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Chapter 1285: 1285

“This is a chance!” Within the Nine Tribulations Space, the Sword Spirit said hurriedly, “Based on what I know, long ago when Li Clan took control of the north-west area, they realized that the surroundings were too cold and unfit for human habitation . Therefore, they proposed a shift…”

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“However, before they could leave, they realized that, within the underground of the north-west region, there was a humongous mine of Purple Crystals . Therefore, the Li Clan changed their mind and decided to stay . This matter, even the rest of the Nine Super Clans do not know about it…”

The Sword Spirit added, “Li Clan spent a huge amount of effort before they finally adapted the north-west region into a place suitable for human habitation and established their clan here . The amount of effort spent was beyond estimation . However, after the Li Clan had established themselves here, when they started to extract the Purple Crystals mine, they realized that it could not be extracted at all!”

“Why couldn’t they do it?” Chu Yang asked in his consciousness .

“It’s because this huge Purple Crystal mine is enveloped by a peculiar metal . This metal has some similarity to the Zhuge Clan’s Mount Xingyun… It is indestructible even for a peak-level Ninth Grade Supreme Martial Artist! Therefore, after mining the normal Purple Crystals at the periphery, the Li Clan could only look at the core with a strong desire, but helpless to do anything about it!”

The Sword Spirit blinked his eyes and said, “I will only talk this much . The rest will be up to you . ”

 Chu Yang’s eyes swiveled and he asked hurriedly, “I will just ask one thing, is there a particular clan that specializes in mining Purple Crystals?”

 “If there was, Li Clan would have found them long ago . ” The Sword Spirit rolled his eyes and went into meditation .

He believed strongly that with such a hint given, Chu Yang would definitely be able to think of some strategy to get himself out of this fix . The Sword Spirit was absolutely confident in Chu Yang…

 Therefore, the Sword Spirit simply went to rest…

 Chu Yang began to ponder .

 Seeing how Chu Yang appeared to be preoccupied and did not talk for long, the Elder thought that Chu Yang was apprehensive in his mind . The Elder started to laugh, his eyes filled with excitement while he said, “It’s good that you admitted it . Based on my understanding, this Wind Thunder Platform had the protection of Wind and Thunder for the past 100 thousand years . Even a peak-level Ninth Grade Supreme Martial Artist may not be able to destroy it! However, in your hands, it appeared as easy as crushing dry weeds and crushing rotten wood…”

 Chu Yang hesitated and his eyes flashed . He said, “What if I deny it?”

 The Elder smiled cruelly, “What do you think?”

Chu Yang shut his eyes and looked up into the sky as he let out a deep breath . He laughed bitterly and said, “Since we have come to this stage, it seems like I just have to reveal it . ”

The Elder smiled gently . “Very well! You are a smart man . The kind of person that I like the most in my life . ”

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 “With these six elite experts eying with hostility, what’s the point of me still trying to conceal my whereabouts?” Chu Yang shook his head as he smiled bitterly and helplessly . He raised his hands to take off the face mask, revealing a young-looking face . Immediately after, just as the crowd was still staring dumbfounded, Chu Yang took off another layer of skin on his face to instantly reveal the looks of a forty-fifty years old middle-aged person .

This gave the crowd a feeling that this middle-aged looking face must be his true appearance!

 The members of Li Clan were all dumbfounded . They did not imagine that this person would have been so careful to even have another human skin face mask behind his normal face mask .

The eyes of the Elder flashed and he said, “You have the cultivation level of a Sword Supremacy, yet your face is unfamiliar to us . ”

Chu Yang smiled bitterly . “I have never revealed myself in the martial world . Of course, I would look unfamiliar . However, in front of you, what would this kind of puny trick be able to achieve?”

Chu Yang sounded sincere and he lowered his own stature .

The Elder smiled gently as he stroked his beard . It was obvious that this apt compliment from Chu Yang had made the Elder really comfortable in his mind now .

“I am Li Tongtian; how do I address you, my little friend?” Li Tongtian spoke kindly .

“My poor name is not worth mentioning…” Chu Yang looked at his surroundings, somewhat embarrassed .

The surrounding thirty-forty people were still glaring at him . He had seriously injured Li Nanshan . It was unknown if Li Nanshan would survive from the injuries . So, how could these people not be angry?

 Li Tongtian let out an “Oh” sound and started to smile, as though he was in deep thoughts . He then said, “If that’s the case, let us head outside to find a place to talk further . ”

 Following which, six people clustered around Chu Yang and flew up together .

Just like what Chu Yang had mentioned . With six elite experts beside him, there were no chances of Chu Yang escaping!

 Seven Supreme Martial Artists, each with a Sixth Grade cultivation level were guarding one First Grade Sword Supremacy . If the Sword Supremacy managed to escape… Just the embarrassment alone would be enough to kill!

Secondly… It was not the time to fall out . If the Li Clan could find out how this person managed to take down the Wind Thunder Platform and managed to master this technique, the Li Clan would really have struck a big one!

 This was a tough nut to crack for the past ten thousand years!

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 Not to mention that Chu Yang had severely injured a First Grade Supreme Martial Artist . Even if Chu Yang were to kill the entire group of Li Clan members… Li Tongtian would definitely not fall out with Chu Yang now .

To extract a confession by torturing… That was a bad plan . If the opponent was using a technique unique to himself and it would not take effect in a short time? Or if the opponent were to self-destruct…

There would really be no more hope left… if the opponent was killed or offended to the point of no reconciliation .

It was rare to see how the opponent was ‘reasonable and adaptable to current trends’ … Li Tongtian felt just like he had picked up a treasure .

The seven people flew off speedily, leaving behind forty over people still clenching their teeth . These people were furious but did not dare to say a word .

 Everyone got up to the cliff along the two sides of the Wind Thunder Platform and continued to move ahead . From far, they could see a snowy white color tent that had already been buried within the snow .

“Dare to enter?” Li Tongtian smiled gently .

“If I say no, can I leave?” Chu Yang smiled gently as he asked rhetorically .

“You can’t”

 “Then, of course I would dare to enter . ” Chu Yang let out loud laughter .

Li Tongtian also let out huge laughter . Suddenly, he realized that he was starting to admire this guy standing right in front of him . This guy was able to appreciate and adapt to the current affairs . A truly top-class character .

 All seven of them entered the white tent .

Li Tongtian signaled with his eyes and four Supreme Martial Artists immediately turned around to guard the four directions of North, South, East and West .

Within the tent, there were just two Sixth Grade Supreme Martial Artists .

 Li Tongtian personally took out the teapot and tea leaves from his spatial storage ring . He gathered spiritual energy to turn them into water and then boiled some tea leaves to fill up the teacup . All these, while putting on a look like he was working hard to serve his guests .

“Great tea!” Chu Yang was full of praise for the tea, after just one sip of it .

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“This tea was brewed within this wind and snow, using the tender shoots of the ice lotus . It’s unique to the north-west region . After consuming, it can get rid of the heaviness in you, strengthen your internal energy, improve cultivation, raise your spirit and consolidate your origin . ” Li Tongtian smiled indifferently . “Even for me, within a year, I would only get half a kg of these from the clan . ”

Judging from his words and tone, Chu Yang already understood his underlying meaning and replied, “I’m honored by your good graces toward me!”

Li Tongtian was not anxious . He talked about other unrelated matters and only after three cups of tea, did he go into the main topic . “My little friend, what you were talking about just now… it seems like you didn’t finish…”

Chu Yang muttered in his mind, ‘How is it that I didn’t finish it, I totally did not even start . ’

 “Thank you Elder Li for asking, I am now unable to even take care of myself . Naturally, I would come clean about it . ” Chu Yang muttered to himself for a moment before continuing, “However… For all my utmost cooperation, I am looking for just a way out to keep myself alive…”

Li Tongtian let out huge laughter . “Since our little friend had said this, I will promise you on behalf of the Li Clan . As long as you come clean about what you know, I will use my life and character to guarantee your safety!”

 Chu Yang thought in his mind, ‘You have such a lousy character!”

 Chu Yang scolded in his mind, but his face appeared more sincere . “As soon as I tell you my family name, with Elder Li’s broad experience and knowledge, I’m sure you would know my background . ”

 Li Tongtian held his beard and smiled gently, with a bit of composure . “You are right . In this world, there is really nothing much about events or people that I don’t know about . ”

“My family name is… Zi [It has the same Chinese pronunciation as purple] . ” Chu Yang said it out profoundly . Chu Yang smiled and with a look of conceitedness and arrogance, he looked at Li Tongtian with high expectations and said, “Elder Li, you don’t need me to say anymore, right?”

Li Tongtian puckered his brows .

 He thought, ‘With a family name of Zi?’

 ‘What’s with a family name of Zi?’

 ‘Why do I not even have any impression of it?’

 Li Tongtian looked over to his other brother at a loss . After which, the two Sixth Grade Supreme Martial Artists shook their heads simultaneously . It was obvious that they had not heard of it… since when was there a Zi Clan that was very famous in the martial world…

 With an embarrassed cough, Li Tongtian thought of how he had boasted about himself earlier on . He could not help but flush . “Could our young brother… This, I’m a little ignorant about it . ”

 Chu Yang also revealed a stunned expression and said, “Uh… this… I’m ashamed about it . ”

Chu Yang smiled as he mocked himself . “It’s normal that Elder Li had not heard of us before . After all, your clan does not reveal ourselves in the martial world . In recent years, our numbers dwindled even more and there is only one male person in each generation . ”

Unable to restrain himself, Li Tongtian actually consoled Chu Yang as he said, “Brother Zi, do not blame yourself… Actually… *cough cough* In this Nine Heavens Continent, throughout the years, there are countless clans that once dominated a region but eventually ended up in dust… At least you are still left in your clan . Compared to those clans which became extinct, you are already fortunate . ”

 “Yes, Elder Li is right . ” Chu Yang took in a breath . How could he not tell the underlying meaning? Although Li Tongtian sounded like he was consoling Chu Yang, the underlying threat was actually obvious . Li Tongtian was implying that if Chu Yang did not comply with them, the Zi Clan would perish, just like the other extinct clans…

 Chu Yang thought in his mind, ‘But why would I not listen to you? I can’t wait to hurry and explain everything to you…’

 “My name is Zi Xiaoyan . ” Chu Yang appeared a little dejected as he added, “I’m a member of the Purple Crystal Clan!”

 “Purple Crystal Clan?!” Li Tongtian’s eyes flashed . Beside him, the other person’s body quivered for a moment . The name of this clan was really fascinating and triggered a lot of thoughts in their minds…

 Especially for the members of Li Clan . They had been guarding a Purple Crystal mine that could not be mined . The level of frustration within them must be very high .

Right now, there was actually a person who claimed to be from the Purple Crystal Clan . Furthermore, this person could take down the Wind Thunder Platform with his meager strength?

 “Yes, our Purple Crystal Clan… possesses an amazing ability that had been the source of all our trouble . Therefore, our ancestors had long instructed us to never enter the martial world . ” Chu Yang sighed and added, “It’s a pity that one great change resulted in our entire clan perishing, leaving only me behind…”

Chu Yang’s sob was obviously ignored .

The two Supreme Martial Artists only had one thought in their minds . ‘Possesses amazing ability? Source of troubles? What kind of ability would be the source of trouble?’

 “Our Purple Crystal Divine Technique can resonate with the aura of Purple Crystal . We can easily detect the location of Purple Crystal mines . Furthermore, regardless of its difficulties in mining, our clan can easily extract them all . This ability is really useless…”

 Chu Yang used a proud but helpless tone to throw them this huge piece of information!

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