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Chapter 1294: 1294
Chapter 1294: c

Now, Chu Yang really had a feeling of ‘cultivation’!

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This slowly infused energy from the Earth Core Fire was gradually merging with the body’s huge pool of internal energy . Slowly, Chu Yang began to feel that his own internal energy had an additional joy similar to that of ‘life’ .

It was like a piece of land that suffered from drought for a long period of time and suddenly, it welcomed spring rain .

Although this spring rain was not big, it quietly nurtured and moisturized the land .

It was an emotion, almost equivalent to being touched!

Chu Yang suddenly had an emotion . All things in this world had life energy! Including the land and sky, including the wind, clouds, lightning and thunder, including all plants and even stones, metals and minerals .

When you were unable to excite them, they all remained lifeless . However, the moment you managed to excite them, they would display all kinds of brilliance and wonders .

It was just like the energy from the Earth Core Fire!

It was like a piece of land that suffered from drought for the past ten thousand years . After all, land is land . The moment it started to rain, the brilliance that the land could exhibit… it would be more than enough to touch the heart of even the most heartless ones!

Chu Yang became a little addicted to enjoying this kind of feeling .

Slowly, he felt his own mental energy rising… his own life was almost like entering nirvana, into a brand new area…

His mental energy suddenly shot up drastically .

In the face of this rapid increment, even the Sword Spirit within the Nine Tribulations Space became a little terrified .

Ever since Chu Yang devoured the First Generation Nine Tribulations Sword Master’s mental energy at Lake of Despair, Chu Yang’s mental energy had never increased by itself . Even if it did, the increment was definitely insignificant, as compared to the original amount of mental energy that Chu Yang had .

However, this round of increment was huge, like that of a towering tsunami .

The ocean was immense and therefore, even the deities would not be able to tell an increment if only a scoop of water was added . However, what if you added in the water in Yangtze River and Yellow River, all in one night?

The person would be silly if he could not tell the increment .

The increment that Chu Yang was having now was exactly like this analogy .

“He has once again achieved a breakthrough in his mental state,” the Sword Spirit muttered to himself . His eyes were filled with excitement and comfort .

“This breakthrough would bring forward the time by a huge amount… to allow him to make contact with the real and true great Tao!”

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In the following few days, Chu Yang maintained the same routine . Decipher the Purple Crystal mine, rest and then practice eagerly…

Chu Yang was glowing with his hottest passion in practicing martial arts!

Myriad amounts of energy from the Earth Core Fire was absorbed into his body, yet Chu Yang did not feel his own cultivation level rising . He only felt the changes in his own internal energy!

The energy from the Earth Core Fire was slowly merging with the original energy of the Heaven . It was slowly changing every trace and every strand of energy in the meridians!

To really evolve into… the energy of Heaven and Earth!

Chu Yang felt that he was different every day, yet it seemed as if nothing changed . The only difference was the two Primordial Real Silk in the Dantian of Chu Yang . Gradually, one of them started to grow until it became so filled that it stopped growing . Immediately after, the next one started to grow…

Within a short time of seven days, the second Primordial Real Silk was already looking like the first Primordial Real Silk just before Chu Yang reached the Li Clan .

However, Chu Yang felt that the energy from the Earth Core Fire was increasingly harder to absorb . This opening was still too small .

After Chu Yang made a complaint, Li Clan sent a few more people to double the size of the opening!

Under such temperature, just standing inside was already sufficient to scald the flesh . For the sake of comfort, no one was willing to raise their bathing water to such a high temperature .

Therefore, Chu Yang could be considered as the first person in history to make this request to the Li Clan…

In return, on his next trip to mine the Purple Crystals mine, Chu Yang finally widened that trace to the size of a wine glass .

This kind of progress already made the Li Clan overjoyed!

No one knew that within this opening, there was a tiny crack invisible to the naked eye that had already dug deep into the ground…

That was the power of the Nine Tribulations Sword . From the first day, it had started to penetrate . By now, it had already reached the border of success .

On the eleventh day!

Chu Yang specially instructed, “Today, I would do some overtime . I’m a little anxious since there hasn’t been any good progress for a long while . I shall do some overtime to see if I can improve on our speed . ”

Li Clan Master was of course overjoyed . He could not ask for more .

“However, do not let anyone disturb me . When I’m using the Purple Crystal Prospection Hand, I’m easily disturbed . Therefore, the surroundings have to be absolutely quiet! If I’m disturbed, there’s a high chance that I might go out of control . Although it’s not as bad as losing my life… It would be a good half to one year’s time before I can recover…”

On this matter, the Li Clan responded immediately . No one would be allowed near Lord Zi!

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If anyone went near, they would be prosecuted, regardless of their identity!

“However, there must be a timely supply of Purple Crystals and elixirs . Just leave it behind my back; within five feet will do . ”

Chu Yang made his new request .

Now, behind Chu Yang was a thick marten coat . Behind the coat was a huge pile of Purple Crystals . Every time Minister Chu got tired, he could directly lie down onto the warm and comfortable marten coat . With just a stretch of his hands, he would be able to reach the Purple Crystals…

This was exactly the ideal world of leading an easy life with everything provided .

It was on this day, at midnight…

Chu Yang felt his grip become relaxed and the Nine Tribulations Sword vibrate excitedly…

Chu Yang’s heart shuddered!

It was through!

This thing was indeed unprecedentedly firm and secure . With the power of the Nine Tribulations Sword, it still took a full eleven days of continuous attack! Based on rough estimation, the thickness of this barrier would be a full 300 feet .

“I’m going!” the Sword Spirit said .

“Wait!” Chu Yang shouted angrily within his consciousness, “Bring me along!”

The Sword Spirit was instantly speechless . “How do you intend to go?”

“You can tag my consciousness onto your body and I can go along with you, right? You at least have to satisfy my curiosity, right…” Chu Yang laughed heartily .

The Sword Spirit snorted and said, “Alright . ”

The next moment, the Sword Spirit silently and without a trace followed in the path of Chu Yang’s palms and turned into a hair-like item, moving toward the extremely narrow opening before making its way into it…

Chu Yang’s right hand was plastered onto the opening that was just about the size of a teacup . His body was surrounded by purple gas…

His consciousness also followed and made its way in .

On the outside, this successor to the Purple Crystal Clan was doing his best, with a stance that exerted the utmost strength to mine and to dig for Purple Crystals…

This tiny opening was sealed tight from the inside by the spiritual power of the Sword Spirit!

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This was guaranteed .

With the Sword Spirit’s unparalleled mental energy within, except for the Sword Spirit and Chu Yang, even if all the world’s peak-level ninth-grade Supreme Martial Artists were to gather here and combine their powers, they would not be able to sneak in even a trace of their mental energy past the cracks!

Both Chu Yang and the Sword Spirit were obviously out to keep the entire share of treasures for themselves!

Furthermore, it was an extremely fulfilling, never before seen in history kind of super luxurious treasure!

Once they were in, the Sword Spirit and Chu Yang were instantly dazzled . In front of them, there was a scene packed to the maximum with Purple Crystal Core! Furthermore, only a small portion of it was encapsulated by something . The rest of them were all lying around as was…

Chu Yang swallowed his saliva and urged the Sword Spirit to penetrate toward the top .

“How about we keep the Purple Crystal Core first?” the Sword Spirit asked with some reluctance . Seeing so many treasures lying around, the Sword Spirit became somewhat greedy .

“We can’t do that . These are all at the bottom-most layer . Once it moves, the top would collapse . We should still start from the top-most…” Chu Yang rejected the idea decisively .

Chu Yang was secretly glad in his mind . He thought, “Luckily, I came together with him . If not, this guy would have spoiled my entire plan . ”

The Sword Spirit looked reluctant as he floated upwards, through the small cracks between the various rocks…

After a few hundred feet, the Sword Spirit started to calm down . He thought in his mind, ‘F*ck, Purple Crystal Core is nothing! It’s everywhere here! There is also Purple Crystal Jade Essence, so many pieces… the small ones are as big as the palm and the big ones are actually as big as the human body…’

Afterward, the Sword Spirit increased his speed and decided to reach the top first, before taking a look again!

After traveling for about an hour, they finally reached the top . As they looked upward, they saw a huge pentagonal peak . It was filled with the aura of Purple Crystals and its limits were boundless .

The Sword Spirit could not be bothered to look at all these . He waved his hands and the numerous Purple Crystal Cores beneath him disappeared and went into the Nine Tribulations Space .

Chu Yang was waiting at the Nine Tribulations Space and suddenly, loud noises were heard and from the top, came dropping down Purple Crystals Cores continuously!

Pieces after pieces… it was like a hailstorm, dropping down without any sign of stopping . It was all Purple Crystal Cores and in the blink of an eye, it had already piled up into a small hill .

Chu Yang was flabbergasted .

Although he had long predicted this and had made mental preparations for it, the Purple Crystal Cores in front of him were on a totally different league from those found outside, regardless of their quality, appearance or even their inner beauty!

All these still made Chu Yang stunned for a moment .

The hailstorm of Purple Crystal Cores continued on for another one hour, before it started to rain down Purple Crystal Jade Essence!

At the start, it was one block after another…

Then, it became a burst after burst after burst…

Finally, it was one piece after another after another…

The entire Nine Tribulations Space was noisy from all the Purple Crystals falling onto the ground . It was so much until Minister Chu became totally stunned and dumbfounded but was also really happy in his mind…

It was all thanks to the Sword Spirit for his control over the Nine Tribulations Space . The Purple Crystal Cores and the Purple Crystal Jade Essence were stacked nicely into their respective piles . These were all stacked neatly, without any cross interference .

The Purple Crystal Jade Essence fell for a while, before the crazy storm of Purple Crystal Core began again . It was another continuous burst of it before it started to rain down Purple Crystal Jade Essence again…

Another two hours had passed .

By a rough calculation, the amount of Purple Crystal Core that had fallen by now was a huge number of 100 thousand . As for the Purple Crystal Jade Essence, it was at least ten thousand!

At the top, they had only gone down to one of the peaks .

The Sword Spirit, who was reluctant to leave the Purple Crystal Core just now, had totally no interest in them anymore now . He was still scolding that the Purple Crystal Core was very much in his way of things .

After clearing out numerous Purple Crystal Cores, the Purple Crystal Jade Essence would then be available .

However, Purple Crystal Jade Essence was after all in the core location, a central position surrounded by Purple Crystal Core… Every time, the Sword Spirit would have to clear away all these Purple Crystal Cores, before he could harvest all the Purple Crystal Jade Essence .

This made the Sword Spirit really unhappy .

What a hindrance!

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