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Chapter 1261: 1261

1261 Mo Tianji“s Final Tes

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“The power of the dragon is in disorder, it requires dragon blood . ” Ao Xieyun gritted his teeth and said, “Duxing, it won’t work for you guys to input internal energy like this . Let go and I’ll do it!”

The crowd hurriedly let go . Ao Xieyun had a dragon bloodline, and indeed only he alone was able to treat the disorder of dragon’s energy .

Blood rushed out of Mo Tianji’s mouth madly, but a hint of relief went across the depth of his dull eyes .

Ao Xieyun mobilized his internal energy to activate his martial technique . He gathered the dragon blood within him and approached Mo Tianji . With a swipe, he cut a deep wound open on his wrist .

Warm blood rushed out and went into Mo Tianji’s mouth .

Gu Duxing directed internal energy into his body behind him, guiding the dragon blood to move inside Mo Tianji’s body and soothe the unstable energy .

After a long while, the blood stopped flowing from his wrist . Ao Xieyun frowned and cut the wound open again, this time deeper .

Significant blood loss already made his face pale .

But on the contrary, Mo Tianji’s face showed color little by little .

Seeing that it was still not enough, Ao Xieyun stretched out his left hand . Feeling waves of dizziness in his head, he said calmly, “Duxing, if I faint later, do continue to let blood out until Tianji wakes up . ”

Gu Duxing was shocked . “That way, you will die . ”

Ao Xieyun frowned and said, displeased, “So much nonsense! If I don’t do this and Tianji dies, how different is that from myself dying? How can I stand straight in my whole life afterward?”

Gu Duxing took a deep breath .

That was exactly when Mo Tianji moaned weakly and opened his eyes . A bitter smile showed at the corners of his mouth . “Alright… I’ve lost face…”

The brothers laughed out loud .

Ao Xieyun was immediately relieved . He fell backward, only to pass out .

Ji Mo and Luo Kedi rushed forward and dressed his wounds .

Mo Tianji was extremely weak, and after saying a few sentences and stopping Ao Xieyun, he passed out again .

Gu Duxing and Xie Danqiong hurried forward to lay his body down flat and took care of him .

Nobody knew the joy and guilt Mo Tianji felt in his last moments of consciousness . “I’ve really been vile in vain . ”

Though the inner demon was strong, for Mo Tianji, even if he was injured, it wouldn’t be this serious .

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Yet this time, Mo Tianji actually pushed himself to the edge of death after his inner demon got out of control because of Ao Xieyun .

Of all these brothers, Mo Tianji felt extremely assured .

Ji Mo, Gu Duxing, Luo Kedi, all of them had followed Chu Yang for a long time, and they knew each other extremely well and kept no secrets from each other . There was no way Mo Tianji would suspect them . Xie Danqiong, though he was free and handsome on the surface, his thinking was a bit conservative .

From this period of contact, Xie Danqiong even seemed like a somewhat naive person in some areas . He was a real honest man .

So Mo Tianji didn’t worry about him as well .

The only one he was a little unsure of was Ao Xieyun .

Before this, Ao Xieyun had the reputation of the best of the younger generation . His smartness and calculation were not far behind himself . Now, in this group, Ao Xieyun’s status was actually relatively low because of him joining at a later time .

Would he feel uncomfortable? Would he feel indignant?

Would he…

Now, seeing that everyone finished absorbing the internal energy of heaven and earth and were preparing to leave this place, and perhaps going to face the consecutive big wars in the Upper Three Heavens, how could he underestimate those wars? If Ao Xieyun…

Mo Tianji was always cautious, and even too cautious when planning . He understood deeply the importance of the unity and purity of a team, so he would absolutely not be at ease to lead a sub-par team to Chu Yang at the Upper Three Heavens .

On the one hand, the problems with today’s practice were really an invasion from inner demons . There was no doubt about that .

But on the other hand, this was also a real test .

A test of whether Ao Xieyun could disregard his own life for his brothers!

This test would determine all of Mo Tianji’s future plans!

Now, though the truth proved that Mo Tianji really judged people from the perspective of a villain, he himself absolutely didn’t regret it!

Instead, he was very happy .

Only that he felt guilty toward Ao Xieyun…

But… They were all brothers, and nobody knew… I will find an opportunity to tell him, or not… Just bury it in the bottom of my heart .

Thinking so, Mo Tianji passed out pleasantly .

Now, he felt completely assured about these brothers…

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One had to say that Mo Tianji’s caution had sometimes reached an intolerable level . And during this period of time, the conspirator, being unable to go out and apply his skills, started thinking about the matters among his brothers .

Chu Yang was the one he was most assured of! Absolutely reliable! Besides, he was his future brother-in-law…

Gu Duxing was the most hardcore! The most reliable brother . With any matter, he could feel assured so long as he was there .

Dong Wushang was absolutely reliable . He made people feel extremely safe like a thick iron wall .

If Gu Duxing and Dong Wushang were two peerless fierce warriors, then Ji Mo and Luo Kedi were warriors that brought good luck .

Without worrying about anything, good fortune fell on them from the sky .

Ji Mo had an idle temperament- well, to say so would be to give him too much credit- in fact, he was lazy as a pig . But he was a loyal person and there was definitely no reason to doubt him .

Luo Kedi had a whimsical personality, but he was honest .

Xie Danqiong was stable and generous . Though he had the appearance of a pretty girl, he was actually a typical gentleman .

Rui Butong was wayward and beyond the trappings of worldly rules and etiquettes but overall extremely reliable .

Ao Xieyun… Now he was assured of him as well .

How could Mo Tianji not be happy?

Such ways of Mo Tianji would probably never be used by Chu Yang, even in a whole lifetime .

And this was the greatest difference between Chu Yang and Mo Tianji: Mo Tianji kept himself in the safest environment at all times, while Chu Yang had to fight against the world .

There was danger everywhere!

This incident ended in three days . When Ao Xieyun was still a little weak, Mo Tianji had already totally recovered .

It was at this moment that all the heaven and earth internal energy the size of a hill was completely absorbed by the brothers .

It was time to go out of the mountains .

On this day, the winds and clouds surged in the mountains, and a dragon’s moan, so deep as though it came from the depth of the soul, suddenly sounded in an earthshaking manner…

“We are getting out!”

Mo Tianji and Gu Duxing stood side by side, looking at a light spot in front of the sealed space, they muttered .

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All the brothers cheered up at the same time .

The light spot got bigger and bigger and slowly it became a straight upward passage .

“Let’s go!”

Chu Yang galloped all the way, never looking back; he was afraid that once he looked back, he’d never be able to make himself leave . After he entered the passage toward the Middle Three Heavens, Chu Yang finally turned back .

It was a wave of cloud and mist .

Looking back at the places filled with dust, he didn’t see Tie Butian, but only mist and fog .

Chu Yang left with a heart that cared . He felt as if he was dreaming . Even after he was galloping inside the passage, he still felt dreamy .

So I actually had a woman, a child and things that I cared about here…

He really didn’t know what was the feeling that filled his heart .

Now, Chu Yang started to think of how he would feel if he returned to Chu Clan and saw Mo Qingwu…

Chu Yang sighed long and stopped himself from thinking any further, and then, he sped up .

In the Middle Three Heavens, in the middle of a Purple Bamboo Forest, Chu Yang’s head emerged abruptly, and then, he jumped down and the passage below him disappeared instantly .

Chu Yang stepped out .

Only then did he realize that this Purple Bamboo Forest wasn’t actually the passage from which he went down . Besides, this Purple Bamboo Forest was actually the exact one in which he, in the previous life, met Mo Qingwu .

“Isn’t this to purposefully make me feel bad…” Though Chu Yang complained internally, a softness deep in his heart was undoubtedly tickled . He spent a whole morning wandering around the Purple Bamboo Forest, before eventually leaving .

Cries of killing came from the distance . A group of people in black was fighting with many people in yellow . Chu Yang rushed over rapidly .

He had definitely not expected that the first familiar face he saw in the Middle Three Heavens was actually him .

A man in green stood in mid-air, on top of a big tree . His body moved up and down following the movement of the leaves and twigs . His hands were placed behind his back, and the expression on his face was actually extremely relaxed .

The moment Chu Yang moved over, the man in green’s sight also turned over like a flash of lightning .

And then, the two smiled at the same time .

Young Master Yu .

“Brother Yu . ” Chu Yang swept across a distance of five thousand feet at once and arrived in front of Young Master Yu . “Long time no see . ”

“Long time no see, indeed!” Young Master Yu shook his head and laughed softly . “How did you appear out of nowhere?”

“It’s a long story . ” Chu Yang laughed bitterly, and then looked toward the battlefield . “What’s this about?”

“An insignificant small force actually dares to be rude to Alu . At first, they were already taught a lesson by Alu’s bodyguards, yet they actually dared to keep bothering . ” Young Master Yu said lightly, “I was just bored of sitting around and having nothing to do, so I came here to sharpen my knife by slaughtering these disrespectful things!”

“Brother Yu! I beg you, please let us go…” On the battlefield, a man cried out in a hoarse voice, his face covered with tears, “Just for the mischief of a young man, are you going to destroy our entire Hushan Pang Clan?”

Young Master Yu ignored him and smiled at Chu Yang . “Look, here he comes begging for mercy . ”

Hushan Pang Clan!

Chu Yang was shocked . It was the exact same clan that besieged Mo Qingwu and caused her death back then .

In the past, the grievances were made from a young man from the clan harassing Mo Qingwu only to be beaten up by her .

In the past life, this clan was destroyed by Chu Yang because of Mo Qingwu .

Now that there was no longer Mo Qingwu for them to harass, this guy actually turned and harassed Jun Lulu instead?

This made Chu Yang really speechless .

It seemed that the way one died… was really determined by fate!

“I always found your ways toward enemies a bit too lenient!” said Young Master Yu in a good mood . “If anyone offends me, I’d be sure to slaughter his entire family! Besides, this sends a warning to the world and saves a lot of trouble . The person who kills can also be greatly pleased . ”

“This is very true . ” Chu Yang nodded . “If the Nine Super Clans from the Upper Three Heavens offended you… That would be real trouble . Your hands will get so sore from the killing…”

“F*ck off!” Young Master Yu yelled angrily .

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