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Chapter 1299: 1299
Chapter 1299: What A Strange Incident

After Li Xiongtu shouted, he waited quietly for the person to respond .

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However, amidst the swirling snowflakes, there was only silence in the surroundings . Nothing was out of the ordinary at all .

The white-robed girl dashed out frantically . “Young Master, what are you saying?”

Li Xiongtu had a look of caution on his face . “An expert is here . Stay behind me . ”

Anxiety flashed across the face of the white-robed girl . However, she did not hide behind Li Xiongtu . She said, “Since there’s a distinguished guest here for Young Master, I’ll make some tea . ”

Then, she turned and walked back in gracefully .

Even though she was trembling, she remained very calm .

An expert was here . If it was a friend, she couldn’t disgrace her beloved . Making tea was something that should be done . If it was an enemy, her hiding behind Li Xiongtu would only impede him . Who was to say that because of her presence, the enemy wouldn’t take advantage of her beloved trying to protect her and deal him a heavy blow?

Therefore, she made a prompt decision and left immediately .

Should the enemy ambush her while she was leaving, Li Xiongtu could even take advantage of the opportunity to get a good look at the enemy and deal the enemy a fatal blow!

Watching the frail and delicate figure go back into the room, Chu Yang couldn’t help but be filled with admiration toward her . He let out a husky laugh . “What an intelligent and virtuous beauty . Li Xiongtu, you’re pretty fortunate . ”

Li Xiongtu smiled slightly . Knowing that the intruder was an expert, he stopped probing and said with poise, “Thank you for your compliment . Li Xiongtu feels the same as well . I invite you to come out for a chat . ”

“We’ll skip the chat . ” Chu Yang spoke passively, “I only want to ask you this — Do you know that you’re hurting your foundation by forcefully training like this? And that you are already close to exhausting your life force?”

Li Xiongtu fell silent . Then, he replied calmly, “I only want to reach the level of a Supreme Martial Artist! I want nothing other than to battle my destined rival and end our feud . I can nurse my health back after that . ”

Chu Yang said softly, “But it’ll be too late at that point . ”

Li Xiongtu’s eyes flickered . “Who are you? You seem to know a lot about me?”

Chu Yang started chuckling . “I just want to tell you that the cultivation level of the rival whom you value the most is far higher than yours! He’s almost at the level of a Supreme Martial Artist!”

Li Xiongtu was unaffected . He replied calmly, “So what? I will catch up to him someday!”

Chu Yang said, “But your current body condition does not allow you to do that . ”

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Li Xiongtu chuckled . “So what even if it doesn’t? And so what if it does? I only acknowledge my rival; why should I care whether others acknowledge me or not?”

Chu Yang laughed and replied, “Not bad, that’s a good mindset . However, I can help you to recover . ”

Li Xiongtu rolled his eyes . “I don’t need your help . And I don’t need people to pity me!”

Chuckling, Chu Yang said, “Catch this, Li Xiongtu!”

At once, a black bag whistled through the air and flew toward him .

A flash crossed Li Xiongtu’s eyes and he caught hold of it . He could hear water splashing about inside the bag . Astonished, he asked, “What’s this?”

Chu Yang replied passively, “Inside of that bag is Spiritual Spring Water! Drink a cup in the morning and a cup at night for a month . You’ll then be able to make up for the deficit in your body . It’s best that you store the water in a Purple Crystal container . Otherwise, if it loses its medicinal effect, there won’t be any more for you . ”

When he finished, Chu Yang disappeared in a flash, leaving behind no trace of himself in the vast expanse of snow .

“Spiritual Spring!” A jolt went through Li Xiongtu . He shouted, “Who exactly are you?!” Different from the conversation earlier, Li Xiongtu had shouted loudly this time . His voice reverberated in the surroundings .

But no one answered him . There was only silence around him .

Li Xiongtu rose into the air and quickly circled the fence . He shouted, “Who exactly are you? Why are you giving me this?”

Still, no one answered him .

However, Li Xiongtu’s movement here had already caught the attention of the higher-ups of the Li Clan .

Li Xiongtu, as ‘one of the Nine Tribulations’, the Li Clan naturally paid close attention to him .

Shadowy figures flashed here and there . A few Supreme Martial Artists of the Li Clan appeared in the courtyard . Before they spoke, Li Wubo also appeared . Following which, a long whistle could be heard and Li Tongtian’s voice reached them from afar as well . “What happened?”

In Li Xiongtu’s room, the bag of Spiritual Spring Water sat atop the table .

In front of and behind him were a total of nine Supreme Martial Artists . They sat around the table, their eyes staring at the bag like searchlights .

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Li Tongtian sat at the head position with his eyes on the bag as well . “What’s in there?”

Frowning, Li Xiongtu replied, “Old Master, this is supposedly Spiritual Spring Water . ”

Spiritual Spring!

The moment they heard these two words, the breathing of the nine Supreme Martial Artists simultaneously quickened .

Li Tongtian’s eyes widened dramatically . Two rays of gleaming light shot out from his eyes . “Bring it over for me to take a look!”

When the bag was opened, an indescribable light fragrance wafted out . The noses of everyone present sniffed at the air greedily .

Li Xiongtu dabbed a little of the water with his finger and tasted it . Immediately, he was astounded . Closing the bag at once, he murmured, “This is indeed Spiritual Spring Water . And it’s Spiritual Spring Water that’s already in emulsion form! This is awesome stuff that’s equivalent to amazing Heavenly Treasures… There’s easily 10 liters in this bag…”

Everyone took in a sharp intake of air .

10 liters of Spiritual Spring Water!

This was a shocking amount of riches!

This was Spiritual Spring Water that could revive the dead and lengthen one’s lifespan!

Everyone’s eyes turned burning hot at once .

“Where did this come from?” Li Tongtian looked at Li Xiongtu .

An extremely perplexed Li Xiongtu answered, “I don’t know either… I was training earlier…”

And so, he narrated everything that had happened earlier without holding back any details . Li Xiongtu found this extremely strange and perplexing .

But what he found even stranger was that these old geezers in front of him… didn’t seem to find this strange? Instead, they seemed to feel like this was something that should happen?

Li Wubo drummed his fingers against the table . With his head tilted, he asked with an almost indiscernible smile, “Hmm, you… didn’t see who the intruder was?”

Li Xiongtu stared at him blankly . “No!”

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With a face full of smiles, Li Tongtian asked, “You don’t know who he is either? And don’t know what your relationship with him is?”

“Yes!” Li Xiongtu answered very confidently, his eyes wide .

“Hurhurhur… Which is to say that you don’t know who he is, don’t know when he came and don’t even know the cause and effect of this . Yet the other party gifted you this big bag of Spiritual Spring Water, a premium-grade Heavenly Treasure, as though he had gone raving mad?” Li Tongtian’s smile was so wide that his old face was full of wrinkles .

Li Xiongtu slapped his thigh . “You’re absolutely right . This incident is really very strange . Uhh, Old Master, is this really Spiritual Spring Water? Absolutely real? There’s no problem with it? It’s not poisoned, is it?”

Li Tongtian’s facial muscles looked as if they were about to spasm . Staring at Li Xiongtu, he secretly wanted to gnash his teeth in frustration . “Yes! Absolutely real! For sure! No doubt about it!”

Li Xiongtu was totally mystified . Scratching his head, he was absolutely perplexed . “What’s the meaning of this… Who’s on such good terms with me? Actually giving me something so awesome for no reason and not even showing himself…”

“Oh yes, oh so strange indeed…” Everyone repeated after him sarcastically with their lips pursed and eyes all rolled up . “Oh, what could possibly be happening?”

The facial expressions of all nine Supreme Martial Artists, including Li Tongtian, whose cultivation was the most powerful, and Li Wubo, who was the most cunning and scheming, were very weird .

There was shock, astonishment, as well as an ‘I knew it’ kind of expression .

“It’s happening again…” Li Xiongtu sighed dejectedly inwardly and hung his head . He had already lost count of how many times he had seen such an expression . Every time an inexplicable or mysterious incident happened, as long as he answered with “I don’t know”, everyone would give him this expression .

After giving him such an expression, everyone would patronize him and reply, “Oh it’s nothing strange, hurhur, it’s very normal . Hurhur, very normal indeed…”

Every time he saw this expression, Li Xiongtu had the urge to savagely punch them in the face!

F*ck your mother, would you die if you explained a little more in detail?

Li Tongtian and Li Wubo exchanged a look . They both saw the same thoughts in each other’s eyes —”This must be… a gift from that person!”

When they looked at Li Xiongtu again, the look in their eyes became rather significant .

This fellow looks so simple and honest . I didn’t expect him to be someone who doesn’t even blink when he lies . With a natural voice and looking absolutely the part, does he think he can keep the clan in the dark?

It’s obviously your Boss who came all the way to give you this . Yet you could actually tell a bare-faced lie and pretend you don’t know a single thing?

Would strangers give you something so good for no reason at all? If so, why isn’t there a dimwit out there giving me something like that too? Instead, they had to give it to you? Don’t tell me it’s because I’m not as handsome as you? Look at you, all big and tall like a burly bear; it’s not like you’re any much more handsome…

Do you really think of us Li Clan people as idiots… If we were all idiots, would we have been able to become one of the Nine Super Clans and prospered for ten thousand years?

But it’s also a good thing that this fellow is a little cunning . When the time comes where the Nine Tribulations come together, we should see whether we can discuss a little with this fellow to kill off one of them and replace him with Li Jue… Or even…

After that, the eyes of those two landed on the big bag of Spiritual Spring Water at the same time .

This was a treasure .

So much Spiritual Spring Water…

What should they do with it?

“Uhh, Old Master…” One of the Supreme Martial Artists rubbed his hands, rather embarrassed . “You also know that that grandson of mine… He was injured a few years ago… Cough, just one cup would do, uhh no no, half a cup… Even just a tiny wine cup would do… Cough, never mind…”

“Cough cough, Old Master, you also know that I have an old recurring illness… This… Just half a tiny wine cup would suffice… Uhh… Hehe, take it that I didn’t say anything . ”

“Old Master… This… Never mind, take it that I didn’t say anything . ”

Noticing that Li Tongtian was giving them murderous looks, everyone very wisely shut their mouths and lowered their heads .

“Xiongtu . ” Li Tongtian said kindly, “Since someone had come all the way to especially give this to you, then all of this belongs to you . Keep it for yourself… I’ll get someone to bring you Purple Crystal bottles later… Cough! The seven of you, hurry and go back to retrieve Purple Crystal bottles! Bring five per person… Hurry!”

The seven Supreme Martial Artists were so aggrieved that they wanted to die .

Damn it, I didn’t get anything at all and still have to lose five Purple Crystal bottles…

“Don’t waste any of this Spiritual Spring Water . ” Li Tongtian spoke affably, “Follow that person’s… hurhur, instructions and drink a cup in the morning and a cup at night . Do not cut off the process in the middle! Got it?”

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