Crystals in exchange for just the purple lines on this hand!

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When Li Wubo heard the news about the huge breakthrough, he and the other Supreme Martial Artists hurried over the first moment they got .

Li Wubo did not forget about the guard that Lord Zi had requested for . He sent a fifth-grade Supreme Martial Artist to be a standby behind Chu Yang and be prepared to rescue Lord Zi at any time .

In front, Lord Zi stood tall and upright as he faced the treasure trove that had already been emptied out .

As everyone waited with bated breath, Lord Zi started to move vigorously!

“Hei~ ya~” When Lord Zi made an extremely weird sound which sounded like the groan of someone suffering from constipation, Clan Leader Li and the others simultaneously felt their anuses clenching . Shivers ran down their backs .

So… terrifying .

And then, Lord Zi puffed out his chest vigorously, his stance turning firm and steadfast!

Holding his hands in front of his chest, his hands started to move as though they were butterflies flitting among flowers . When his upper body movements reached a certain degree of perfection, he started to move his lower body .

He started by twisting his waist; just like an electric motor, his waist spun left and right . After that, he proceeded to sway his buttocks . After making a few flirtatious and explicit hand gestures and actions, his waist and buttocks swayed a few times at an extremely high speed, as though a pole dancing lady .

Li Qingliu, Li Wubo and the others watching at the back immediately felt like they had entered a brothel .

Too unsightly!

After that, Lord Zi gave a loud shout and the purple light in his palm intensified and shone brightly!

Everyone widened their eyes dramatically . Knowing that Lord Zi was about to commence the huge breakthrough, all of them started to make preparations for it . Their eyes piercingly bright, they circulated their energy, every one of them as if panthers on the verge of going on a rampage .

However… After the purple light on Lord Zi’s hand brightened, he surprisingly retracted the light . Thereafter, he started to repeat the same movements from earlier…

Everyone was overcome with speechlessness…

After another set of strange actions, Lord Zi let out yet another deafening bellow! Purple light shone brilliantly!

Everyone went on alert… and made preparations again .

And then Lord Zi retracted the purple light once more…

Behind, there were already people clenching their jaws . Was this fellow deliberately playing them for fools?

After that, he let out yet another thunderous shout…

This process was repeated for a whole eight times! At the back, the foreheads of Li Wubo and the rest were filled with black lines . Completely speechless, they stood there in a daze, as though they had been struck by lightning .

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Bro… Are you serious about this?

Fooling around just once would do . Doing this eight to nine times consecutively… Is there any meaning in it?

When he reached the ninth round, everyone closed their eyes and sighed . They didn’t even bother moving at all .

What the hell, I’ll just assume that I’m watching a show…

All of a sudden…

Boom! There was an explosion, as though the mountains and earth had split open!

Everyone was instantly stunned…

They could hear Lord Zi’s frantic voice . “Quick, grab hold of me…”

But at this point, the expert in charge of coming to Lord Zi’s aid was in a daze long ago . How would he be able to react in time? With their eyes wide open, everyone could only watch the violent explosion in front helplessly . Powerful and brutal wind currents shot everywhere . And then… Lord Zi was struck violently by the wind currents . Letting out a tragic cry, he was thrown back with great force, his limbs flailing about wildly…

In mid-air, blood could already be seen gushing out of his body from head to toe . Then, Lord Zi’s mouth opened and he sprayed out a violent mouthful of blood…

Everyone was only in time to circulate their energy and protect themselves in this explosion…

The explosion ended!

When all of them glanced over, they were all wild with joy and filled with speechlessness at the same time .

What they were overjoyed about was that there was now a huge hole in that indestructible Purple Crystal mine . Easily the size of a water vat, it ran several meters deep .

Although it hadn’t been fully opened, its current size was already several hundred times larger than that basketball-sized hole earlier . This development was practically a shocking miracle!

All of them were confident that as long as they did this another one or two times, the mine would definitely be opened up .

But… what they were speechless about was that Lord Zi’s face was now completely covered in blood and there were wounds all over his body . Blood dribbled out in mouthfuls from his throat, accompanied by bloody bubbles . His eyes were dull and lifeless and it was apparent that he was barely breathing…

He was practically on the verge of death .

How was the digging supposed to continue?

Landing with a thud, Lord Zi happened to slam onto the ground right in front of Li Wubo . It was a mystery where he managed to gather the strength from but grabbing the hem of Li Wubo’s robes violently, he clenched his jaw in fury and raised his head . “You, you, you… Didn’t you say that you have arranged for an expert to catch hold of me? I-I-I… Where is he?!”

Li Wubo was dumbfounded .

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I did arrange for one but you… were twisting your waist and swaying your buttocks, and shouting and bellowing non-stop… Who knows which of your shouts was supposed to indicate the start…

Yet when everyone had already lost hope, you finally made your move… Can you blame me for that?

However, Li Wubo was truly in the wrong regarding this incident . Even if Lord Zi had told him, did he know what technique he was going to use? Did he know how many times he would need to circulate his energy?

Therefore, Li Wubo, with a forehead full of black lines, could only suffer through Lord Zi’s fury in dumbfounded silence…

“I wasn’t fooling around… What I did was concentrate nine rounds of energy into one and release it all at once… You pig…” Lord Zi’s words made Li Wubo flush completely red .

Good thing Lord Zi then passed out right away .

Otherwise, Li Wubo was sure that his entire family tree of ancestors was going to be cursed and sworn at…

“Quick! Carry Lord Zi back at once and take good care of him!” Li Wubo was filled with regret . Right now, in his eyes, Chu Yang’s status had already been shot all the way up to ‘national treasure’ status . Being able to blast a tunnel through such a sturdy Purple Crystal mine so quickly…

If he hadn’t been negligent, didn’t this mean that he could’ve seen the treasures in another few days after this session?

It’s all my fault…

Clan Leader Li thought as he blamed himself .

You have so much patience when strolling around the brothel, so why were you so impatient when Lord Zi was doing his thing? Sigh…

He quickly arranged for physicians and experts to escort Lord Zi . Then, with the same care as if they were escorting their own mothers, they escorted Lord Zi back to recuperate . The Li Clan’s top physician also came over frantically and followed along .

Watching as Lord Zi was carried away, Li Wubo let out a resigned and embarrassed laugh . Then, he went forward to examine the hole . The more he looked at it, the more elated he was .

The size of a water vat and easily 15 meters deep!

It was practically big enough to allow a person to pass through!

This was truly a… pleasant and surprising development!

“No matter what it takes, spare no effort in treating Lord Zi’s injuries! Let him recover as quickly as possible!” Li Wubo relayed strict orders .


Chu Yang laid in bed weakly as he watched the two worried-looking physicians get busy .

With Chu Yang’s cultivation and the Sword Spirit’s methods, pretending to be gravely injured was pretty much a simple task for Chu Yang .

Right now, these two Li Clan physicians were perplexed . What were they supposed to do about this? Lord Zi was pretty much on his deathbed… They didn’t even dare to use any medicine on him .

Even though he was so gravely injured, the clan had actually issued an absolute order — They must get Lord Zi back on his feet within seven days!

When the two physicians thought of this, they wanted to smash their heads against the wall .

Seven days… If we can keep Lord Zi alive for seven days, it would already be a work of God . Let’s not even talk about something like… getting back on his feet!

That was practically a fairytale!

The two physicians sighed again and again, completely helpless…

At night, when they saw that this Lord Zi was hanging onto his last breath so tenaciously, the two of them were somewhat relieved . Wave after wave of clan higher-ups who came to visit had already left .

Of course, all of these higher-ups had thought that Lord Zi was gravely injured and on his last breath, so they didn’t guard against him when speaking . One of them stroked his beard and said, “My brothers, at midnight today, this old man is going to set out with the team . I shall skip bidding farewell to everyone when the time comes . ”

Yes, this was a sixth-grade Supreme Martial Artist .

Everyone naturally had no doubts about his capability and only offered a few superficial lines like ‘bon voyage’ .

Of course, to the Lord Zi laying in bed, the phrase ‘setting out at midnight’ was the most critical .

The night watchman’s drum passed . It was now late into the night .

At almost midnight, the surroundings were quiet .

Lord Zi suddenly mumbled something .

The two physicians hastily went up to him . This was great news… He could speak now…

But the moment they leaned toward him, the two of them suddenly felt the world around them spin . And then, they were completely lost to the world .

Slowly sitting up, Lord Zi glanced at his clothes . Then, he nimbly removed the robe which the elderly one was wearing . With light movements, he put it on .

Next, he grabbed a bronze mirror and started to apply makeup on his face . He painted himself to look exactly like the physician . Then, he adjusted his facial muscles, tolerating the pain as he did so . Lastly, he dusted some powder onto his hair . Immediately, his hair turned snowy white .

After that, he shaved off the elderly man’s beard and very meticulously stuck it onto his own chin . Then, he gave a little cough pretentiously . Alright, his voice sounded old enough .

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