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Chapter 1277: 1277

“Dragon Core?” Chu Yang was surprised . “What’s the use of it?”

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 Upon seeing the Dragon Core, Ao Xieyun suddenly felt his mind start to churn before it organized its thoughts . He explained, “A Dragon Core is the essence of a Divine Dragon . When a Divine Dragon dies, the essence throughout its body will come together to form a core . The outside is coated with a kind of crystal that is formed by the soul of a dragon, causing it to look like a piece of jade . It will continue to exist no matter how much time passes . ”

 “It is also the most important legacy of the Dragon race! Because… The amount of time a baby dragon needs in order to grow up is extremely long and the birth rate of the Dragon race is very low . If not for this, the Dragon race would have been extinct long ago!”

 “After the Dragon Core forms, no other race can use it other than the Dragon race . For them, it can only serve as a piece of beautiful jade for decorative purposes . Therefore, it is not worth much to most people . However, it is the number one treasure to the Dragon race!”

 Chu Yang understood at last . “So that’s what it is . ”

 Then, with a flourish, he tossed the Dragon Core over . “You can have it . ”

 Ao Xieyun got a huge fright . He hastily caught hold of the Dragon Core and held it close . “How can you be so careless with something so precious? Just tossing it over like that?”

 He was rather indignant .

 “Didn’t you say that this thing is indestructible?” Chu Yang raised his eyebrows and continued, “It won’t break from just a drop; I’ve already dropped it several times before…”

 Ao Xieyun’s heart was so pained that all the muscles on his face were twitching . “Even though you’ve given me the Dragon Core, after hearing what you just said, I really wish I could beat you up!”

 “Haha…” Chu Yang burst into laughter . “How long do you need to absorb this thing? After absorption, how much of your cultivation will be raised?”

 Ao Xieyun chuckled wryly . “Boss, you think too highly of me . A Dragon Core can only be formed by a huge mature dragon . The power within is practically incomparable . ”

 “At my current level, I can’t even break apart the surface . Even if I could, it would fill me up so much that I’ll explode in an instant!” Ao Xieyun pouted . “With a poof like the sound of farting and I’ll turn into the state of a fart…”

 Luo Kedi and Ji Mo made funny faces and burst into deafening laughter .

 Chu Yang couldn’t help but laugh as well . “Then you can keep it with you and absorb it when you become able to . ”

 “That’s all we can do . ” Ao Xieyun did some calculations and added, “I estimate that when I become an eighth or ninth-grade Supreme Martial Artist… I’ll be able to absorb it . ”

 “Alright…” Chu Yang nodded heavily . “As they say, donkey years…”

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 Xie Danqiong burst into laughter .

 When the few brothers left the area at last, it was already near noon . The banquet was about to start; they had no choice but to return .

 As Ji Mo walked, he took several looks behind, his face full of guilt and his heart in a twist .

 After the six of them left, the women finally showed themselves . The moment they did, someone started to attack .

 “Aobo, what’s the meaning of this?” Being on familiar terms with Huyan Aobo, Xie Danqiong’s wife naturally was unceremonious in her tone of voice . “Did you bring us here just to see our men become… dragon heads?”

 Huyan Aobo’s face was completely red . She defended herself and replied, “No… It’s because Ji Mo said that he’ll make a good show today… and teach Boss a lesson . And so… I just came to take a look…”

 “Ha!” The other few women barked out a laugh and rolled their eyes . “Sure, we totally saw!”

 Huyan Aobo’s face was totally red, down to the tips of her ears . This was the first time Miss Huyan was so embarrassed in her entire life!

 And now, under the others’ provocation, she immediately flew into an uncontrollable rage . Drawing a breath, she ran forward and bellowed, “Ji Mo! You bastard, stop right there!”

 In front, Ji Mo was hurrying back home with his tail between his legs . When Huyan Aobo’s voice reached him, he got a huge fright . “Boss, let’s hurry! I’m in trouble!”

 Chu Yang side-eyed him . “I haven’t settled scores with you yet . What’s your purpose in getting so many women here to watch the fight? You must have thought that you would definitely win, right? No wonder you were fighting to be the first to go! And even struck such a cool pose . ”

 Everyone burst into laughter .

 Ji Mo flushed crimson and begged, “Boss, if we don’t hurry, it’s going to be too late…”

 “Alright! Let’s hurry!” Chu Yang gave them a look before saying, “But you can stay!”

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 Before he even finished, Ao Xieyun and Luo Kedi struck out at the same time and tackled Ji Mo to the ground, holding him down firmly .

 Ji Mo cried out tragically . “Boss! I’ll die! I really will!”

 In the time that they used to converse, Huyan Aobo had already arrived . Her big and tall form charged toward them like a bull, causing the ground to give out deafening booms . “Ji Mo! You bastard! Where do you think you’re going!”

 Ao Xieyun grabbed hold of Ji Mo, who was unable to resist, and let out a loud laugh . “Aobo, I’ll hand Ji Mo over to you… The two of you can take your time to whisper sweet nothings to each other, haha…”

 Then, with a move of his arm, Second Master Ji was tossed out like a ball toward Huyan Aobo .

 Ji Mo let out a loud and extremely tragic cry . “Who has brothers like you people… This is seriously my, Ji Mo’s, biggest… Ah!! ~~~”

 His voice was quickly replaced by tragic cries . Laughing, Ao Xieyun and the rest, together with Chu Yang, went back leisurely without even looking back once .

 Behind them, the sound of someone being beaten up and Ji Mo pitifully begging for mercy became further and further, until it couldn’t be heard anymore…

 Ao Tianxing’s birthday celebration was a grand and large-scale affair! Everyone drank to their hearts’ content .

 Halfway through the celebration, Ji Mo finally came back with his face all bruised and battered . His mouth had been ‘accidentally’ punched by Miss Huyan and had swelled . In addition, he had been forbidden from circulating his energy to heal his wounds…

 But what kind of person was Second Master Ji? How would he be daunted by such a trivial issue?

 He found himself a thin drinking straw and stuck it into the wine cup, placing the straw at the side of his mouth which wasn’t swollen . The moment someone called for a toast, Second Master Ji would immediately suck hard on the straw . With a loud slurp, the whole cup of wine was gone .

 Convenient and quick!

 As for the weirded out looks from everyone around him, how thick was Second Master Ji’s skin? Of course, he paid no heed to all of them! In addition, he even stood and looked around proudly as he sucked on the straw .

 With an air of ‘The whole world is drunk except for myself’ .

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 Chu Yang and the others couldn’t bear to watch him . All of them turned away, sporting an expression of “I don’t know this guy, who’s he…” .

What an embarrassment!

 During the banquet, Ao Tianxing announced Gu Duxing’s wedding . This Ao Clan clan leader was a sly old fox indeed; his speech was well-written and flawless .

 “This old man thanks all the friends here for attending my birthday banquet today . Let me offer everyone a toast! My sincerest thanks!”

 “Other than that, this old man would like to announce another piece of good news that’s going to shake the Middle Three Heavens! The second Pavilion Master of the world-renowned Heavenly Armament Pavilion, Gu Duxing, shall tie the knot with Miss Gu Miaoling of the Gu Clan seven days later! We invite all heroes in the world to attend the grand banquet held at the Gu Clan!”

 “Oh, I’m such a muddle-headed old man! I almost forgot an important piece of world-shaking news!” Ao Tianxing smacked his forehead and continued in high spirits, “Not only is Pavilion Master Gu the second Pavilion Master of the Heavenly Armament Pavilion, but he’s also the very first Supreme Martial Artist expert in the entire Middle Three Heavens!”

 A Supreme Martial Artist!

 These three words stunned the entire hall into silence!

 The Middle Three Heavens had actually produced a Supreme Martial Artist? The legendary… Supreme Martial Artist?

 “In addition, for the sake of the Middle Three Heavens’ order, and so that all of us here can prosper in harmony and be safe and sound, yes, this old man, as well as the Heavenly Armament Pavilion, Dark Bamboo, Gu Clan, Luo Clan, Dong Clan, Ji Clan, Xie Clan, Mo Clan etc… All of us have reached an agreement and decided to use this chance where all the heroes of the world will gather for Pavilion Master Gu’s grand wedding to determine the set-up of the Middle Three Heavens! And organize the Middle Three Heavens’ order . ”

 Ao Tianxing sighed . “The current Middle Three Heavens is too chaotic . A lot of forces need to be purged!”

 When he said that, everyone held their breath .

 Determine the set-up of the Middle Three Heavens? Organize the order? How are we going to determine that? Who’s going to be purged?

 This was too important of an issue!

 Coughing, Ao Tianxing continued, “As everyone knows, a wedding naturally must come with congratulatory gifts . Considering Pavilion Master Gu’s status, he wouldn’t have any interest in common gold and silver . Right, everyone?”

 “Yes!” Many of the guests responded, their mouths twitching .

 Goddamn motherf*ckers… To actually have no interest in even gold and silver…

 “Yes, as such, everyone can just send some Heavenly Treasures as a token . Or rare and interesting metals; you’ll have no use for those even if you keep it for yourselves, right?” Ao Clan Leader spoke the most shameless words in a sanctimonious manner . “However, I must stress — Every force can only send one item! Whoever sends more than that, all our clans here will take it up with you!”

 A lot of people’s mouths twitched fiercely .

 Heavenly Treasures? Even just one would be difficult to find! Actually afraid that we’ll send more than that? Do we look that dumb to you?

 No use even if we keep it for ourselves? Who said so? How would you know that we have no use for it?

 “Of course, as everyone knows, well, the Gu Clan may be big but they don’t have much food supplies to spare . In order to avoid people from swindling a free meal, we have organized a small team to examine the Heavenly Treasures . ”

 Everyone swore to the high heavens in their hearts .

 Swindling a free meal? Who in the Middle Three Heavens has the guts to do that? Who would dare to help themselves to a free meal at the wedding of a legendary Supreme Martial Artist and the Pavilion Master of the Heavenly Armament Pavilion?

 You can’t just joke around like that!

 “Yes, according to the value, the examination team will categorize the Heavenly Treasures into first-class, second-class, third-class and mediocre class . As a show of sincerity, our few clans will partner the friends who send first-class gifts and view them as allies . For the second-class… it will be dependent upon their performance . Yes, for the third-class, hurhur, don’t blame us for being unceremonious . However, take note not to be categorized into the mediocre class!”

 “Sending mediocre gifts during the most important moment of one’s life is nothing short of an insult! It’s practically the most heinous form of provocation! We’re all men here; putting yourselves in our shoes, who would be able to stomach such an insult? This is the same as humiliating us eight big clans, the Heavenly Armament Pavilion and Dark Bamboo! We will not show these people any mercy and will eliminate them all! We will not condone them at all!”

Looking at everyone, Ao Tianxing sought their opinions with great sincerity . “Do you agree with me?”

 Who would dare to disagree?

 In the hall, with their hearts full of bitterness, everyone pinched their noses and called out loudly, “Yes!”

 Ao Tianxing stroked his beard and smiled . “My friends here are all such understanding people indeed!”

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