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Chapter 1300: 1300
Chapter 1300: Unintentional Actions

Li Tongtian’s pettiness somewhat bewildered Li Xiongtu .

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In his eyes, since he had gotten it for free, there was no harm in distributing some to the others to treat their old injuries and illnesses . Besides, they weren’t asking for much, just half a tiny wine cup .

His eyes widened, a perplexed Li Xiongtu said, “Old Master, this… Since everyone needs it, there’s no real harm in giving everyone a little to treat their illnesses or something . ”

The facial muscles at the corners of Li Tongtian’s lips spasmed a little .

No real harm? The harm is beyond what you can imagine! If your ranking in the Nine Tribulations drops because you gave them a drop or two… That would mean the entire Li Clan being suppressed by others for ten thousand years…

You must understand that the Nine Tribulations are also ranked…

It’s easy for you to give them the water now, but if you were to rank last in the future… Even if we killed these few fellows and scattered their ashes into the air ten thousand times… We will still have to suffer ten thousand years of suppression .

How can we distribute it? That’s absolutely not doable .

Li Tongtian grumbled inwardly . “Let’s not talk about these few fellows; even if it’s me, I can’t ask for it either . If I asked for it… The Elder Master himself would probably personally skin me…”

But since Li Xiongtu had said so, Li Tongtian naturally needed to put on a show . “Xiongtu said that he’s willing to share with all of you, hurhurhur… Do you want any?! Huh?!”

Even a dog could detect the threat in his tone .

The seven Supreme Martial Artists shook their heads in unison . “What are you saying? This is Xiongtu’s . We’re just joking, hehe, just joking…”

“Alright . ” Li Tongtian nodded in satisfaction . Then, his expression changed . “Then why aren’t you hurrying back to retrieve the bottles? What are all of you waiting around here for? Waiting for Xiongtu to gift you the water? Hurhurhur, can you even accept it?”

The seven Supreme Martial Artists fled pathetically .

Li Xiongtu was full of astonishment . So brutal, even his plan to secretly give them the water had been cut off…

“So f*cking good at acting! No wonder he’s one of the Nine Tribulations!” This thought emerged in Li Tongtian and Li Wubo’s minds at the same time .

“This… You, girl, come here! This old man is going to give you instructions . ” Li Tongtian told her fiercely, “You must keep an eye on Young Master Xiongtu . One cup in the day and one cup at night; you must watch him drink it, understand?”

The white-robed girl’s voice shook as she answered, “Yes . ”

Li Tongtian nodded in satisfaction .

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Li Xiongtu was very displeased with the way Li Tongtian spoke . Frowning, he said, “Old Master, I like this girl very much! And… I’ve already decided; if I break through to Supreme Martial Artist, I’m going to request the clan to raise her status and position . When I’ve finished what I’m supposed to do, I’m going to take her as my wife!”

What he meant was, of course, “Be more courteous when you speak to her in the future . ”

The white-robed girl at the side, Meng Huanhuan, blushed crimson red at once and hung her head low .

“What?” Li Tongtian and Li Wubo got a huge shock at the same time . This shock was by no means small; the two of them actually jumped to their feet .

“You… want to marry a servant?” Li Tongtian’s brows furrowed .

“Yes!” Li Xiongtu was very firm . “She’s not a servant! She’s my wife!”

At once, Li Tongtian’s eyebrows started to jump fiercely .

However, Li Wubo seemed to have thought of something . All of a sudden, he took a seat again . He asked, “Xiongtu, did that person who gave you this treasure earlier see this servant?”

Realization dawned upon Li Tongtian right away . His eyes that were looking at Li Xiongtu were bright .

Li Xiongtu was stunned . Why was this matter related to that person again? What did it have to do with him?

However, he still answered, “Yes, he did . ”

Li Tongtian asked him nervously, “Then, did he say anything?”

Frowning, Li Xiongtu recalled what had happened and replied, “At that time, he said, ‘What an intelligent and virtuous beauty . Li Xiongtu, you are pretty fortunate!’ Yes, that’s what he said . ”

Li Tongtian and Li Wubo breathed a sigh of relief at the same time . They took their seats again and said with a smile, “Haha, the Li Clan will not interfere with your wedding matters, Xiongtu . Since Xiongtu has taken a liking to her, as long as you’ve made up your mind, I will notify the clan and give this girl an appropriate status . Is there anything else?”

Li Wubo also nodded with a smile .

Meng Huanhuan, the white-robed girl, couldn’t help but let out an ‘Ah!’ . She forgot herself and raised her head! Never in her dreams did she ever expect that the clan would be so forthright in this . In her heart, she had thought that since the clan had put so much effort into grooming Li Xiongtu, he was naturally a very important young master of the clan!

Which of the important young masters didn’t marry the daughter of a distinguished family? As for her… Being able to stay at Li Xiongtu’s side as a consort was already more than what she could ask for .

Unexpectedly, something that she didn’t even dare to think about had actually been… decided upon just like that? This… didn’t make sense . Since when had the clan ever been this agreeable?

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Even Young Master Li Jue had been grounded and suffered rod beatings when he fought for his own wedding matters . Even when he continued to make a fuss and finally managed to wed the lady whom he had taken a liking to, she was no more than just a consort…

Li Xiongtu was also stunned .

So simple?

How did this… It seemed like something wasn’t quite right?

What he didn’t know was that Li Tongtian and Li Wubo were also stewing inwardly right now .

Goddamn Li Xiongtu, pretending like you didn’t know anything just now . Yet now you suddenly know to use that person to exert pressure on us… The Nine Tribulations Sword Master had already chosen a wife for his brother, what’s the use in us opposing this?

Why didn’t you say it earlier!

We almost couldn’t get out of this embarrassing situation…

In the time that they conversed, the seven Supreme Martial Artists had already returned with Purple Crystal bottles .

Li Tongtian personally filled the bottles with Spiritual Spring Water . In the end, there was half a cup left . Everyone stared at it hungrily . After thinking for a moment, Li Tongtian ordered, “Open your mouth . ”

Everyone opened their mouths wide .

With a splash, Li Tongtian emptied the cup of Spiritual Spring Water into Li Xiongtu’s mouth . Then, he turned to the rest and cursed, “Look at how pathetic all of you look! What an embarrassment! I was telling him to open his mouth . What are all of you opening your mouths for? Full of stinky breath, are you trying to disgust this old man to death?”

At this instant, the seven Supreme Martial Artists truly wanted to die…

After leaving Li Xiongtu’s residence, the seven Supreme Martial Artists went back dejectedly with their heads hanging glumly . They sighed all the way home .

Li Tongtian and Li Wubo strolled in the snow back to their residences .

“How is it? With this… you’re convinced now, right?” Li Tongtian laughed in a low voice .

“Yes!” Li Wubo’s voice was somewhat shaking with excitement . “At first, judging from Li Xiongtu’s reactions, I had thought that it shouldn’t be… Because his expression didn’t seem to be an act… However, this time…”

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“Shh!” Li Tongtian rolled his eyes . “How can the schemes of the Nine Tribulations be something that you can see through? Forget it, let’s not think about it anymore . We can finally have a good sleep after going back today… At the very least, we can rest assured about the next ten thousand years now . ”

Li Wubo nodded incessantly . “Yes, yes . However, this Nine Tribulations Sword Master is certainly impressive . The security of the Li Clan cannot be said to be lenient . Yet this Lord Sword Master could actually go about unobstructed without any trace…”

Li Tongtian snorted . “Otherwise, how could he be the Nine Tribulations Sword Master?”

Li Wubo nodded incessantly . “Yes . Sigh, I wonder how that child, Li Jue, is getting along with Xiongtu now… If he could improve his relationship with him, if our Li Clan could occupy two seats among the Nine Tribulations in the future…”

“Stop! Remember to get the matters about that girl done tomorrow . ” Li Tongtian rolled his eyes and walked off by himself .

Li Wubo sighed . “This girl has really struck it big this time… Originally a lowly servant, but is she going to become the wife of one of the Nine Tribulations in the future…”

Chu Yang had already returned to the hot spring long ago .

Regarding this matter, Chu Yang felt rather good but also rather forlorn . But of course, a good majority of it was still speechlessness .

Because he didn’t expect Li Xiongtu, the simple dimwit, to actually really be such a simple dimwit . He had already told him so clearly that this was the priceless treasure, Spiritual Spring Water . He didn’t expect this fellow to still shout so loudly after he had gone off…

Didn’t he know how to make a silent killing?

Of course, if he were to know what had happened after that, he would be even more speechless .

This time, in all fairness, Chu Yang really only wanted to help Li Xiongtu . Firstly, he couldn’t bear to see such a hero and good man die like that from exhausting his life force . Secondly, it was also so that Dong Wushang could have a well-matched rival in the future .

So that when he stood at the pinnacle, Dong Wushang would not be lonely!

Just like the current legends — Bu Liuqing and Ning Tianya .

Other than that, Chu Yang didn’t have any other intentions .

But what he couldn’t possibly have expected was that things were simply this dramatic! Because of that shout of Li Xiongtu’s, things had taken a mystifying turn .

This unintentional action of Chu Yang’s had instead reinforced even further Li Xiongtu’s position as ‘one of the Nine Tribulations’ in the eyes of the Li Clan! And cleared their final doubts!

It had also changed the Li Clan’s hesitation about ‘fighting to the death with the eight Super Clans’ into a rock-solid resolution! And with extreme confidence and high morale!

If anyone from the eight Super Clans were to encounter people from the Li Clan now, the Li Clan would definitely go up against them immediately, thinking that they were in the right and had good reason! And with the intention to kill! To maim! Whatever was brutal was whatever they would do…

To fight for the one Nine Tribulations in their clan .

This could be said to be… The good fortune in one’s life was simply… too… amazing…

Chu Yang naturally didn’t know that he had unintentionally reinforced that extremely evil plan of Mo Tianji’s once again . And was all the more unaware that not only had his bag of Spiritual Spring Water resolved Li Xiongtu’s fatal health risk, he had also resolved his biggest headache — marriage issues — for him .

The great Minister Chu who never left his name after doing good deeds didn’t know any of this .

He merely soaked in the pool all naked again and absorbed one of the great resources of the Li Clan — Earth Core Fire! He continuously enriched his Dantian and adjusted the Yin-Yang balance within his body . Then… His two hands reached into the heap of Purple Crystals and absorbed with full force the energy of the Purple Crystals that the Li Clan had painstakingly mined…

He even narrowed his eyes and pondered very hard, “Why is it that that huge Purple Crystal mine had already been mined for a depth of 300 meters, yet there’s still no sign of Souls of the Purple Crystal?”

This was seriously an insatiable person .

During midnight of this day, Lord Zi appeared in the Purple Crystal mine again, his face icy cold and with a whole body of purple aura .

He walked in coldly . Everyone, who greeted him along the way, was ignored by him .

But they also just gave him a respectful greeting and then quickly escaped .

Because… Who could guarantee that they wouldn’t be scolded badly by Lord Zi the next moment? The cursing and swearing ability of the entire Li Clan had already been raised by quite a few levels because of this Lord Zi after all .

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