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Chapter 1264: 1264

Chapter 1264: Chu Yang Was Robbed

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When he spoke so far, he suddenly shut up . The expression on his face was wonderful .

He just remembered that his daughter’s masters were Ning Tianya and Bu Liuqing .

How could her marriage be up to him to decide?

Immediately, he stiffened .

Yet Chu Yang said very embarrassedly, “Ah well… Yes, I have been single all along and haven’t yet planned on marrying… Since Uncle Mo has this good intention, I… I actually have had the same intention for a long time, so I will thus agree to it . ”

Mo Xingchen choked immediately . After a long while, he started coughing violently .

Ao Tianxing also choked . He stared in shock for a long time, his eyes widened, before he also started coughing violently .

“You are joking, Brother Chu!” Both heads of clans laughed dryly and said unanimously .

“I’m not joking,” replied Chu Yang seriously .

Mo Xingchen froze! Holy shit… Didn’t I just accidentally say one wrong sentence? Why did he not let it go? What a beast… My daughter is only fourteen, and you’ve been thinking about it since four or five years…

Ao Tianxing froze! Holy f*ck! No wonder you were never moved by the beauties that I introduced to you, you are actually a pedophile… What a f*cking beast…

The reception hall was already full of people .

The two heads of clans escorted Chu Yang inside and immediately turned to leave .

They even showed some embarrassment when leaving .

Chu Yang was surprised: can this old thing be playing with me? He was the one who talked about introducing his daughter to me, but why did he react like that when I said I’m taking her?

“Chu Yang?!” It was a cry of surprise .

Chu Yang looked up and saw Ji Zhu, who stood up and was waving at him .

This call of “Chu Yang” seemed to possess some mysterious power that the noisy hall suddenly fell silent . Who could not know about Chu Yang in the Middle Three Heavens now?

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Chu Yang could be said to be a legend!

When he was still in the Middle Three Heavens, there weren’t many here who knew about him, it was only limited to the people from a few clans . Yet after his disappearance, his reputation actually suddenly surged to an unprecedented level!

Under the name of Chu Yang, several of his brothers revamped the Heavenly Armament Pavilion to gradually grow to become the second greatest force in the Middle Three Heavens!

Right now, everyone knew that the mysterious head of Heavenly Armament Pavilion was called Chu Yang .

When I was in the martial world, I was known by none . When I am no longer in the martial world, the martial world is filled with legends about me… This extremely pretentious saying was actually perfectly realized by Chu Yang’s personal experience .

Chu Yang walked in, rubbing his nose .

And that put him literally in the center .

So many beautiful women’s gentle eyes all focused on his face .

Despite Minister Chu having been through great struggles, he couldn’t help but feel a little nervous at the moment .

“Hello, Brother Chu . ” A young woman was saluting him respectfully . “Greetings on behalf of Duxing . At the same time, I’d also like to thank you for your gift, which saved me from the pains of cold poison in Dragon Cavern . ”

Though Gu Duxing was absent, she was his would-be wife . Though they had yet to marry, with Chu Yang’s appearance, Gu Miaoling felt that she should say “thank you” to Chu Yang on behalf of the family .

Though Gu Duxing was actually older than Chu Yang, when they were sworn brothers, Chu Yang was the elder brother .

Chu Yang smiled warmly . “Sister, There’s no need to be overly courteous . Duxing is my brother for life, we never hold back from helping each other . Whatever I’ve done, it is as it should be . ”

As he spoke, he casually took out a piece of Mysterious Yang Jade and handed it over . “I didn’t actually prepare for this first encounter with you, Sister . Since you have a cold physique, I will gift you a jade to keep the body warm . ”

Gu Miaoling’s face flushed . “Thank you so much, big brother . ” She took it and felt the warmth once her hand touched the jade, and immediately felt her spirit lift . She knew that it was a priceless treasure and felt even more grateful and surprised .

This elder brother has such sharp eyes that he actually saw with one look that the cold poison in my body is not fully treated yet . This jade is really the most timely help .

“Brother Chu! You gave Miaoling a jade, I wonder what you’re giving to me?” A pretty majestic voice came from the side .

Chu Yang turned around to look and saw that this person had a stocky and imposing build and was two meters tall . Standing, that body was like a tall mountain . Sitting, it was as stable as the earth . Walking, it was as robust as a tiger!

It was a really big, strong man… well, a woman .

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It was Ji Mo’s darling Huyan Aobo . Lady Huyan whose name was known all across the Middle Three Heavens . Even among Chu Yang’s brothers, this name was often heard!

“Oh… It’s you, Sister . ” Chu Yang rubbed his nose . Since one prepared enough things to rob, one had to be ready to be robbed . He hurriedly took out a Mysterious Yin Jade and handed it over . “Umm… Sister, there’s nothing wrong with your physique, this jade is for you to play with . ”

But the real use of this jade was its slightly thick cold yin aura . If Huyan Aobo wore it all year round, it might be able to disperse some of her “masculine yang aura”…

But how could Chu Yang dare to say that out loud?

Huyan Aobo was overjoyed . She took it and put it into her arms . Immediately, she felt a very comfortable sense of coldness all over her body . But then, she reached out and pulled out a good-looking young woman . She said, “Brother Chu, this is Xie Danqiong’s wife . This girl is very shy, so I’m asking for her first-meeting gift on her behalf . ”

Xie Danqiong’s wife was clearly a lady from a good family and had really good looks . Now that she was pulled out, she was so shy that she didn’t know where to place her hands . “Hello, big brother…”

But her voice was not much louder than the sound of a mosquito .

“Well… Ahem, yes, yes . ” Chu Yang hurried to take out another Mysterious Yang Jade .

“You’re giving all of them hot ones, why did you give me a cold one?” asked Huyan Aobo, dissatisfied .

“Well… this is because… they have a weak constitution and need warmth, and you… obviously don’t need it…” Sweat crept up on Chu Yang’s forehead . This wife of Ji Mo was really impressive, her manners were just like that of a man .

What he said made Dong Wulei, Luo Kewu and others all laugh secretly . Yet Huyan Aobo said, “I just have a stronger body… Actually they can have it too, they just need to eat more . ”

Chu Yang’s face twitched . “Yes! Yes! You are right . ”

Minister Chu who had never changed the expression on his face in front of armies of thousands, King of Hell Chu who killed thousands of people without blinking, actually felt defeated in front of his brother’s wife right now…

“I’ll let you pass . ” Huyan Aobo laughed . “But the four concubines of Xie Danqiong are also here . Hey you four, come up now and greet the elder brother . ”

Chu Yang didn’t know whether to laugh or cry .

They were bringing the whole family… Fortunately, I do not lack Mysterious Yang Jade, otherwise… I’d go bankrupt right here .

Those given to Xie Danqiong’s concubines naturally couldn’t be the same size as that given to his wife, so Chu Yang took care to give the four jade of only half the size .

Indeed, a very warm and satisfied expression showed in the eyes of Xie Danqiong’s wife .

The relationship between women is an art .

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But the relationship between a man and his brothers’ women… is also an art .

Fortunately, Minister Chu had studied it, more or less… Otherwise, this would be difficult .

“There are more… These are the two concubines of Mo Tianji . ” Huyan Aobo looked totally like a boss in charge of the affairs . Judging from her manners, if Chu Yang didn’t do as she wanted, she’d not let him pass easily .

But Minister Chu was rich now, and with a smile, he casually gave both of them a Mysterious Yang Jade .

Nobody knew that his heart was already full of shock .  This Mo Tianji is really not a good guy! Look at his two concubines, they both look absolutely no older than seventeen…

And they have actually already been with him for several years… What a beast!

Chu Yang cursed internally, while his facial expression was mild and friendly .

“This is the wife of Ao Xieyun, it is her house you are in right now,” Huyan Aobo continued to introduce .

Chu Yang took a deep breath and gave away a great amount: one piece of jade each for Ao Xieyun’s wife, concubine, mother and grandmother .

Fortunately, the Sword Spirit was dormant now . Should he still be awake, he was sure to spit out blood on the spot from the heart-wrenching pain at Chu Yang’s extremely wasteful actions .

The female relatives all greeted Chu Yang and received their first-meeting gifts . They left satisfied .

Ji Zhu, Luo Kewu and Dong Wulei approached him with fawning smiles . “Hahaha… Brother Chu, we are old friends already… The gifts…”

“F*ck off!” Before they finished, Chu Yang already yelled angrily . His long-suppressed anger was finally able to vent here . “It’s enough that the younger ones come to seek me, but all of you are older than me, and you actually also come asking for gifts? Damn! How can you be so shameless?”

They totally didn’t expect that he would turn them down .

Everyone watched Chu Yang reach out his hands flatly under the noses of the three . “Three big brothers, I’m brothers for life with your younger brothers . It’s my great pleasure to meet you all today . Come, would you like to give me some gifts?”

The three were dumbfounded!

You were so f*cking excited when distributing gifts just now, and when it’s our turn, you’re actually asking for gifts?

How could we have gifts for you?

The three young masters rolled their eyes and settled back down, upset .

Chu Yang continued to approach them, asking for gifts . Immediately, the whole hall was sent into chaos .

The female relatives who received the gifts all laughed, covering their mouths . Looking at this Big Brother Chu Yang who suddenly appeared, all of them felt that this sworn brother of their husbands was really a good person .

Should such a comment reach the ears of Chu Yang’s enemies, they’d probably spit out blood from the amusement right away . Should it reach the ears of the ghosts of those who died in that decisive battle in the Lower Three Heavens, they’d definitely crawl out of hell to settle with these women!

A good person? Have you seen a good person who’s capable of burying thousands of soldiers in a single battle?

The atmosphere in the hall warmed up .

Undeniably, though the hall was bustling, there were quite a lot of females .

Chu Yang, Dong Wulei and others felt restrained there . Eventually, under Ji Zhu’s suggestion, the four found a small room and started the great project of gambling .

After a long while, Minister Chu walked out proudly holding a pile of clothes and threw them into the toilet pit .

And then, he started chattering with Ao Tianxing casually . Ao Tianxing waited for a long time without seeing the other three coming out and felt very strange . He wanted to go inside to take a look, only to be blocked out at the door by the three inside .

It turned out that in light of Minister Chu’s superb gambling skills, these three young masters not only lost all the belongings they carried, but also lost all of their clothes in the end…

After Chu Yang won, the rest originally thought he was joking . They never expected that this guy was actually so cruel that he picked up the clothes of the three and threw it into the toilet pit…

It was a hall full of women outside .

The three young masters felt like killing themselves…

Right at this moment, suddenly, a loud bang came from outside and all the buildings in the whole of Ao Clan started shaking .

Ao Tianxing was very shocked at first, but then he was delighted as he stood up abruptly . “The sound came from the direction in which they are in seclusion . Could it be that they have finally come out?!”

Chu Yang’s eyes brightened immediately!

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