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Chapter 1245

Lan Ruo was lost in his thoughts for a moment before he frowned . “Though it’s indeed not bad… Why is there an underground passage here? They are all dead ends and don’t go anywhere, and there are even beds in the underground passage… It looks to be just an emergency place of refuge? It’s obvious from this that King of Hell Chu and Young Master Gu of Middle Three Heavens aren’t that smart after all . ”

He shook his head and laughed . “And even a toilet in the underground passage? Surely that King of Hell Chu didn’t need to go underground just to take a piss?”

Behind him, the two old men in blue followed in his footsteps . When they heard what he said, they only smiled and stayed silent . The Eldest Young Master was likely just making a casual remark as a means to open the conversation; whether or not they replied was not important .

As expected, Lan Ruo had already changed the topic the next moment . “The passageway is still locked?”

“Yes . We are not able to contact the clan at all . ” The two elderly men nodded solemnly .

Speaking of this, they were rather unlucky . This bunch of people had secretly rushed down here the moment they got a chance . It had only been a month since their arrival when the Nine Heavens passageway got closed off completely .

Everyone was rather anxious and fretful because of that .

With the passageway closed off, they could only make decisions regarding the operation themselves . However, ten thousand years of the clan’s glory and its survival were dependent on this! Even though Lan Ruo was the heir to the clan, he didn’t dare to make any decision that was too risky when it came to some of the more important matters .

Lan Ruo had a slight smile on his face . “These Lower Three Heavens are surprisingly not bad… At the very least, it’s much cleaner and much more peaceful than the Upper Three Heavens . Even if we can’t find the Sword Master, it may not be a bad thing to stay here in the Lower Three Heavens for a while more . ”

He smiled . “We brought enough Purple Crystals anyway, so we don’t need to worry about spiritual energy and cultivation . ”

The other two also smiled .

Lan Ruo’s eyes looked into the distance as he murmured, “Grand-aunt said that this disciple of hers practices the Icy Heart Jade Bone Saintly Technique . Even in the Upper Three Heavens, she would also be a premium beauty . I really wish I could see just what this gorgeous beauty looks like . ”

There was actually a hint of yearning in his words .

One of the elderly men got a shock . He hurriedly dissuaded him . “Eldest Young Master, it’s better to dispel this thought . Our purpose in coming down this time is to befriend the Nine Tribulations Sword Master, and this Emperor may very well be his woman . If you… not only will you be unable to become friends with him, if you instead incur his hatred for stealing his wife… then it would truly be disastrous . ”

Lan Ruo smiled openly and replied, “I’m just saying it casually… Besides, it’s still uncertain whether she’s the Nine Tribulations Sword Master’s woman or not . If it’s proven someday that she isn’t… then I definitely will have to take a look . ”

The two elderly men behind him were rather speechless .

But when they thought about it, if Tie Butian really wasn’t the Nine Tribulations Sword Master’s woman, then… it seemed like Eldest Young Master just taking a look or taking her as a consort… wasn’t really much of something to forbid .

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“After all, an Emperor becoming my consort and subject to anything I please… Just the thought of it would make any man’s blood sizzle . ”

Lan Ruo remarked in jest .

The two elderly men let out a wry laugh . Though Lan Ruo sounded like he was joking, the glimmer in his eyes, however… indicated that his words weren’t simply just a joke .

Right at this moment, there was a flash of a shadow and a man in blue appeared in front of them .

Lan Ruo turned around slowly . He looked at the new arrival with a smile, not saying anything .

This was the bearing of the Eldest Young Master of an established clan! He would never be the first to break the silence . Only when others had finished reporting to him would he then give a conclusion . “Eldest Young Master, there’s a new situation,” said the man in blue anxiously the moment his feet landed on the ground .

Lan Ruo smiled dispassionately and tilted his head . He remained silent .

“The Emperor did not attend morning court assembly today… Three out of our four men in the palace have also gone missing without reason . Only Qiniang is left now…” The man in blue reported hastily .

“Oh?” A hint of annoyance flashed across Lan Ruo’s eyes . “There’s a new face in the palace?”

“Yes . According to Qiniang, a young man has appeared in the palace . Tie Butian canceled morning court assembly after that,” replied the man in blue .

“Young man…” The smile remained on Lan Ruo’s face, though his expression became a little taut . He laughed softly and said, “Looks like this lowly woman’s lover has come . A night of passion… has caused her to become unable to attend morning court assembly?”

His lips twitched a little and a hint of sinister ruthlessness flashed in his eyes . He murmured to himself softly, “Looks like… she’s really been… f*cked hard…”

For a moment there, Lan Ruo actually felt as if he had been cuckolded .

He had seen Tie Butian before . In addition, it was undeniable that Lan Ruo did possess an absolute sense of ambition toward the Emperor . Tie Butian’s male form was valiant and heroic; he had fantasized many times just what her female form would look like .

To Lan Ruo, Tie Butian’s looks didn’t matter at all . Whether she was a peerless beauty or even an ugly woman… It didn’t matter . What he valued was Tie Butian’s status!

Just like what he had said earlier — If an Emperor became a consort… just what kind of accomplished feeling would that be?

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What Lan Ruo was pursuing was exactly this feeling .

And now, when he suddenly heard such a piece of news, it was undeniable that Eldest Young Master Lan felt like he had ingested a fly .

But his intentions were deeply concealed after all . This feeling had only just risen within him when he had already suppressed it . He said calmly, “Tell me the details…”

As the man in blue reported to him, Lan Ruo’s expression also became more and more solemn . He muttered, “Looks like we need to take action now . ” His eyes cleared up in an instant; he was someone who could let go of things easily . He was naturally aware that he needed to put the interests of the whole above everything else . In just an instant, he had already gotten rid of every bit of discomfort that was originally in his heart .

He commanded indifferently, “Order all our men to get ready to act . ”

“Yes . ”

“Yes, so that we can show off our strength . However, against this kind of person, it’s still better to be candid and honest . ” Lan Ruo smiled meaningfully . “If we take a roundabout approach, I’m afraid there may be a counter-effect instead . ”

Behind him, the two elderly men’s expressions became serious . “Eldest Young Master, it’s better that we discuss this matter at length…”

“There’s no more time . With the Nine Heavens passageway closed and the clan unable to be contacted, I’m the one in charge here!” Lan Ruo waved dismissively .

He paced a couple of steps calmly, a hint of a confident smile on his face . “We have a total of fifteen men this time around . Four Monarch-levels, three fourth-grade Martial Saints, three ninth-grade Martial Saints, two first-grade Supreme Martial Artists, one third-grade Supreme Martial Artist and one sixth-grade Supreme Martial Artist… and me . This line-up… is enough to suppress a Nine Tribulations Sword Master who hasn’t grown to his full potential yet in these Lower Three Heavens!”

Under Tie Butian’s persistent urging, it was already afternoon when Chu Yang finally got out of bed .

With her face entirely red, Tie Butian sat languidly in front of the mirror and tidied herself up . But everytime she was about to change into male clothing, a pair of ill-behaved hands would attack her from the back . It had already been an hour and she still wasn’t done washing up yet . Constantly panting, she was annoyed yet resigned, bashful yet blissful…

After a long while, Tie Butian finally threw out a threat —’if you continue doing this, you don’t need to go on the bed anymore’ and stopped Minister Chu’s harassment . At last, she managed to change into her clothes .

But when she took a couple of steps, she still felt rather weak . Her lower body was also vaguely aching . She glared at Chu Yang . “How am I supposed to attend court assembly like this?”

Chu Yang asked in concern, “What’s wrong? Does it still hurt? Where does it hurt? I’ll make you feel better…”

Tie Butian immediately threw a punch at him .

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After fooling around for almost a day and a night, while Chu Yang had a strong body constitution and he didn’t feel much different, Tie Butian was already starving .

The fatigue from these one night and half a day was something that Tie Butian had practically never experienced before .

She needed to hold on to the wall for every step she took . Occasionally, she would shiver all over, her mouth feeling dry and hot . She couldn’t even muster up her cultivation .

Chu Yang only gave her a naughty smile . He hurriedly brought out some Spiritual Spring Water from the Nine Tribulations Space . After gulping down a few mouthfuls, Tie Butian finally recovered a bit of energy and hurriedly arranged for the imperial kitchen to serve food .

Just as they were eating, a little figure walked in sneakily . “Queen Mother, Daddy…”

The little fellow was here to give his greetings .

Chu Yang snorted . “What have you been doing this last half a day?”

“Studying…” answered the little fellow timidly .

“As if you can study!” Minister Chu carried him in his arms . “Daddy will tell you some stories later…”

The little fellow’s face turned rather contorted right away .

Who’s telling who stories? Can you not twist the truth…

Tie Butian had already turned red the moment the little fellow called out ‘daddy’ . She hurriedly took over the child and fussed over him non-stop .

In the afternoon, Tie Butian remained in a languid state . She neither felt like doing anything nor was she able to handle state affairs .

After ‘telling some stories to his son for a while’, Chu Yang made up an excuse and got Tie Butian to look after their son while he strolled out of the sleeping quarters .

A far distance away in front of the gates of the sleeping quarters stood a middle-aged eunuch . He looked like he wanted to enter yet didn’t dare to .

Chu Yang strode over leisurely . With a friendly smile on his face, he asked, “You’re the current Chief Supervisor of Internal Affairs?”

Chief Supervisor Feng nodded and bowed . “Yes, I am . I am not worthy . ” Although he didn’t know the background of this fellow in front of him, seeing as to how he had actually stayed the night in the Emperor’s sleeping quarters, it was obvious that he must be an impressive figure . Yes, he might just be… that person…

As such, Feng Qiliang was even more careful and his expression even more respectful .

Chu Yang nodded . “What’s your name?”

“My name is… Feng Qiliang . ” Chief Supervisor Feng Qiliang gave him an ingratiating smile . “Cough… because of how my name sounds… Everyone jokingly calls me Qiniang1…”

“Qiniang…” Chu Yang choked a little before he replied, “Good name! Good name!”

Feng Qiliang let out an awkward laugh .

“I say, Qiniang . ” Chu Yang chuckled and continued, “You’ve already reported the news of those three people, right?”

Feng Qiliang got a huge shock . He raised his head at once, dumbfounded . “Huh?”

“What huh?” Chu Yang side-eyed him . “It’s not like you’re waiting for the Emperor’s instructions here, right? You’re waiting for me, aren’t you?”

Feng Qiliang panicked at once . “This…”

“You don’t need to say anything . We’re all clever people here . ” Chu Yang chuckled and asked affably, “Who did your Lan Clan send this time? To actually know to wait for me here… These intentions of his are pretty deep . ”

Against someone who was as clever as a demon, Feng Qiliang had no choice other than to be honest . “Yes, my Eldest Young Master invites you for a gathering tonight at the Tianyun Building!”

“These are the ways of someone capable indeed!” Chu Yang replied approvingly, “I like honesty the most, I appreciate this very much! You can go back and tell them that I’ll definitely be there tonight!”

He instructed, “Tell your Eldest Young Master that the banquet had better not be shabby . ”

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