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Chapter 1273

“There have been endless conflicts among the Nine Super Clans for many years because of these mineral mines . But of course, they still display a harmonious front on the surface . ” Chu Yang’s intel regarding the mines also came from Lan Ruo .

 In the past, Chu Yang had never found these mines to be of much importance . It was only after Lan Ruo’s explanation that he understood that these mines were in fact the true source of support behind the Nine Super Clans!

 Besides, every mineral mine was guarded by a lot of Supreme Martial Artist experts!

 “What I’m about to say is the grudges among the Nine Super Clans . ” Chu Yang emphasized, “The reason why I talked about their relationships before the grudges among them is so that you can compare their relationships with the grudges among them and decide which is more important, as well as the issue of interests… This needs to be taken into consideration with accuracy and precision . ”

 Frowning and pursing his lips, Mo Tianji nodded heavily, not speaking .

 As Chu Yang narrated, the knot between Mo Tianji’s brows became tighter and tighter .

 When Chu Yang was done, it was already turning bright outside .

 The night had passed .

 Mo Tianji’s hands were already beyond tired . When his left hand got tired, he would switch to his right . And when his right hand got tired, he would switch back to his left . Right now, both his hands were shaking like chicken claws . He stared speechlessly in shock at the 60 centimeters-tall stack of papers in front of him . Sighing, he asked, “This… is just the most basic information? A general outlook?”

 Chu Yang nodded . “Compared to the detailed information of the Nine Super Clans, these don’t even make up one percent of it . ”

 Mo Tianji had a terrible look on his face . “Just these alone… and I’ve already used up five big bottles of ink and spoiled thirteen brushes…”

 Chu Yang said in encouragement, “I’m cheering for you!”

 Mo Tianji’s face turned deathly pale . “Do you know that if I had this much information about the Middle Three Heavens, I could have at least gone through half of it already?”

 “The only thing I want to know is — What have you gathered from all these right now?” asked Chu Yang .

 “At the moment, I’ve only gathered six points from what you’ve said — Firstly, you haven’t been able to truly hurt the Nine Super Clans at their foundation in the Upper Three Heavens! Secondly, the trap which we placed in advance — the Li Clan — just their strength alone is not enough! Also, there are too many variables; they could change their allegiance anytime . Thirdly, the conflicts among the Nine Super Clans are not enough to make them fight each other to the death at all!”

 “Fourth, at present, the only thing which we can make use of is the mineral mines! Black Crystals, Blue Crystals etc… All those are irrelevant . The focus is only on the Purple Crystal mines . Large Purple Crystal mines are the only thing that can truly incite a big battle!”

 “And to achieve that, we would also need to stir up trouble and fan the flames continuously . If not, war will not break out!”

 “Fifth, if there’s no internal strife among them, it’ll be incredibly difficult for us to unite the Upper Three Heavens! Especially if we want to achieve that without causing any sacrifices; it’s absolutely impossible!”

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 “Sixth… The most helpless thing is that the Nine Heavens passageway is still locked right now . Other than you, none of us can go up . ”

 Mo Tianji heaved a heavy sigh . “We can’t gather more information even if we want to! With that, once the Nine Heavens passageway opens up and we head upwards, we’ll end up having to face the most dangerous and perilous situation while planning our battle strategies…”

 “And yet there’s a clan of intelligence among the Nine Super Clans in the Upper Three Heavens! And within the clan of intelligence, there’s someone who is comparable to me, in fact even stronger than me, in every aspect — Diwu Qingrou!”

 “The second worst thing is that Diwu Qingrou has even vaguely guessed your identity . The moment we drive him into a corner, he needs only to disclose your identity and he’ll be able to turn the tides at once!”

 “Such a killer weapon and astonishing trump card and yet it’s in the hands of the enemy!”

 Mo Tianji sighed to the high heavens .

 “And the absolute worst thing is that the Dharma Supreme of the law-enforcement officers actually used to be one of the Nine Tribulations! So he’s exceptionally familiar with every move of the Nine Tribulations Sword Master!”

 “Be it martial power, intelligence, manpower, timing, geographical advantage or human relations; everything is on the enemy’s side! In comparison, there’s only eight to nine of us here!”

 Mo Tianji rubbed his temples . “I think… What I want to say is that this is too tragic!”

 Chu Yang remarked leisurely, “The whetstones in the heavens await my blade; the sharpened blade shines and enters the skies with high spirits!”

 “Get lost!” Mo Tianji was rather huffy . “I only said that to console and motivate them… What’s the use in you telling me that!”

 “This is really a headache!” He sighed .

 “If we can win this battle, your reputation as the Master of Calculation and Manipulation and your Controlling the World Technique would be able to truly reach great heights!” Chu Yang spoke encouragingly .

 “There’s no doubt about that!” Mo Tianji bemoaned . “But I’m afraid I’m going to die from exhaustion before we’ve even won…”

 When Chu Yang spoke again, he discovered that Mo Tianji had already devoted his full attention to the documents and couldn’t hear anything anymore .

 When Chu Yang left the room, Mo Tianji was still bent over the desk and looking through the papers one by one . Then, he categorized them neatly and began to re-record them…

 Once Mo Tianji’s attention was fully on something, even nine oxen wouldn’t be able to drag him out of it .

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 Chu Yang walked out of the room and gently closed the doors behind him .

 The skies were already bright .

 Jubilation filled the Ao Clan . It was the birthday celebration of the clan leader, Ao Tianxing, today . Bright lanterns and decorations could be seen everywhere! The young clan leader had also just come out of seclusion, making it a double celebration .

 The moment Chu Yang came out, he looked for Ao Xieyun and told him about Gu Duxing getting married .

 He explained in particular detail regarding the gifts’ requirements .

 Ao Xieyun’s reaction was hilarious — His mouth was agape as he stared at Chu Yang with his eyes widened, and his entire body trembled .

 “Is there a need to be this rushed?” asked Ao Xieyun .

 “The faster the better!” Chu Yang directly issued an order . “Hurry and make arrangements for people to write invitations . Thereafter, send them out to the whole world using your information network!”

 “Alright!” Ao Xieyun wasn’t someone to drag his feet either . He immediately turned to go and make arrangements . After he took a couple of steps, he suddenly halted in his tracks and looked back . “Uhh… Boss, I have a share of the congratulatory gifts too, right? How much do I get?”

 Chu Yang gnashed his teeth . “If you don’t get down to business after saying that, you’re not getting a single cent!”

 Ao Xieyun vanished with a whoosh .

 As the Eldest Young Master of the Ao Clan, he could be said to have everything he could ever want . But for some reason, he had always been a bit of a money-grubber since he was young . After awakening his Dragon bloodline, he became even more stingy .

 The moment he saw a treasure, no one would be able to drag him away .

 Chu Yang found this particularly strange . Only after discussing this with Mo Tianji and the others did he realize — The Dragon race was by nature a money-grubbing race! Every dragon was a collector of riches!

 Things only went in; nothing came out .

 Among the Dragon race, the current Ao Xieyun could already be said to be charitable…

 Chu Yang secretly decided — When they go to the Upper Three Heavens, he’d better let Ao Xieyun be the one in charge of their finances . A financial manager who only let things in and nothing out… How reassuring!

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 Ao Xieyun spared no effort — In just fifteen minutes, he had already gathered 500 accountants . He tossed a few thick books, ‘The Distribution Chart of the Middle Three Heavens Forces’, onto the desk . “One invitation per force! Write down everything clearly! Today, this Young Master is going to see who dares to not give the Heavenly Armament Pavilion and I, Young Master Xie, face!”

 “For congratulatory gifts, we want Heavenly Treasures and Purple Crystals! And rare metals! Everything must be top-grade!”

 “As for the signature, put the Heavenly Armament Pavilion first . Second is the Gu Clan, third the Ao Clan . After that, the Luo Clan, Dong Clan, Ji Clan… etc…”

 The Eldest Young Master’s bandit-like expression made every accountant tremble .

 Eldest Young Master… This is no different from rampaging through the Middle Three Heavens!

 At the same time, Ji Mo, Luo Kedi, Dong Wulei, Xie Danqiong and the rest also received the news .

 After that, each clan immediately gathered their men . The ones in charge of writing invitations wrote their invitations while the ones in charge of sending out the notices sent out the notices . Many immediately sent out their communication spirit flying beasts too .

 There were also a lot of people who charged out on horseback .

 The aroma of ink filled the entire Mo Clan at once! The sound of writing could be heard everywhere, as though an infinite number of spring silkworms munching on mulberry leaves .

 With the ink still wet, the invitations were immediately distributed . The ones with flying spirit beasts immediately tied them to the legs of the spirit beasts and set them free into the air; the ones without jumped onto the backs of horses and set off on the double immediately to send out the invitations .

 Chu Yang specially wrote a letter to Young Master Yu to request that Dark Bamboo participate in this operation as well . His wording was very polite and ceremonious .

 It was said that when Young Master Yu read the letter, he immediately smashed a table to bits before pointing at the sun and cursing and swearing . But in the end, he ordered his men to write and send out invitations anyway . Then, he went to prepare congratulatory gifts…

 “Was the wine good? Was the water good? Gu Duxing is getting married, do help to advertise and ask for congratulatory gifts . We want Heavenly Treasures, rare metals, etc…”

 A whole slew of requests was written .

 Young Master Yu was filled with fury .

 Damn it, isn’t he threatening me? Yet I have no choice but to be subject to his threats!

 So depressing!

 When the accountants of Dark Bamboo saw the draft written by Young Master Yu, all of them got a fright . A bearded accountant mustered his courage and asked, “Minister Yu, is there a mistake here? Since olden times, who has ever written invitations like this?”

 Young Master Yu was currently in a state of fury . “Just write if you’re told to! Why are you so noisy!”

 Everyone became as quiet as a mouse at once .

 Before long, all the Dark Bamboo members in the world were activated to send out notices and invitations…

 The entire Middle Three Heavens was on tenterhooks right away .

 Facing the sun, Chu Yang stood in the backyard .

 Gu Duxing hurried over to him . “I just got up . Our discussion last night seems rather odd… We’re in time to hold the wedding ceremony seven days later but… How am I supposed to face everyone if we make a killing under my name like this? This is too embarrassing, we can’t do this, no, no, no . ”

 Chu Yang was taken aback for a moment . Then, he let out an awkward laugh . “It doesn’t look like it’s up to you anymore at this point…”

 Gu Duxing was stunned . “What? It’s not up to me even though I’m the one getting married?”

 “Yeah… because all the invitations have already been sent out . ” Chu Yang laughed awkwardly . “You know… The efficiency of large and prestigious clans has always been very high…”

 Gu Duxing was flabbergasted . He staggered a little . “Already… sent out?”

 Chu Yang laughed awkwardly . “Seven to eight clans are working together to send out invitations and I even employed the help of the entire Dark Bamboo… Even though it hasn’t even been one and a half hours since daybreak, at least… several tens of thousands of copies of these news have already been sent out, and this is definitely a conservative number! Please believe me…”

 Gu Duxing was rendered completely speechless!

 He didn’t expect Chu Yang to take such a vigorous and effective approach!

 They had only just mentioned it and it had already been done; he didn’t have any time to react .

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