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Chapter 1279: 1279
Chapter 1279: A Grand Wedding

Gu Clan’s Wedding gift collection point! Heavenly Treasure acceptance point!

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These nondescript words were written onto huge banners spanning seventy to eighty feet in length and width, then hung up at a height of a few hundred feet, fluttering violently in the air!

The worst thing was that these words were written in an extremely ugly manner .

The majority of the brothers had good handwriting and literary talent, such as Mo Tianji, Xie Danqiong, Ao Xieyun were all known as great calligraphy masters . However… the problem was that everyone wanted to write and therefore, the writer was determined via fist guessing .

The result made everyone stare dumbfounded . The winner was the one whose writing was the worst, whose literary talent was the least and the laziest amongst all, Ji Mo!

Second Master Ji adopted a stance like a dragon’s gambol and a tiger’s walk . The way he held the writing brush was like wielding a battle sword . With a series of big and small, straight and curved strokes, the writing was completed!

Every time Gu Duxing saw this huge banner, he felt his calf muscles twitching and his stomach was churning, like scolding someone! Every time he saw Ji Mo, he wanted to just strangle him to death!

Even with thousands of troops and horses, no one could cause Gu Duxing to change his cold expressions . However, Second Master Ji only needed to write a few words and he was able to achieve that!

For such a huge banner made of thick satin, how was natural wind able to blow it up? A tiny decrease in wind speed would cause the banner to drop . Seeing how the banner was drooping down like a dead fish, Ao Xieyun was furious . He sent out ten Emperor Level Masters to use the palm strength to create sufficient wind! Every minute and every second, Ao Xieyun wanted to see the banner flying high and proud!

The faces of these ten Emperor Level Masters turned bitter! Within the Middle Three Heavens, Emperor Level Masters were already impressive enough to be admired by others . Who would have thought that they would be reduced to the level of being a wind blower machine?

Ao Xieyun and Xie Danqiong were in charge of doing the acceptance evaluation and also the accounts .

The Heavenly Armament Pavilion shopkeeper, Chu Yang, was in charge of transferring the treasures into the warehouse, the Nine Tribulations Space .

As for Ji Mo and Luo Kedi, they were in charge of scolding and praising people!

This kind of arrangement was really making the best possible use of people and material .

The acceptance team had been opened for an afternoon and they had already received uncountable numbers of Heavenly Treasure! Ao Xieyun and Xie Danqiong who had been in charge of the records had already recorded four thick books of these treasures .

“The leader of Little Boar Mountain has given a five thousand years old Snow Ginseng, wishing Pavilion Lord Gu and Miss Gu a happy marriage!”

“The leader of Big Rooster Ridges sends his gift… wishing Pavilion Lord Gu and Miss Gu . ”

“The leader of Huge Bull Valley…”

“The leader of Duck Hillside…”

Chu Yang looked at the guest list and the corner of his mouth twitched a little . He thought, ‘F*ck… who are all these people…’

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Ao Xieyun was giving out his judgment on the gifts as he received it . “Second Class”

“Second Class!”

“Third Class!”

Every time Ao Xieyun and Xie Danqiong read out ‘Third Class’, Ji Mo and Luo Kedi would instantly explode . They would jump out furiously and walloped the person . “You a*shole! Are you here to disgust everyone?…”

“A*shole! You want to die, right?!”

“Dog aunt! What lousy thing did you send as a gift?!”

“Your grandmother! This gift is totally not up to standard!”

Every time this happened, the person getting beaten was always extremely wronged . The person wanted to cry, but no tears came out . He thought in his mind, ‘I have already spent hundreds of thousands on it…’

The people queuing outside to present their gifts all had their faces turned ghastly, their stomachs and legs all started to tremble . They thought in their minds, ‘Oh my… This is too savage and cruel…’

The world was so huge and nothing seemed to be too strange to exist, even a wedding could become like this…

It was only an afternoon and more than a thousand gifts were received . The highest ones were second class! The bulk of the gifts were third class .

Except for those whose reputations were really bad and they committed all kinds of atrocities, regardless of how good their gifts were, they were all graded as not up to standard . Other people would not know what they gave anyway .

Once the name list of those whose gifts were not up to standard was sent out, all the various clans immediately started to kill each other!

This kind of swift and decisive reaction instantly kept everyone out of fear .

By the sixth day, the leaders of various big clans came respectively, each bringing their own gifts to fight for the title of First Class gifts .

In the afternoon, following the thunderous clattering of horse’s hoofs, the various Hall Leaders of Dark Bamboo arrived with gifts .

The last to arrive was Young Master Yu . His arrival personally created a huge disturbance . Furthermore, it was even more shocking to see him together with his newly wedded wife .

This made the crowd feel even more terrified!

Gu Duxing was the first person in history who could make Minister Yu of Dark Bamboo take this matter so seriously .

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This period of seven days was equivalent to a complete plundering of the lands of Middle Three Heavens!

A total of seventeen thousand pieces of Heavenly Treasures and rare metals were received! This huge number was a little shocking even to Chu Yang . Amongst them were quite a few rare items .

The wedding day!

Within the lands of Gu Clan, all the streets were paved with red silk and fresh flowers!

Bright and colorful lighting was everywhere and people were all filled with smiles on their faces .

Following the wolf’s howling by Wolf Sword Supreme Martial Artist, Luo Kedi, thunderous salutes of cannons were fired off!

Rows of banners suddenly opened up in the air!

“Congratulations to Gu Duxing and Gu Miaoling for getting married! Congratulations from Chu Yang! The entire Nine Heavens congratulate you!”

“Congratulations to Gu Duxing and Gu Miaoling for getting married! Congratulations from Dark Bamboo! May the bride and groom live happily ever after to a ripe old age and have mutual respect in your marriage . ”

“Congratulations to Gu Duxing and Gu Miaoling for your great happiness as newlyweds! Congratulations from Xieyun from Ao Clan!”

“Congratulations to Gu Duxing and Gu Miaoling on your joyous occasion! Congratulations from Danqiong from Xie Clan!

“…Congratulations from Luo Clan!”

“…Congratulations from Tianji…”

In the midst of the bustling activities, a sword light flashed past the sky suddenly . The biting cold sword aura completely materialized . Four rows of words appeared insolently in the mid-sky .

“It’s a wonderful age to be traveling alone in the world; a lifetime of love with my childhood sweetheart; within this vast land, I shall be an earth-shattering character, I’m a hero!”

Strokes of sword light lit up the sky with 28 words, with the sky as paper, sword light as ink and long sword as brush! The words actually stayed on for a long while without dispersing! It was just like multiple flashes of lightning that formed the words, hanging in mid-air!

It was the handwriting of Young Master Yu!

This display of sword light seemed to have given a suitable opening to the occasion . The rest of the brothers immediately followed suit .

In an instant, the sky was filled with sword aura flowing around . The divine charm of the Supreme Martial Artist was flowing everywhere and the whole area within a radius of a few hundred miles all began to tremble!

In the midst of a lively atmosphere, the bride escort team started to move out! Gu Duxing was dressed in red clothing, wearing a huge red flower . He rode on a snowy white, healthy-looking horse and was the first to move out of Gu Clan’s main door .

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The bride escort team had a huge and influential lineup . Chu Yang, Mo Tianji, Ao Xieyun, Xie Danqiong, Ji Mo, Luo Kedi… and others… Gu Duxing was riding at the front on a white horse, signifying a happy marriage for the newlyweds, living together to a ripe old age .

The brothers took a U-turn in the midst of the fresh flowers, then slowly and proudly came back and entered Gu Clan through another door!

In the midst of heavy drum beatings, the bride was escorted out in her phoenix coronet and robes of rank . The contingent made a round and then… back to Gu Clan…

Throughout the entire process, everyone was very serious . Only after they had fetched the bride and made one round outside, back to Gu Clan, Ji Mo and Luo Kedi could not help but burst into laughter!

Following which, the crowd also broke out into huge laughter . Together with whistling and howling sounds, the entire scene was chaotic!

That day, the wines of Gu Clan were served at the speed of flowing water . In an instant, the scent of alcohol filled the air within a radius of 500 miles!

Everyone drank until they were dead drunk!

The wines in the entire Gu Clan were finished!

Gu Clan had a wine cellar of wines for many years . All these were also finished and emptied out!

As a result, when Gu Clan Master wanted to have a drink at the end of the day, he realized after asking one round that all the wine, except for the ones left for the newlyweds’ nuptial wine, were all finished…

Tens of thousands of people were cheering, and they were all tough men of the Martial World . Every one of them could drink at least three to five catties of alcohol without getting drunk . For those who were good drinkers, they could drink up to twenty or thirty catties of alcohol…

By this way of calculation, each person would have drunk on average ten catties . That would be a total of four hundred to five hundred thousand catties of alcohol!

At night when they were disturbing the privacy of the bridal room, Luo Kedi was obsessed with getting into the bridal room . However, he was punched and kicked out of the room numerous times by Gu Duxing .

Ji Mo was drunk since early in the night and no one knew where he went .

It took a great effort to chase away these wolf-like people and the newlyweds were finally inside the bridal room . The two of them talked lovingly for a long while . The two of them had been together since young and after numerous setbacks, they were finally together today . They felt really blessed with the ultimate happiness .

The night was already late and the two of them were preparing to sleep after drinking the nuptial wine…

At the critical juncture, there was suddenly a continuous coughing sound . Immediately after, there was the sound of someone crying out in pain . Thereafter, under the dumbfounded stare of Gu Duxing and Gu Miaoling, they saw Second Master Ji struggling to get up from underneath the bed using both his hands and legs . There on his head was actually a brand new chamber pot…

After Ji Mo got up, he was in a daze . He looked left and right, scratching his head confusingly and asked, “Where is this place?”

Gu Miaoling let out a scream and was instantly too embarrassed to even show her face!

Gu Duxing’s face blackened . He grabbed Ji Mo and threw him outside, before punching and kicking at him fiercely!

Ji Mo felt really wronged and he repeatedly defended himself . “I am also unaware… I really did not know that I was there… I really really don’t know…”

Ji Mo only remembered that he was drunk . He had no memories of what happened afterward . He also had no idea who stopped him, forced him into a state of feigning death and then stuffed him underneath the new bed of Gu Duxing…

However, with this kind of excuse, would Gu Duxing even listen to his explanation?

Ji Mo once again became the dragon head .

He was directly thrown out by Gu Duxing .

Furthermore, this incident became an unresolved case . Ji Mo was sure that it was done by Chu Yang and the brothers . However, he did not know which one of them was so mischievous . Even with public or private investigation plus torturing or pleading… Ji Mo was still unable to figure out which one of them was so…

Only until many years later when Rui Butong got married, Ji Mo was again knocked out and stuffed underneath the bed . It was then that Ji Mo remembered faintly, the culprit was Mo Tianji who usually looked sanctimonious and dignified .

However, before that day, who would have suspected Mo Tianji? People would have even suspected Chu Yang first, instead of Mo Tianji!

These few days were exceptionally joyous . As a newlywed, Gu Duxing was naturally in high and vigorous spirits . However, the other brothers, with the presence of Chu Yang, were also exceptionally happy .

Everyone turned to practice martial arts after having enough of play . After martial arts, they drank alcohol . As they drank, they bragged about their lives . It was times of laziness and idleness .

Of course, this was for everyone, except for Mo Tianji!

At this moment, Mo Tianji was using the limited intelligence gathered to make inferences and slowly setting up his master plan!

When Chu Yang met Mo Tianji in the study room, Chu Yang realized that Mo Tianji had already gathered and sorted out the information regarding the Nine Super Clans . These information were classified into more than 10 types and were sorted and recorded for later needs .

However, Mo Tianji was still frowning his eyebrows and uttering only incomplete sentences .

Chu Yang took a look and was instantly vexed! He had never thought that there would be someone who had such a detailed level of thoughts!

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