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Chapter 1269

The Nine Tribulations Sword!

 The ultimate weapon which every swordsman in the Nine Heavens dreamed of, and the well-deserved number one divine artifact!

 Gu Duxing’s body was trembling .

 His eyes bore into the sword tip, as though he could see the cold sword tip emanating the same piercing aura as himself .

 This aura made Gu Duxing tremble with agitation .

 The Nine Tribulations Sword was also the number one killing weapon! And the source of all disasters!

 But ultimately, all conflicts and disasters still needed to be resolved by this sword!

 Mo Tianji’s eyes were bright and shiny as he stared at the Nine Tribulations Sword . His expression was solemn and serious . It was rare to see Mo Tianji sporting such an expression; he usually displayed the absolute confidence of someone who had the world in his grasp and understanding .

 But today, his expression was unbelievably solemn and serious!

 Because Mo Tianji knew that with the appearance of this sword, his position had been completely cemented!

 From this moment on, countless experts shall die under his schemes! But should his schemes fail, he would cause his brothers and himself to die the most tragic death!

 ‘The Nine Tribulations Sword Master shall cause an upheaval in the world! When the Nine Tribulations Sword appears, the star of wisdom shall open a path!’

 That was the legend of the Nine Tribulations Sword .

 The appearance of the Nine Tribulations Sword indicated the official debut of the figure of wisdom amongst the Nine Tribulations! It also represented the official start of the great task of overturning the Nine Heavens! The official start of the war with the Nine Super Clans who had ruled the Upper Three Heavens for the last ten thousand years!

 From this day on, there would not be any option of retreat!

 Only two conclusions awaited them . The first — Together with the Nine Tribulations Sword Master, he shall overturn the Nine Heavens with his brothers!

 The second — Perishing, their clans destroyed, and themselves doomed eternally with no chance of redemption!

 Mo Tianji stared at the Nine Tribulations Sword . It gleamed coldly in the light, as though it was also blinking and looking back at him . His glance shifted to the empty sword hilt and the urge to hold the sword suddenly arose in him!

 Not to hold the sword but… an overwhelming urge to add on to it…

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 He suddenly felt a sense of heavy responsibility and duty .

 Is this my destiny?!

 Ao Xieyun felt all the blood in his body suddenly boiling . He stared in fixation at the Nine Tribulations Sword, his breathing ragged . His eyes transfixed, gold dragon scales gradually started to appear on his chest all of a sudden!

 The dragon scales glittered in the light as Ao Xieyun’s body trembled!

 I finally got to witness the Nine Tribulations Sword! The sword that has decided the fate of the Nine Heavens for the last hundred thousand years!

 Xie Danqiong panted heavily, his handsome face totally red .

 Ji Mo’s mouth was agape as he mumbled non-stop to himself . His mumbling could only be heard if someone leaned extremely close to him . “… Aunt Doggy! What the f*ck! Aunt Doggy… My f*cking god… It’s so f*cking beautiful… I’ll be damned…”

 Luo Kedi was gurgling in his throat, his eyes almost falling out of their sockets as he stared at the Nine Tribulations Sword . He repeated non-stop, “So it’s real… So it’s really real… So it’s really, really real…”

 Chu Yang’s eyes were also on the Nine Tribulations Sword . He took a deep breath . “This is the Nine Tribulations Sword!”

 He paused a little before saying softly, “For a pretty long time to come, the fate of us brothers will be connected to this sword!”

 When he said that, all the brothers gave a violent start, as though they had just woken from a dream .

 No one doubted the authenticity of the Nine Tribulations Sword! This sword had appeared out of nowhere and under the shocked gazes of everyone, it had grown from the size of a little finger into the size of a normal sword .

 The size of a sword could actually change?

 Not only have they not seen such an amazing thing, they had never even heard of it . In this world, which sword, other than the Nine Tribulations Sword, could be this amazing?

 “This is the Nine Tribulations Sword!”

 This line of Chu Yang’s had already gotten the full attention of Gu Duxing and the rest . They didn’t notice what he had said after that at all!

 Only Mo Tianji’s eyes flashed and revealed a look of deep contemplation .

 “For a pretty long time to come, the fate of us brothers will be connected to this sword . ”

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 This was undoubtedly well-said .

 By right, shouldn’t the fate of the Nine Tribulations Sword Master and the Nine Tribulations be closely linked to the Nine Tribulations Sword for life? But judging from Chu Yang’s words, it seemed like… that wasn’t the case? It was going to be just a pretty long period of time?

 Mo Tianji’s mind felt rather fuzzy . He had a vague idea; a peculiar thought suddenly came to him — Could it be that the Upper Three Heavens was not their final destination?

 Chu Yang slowly got to his feet, his expression solemn . “All of you should be able to understand that I had no choice but to keep my identity from you for so long . But my hidden identity is not the only thing that I want to tell all of you today . ”

 “What I also want to let all of you know is the true legend of the Nine Tribulations Sword . ”

 That caught Mo Tianji’s attention . Sitting up straight, he listened with full attention .

 Chu Yang narrated solemnly, “Since olden days, it has been said that whoever owns the Nine Tribulations Sword would own the world! It is also said that each generation of the Nine Tribulations would become the future Nine Super Clans to rule the Nine Heavens!”

 “As such, everyone had a common understanding — As long as one can become part of the Nine Tribulations, he would be able to bring glory to his clan for ten thousand years! And he himself would also become an eternal legend . ”

 Everyone nodded . Indeed, everyone thought so, including themselves .

 “Wrong! Totally wrong!” said Chu Yang solemnly .

 “Wrong?” Mo Tianji frowned .

 “The Nine Tribulations becoming the Nine Super Clans is true . Becoming a legend is also true . However, the part about the Nine Tribulations themselves is wrong . ” Chu Yang smiled wryly . “In the last 90,000 years, there have been eight Nine Tribulations Sword Masters! But according to what I know, the founders of each generation of the Nine Super Clans are not the Nine Tribulations themselves but their sons . Yet the Nine Tribulations Sword Master and Nine Tribulations have disappeared . In that case, where have the Nine Tribulations gone?”

 Chu Yang gradually revealed the story behind the Nine Tribulations Sword Master and Nine Tribulations, which had been concealed by history for the last 90,000 years .

 Everyone was emotionally moved!

 They had never thought that the legend of the Nine Tribulations would be this cruel and brutal!

 The Nine Tribulations Sword Master had actually betrayed the Nine Tribulations?

 “All the generations of the Nine Tribulations were used to nourish the Heavens . ” Chu Yang said, “At this point, perhaps all of you would think of the Nine Tribulations Sword Masters as heartless and cold . Because of this, even Wu Juecheng from 40,000 years ago stayed on in this world to search for the Nine Tribulations Sword Master for revenge! But… this is a tremendous mistake and misunderstanding . ”

 Chu Yang went on to tell them the truth .

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 Gu Duxing’s hand shook . The other brothers were also moved by it .

 They truly didn’t expect the truth to be like this .

 Chu Yang said in conclusion, “Therefore, even though the emotional ties among each generation of the Nine Tribulations Sword Master and Nine Tribulations are enough to move the heavens and shake the earth, they are truly a bunch of tragic people! For the sake of his brothers, the Sword Master chose to perish with no chance of redemption ever, only to let them carry an eternal hatred toward him while they achieve great things in another world! This is the sorrow of the Nine Tribulations Sword Master . ”

 “Their brother had sacrificed everything for their sakes yet they carried hatred and grudges against him . How could this not be considered the Nine Tribulations’ sorrow as well!”

 “Carrying a misunderstanding with him for life and going after revenge, with only the option of discovering that he had been wrong all this time… yet he still hasn’t realized even now . Nor can we bring ourselves to let people like Wu Juecheng know the truth . How can this not be said to be Wu Juecheng’s sorrow?”

 “However, all of you must take note of one thing — Their sorrow came about because they weren’t able to fulfill the final requirements . That is why they have ended up like this . We must not follow in their footsteps!”

 Chu Yang heaved a long sigh . “And now, I am the Nine Tribulations Sword Master! Whether all of you, my brothers, are willing or not, all of you have undoubtedly become one of the Nine Tribulations because of me!”

 The breathing of Gu Duxing and everyone else became heavy and ragged .

 “And it is now our turn . ” Chu Yang smiled and continued, “Time will slowly prove what I’ve said to be true, but I’d rather say it in advance so that all of you can be prepared . ”

 “We must not repeat what the Nine Tribulations Sword Master and Nine Tribulations of the past have gone through!”

 Chu Yang took a deep breath . “We must charge toward the top directly!”

 “Our target is very big! And very far!”

 “This is our destiny!” Chu Yang said keenly, “My brothers, we must be willing to face our destiny as one! I need your answer . ”

 “What do you think?”

 “What are your opinions?”

 Chu Yang looked one by one at each and every one of them seriously .

 With a cold smile, Gu Duxing said with an air of detachment, “Boss, the past Nine Tribulations are the past Nine Tribulations; they have their own destiny . We are not them! I know Boss needs everyone’s opinions and so I shall not represent the brothers but just speak for myself . ”

 His icy face revealed a warm smile, as though a spring breeze . “I will follow my Big Brother in life and death, that is all there is to it!”

 Warmth spread in Chu Yang’s heart, though there was no change in his expression . His line of sight then shifted to Mo Tianji .

 Mo Tianji smiled gently and elegantly . “My situation is different from theirs; we have a condition between the two of us . Do not forget your promise to marry my younger sister and become my brother-in-law . As long as you can achieve that, I won’t mind even if you are truly evil and ruthless and use me to nourish the heavens . ”

 Chu Yang’s expression froze for a moment . Rubbing his nose, he coughed twice in embarrassment .

 Ji Mo and Luo Kedi immediately let out a loud whistle .

 Everyone went into a furor .

 “I see . ” In a rare move, Gu Duxing made a joke . “In order to have a military advisor, Boss sold himself to Xiaowu . Meanwhile, in order to have a brother-in-law, Mo Tianji sold himself to his brother-in-law…”

 Everyone burst into laughter .

 Chu Yang coughed in embarrassment before he put on a fierce expression . “Back to business! Your turn, Ji Mo . ”

 Ji Mo laughed cheerfully . “I have never been one to think about such complicated matters and have always done things based on whether I’m happy doing it or not . I find that I’m very happy being with everyone, so that’s it . ”

 He gave a smile that revealed his sparkling white teeth . “I’ll be happy even if I die!”

 Luo Kedi smacked his shoulder hard . “Ji Mo is so shameless . That’s obviously what I had wanted to say . ”

 A warm smile appeared on Ao Xieyun’s face . “Among us, we have a Sword Supremacy, Saber Supremacy, the successor to the Dragon race, a descendant of the Phoenix, the Nine Tribulations Sword Master, as well as the Master of Calculation and Manipulation as our military advisor… The call of the dragon and cry of the phoenix have gathered as one, and the hearts of us brothers have united; out of good timing, geographical advantage and human relations, we have good timing and human relations on our side!”

 “I feel that such a team would definitely not fail . Since it won’t fail, I love victory the most…”

 Ao Xieyun smiled and continued, “Even if I die, I would also feel really great!”

 A sincere smile appeared on Xie Danqiong’s handsome face . “Awesome! What all of you have said is exactly what I wanted to say . ”

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