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Chapter 1246

“He agreed to come so easily?” Lan Ruo stared at the man in blue in front of him, somewhat surprised .

The Lan Clan infiltrating this place and waiting for an opportunity to present itself and then sending an invitation was something that they could only resort to after losing their means of communication with the main family in the Upper Three Heavens . But Lan Ruo himself also admitted that there might have been some other less aggressive way of going about it .

For example, sending a message, using a flying sword to send a memo in secret, or sending an invitation card . These were all methods that people in the martial world or normal people would usually employ .

Inviting someone face-to-face like this was equivalent to telling the other party —’We know you’re here and we know who you are, so you have no choice but to come!’

There was a threatening edge to it and aggression too, as well as making a show of their strength .

Lan Ruo knew himself very well; he was just rather miffed about Chu Yang and Tie Butian . That was why he had deliberately done this so that he could lord it over Chu Yang somewhat .

But this was in no way fighting with him for affection .

Lan Ruo had always been a prideful person . He was well aware at the point of his decision that such a way of invitation might leave a bad impression on the other party and might not necessarily benefit their grand plan . Although he knew, he did not change his mind .

Because he was confident .

Now that the Nine Heavens were locked, they had no means of returning .

But this went for Chu Yang as well . They were all in the Lower Three Heavens and there was nowhere else that he could flee to!

And he had several Supreme Martial Artists and several Martial Saints with him here . No matter how powerful Chu Yang was, he would be able to suppress him . Besides, in a place like the Lower Three Heavens, if a super expert wanted to look for someone, that person really would not have anywhere that he could hide .

Therefore, Chu Yang had no means of escape .

Naturally, the Lan Clan prioritized befriending the Nine Tribulations Sword Master above all else, because as long as they could befriend him, the Lan Clan would be able to prolong another ten thousand years of prosperity and glory .

There were two solutions to resolving the Lan Clan’s crisis — The first was to kill the Nine Tribulations Sword Master, while the second was to befriend him .

But was it better to kill or befriend him?

This was a question that even a fool could answer . Once they befriended this person, it was confirmed that their clan would enjoy yet another ten thousand years of glory . But if they killed him, they could only retain their current prosperity . So was it better to kill or befriend him?

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As long as it wasn’t a pig, no one would have such a doubt .

Since they now knew who the Nine Tribulations Sword Master was, of course they had to befriend him . And they even had to be careful not to offend him .

If the other party simply couldn’t recognize his own plight, then it wouldn’t be too late to kill him then . But before that, they had to be careful even when speaking to him, much less kill him! Even if there was only a minuscule possibility of befriending him… they also had to put in all their effort and more!

The Nine Tribulations Sword Master’s biggest advantage was that he was very elusive and mysterious before he grew to his full potential; nobody knew who he was . But now that they knew… the initiative no longer laid with him!

Therefore, Lan Ruo had absolute confidence .

That was why he had sent out such a rude invitation . In his eyes, after receiving such an invitation, Chu Yang would definitely be very panicked and be full of reservations toward him, and would also be very furious .

He had imagined all sorts of possibilities, except for one — The other party flatly accepting his invitation and even specially requesting for the banquet to not be too shabby…

This gave Lan Ruo a kind of feeling as though his powerful punch had landed on a pile of cotton .

“Fine, let me see just what kind of person this Nine Tribulations Sword Master is . ” With his hands clasped behind his back, Lan Ruo stood at the edge of the Heavenly Armament Pavilion and muttered to himself as he faced the still lake waters .

He suddenly felt a kind of thrill as though he had met his match .

On the other side, Chu Yang was also thinking to himself .

This Young Master Lan is clearly threatening me . Hehe, just as well, if you didn’t come to look for me, I’d have gone to look for you anyway .

In any case, my relationship with the Lan Clan has already reached a point of no return . It’s a rare opportunity to have this fellow who’s sealed off here in the Lower Three Heavens and doesn’t know any better, and here to give me his life . If I don’t take this opportunity to slaughter him, how can I let down this arrangement which Lan Meixian and the Lan Clan have so painstakingly arranged?

As for threatening me… I can’t even be bothered with the Lan Clan’s Elder Master, much less this little bastard who hasn’t even weaned off his mother’s milk? And he is even a halfwit who’s blind and deaf?

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The sky had already turned dark!

Evening lights were lit in every corner of the Iron Cloud Citadel . People streamed to and fro without stopping but there was barely any unrest . It was apparent that under Tie Butian’s reign, Iron Cloud Citadel was very peaceful . People were also kind and honest; everyone went about their own affairs and did not disturb others .

The entire Tianyun Building had been reserved!

No other customers were allowed to enter!

Everyone was speculating who the person of power about to entertain a guest was to actually reserve the number one restaurant of Iron Cloud Citadel, as well as what kind of impressive figure the guest was?

Dressed in robes of blue, Lan Ruo was a fine sight as he stood in front of the restaurant building to welcome his guest . His expression was relaxed and natural; he looked elegant and chic . This was someone who stood out among others .

It caused all the young ladies and young wives passing by to cast furtive glances at him non-stop .

What a handsome young man… It’s a real shame that he wasn’t headed to the brothels…

Behind him, two first-grade Supreme Martial Artists stood quietly .

Such a line-up to welcome a guest was already record-breakingly grand for the Lan Clan . Even when the Eldest Young Masters of the other eight Super Clans visited, the Lan Clan would only send someone to bring them in . Only those whom they truly had a close relationship with would be personally greeted by Lan Ruo .

The evening sky was gradually darkening yet there was still no sign of Chu Yang .

Though there was no change in Lan Ruo’s expression, he was filled with displeasure on the inside .

Damn it, this bastard’s putting some airs here .

After waiting yet another long while, there were already drunkards staggering out from the other restaurants nearby yet there was still no sign of Minister Chu .

Even with Lan Ruo’s self-restraint, he couldn’t quite keep his calm anymore .

“Are you certain? That he said he would come?” asked Lan Ruo in a low voice .

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“Yes . Just that I don’t know why he’s still not here yet…” Behind him, that Supreme Martial Artist expert answered him without batting an eyelid .

“He’s seriously… presumptuous!” Lan Ruo’s lips moved slightly as he cursed under his breath .

Since when have I ever waited for anyone like this?

Right at this moment, the sound of galloping hooves thundered from afar!

A human and a mount came from the far distance like a gust of wind . Right on this busy street, they charged over like a hurricane, not reducing their speed one bit .

Lan Ruo raised his head to look over, only to see a tall and towering horse covered in snowy white hair without a single strand of hair of other colors . A golden bridle and golden pedal shone bright under the lights .

On the back of the horse was a young teenager in black . He had eyebrows like swords and eyes like bright stars . His nose bridge was straight and his eyes piercing with vigor . He rode on horseback with his back straight and his body as steady as the mountains . His expression was cold and haughty, arrogant and unyielding as he raced forward!

Golden bridle against the white horse, he was as fast as a shooting star!

In the blink of an eye, the white horse had already reached Tianyun Building . The rider pulled on the horse reins and with a long neigh, the grand horse stood on its hind legs and came to a stop .

Right in front of Lan Ruo! With a distance of not more than 2 meters between them!

With the horse standing on its hind legs, that thing between its two hind legs almost slapped Lan Ruo in the face . A strange smell assaulted his senses .

The flurry of dust caused by the horse covered Lan Ruo with a whoosh .

Lan Ruo was furious!

But before his temper could flare up, the rider had already descended the horse in one nimble motion . Laughing passionately, he walked over to Lan Ruo . “Wahahaha… Is this Young Master Lan? My apologies, my apologies, hahaha… I am terribly sorry for coming late, hahaha… Do excuse me, ha…”

Lan Ruo’s brows furrowed and he squeezed out a small smile with much difficulty . “This must be?”

“Wahahaha… Yes I am, yes I am!” This man was of course Chu Yang . He laughed loudly and without any restraints . “So sorry, haha… As the saying goes, there are three emergencies that people cannot avoid, haha… In order to have a good meal at Brother Lan’s, I took some laxatives before I came here . I had only intended to clear out the space in my stomach and didn’t expect the dosage to be a little too much . Thus, I ended up going trip after trip to shit and couldn’t stop… It was all watery . Such an embarrassment, such an embarrassment, haha… Brother Lan, is the food ready?”

Lan Ruo’s facial expression was very exciting .

As he stared at this glib Nine Tribulations Sword Master in front of him, he was filled with a complex mix of emotions . His adam’s apple moved up and down in his throat and he almost threw up .

I invited you here for a meal but you actually went on and on about laxatives and shit before going in to eat?

Who can still goddamn eat at this rate?

I even feel like throwing up now .

“Not late at all, not late at all, hurhur… As long as my brother can come, it’s alright even if I wait for three days and three nights!” said Lan Ruo as he smiled calmly .

He had originally intended to say these words with passion and enthusiasm but when the words were on the tip of his tongue, he couldn’t muster up ‘passion and enthusiasm’ at all . Moreover, if he opened his mouth any bigger, he had a feeling like he would throw up any moment . As such, he could only speak indifferently .

Chu Yang laughed . “Brother Lan is too modest . If I had known that Brother Lan would stand here for so long to wait for me, I would have held it in no matter what . It’s all my fault, all my fault . Isn’t talking about shitting before eating an insult to others… Haha, good thing Brother Lan is so magnanimous . ”

As he spoke, he took hold of Lan Ruo’s hand and shook it extremely enthusiastically .

At the same time, there was a look of surprise and solemnity deep in Chu Yang’s eyes as he glanced at Lan Ruo’s neck . However, he resumed his normal attitude right after .

Lan Ruo’s expression was rather stiff as he stared at Chu Yang’s hand . He thought of how this pair of hands had only just wiped the man’s ass countless times before this… and now he was suddenly holding his hand?

For a moment there, some kind of smell seemed to assault his senses . Lan Ruo’s expression was a little forced . He retracted his hand forcefully and said, “Since Brother Chu is here, let’s head up . ”

He was filled with endless repression in his heart .

How can I make myself eat now? Not throwing up would already be for the best…

Chu Yang clutched Lan Ruo’s hand tightly and sighed emotionally . “Brother Lan, you have such a good character! Brother Lan, the moment I saw you, I felt as if we were old friends, as if I had already known you since many years ago . Today, we must drink to our hearts’ content and not return until we’re drunk . Come, come, we shall walk together arm in arm . ”

He pulled Lan Ruo along and started to walk up .

Lan Ruo took a deep breath and suppressed the churning in his stomach . Smiling, he said, “Since that’s the case, come this way, Brother Chu!”

“Yes yes yes, we’re all good friends here, so we must not stand on ceremony with each other . These two… are your followers? Go, feed my horse . This is a good horse, you must not neglect it! What? You don’t believe me? Look at this horse mane, it’s just like Young Master Lan’s hair, so silky and shiny!”

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