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Chapter 1262: 1262

1262 Young Master Yu“s Improvemen

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Chu Yang laughed out loud . The sentence just now clearly poked this guy’s weak spot .

“No wonder you are so fearless, well, well…” Young Master Yu looked at Chu Yang from the corner of his eyes . “So you are actually already a ninth-grade Martial Saint… Oh, good boy, did you eat an immortal’s fart? Such fast ascension?”

“That’s right”! Chu Yang stuck his chest out proudly . “I can easily abuse you . ”

Young Master Yu chuckled . “Shall we fight each other later?”

“I’m afraid of not being able to answer Jun Lulu after I beat you to death . ”

“It’s alright . I’ll take it as an opportunity to learn from you . ” Young Master Yu squinted his eyes .

Chu Yang looked up with suspicion . He felt a little puzzled . This guy looked like he was still a second-grade Martial Saint, and he wanted to fight him? Was he really looking to be beaten?

Remembering the suffering he got from Young Master Yu’s beatings back then, Minister Chu felt an immense arrogance and rage!

“Okay! After you finish, I will fight with you!” Chu Yang gritted his teeth and said .

As he spoke, those people from Hushan Pang Clan had already become corpses that laid on the ground .

The men in black who led the groups came back to report .

“You all go back first . I have things to discuss with this master!” Young Master Yu waved his hand .

The men in black agreed respectfully . Some of them couldn’t help but look up for a glance; there weren’t many in the Middle Three Heavens who could be called “this master” by Young Master Yu .

And what they saw was actually a handsome young man in black, who was looking down and smiling at the moment .

The suave mannerisms of both the young man and Young Master Yu were almost brother-like .

They were equally unique and quirky .

They heard Young Master Yu say, “Let’s go find a place and have a good fight . It’s been a long time since I’ve met an opponent above the Martial Saint level . I’m really tempted . ”

With a flash, the two disappeared at the same time .

The men in black who had just finished their work as executioners all opened their mouth wide, their eyeballs almost popping out .

What!? This handsome, quiet and even skinny young man is actually a Martial Saint professional?

“Hei San, I didn’t hear it wrongly, right? Martial Saint?” One of the men in black turned to look at his peers .

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“Hmm, I thought I heard incorrectly too,” replied Hei San .

“Would Master Yu’s words be false?” asked another person .

“Oh my god… Martial Saint…”

In the distance, near the mountains .

“A few rays of chilling light will illuminate ten thousand feet, what harm is there in slaughtering the entire world!…”

Chu Yang used his sword techniques deftly, maneuvering and attacking Young Master Yu in all directions . Young Master Yu kept stepping back .

“Hahaha…” Minister Chu felt quite proud . “Brother Yu, I didn’t dare to use all my strength for fear of hurting you . ”

Young Master Yu smiled slightly . “Then go ahead and use your full force . I’ll take the chance to test my tolerance . ”

“Okay!” Chu Yang yelled and used a little more force .

Young Master Yu still managed to resist, staggering . “Put in more…”

Chu Yang suddenly felt ominous: holy shit, have I been tricked again…

Now that he had reached the cultivation of third-grade Martial Saint, such power was enough to kill a professional at fifth-grade Martial Saint! Young Master Yu was staggering at the start, but still staggering in the same way now .

This guy… can’t improve so fast, right?

Chu Yang let out a long cry, and his longsword moved out rapidly and forcefully: the last four techniques of the Nine Tribulations Sword Technique were used in full force: the forces of soft water, wild waves, huge waves… were all used to make the attack!”

Young Master Yu let out a long laugh . “Watch me!”

Suddenly, his palms opened and with a flash, a wave of green things started emerging out of the earth visibly in front and in a split second, the whole battlefield was covered in green!

Young Master Yu laughed and raised his hands . “Watch!”

All the green vines came entangling toward Chu Yang as though they were suddenly given consciousness .

Chu Yang was taken aback . Never in his wildest dreams had he imagined there to be such a weird martial technique . The Nine Tribulations Sword made a few slashes and cut all the vines into pieces, which fell all across the ground . But only after that did he realize that he was already inside a green ocean .

And Young Master Yu’s figure actually already disappeared .

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Only this constantly growing green ocean was raging and attacking him non-stop . Besides, the vines that newly emerged were actually covered with sharp spikes . They came attacking like serpents .

The chopped-up pieces fell to the ground and actually took root right after . The more he cut, the more vines there were .

Chu Yang was very shocked . He slashed his sword wildly while he raged . “What technique is this?”

A green vine in front of him shook and actually turned into the look of Young Master Yu . He rushed up quietly and a strong force came from his palms . Bang…

Chu Yang raged . “Look at how I cut them all! Dig them up from the root!”

This technique really worked: the vines that were dug up apparently had lost their vitality and fell to the ground softly . The only problem was that it was too damaging to the plane .

He only heard a long howl, before the skinny figure of Young Master Yu went up in the air . He yelled, “Chu Yang, take this!”

“I am the supreme of vast waters and mountains, the king of all land!”

With a long howl, Young Master Yu’s figure spun rapidly in mid-air, turning into a ball of green shadow, then a green cloud that descended wildly .

Thousands of forces and strong waves went attacking toward Chu Yang at this moment from all directions, even from the top and bottom . Each of these forces and waves was different . Some moved in an oblique direction, some went straight, some bent and came, some came in a spiral…

All of them attacked in those strange manners!

“F*ck!” cursed Chu Yang loudly . “You’re doing it for real…” He fought wildly using twenty moves of the Nine Tribulations Sword .

With a series of bangs, Chu Yang rolled out like a ball .

Young Master Yu’s figure fluttered backward .

Only when Minister Chu stopped moving did he realize that he could no longer see anything anymore . In fact, only in that one instant, he was already completely trapped by layers and layers of green vines .

From the outside, one could only see a really huge green ball .

“Do you concede defeat?” Young Master Yu’s voice came .

“I do . ” Chu Yang didn’t want to suffer and gave up quickly .

This was the first time he had ever seen such a strange fighting technique . Could it be the secret art of the Fairy Race?

With a brief noise, the vines disappeared and Young Master Yu stood in front of him, smiling .

“You f*cking schemed to hurt me?” Chu Yang raged .

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“What is this…” Young Master Yu shook his head . “You yourself said you wanted to beat me up…”

Chu Yang wailed . “You learned the inheritance of Fairy Race completely?”

Young Master Yu nodded . “That’s right . I completely awakened the secret arts and bloodline of fairies and ate the Heart of Earth which my ancestors had passed on over hundreds of thousands of years . Of course, my strength surged…”

He blinked . “If I showed it in the past, I would probably be beaten to death by the Nine Super Clans, or be arrested and tortured to reveal secret arts . But now the Nine Tribulations Sword Master has already acquired the fourth part of Nine Tribulations Sword, of course, I have to recover my strongest power quickly . ”

“I see!” Chu Yang gritted his teeth and said resentfully, “Good scheming you’ve done against me!”

Young Master Yu laughed and then sighed . “Unfortunately, the Life Force Spring of our fairy race is long gone . If the Life Force Spring was here, my strength can go one step further to reach sixth or seventh-grade Supreme Martial Artist! But now, it is only at the top of third-grade Supreme Martial Artist . ”

Life Force Spring? Something moved in Chu Yang’s mind .

“But even if you recovered the inherited abilities of the fairy race, you couldn’t have improved so fast?” asked Chu Yang suspiciously .

“I was born after absorbing the essence of heaven and earth for more than ninety thousand years . How can this period of time be overlooked?” Young Master Yu rolled his eyes .

“Monster!” Chu Yang gasped .

“How have you been?” The two found a block of wood and Chu Yang cut up three adjacent pieces with one movement of palm and sat down on the wooden pier . Young Master Yu looked and his eyebrows twitched .

“Alright . Bamboo has been in seclusion the whole time . ” Young Master Yu shook his head and smiled bitterly . “Even when Alu and I got married, we wanted her as a witness but she didn’t appear . ”

“You are married?” Chu Yang was really shocked . “No wonder you are a lot different from before now . ”

Before Young Master Yu recovered his fairy bloodline, he was still a little hesitant, how did he actually become more open after recovering it?

A gentle smile appeared on Young Master Yu’s face .

“Where have you been after disappearing at Lake of Despair last time?” asked Young Master Yu .

“In the Upper Three Heavens . ” Chu Yang chuckled . “What about you?”

“As I expected . ” Young Master Yu smiled slightly . “I took a trip to the northern wasteland to recover and improve, and then I stayed with Alu without going anywhere . ”

“Haha, I didn’t expect Brother Yu to actually be romantically devoted . ” Chu Yang joked .

“Haha… You overestimated me . ” Young Master Yu laughed and felt a bit emotional . “You don’t understand such things about relationships . ”

“I don’t understand…” Chu Yang smiled bitterly .

Right now, I’m dying internally from thinking about my own relationships, and someone actually says that I don’t understand relationships .

The two chatted for a while, and Chu Yang was about to leave .

“When are you off to Upper Three Heavens?” Before leaving, Young Master Yu asked .

“The day the passage of Nine Heavens opens is the day that we go up to Upper Three Heavens to kill!” said Chu Yang lightly . “Then, the immense lands and rivers of Upper Three Heavens will be yours to conquer!”

Young Master Yu’s eyes brightened . He stood with his hands placed behind his back and looked at the clouds on the edge of the sky . After a long time, he said, “Okay!”

The two waved each other goodbye .

Before leaving, Chu Yang gave Young Master Yu two jars . He said specifically, “Look only after I have left . And drink it immediately . But not before I’m gone . ”

Young Master Yu dismissed it proudly and agreed with a smile .

This boy is obviously unhappy that I tricked him just now, and he actually wants to regain his pride by being purposely mysterious .

Watching Chu Yang’s figure disappear in the distance, Young Master Yu smiled, his long sleeves moved and rolled up the two jars . With a soft smile, he unscrewed one of the lids .

Once it was opened, his nose wrinkled a bit . “The wine smells so good!”

He raised his chin and drank it all . It was too little, only two or three mouthfuls… This guy is too stingy, he’s really deliberately making me want more…

Just when he was contemplating chasing Chu Yang down to ask for some fine wine, suddenly a wave of hot air surged and rose within his Dantian . A strong force rushed out with great power and integrated into his meridians . The cultivation all over his body rolled like huge waves, and it was actually irresistible!

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