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Chapter 1257

1257 Cleansing And Detoxifying One’s Body

“This… What’s going on?” Tie Butian felt her body heating up more and more . Her meridians were also gradually broadening and her Dantian slowly expanding…

Her cultivation was surging at an incredible speed!

The speed almost frightened Tie Butian! She could feel her meridians being filled up quickly, bloating and more…

But she didn’t feel any discomfort other than heat!

This was very strange in itself . Most elixirs that could increase one’s cultivation, for them to have a heavens-defying effect, how could it not be accompanied by an equal amount of agony? The broadening of meridians and influence on the Dantian were always accompanied by tremendous pain that was no different from birth contractions!

But this wine surprisingly didn’t have such an effect!

“What wine is this?” Tie Butian was incredibly taken aback .

“This wine used to have another name but after it entered my hands, I’ve given this wine a new name . ” Chu Yang laughed sneakily and announced, “It’s called the Stinky Wine!”

“Stinky Wine?” Tie Butian wiped her body somewhat in a panic . But once the impurities in her body had started to ooze out, the speed at which they were being produced was extremely fast . There was no end to cleaning and wiping .

“Yes, see, you’ve only drunk this little and my Little Tian Tian has already become a Little Chou Chou[1] . ” Chu Yang burst into laughter and exaggeratedly covered his nose . “Wah, you really stink…”

Tie Butian was overcome by embarrassment and fury . She spat at him viciously .

She had always loved cleanliness and had never been able to tolerate being filthy . This situation today was a first . For a moment there, she couldn’t help but panic . “Chu Yang, this… What am I supposed to do? How do I stop it?”

Chu Yang laughed . “Why would you want to stop it?”

“Ever since one is born, people have grown up consuming grains and crops . Gradually, from Innate Bodies, we turn into Nurtured Bodies . Be it our muscles, bones or internal organs, they are all filled with impurities . ”

“This is a problem that martial experts have always found difficult to resolve . We absorb the spiritual energy of the universe to modify and improve our body constitution, but we cannot avoid eating and drinking . When we eat, drink and breathe, a large number of impurities enter our bodies . This is a vicious cycle that is impossible to break out of . ”

“Only by cultivating to a certain level where the amount of spiritual energy of the universe absorbed gets more and more, until one gradually becomes able to suppress the speed at which he absorbs impurities can one truly be said to be an expert!”

“In the process of reaching this level, an endless amount of cleansing and detoxification of one’s body is necessary . ”

“It’s often said that cleansing one’s body just once is enough to let one evolve into an Innate Body! And from then on, one can embark on a smooth martial journey… This is practically nonsense… Is one supposed to not eat or drink? Does one not need to breathe anymore? If that was the case, only dead people will be able to become experts…”

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“In order to be able to completely cleanse his own body, one must at least reach the level of a sixth-grade Supreme Martial Artist — the boundary between an immortal and a mortal . ”

“However, this wine can let you completely change and improve your body constitution even at your current stage . It can detoxify and force out all the impurities in your body that your current cultivation is unable to force out, and even improve your cultivation and help you to stabilize it!”

“Therefore, there’s no need for you to worry nor is there a need for you to be concerned over the change in your body constitution . This is a positive thing . ”

Chu Yang said in conclusion .

Tonight, he had already decided to raise Tie Butian’s cultivation, no matter the price .

After that, he would act as a sparring partner during this one month and let Tie Butian’s cultivation reach a level where she would be able to protect herself .

Of course, in Chu Yang’s eyes, the ability to protect herself meant being able to flee for her life even when up against a Monarch-level expert!

Although Feng Qiliang was a source of strength, completely relying on him was not an option!

“But… it’s really very smelly… and very dirty…” Tie Butian’s expression was filled with awkwardness . The impurities were appearing on her face as well . She hung her head all the way down, refusing to let Chu Yang see her face at this point .

“Let’s wait for a while more . Hurry and circulate your energy and activate your cultivation, and detoxify as many impurities from your body as possible!” Chu Yang chuckled sneakily and urged her .

Tie Butian turned away . She sat cross-legged and started to circulate her energy .

Slowly, more and more impurities were being produced . They seeped through her clothes, sticking onto and hardening against her body .

“It’s about time . ” Chu Yang took a breath . “Take off your clothes and take a bath . ”

Although Tie Butian listened to everything Chu Yang said, that was during moments of passion . Right now, there was not one bit of amorous atmosphere at all; and it was even a moment in her entire life where she was the ugliest and dirtiest… She still felt rather embarrassed undressing completely in front of Chu Yang .

“You… Close your eyes,” requested an embarrassed and shy Tie Butian .

“Okay . ” Chu Yang knew that Tie Butian couldn’t get past her embarrassment . If he were to really stare at her, though what she looked like now didn’t make a difference to him, it might leave behind emotional trauma in Tie Butian’s heart .

Chu Yang shut his eyes tightly .

As a glorious and peerless beauty, she would rather die than let the man whom she loved deeply see an ugly side of herself .

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That was why some women, when disfigured by others or in accidents, would rather commit suicide, break up or divorce and still insist on not seeing their men .

This was what women were like!

When they walked down the streets, being able to attract a lot of people’s attention gave them secret pleasure, as well as immense pride!

But… her most beautiful moment was reserved only for her own man . Others even taking just a glance was no different from blasphemy to her .

In the same vein, when she was at her ugliest state, even though she might not care one bit when others looked at her, the man whom she loved the most just taking a look could kill her!

The rustle of clothes could be heard . Then, very quickly…

With a loud splash, Tie Butian jumped into the large bathtub . She finally understood why Chu Yang had prepared these three bathtubs .

The moment she opened her eyes, she checked whether Chu Yang was looking at her . When she discovered that he had really shut his eyes, she could finally set her heart at ease . She undressed at the fastest speed she could muster and jumped into the bathtub .

Even her head was submerged in hot water .

The first thing she did was to quickly clean off all those impurities on her face .

The splashing of water echoed within the room . After almost ten minutes, Chu Yang called out, “I’m going to open my eyes . ”

“Just a while more!” Tie Butian’s panicked voice reached him .

This chick was washing her hair . She was already done with her face but her hair was more troublesome to clean .

Then, she hurriedly cleaned her body . When she was almost done, she jumped into the second bathtub with a loud splash .

Chu Yang let out a tragic cry . “Big Sis, you only need to use one . Why are you using two? That’s for you to use during your next detoxification . ”

Tie Butian harrumphed . “Can’t you just get more hot water?”

Chu Yang groaned .

This chick is too troublesome .

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Women are just so troublesome . Back then, when Big Bro here drank the wine, I just rolled around in the snow and that was about it . This woman actually needs to bathe twice…

This is truly…

Just as he was thinking about it, Tie Butian jumped into the third bathtub with yet another splash .

Chu Yang’s forehead was filled with black lines .


Looks like Big Bro here can just spend the night boiling water and nothing else…

“You can open your eyes now . ” Tie Butian’s immensely relieved voice, with a hint of embarrassment and awkwardness, drifted over .

She originally didn’t want to; after all, she was still naked at the moment .

But she couldn’t bear to let Chu Yang suffer . Even though it was a sweet gesture for her sake, having his eyes closed for such a long time was uncomfortable after all .

He was her man anyway, and she was already fully submerged in the water…

Although Tie Butian consoled herself so, she was still so embarrassed that her whole face was red .

At last, Chu Yang opened his eyes . He took a look at the water in the two bathtubs . The first one, in particular, had already turned as black as ink, while the second one was a little murky…

He couldn’t help shaking his head and sighing . “Tian Tian… I’ve always thought that you smelled so good . Wah, I really didn’t expect this… Let’s not pour away this water . We can save it for our son to use as ink to practice his calligraphy . We can tell him that this is his mother’s bathwater and that she had bathed till even 250 liters of water turned black…”

Before he finished, he was already being assaulted by a water arrow, which drenched his face and his head .

“You’re terrible! Bastard!” Under the indignant scoldings of the Emperor, Minister Chu swallowed his pride and meekly moved the two bathtubs into the Nine Tribulations Space before running out to pour away the water and refilling them with clean water and coming back .

Then, he brought out food from the Nine Tribulations Space .

Tie Butian had just cleansed and detoxified her body . Almost all the impurities in her body had been flushed out, so she was starving . The moment she took in the aroma of food, her stomach started to growl loudly .

Letting her stay in the water, Chu Yang fed her bit by bit until even the Emperor herself felt rather embarrassed about it .

Despite eating a lot, she still felt hungry and wanted more .

This meal was rather extraordinary . Chu Yang had mixed normal ingredients and elixirs to cook this meal . Eating it would greatly nourish and replenish one’s strength . Also, most of it would be turned into cultivation and solidify Tie Butian’s martial domain level .

When Tie Butian was done, Chu Yang gave her a huge thumbs up, incredibly impressed . “Your Majesty, you’re the Emperor indeed . Even your appetite is like a ruler descending upon the world . Your one meal is enough to feed me for three days…”

“Nonsense!” Tie Butian was filled with indignation!

She was just eating a bit more than usual; how was it as exaggerated as the way he had put it? This scoundrel was really out to mock her to death today . But she had indeed eaten quite a lot during this meal today… She usually only ate one bowl of rice but she had actually eaten seven bowls of rice and so many side-dishes today…

Tie Butian felt like her image had been completely destroyed… And right at this moment, there was even somebody at the side mocking her… She really wished she could strangle him to death…

“Have you recovered your strength?” asked Chu Yang .

“More or less,” replied Tie Butian as she circulated her energy tentatively .

“Great, let’s continue . ” Minister Chu brought out another cup of wine . This time, however, he had re-adjusted it according to Tie Butian’s current cultivation .

Tie Butian remained in the bathtub . She didn’t need to come out anymore . The moment she downed the wine, she began at once .

Seeing Tie Butian finish the wine, Chu Yang sat on the ground, his hands pressing against the two huge bathtubs and circulating his energy to generate heat . Before long, when Tie Butian was almost done detoxifying, the water in these two bathtubs had also been heated up…

This continued into the wee hours .

Chu Yang had originally been looking forward to a night of passion . He totally didn’t expect that he would be doing so much physical labor the entire night instead!

[1] Literally ‘smelly’

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