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Chapter 1255

1255 The Gratitude of Butian

However, the heart of Feng Qiliang was at ease . Now that Chu Yang was joking, it meant that he really looked upon Feng Qiliang as one of his own people and someone whom he could trust .

To someone who had never really been trusted by others before, someone who had never had friends, it was a heartwarming feeling .

Chu Yang passed over a Purple Crystal bottle and Feng Qiliang looked up, stunned .

“Inside this bottle is the Life Force Spring Water . ” Chu Yang said, “Drink a mouth every half a month . It will catalyze and strengthen your sensing abilities to the Heaven and Earth Energy of Life . ”

Feng Qiliang was shocked while he stared at Chu Yang blankly .

“Do not use a person whom you cannot trust and fully trust the person in position . ” Chu Yang smiled warmly . “Of course I have to offer you something that can make you trust me, right?”

Feng Qiliang’s hands started to tremble .

He knew the meaning of Chu Yang’s words .

The Nine Tribulations Sword Master could treat his unspoken disability . He was well aware of this aspect and the crux of it would be the Life Force Spring Water .

Now, Chu Yang had solved the greatest problem in treating his disability . The Life Force Spring Water was right in front of them!

As long as Feng Qiliang worked hard and achieved the level of a Supreme Martial Artist as soon as possible, he would be able to completely redress the greatest humiliation in his life!

Never had he imagined that he would be able to achieve his dreams so quickly!

In his heart, he had long determined that in order to redress his humiliation and to reach the level of a Sixth Grade Supreme Martial Artist, he would need at least two thousand five hundred years!

However, right now, this newly estimated time to his dreams, as compared to the previous two thousand five hundred years, had been shortened drastically and could be considered as insignificant!

Both his hands trembled as he took over the bottle of Life Force Spring . At that moment, he had an urge to let out a huge cry!

Do not use a person whom you cannot trust and fully trust the person in position .

He completely understood the meaning of this sentence from Chu Yang .

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“For their trip this time, in order to maintain their training at the Lower Three Heavens, they must have brought down quite several Purple Crystals . Those all belong to you now! Hurry up, use it and elevate your strength!”

Chu Yang said .

“Yes, I will,” Feng Qiliang said with gratitude and obedience .

Chu Yang’s eyes flashed . The huge burden in his mind had finally been lifted .

After which, he smiled kindly and magically brought out a small flagon that was only the size of a palm .

“Inside this flagon, there is a strange wine . After drinking this wine, it would rapidly increase your cultivation level overnight by 300 years!” Chu Yang smiled mysteriously . “With your current level of cultivation, you would need to split them into two to be consumed at different times . ”

“300 years!” Feng Qiliang was really shocked by the news!

“Yes! 300 years!” Chu Yang let out a sigh . “My woman and children are all there… If I don’t get your strength up quickly, I cannot be rest assured… Furthermore, you cannot consume the Nine Tribulations Pill now . If you were to consume it now, by the time you reached the level of a Supreme Martial Artist, it would be useless for you . Hence, we can only do it this way now . ”

Feng Qiliang’s whole body began to shiver . Suddenly, he looked up at Chu Yang and said seriously, “You treat me like a distinguished person, although I’m not really considered a man, I’m willing to repay you with my life . Brother Chu, be rest assured . As long I am still alive, the Emperor and her son will be safe and sound!”

“Many thanks!” Chu Yang gave a pat to his shoulders and added, “However, there is something that you’ve said wrongly . Whether you are a man or not, it’s not determined by those abilities . More so, it’s about whether you have the responsibility, integrity and inner strength!”

“In this world, there are many men with pretty wives and beautiful mistresses . However, their character is really despicable and they lack moral principles . This kind of man, even if he were to marry ten thousand wives, he would not really be considered a true man! I hope you understand that . ”

The eyes of Feng Qiliang suddenly brightened up . “Yes!”

His entire face was glowing and suddenly his mind became relaxed, as if there was a lump in his heart that was slowly disappearing!

“Actually, you have been a true man all along! It has never changed! Ever since you vowed to train and reach the level of a Sixth Grade Supreme Martial Artist, you were already a true man!” Chu Yang looked at him with a sense of approval . “Whether you are a man or not, it is not determined by whether you have a woman in your life or not!”

“Furthermore, I really want to see the day in the future when you bash your way up to Upper Three Heavens and redress all your humiliation in front of the Lan Clan . The time when you kill off all those who cause you all the harm last time . By that time, my brothers and I would definitely be supporting you from the side!”

“Thanks! I think that day will come soon!” Feng Qiliang’s face turned entirely red .

Chu Yang and Feng Qiliang returned to the palace together . Behind them, the Heavenly Armament Pavilion was as quiet as before .

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It was almost as if the killings just now did not leave behind any traces of evidence .

“This place will need some work to recover its original look . ” Chu Yang muttered, “This place is, after all, the place of origin for my brothers and me . ”

The eyes of Feng Qiliang, who was standing by the side, shone and he lowered his head .

He had decided in his mind that when he got back, he would get someone over to tidy up and recover the place to the original look before, neat and tidy .

“You’re back . ” It was right in the afternoon . Tie Butian was in the Imperial Study Room settling some of the official work that had piled up over the last few days .

“Let me introduce someone to you . ” Chu Yang smiled gently and pulled Feng Qiliang over . “In the future, this guy will be your personal bodyguard . He will take over the position of Shadows . ”

Tie Butian acknowledged with her voice and there were no other surprises .

After Feng Qiliang left, Tie Butian stopped the work that she was doing . There was a bit of sorrow in her eyes . “You avenged the Shadows and others?”

“Oh?” Chu Yang was a little surprised as he looked at her . This incident, Tie Butian should not have known about it . How did she even ask such a question all of a sudden?

“I knew that they were all dead . ” Tie Butian said quietly, “I also know that the person who came in just now was originally an enemy!”

Chu Yang was lost for words .

The intelligence of Tie Butian was what he greatly admired previously . It was just that ever since he knew that Tie Butian was a lady, this admiration took a change in the taste . Now that he came to witness her intelligence again, it was an entirely new level of admiration and curiosity .

From the start till now, he had never talked about the Shadows, fearing that Tie Butian would be upset .

Keeping her in the dark forever would be better than letting her bear the brunt of losing someone dear to her .

“No one told me about this matter . ” Tie Butian’s eyes were a little red, however, she held her emotions back as she continued, “Initially about one year or so ago, just before the Shadows left, the male one told me, ‘If he returns, I’d better give up my throne and leave with him . ’ That time, I already knew that he would most likely not come back again after leaving . ”

“The night before the Shadows left, the female one told me, ‘Emperor, let me comb your hair for the last time’ . That was when I knew that her life could be in danger . ”

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“However, I dared not say anything . If I did, they would have left worrying about it . Furthermore, I wanted to wait for the appropriate moment to avenge them . ”

“During this period of time, I was more concerned about Prime Minister Wang . His weak body constitution was also due to me poisoning him personally . That way, I could have the excuse to repeatedly visit him at his house and then have the chance to observe every member of the household… I knew everyone in Prime Minister Wang’s house!”

“Now that you came, I initially wanted to understand more about your level of cultivation in a few days . If your level of cultivation fell short, then I would chase you away immediately . However, since these few days, you started to have strange whereabouts . That was when I realized that you have come into contact with those people . ”

“However, I was afraid to say anything, in case you get distracted . ” Tie Butian smiled with a hint of melancholy . “When men are doing their work, especially those that they do not want the women to know, then the women better not interrupt or interfere in anything . The best is to act blur . ”

“But, I was truly very worried about you . ”

“Otherwise, why do you think I would let you do anything that you wanted for the past few days?” When Tie Butian mentioned the words ‘do anything that you wanted’, her face suddenly flushed and a look of embarrassment flashed across her eyes .

Immediately after, her expressions were filled with sadness . “Today when you came back and brought that person along with you, I knew that you have already avenged them!”

Tie Butian lifted her head and her eyes began to well up with tears . She stood up slowly and suddenly bowed her body slowly in the direction of Chu Yang .

“Chu Yang, thank you very much! Thank you for avenging them!”

Tie Butian was choking with sobs in between as she spoke . However, she held back her emotions and continued, “This was something that I had been crazily thinking about for the past year . Something that I would do at any price, but was unable to do so from the beginning till now!”

Chu Yang’s back broke out in cold sweat .

He thought, ‘This lady… actually wanted to take revenge herself?’

Facing four Supreme Martial Artists and so many Martial Saints . So what if she was the Emperor? It was lucky that Chu Yang himself came one step earlier than her!”

“Silly girl, do you still need to say thanks to me?” Chu Yang let out a sigh and took her into his arms . “Do not forget, you are my woman, your loved ones are my loved ones too! To avenge them is a natural thing to do . ”

Tie Butian smiled while holding back tears in her eyes . “I kept thinking about establishing a tomb for them so that they can rest in peace . However, I was worried that I would alert the enemies . Today, I can finally accomplish my wish . ”

She snuggled in Chu Yang’s arms and muttered, “I miss them so much… really; Chu Yang, I miss even more… of the good old times at Beyond The Heavens Sect mountain ranges, the times when the four of us traveled together . ”

Chu Yang hugged her quietly . In his mind, there was suddenly a tinge of regret . The matters of the past instantly flashed back in his mind . All of a sudden, there was a sensation of lament in his mind about the vicissitudes of life .

Life was like a dream!

“These people… are all dead, right?” Tie Butian asked softly .

“All dead, except for the one that submitted to us . The rest of the fourteen people, not one is left!” Chu Yang replied definitively .

“They… all belong to Lan Clan, right?” Tie Butian shivered severely for a moment and her eyes revealed the trauma of severe harm .

“Yes!” Sensing the frailty of Tie Butian in his arms, Chu Yang hugged her even more tightly .

Tie Butian let out a miserable smile . With her level of composure, she was also unable to tolerate the pain she suffered from the harm done to her!

This was because the one who betrayed her this time was her own Teacher! The one who mentored her in life and she owed a great debt of gratitude to! The Teacher actually betrayed her! This kind of spiritual pain was not something that normal humans could tolerate .

Thinking of the time when she was giving birth . Her Teacher was busy taking care of her . That time… the Teacher might have been truly nice and concerned about her . Or… it was to witness her childbirth and her consumption of the Nine Tribulations Pill . After which… to make sure that it was the Nine Tribulations Pill?

Otherwise, although the Teacher was filled with enthusiasm then, only one of the original tasks was completed . That was to bring Wu Qianqian away . The Teacher said she wanted to introduce a famous Teacher to Wu Qianqian… Could it be that the Teacher was trying to find a clan that would back her up… Or was she trying to build her own alliances?

Thinking of these, Tie Butian felt really cold in her heart . She felt even colder in her body…

We had to say that Tie Butian’s predictions were really accurate!

Lan Meixian’s motive of bringing Wu Qianqian to find a famous Teacher was actually to improve their relationship with the Moon Breeze couple!

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