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Chapter 1274

Gu Duxing, the groom-to-be, stood there dejectedly, as though a wooden block .

 In this instant, he deeply experienced the true meaning of ‘not knowing whether to laugh or cry’ .

 It’s all over . From today onward, the two words, Gu Duxing, are really going to become a thorough embarrassment in the Middle Three Heavens…

 But what Gu Duxing didn’t know was that the cause of everything was a few lines which Mo Tianji had said —”We must do this fast! Gu Duxing is currently immersed in his blissful fantasy but by tomorrow morning, he’ll start to consider the issue of face… So, before he looks for you tomorrow morning, we must get this done . ”

 Chu Yang immensely approved . And so…

 Before the bride and groom even realized, all the invitations had been sent out…

 “My face…” Gu Duxing wanted to cry .

 Chu Yang comforted him . “It’s fine, Duxing . To be honest… What face have you ever had all this time anyway? You don’t need this face anymore; there’s no use for it, really! Besides, you already have a wife, why do you still need your face…”

 Is this supposed to comfort me… 

Gu Duxing turned around swiftly . Pouncing forward, he got a stranglehold around Chu Yang’s neck . He shook him back and forth violently as he gnashed his teeth . “I’ll strangle you to death!”

 Chu Yang was strangled so badly that his tongue lolled out of his mouth . “Ugh…”

 With a deafening bellow, Ji Mo came at them with his sword drawn . “Gu Duxing! What are you doing! How dare you bully Boss! Are you rebelling?! Come, come, I’m going to have a showdown with Boss!”

 Both Chu Yang and Gu Duxing fainted at the same time .

 Chu Yang had thought that someone was here to help him but it turned out that after condemning Gu Duxing so severely and uprightly, he instead approached the bullied Chu Yang for a showdown!

 What’s the meaning of this!

 Chu Yang hurriedly struggled free of the stranglehold on him . “A showdown huh? Good, good . Ji Mo, I did say that today, I’m going to let you feel even sweeter than after eating honey!”

 “Count me in for a showdown with Boss!” Gu Duxing looked down in the dumps . “I want to demand compensation for defamation!”

 “Won’t it do if I give you another five percent of your congratulatory gifts?” Chu Yang patiently negotiated .

 “Those belonged to me right from the start!” retorted a miserable Gu Duxing .

 “Yes, yes, all yours!” Chu Yang comforted him . “But you’re part of the Heavenly Armament Pavilion and the Heavenly Armament Pavilion belongs to us . Therefore, all of your congratulatory gifts are also ours!”

 Gu Duxing declared furiously, “Showdown!”

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 “Who’s afraid of you!” Chu Yang snorted . “Come, come, let me teach the few of you a lesson!”

 As they spoke, Ao Xieyun, Xie Danqiong and Luo Kedi had already filed in .

 Smug and full of confidence, all of them looked ready to watch a good show .

 All of them were brimming with confidence about their battles with Chu Yang this time!

 It had been more than a year!

 From Emperor-level to Supreme Martial Artists, they had crossed a total of 20 martial domain levels! This speed had broken even Chu Yang’s fastest breakthrough record! And the record from back then was just from a mere Martial Arts Great Master to a Revered Martial Artist!

 As such, everyone was very certain —”No matter how much Boss has improved, he’s definitely not our match this time!”

 Their long-time wish to give Boss a good thrashing was finally going to come true today!

 Especially after seeing how powerless Chu Yang was when being strangled by Gu Duxing earlier… Their confidence grew even stronger .

 “Let’s go, let’s go . Let’s not fight here . ” An enthusiastic Ao Xieyun was the first to start heading outside . “It won’t do if you destroy my home during the fight . Let’s look for a quiet place and have a good fight . It’ll be fine as long as we hurry back before noon . ”

 As he walked, he continued, “All of you, take note not to beat Boss up too badly . You can kick him in the butt a few more times but try your best not to beat him up too badly on the face . Beating him more or less into a dragon head would do . ‘Dragon head’ is also a common term for ‘Boss’, so beating him into a dragon head would also be true to his name . ”

 “Exactly, exactly . Young Master Xie’s words are truly well-said . ” Laughing sneakily, Luo Kedi and Ji Mo followed after him rather excitedly .

 At the back, Gu Duxing thought about it for a moment before he whispered, “How about… you admit defeat?”

 “Admit defeat?” Chu Yang snorted . “Actually thinking of beating me into… a dragon head? Hmph! I won’t stand for this smugness of theirs! Watch how I’m going to teach all of you a good lesson today! Including you, everyone is going to be beaten into a dragon head! Rest assured that I’ll hold back on you and won’t cause any delay to your wedding . I definitely won’t let you go into your nuptial chamber sporting a dragon head . ”

 Gu Duxing fumed in exasperation!

 How unappreciative!

 He strode off in a huff .

 In an empty field in the mountains .

 This was a secluded little valley that was particularly serene .

 Chu Yang stood right in the middle and turned to face the five of them . His hands behind his back, he asked, “Are all of you coming at me together? Or one by one?”

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 “Hahaha…” The five fellows opposite him burst into laughter . They had obviously heard an extremely hilarious joke!

 “Boss, us brothers are Supreme Martial Artists now! Supreme Martial Artists, you know! Against you, would we still need to come at you at the same time?” Ji Mo was as haughty as a peacock . His smile was so broad that his eyes couldn’t even be seen anymore . His expression looked especially despicable .

 “Oh, then who’s first?” Chu Yang’s hands were itching .

 “I’m first!” Except Gu Duxing, the other four spoke at the same time, all of them clambering to be first .

 In the end, Ji Mo came out the winner . Jumping forward, he made a pretense of holding his sword and bowing . “Boss, your guidance, please . ” Before Chu Yang even returned the greeting, Ji Mo was already tittering in delight .

 “Come!” Chu Yang smiled lightly .

 “Ahwooh~~ Dog aunt!” Taking a breath, Ji Mo let out a loud howl which reverberated in the skies . Then, his form suddenly transformed into a ray of light which shot madly toward Chu Yang!

 This momentum of his was truly overwhelming; the very example of a Supreme Martial Artist!

 “Bravo!” Jumping up, Luo Kedi shouted in a particularly wicked manner . “Beat him up!”

 Before he even finished, Chu Yang replied, “Alright! I’ll beat him up then!”

 Everyone was stunned . Under the attack of a Supreme Martial Artist, he could still speak this leisurely?

 The next moment, they heard a loud boom . Ji Mo’s form flew backward, as though an arrow piercing through the air . With his rear facing the back, the speed at which he was thrown back was as swift as the wind!

 Luo Kedi cheered loudly, “Great movement technique!”

 Then, he suddenly realized — It seemed like Ji Mo had never learned this technique of moving backward before though…

 The only thing Ji Mo could feel right now was his lower abdomen close to overturning . Never would he have expected that just a bit of carelessness and underestimating the enemy would cause him to end up being kicked so squarely and solidly by Boss!

 In this instant, he was kicked so hard that he couldn’t catch his breath at all . The only thing he could do was fly backward with great momentum, though it wasn’t of his own volition…

 A faint shadow moved swiftly toward Ji Mo and kicked with precision right at his wrist . Second Master Ji let out a tragic cry and his sword flew out of his grasp, shooting high up into the sky as it flashed in the light!

 Right after, Ji Mo received another kick in his lower abdomen! Despite being thrown backward at a great speed, he reflexively bent forward nonetheless, just like a prawn!


 Chu Yang’s fist connected with Second Master Ji’s left eye! The impact caused Second Master Ji to lean back with great momentum; as he did so, another punch landed on his right eye!

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 At once, a brand new panda was born into this world!

 With much effort, just as his form was about to become upright again, an uppercut connected with his chin . Second Master Ji cried out loudly, “F*ck the dog aunt… I’m changing…”

 Not that Chu Yang cared . As though hitting a punching bag, his arms and legs moved with the swiftness of the wind . The only thing Ji Mo could do was protect his head with his hands and cry out loudly and pitifully .

 His torso, shoulders, chest, back, thighs, lower abdomen, buttocks, calves, face and head… All of them received an endless storm of kicks and punches from Chu Yang from every direction and angle!

 From the beginning till the end, Second Master Ji had only struck out once .

 After that, he took on the role of a punching bag for the entire process!

 In addition, he didn’t get to land at all the whole time . Just like that, he was beaten to a pulp in mid-air!

 This intense and horrifying scene made the other three, who had competed with each other to go first earlier on, break out in cold sweat . They watched the entire thing in a dumbfounded state, constantly thanking their lucky stars inwardly .

 What the f*ck! Good thing I was a step slower earlier . If not… the one being beaten up so ferociously in the air right now would be me .

 “I’ve changed… I’ve changed, Boss…” cried out Ji Mo, who was almost in tears .

 “Why? What are you changing for?” asked Chu Yang as he continued to serve him seven to eight more punches and over ten kicks . “Aren’t you a Supreme Martial Artist? Aren’t you very impressive? Weren’t you intending to teach me a lesson? Come, come, come, don’t hide your face… Let’s fight, my brother!”

 Ji Mo was really close to tears . “I was wrong, Boss…”

 He was chock-full of regrets .

 My mouth is so shameless, don’t mention it anymore…

 What made it worse was that after Ji Mo had gone back the night before, he had bragged wantonly to Huyan Aobo that he was going to beat Boss up badly today!

 An enthusiastic Huyan Aobo had expressed her intention to come and watch the fight . Naturally, Ji Mo was all too willing to let his beloved witness his might . And so, he had instructed her, “Just follow us there . ”

 Therefore, Huyan Aobo was also hidden somewhere and watching them right now…

 Second Master Ji wanted to die…

 I got a whole bunch of audience here, only to watch me make a fool out of myself… Why did I do that to myself, seriously…

 With a loud bang, Second Master Ji landed on the ground, as though a torn gunny sack . He laid on the ground all curled up, his face bruised and battered as he whimpered…

Under the incredulous and dumbfounded gazes of Ao Xieyun and the rest, two huge bumps rose and appeared at a speed visible to the naked eye on each side of Second Master Ji’s forehead .

 The shape looked exactly like two dragon horns!

 “Hurhur, Xieyun said to beat you up into a dragon head . ” Chu Yang stood a short distance away . “So I fulfilled his wishes . ”

 The other four were speechless, everyone sporting black lines on their foreheads .

 Ao Xieyun almost wanted to give himself a few tight slaps .

 Why did I have to say such flippant things! Why did I have to mention ‘dragon head’… 

“Who’s next?” It was obvious that Chu Yang’s enthusiasm was at a peak . “Little Wolf? Come come, let me check your progress . ”

 Luo Kedi turned pale immediately . He shrank back continuously, an ingratiating smile on his face . “Boss would be Boss! So awe-inspiring indeed! Little Brother here is full of admiration… As for the examination, let’s just forget about it…”

 “Forget about it? No way!” Chu Yang shook his head vehemently . “If you don’t come here, I’m going over . ”

 Luo Kedi let out a funny squawk and took to his heels right away .

 Letting out a long laugh, Chu Yang swooped toward him at the speed of light .

 Gu Duxing, Ao Xieyun and Xie Danqiong ducked to the sides, very much in rapport . As Gu Duxing ducked, he even pulled Luo Kedi back .

Luo Kedi cried out in shock and was caught up by Chu Yang right away . Furious, he cursed, “You guys… are really such good brothers, huh… F*ck…”

 But there was no use in cursing; Chu Yang was already here . Forcing himself to calm down, Luo Kedi hurriedly circulated his energy to counter-attack .

 Before long, Luo Kedi, Ao Xieyun, Xie Danqiong and Ji Mo were all sprawled on the ground . The four dragon heads laid side by side, as though four huge dragons had descended the world in tandem, powerful and mighty .

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