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Chapter 1295: 1295
Chapter 1295: Making Matters Worse

Right now, the Sword Spirit had completely forgotten that these Purple Crystal Cores, which he had treated like trash, were actually valuable treasures in the outside world…

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The Sword Spirit did not know what fatigue was, as he continuously collected the Purple Crystal Cores, harvested the Purple Crystal Jade Essence and transferred them all into the Nine Tribulations Space .

However, it was undeniable that it was indeed quite a draining activity to move all these items using just spiritual energy and without a solid real body at all . Especially since all these things were very heavy!

Furthermore, they were in huge quantities…

Six hours later…

The Sword Spirit’s legs were almost shivering as he crawled out from inside . The first thing he did was to head for the Purple Crystal Space . The moment he entered, he sat down within the Soul Quenching Pool and then looked over to the 28 words that Xue Leihan had written using Reincarnation Aura . The Sword Spirit then went into a deep meditation to recover his energy .

In this Purple Crystal mine, the top portion of the pile of treasure had been harvested, such that the peak was now 500 feet lower than before .

That was to say, all these treasures within the top 500 feet of the pile had been cleared totally . However, these changes were totally invisible when seen from the outside!

Furthermore, the top was a peak, shaped sharply . The lower it went, the thicker the pile became . The quantities in this Purple Crystal mine was indeed startling…

With this amount of quantities and this level of purity, Chu Yang was very confident that even if Xue Leihan were to see it, he too would be shocked!

Just the pure monetary value would already put this place at an astronomical figure!

Even the Sword Spirit had become fatigued from harvesting just less than one percent of the total quantities…

What made Chu Yang most regretful was that after harvesting so much, they had not managed to see what the Soul of the Purple Crystal looked like . However, the Purple Crystal Jade Essence was becoming greater in numbers and appearing at higher densities . It seemed like they would be able to see the Soul of the Purple Crystal, as they went down deeper .

The heir to the Purple Crystal Clan, Lord Zi had worked overtime, continuously for three days here, alone!

Three days later, Lord Zi had to be carried out as his entire body became paralyzed .

Li Wubo and the rest came over to check on the progress as usual .

“Very effective! Super effective!” Li Wubo said agitatedly the moment he came over . He was so excited that even his pupils had enlarged .

The various Li Clan elders who had come along were all smiling widely as well .

“The last time we came, it was only the size of a wine cup, this time, it’s already the size of a fist!”

The voice of Li Wubo sounded agitated as he said, “This gave me some hopes! Really great hopes!”

At the side, the Supreme Martial Artist who was watching from afar said, “Yes, furthermore, this Lord Zi had been working tirelessly without any rest… Clan Master, this Lord Zi is really a genuine person!”

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The eyes of Li Wubo flashed and he agreed .

“However, the rate at which this Lord Zi consumes the Purple Crystals is really scary…” This Supreme Martial Artist looked at the clumps and piles of Purple Crystal dust and powder . With some heartache, he said, “Just these three days, Lord Zi had already exhausted 90 thousand Purple Crystals!”

“90 thousand Purple Crystal! Three days!” The facial muscles of Li Wubo twitched along with some heartache . It was really a big heartache .

For continuously eleven days, at the start, it was only 10 thousand Purple Crystals a day . On the second day, it became 17 thousand Purple Crystals a day . The numbers increased every day . Until now, they had already exhausted 300 thousand Purple Crystals!

Looking at the hole in front of him which was the size of a fist and only about half a foot deep, Li Wubo had an urge to vomit blood .

The price of 300 thousand Purple Crystals, in exchange for such a small hole…

This… was such a cheat .

“At this current rate, to completely make a through pass, it would require at least… 100 million Purple Crystals!” that Supreme Martial Artist took a deep breath and said with a stern and serious voice .

100 million Purple Crystals!

At least!

Li Wubo’s body trembled for a moment .

The faces of everyone present changed at the same time! 100 million Purple Crystals, this was not a small amount .

The face of Li Wubo turned dark and gloomy . He asked slowly, “Third Elder! May we invite you to use all your might and cultivation to slash upon this crack on the wall?”

The moment this sentence came out, everyone’s eyes brightened up .

Yes, in the past it was impossible, but that was before . Before today, there was no such hole on the surface! Now that there was already a hole in the surface, was it still impossible to break the whole surface by starting from the hole?

Theoretically, this was entirely possible!

As long as it’s effective, then from now onward, there would no longer be a need to expend so many Purple Crystals!

For so long, why did not they think of this idea?

This ‘Third Elder’ was tall and he had all along been clasping his hands behind his back while observing all the happenings with an aloof expression .

At this moment, after listening to what Li Wubo said, the Elder slowly nodded his head and said, “Alright, I shall do my best for this . Please step back, everyone . ”

Needless to say, the crowd had already neatly retreated more than 500 feet away .

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Only the Third Elder alone was standing just one feet in front of this sky-high stone pillar!

The Third Elder took in a deep breath and drew out his sword from its sheath . The intense sword rays that surrounded the sword point made it look all blazing white!

Immediately after, the Third Elder let out a thunderous roar and the sword light dashed violently forward like a mad dragon’s attack!

Everyone held their breath as they looked in anticipation…

At the next instant!


A snapping sound was heard!


Boom, it was the loud sound of a crash!

The snapping sound came from the sword which the Third Elder had been carrying along with him for his entire life . The sword had broken and was crushed .

As for the last “Ah” sound, it was without a doubt, the Third Elder’s terrible scream .

Under the watchful eyes of the crowd, fog that looked like mushroom clouds came out from the ground and the entire hill shook for a few moments . Immediately after, the Third Elder’s body flew up like a rubber ball as he went backward . In mid-air, his fresh blood spurted out violently!

Everyone was shocked!

Hurriedly, they went to catch the Third Elder in their arms . They looked at each other, speechless . They thought in their mind, “Third Elder had indeed given his entire life of cultivation for this sword attack!”

Yet, it was exactly because of the backlash from such huge power, 70 percent of the bones in Third Elder’s body had already been fractured!

Third Elder had gone into a deep coma!

“Hurry and call the physician!” Li Wubo howled loudly with heartache .

Right at this moment, another voice screamed shockingly, “Clan Master! Come quickly and take a look! This this this…”

Li Wubo and the rest turned around and dashed over to the hole on the wall .

Everyone was speechless as they saw what happened!

They had originally thought that with such a huge clash, even if they were unable to open up the entire wall, it would at least had left some cracks on it .

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Everyone’s heart turned extremely cold as they saw what happened right now .

Nothing, there was absolutely nothing!

Not even any white markings were left!

Everyone was instantly disappointed . It seemed like other than the successor to the Purple Crystal Clan, there was no other method in this world that could crack open the wall . An all-out attack by an eighth-grade Supreme Martial Artist… . actually injured him severely enough that his survival was no longer guaranteed…

“Ah… what is going on here?” shouted a Supreme Martial Artist standing closest to the wall, as though he had seen a flying pig .

The crowd hurriedly squeezed in front to take a look . Everyone was startled at the same time . This moment, there was a depressing and desperate emotion that welled up in everyone’s mind .

They saw that this fist-sized hole suddenly recovered quickly . It slowly swelled up from the inside and subsequently, it started to shrink slowly… before it finally regained to the size of a wine cup, just like four or five days ago, and stopped moving!

Everyone was stunned beyond belief!

Everyone thought in their mind, “Damn… what is going on here?”

“So it seems this is the case… to forcefully crack it open, it would only make the hole stronger and more stable . Furthermore, the hole could use the energy absorbed from the attack to recover itself…” Thinking of how he had continuously urged numerous experts to attack this wall… Li Wubo really wanted to commit suicide now . He thought in his mind, “Isn’t this just continuously feeding the wall more energy to make it even stronger?”

The rest awakened to realization .

Everyone was sorrowful .

“What should we do now? The temper of that Lord Zi is already bad enough… With the current situation… he would surely fly into a rage,” that Supreme Martial Artist said while in a daze .

“*Cough*, you all just bear with it… *Cough*, this near period of time… I shall not come back to inspect again . ” Li Wubo coughed a few times as he turned around to leave, dejected and embarrassed .

Li Wubo feared that when the successor to the Purple Crystal Clan came back and were to see the current situation, he would be sure to scold him furiously . With this in mind, Li Wubo thought that he had better leave first .

“*Cough* be careful you all; this near period of time, I shall not come either…” One of the Elders hurriedly left .

“*Cough*… Me too…”

Seeing how these Clan Elders were disappearing quickly without a trace, the Supreme Martial Artist in charge of Purple Crystal mining really wanted to cry but had no tears . He thought, “All of you left… I, What should I do?”

He was the one supervising the operation so there was no way he could escape…

Early in the morning, the next day .

The howling of Lord Zi reverberated through the entire Purple Crystal mine . Regardless of which place in the Li clan, everyone could hear Lord Zi screaming in anger .

“What is going on here? What is going on here?! B*stard, Son of a bitch! What is going on here?” Chu Yang was indeed furious… He had taken huge efforts to create a hole and these people, who knew what they did, such that even the tiny crack for the Sword Spirit to enter the mine had been sealed…

Although it was just temporary, Minister Chu was still largely uncomfortable about it!

The Supreme Martial Artist who was supervising this mining operation explained carefully, while standing by his side .

“Shut your f*cking nonsense!” Chu Yang turned around and lashed out at this pitiful old man, until his entire face was splattered with Lord Zi’s saliva . He added, “Are you all too bored, with nothing better to do? Even if you are really, really bored… you can jolly well find your own f*cking entertainment… Didn’t I say earlier that once I have started, no one can interfere? Who do they think they are? Who?!”

“Clan Master? How great is a Clan Master? Does he not want a bright future for the clan? Does he not want descendants? How about letting him have no descendants?!”

“Unable to achieve anything but good at making matters worse!”

“He looked smart, but his brain is in reality made of bean curd residues!”

“This Li Wubo is really the number one dumba*s in history! A super idiot! The unique silly bird in the entire Nine Heavens!” Chu Yang’s voice resounded through Heaven and Earth . He added, “Living like he does now, he might as well go and die!”

The entire Li Clan was stunned .

They thought in their minds, “Who is this person that dares to scold our Clan Master so outrageously? He’s f*cking daring…’”

The face of Li Wubo turned black . He sat in his own study room, gritting his teeth . The windows were already shut tight, but that loud scolding was still transmitting in relentlessly .

“Clan Master, who is this person that’s so daring? Let me go and destroy him!” one of the guards asked politely .

“Get lost to one side! Is there anything that concerns you?” Li Wubo gave a tight slap and sent the boot-licking guard flying out .

Li Wubo hugged his head and let out a long sigh . He thought, “Yes, he’s right… What’s the f*cking matter with this guy…”

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