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Chapter 1244

This night was practically… a dream to Chu Yang .

Even now, he still felt like he was dreaming .

He truly didn’t expect Tie Butian, the sovereign of a generation, to be so utterly ignorant of bedroom affairs . She hadn’t even heard of anything at all .

Therefore, Chu Yang had been completely in control of the entire night . He needed only to say one sentence —”Isn’t this common between married couples? This is very normal…”

And Tie Butian would listen and do whatever he said obediently . In addition, fearing that she wouldn’t do a good job and couldn’t service him as well as how other women serviced their husbands… she was very uncertain and would ask Chu Yang in an incredibly bashful manner, “Was it okay?”

Chu Yang naturally passed the night in an extremely comfortable and enjoyable state .

Now that their passion had calmed down, Tie Butian fell into a deep sleep . Watching the gorgeous beauty in his arms, Chu Yang’s heart, however, became heavy .

Although Chu Yang found it rather strange that Tie Butian was so ignorant of such things, the moment he thought about her upbringing, he understood immediately .

Behind this awe-inspiring sovereign and unparalleled beauty of a lifetime was an unbelievably pitiful and tragic backstory, as well as crushing pressure the weight of the universe .

Although she seemed to possess endless glory and power, she… was really very pitiful .

Due to politics, she lost her mother, sister and all her other family . Due to war, she lost her father . Due to state politics, she had no friends . Due to pressure, she had no childhood . And now, because of him, she offered herself up first and even concealed her love for him and became a single mother .

Had it been any other woman, no matter how strong of a spirit she had, she would probably have broken down long ago . Yet Tie Butian had withstood all of it all the way till now .

Chu Yang watched the woman who slept peacefully in his arms . Her total relaxation and look of unreserved trust made his heart ache . Ever since she became the crown prince, how many days of happiness had she ever had in her entire life?

Even when her feelings of young love were awakened and she started to develop romantic feelings for him, she probably didn’t get to experience much joy . Because he didn’t know she was a woman at that time and naturally didn’t know that a young girl’s heart had been beating fast because of him .

Or perhaps she did have some moments of happiness . When she was pregnant with their child or maybe this period of time, when he came here and exposed everything and she felt that he had opened his heart to her…

It was nonetheless a shame that even if she did, it was so few and so fleeting .

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What could he do for her?

Sighing softly, Chu Yang pulled Tie Butian closer to him . He lowered his head and looked at that peaceful and content face in his embrace . He couldn’t stop himself from leaning over and kissing that pert little nose of hers .

Tie Butian let out a little murmur and shifted slightly in his arms . Her rosy lips moved but she didn’t open her eyes, only shifting into a more comfortable position and continuing to sleep with her head resting against his shoulder .

Tie Butian slept all the way till noon .

For so many years, there had never been a night where she had managed to have such a good and thoroughly relaxed sleep like tonight . She didn’t even dream of anything at all the entire night .

When she woke up, she blinked drowsily and was about to get up when she suddenly realized that she was still stark naked . Involuntarily, she was overcome by an acute sense of bashfulness . When she recalled what had happened the previous night, Tie Butian’s twinkly eyes swiveled and she bit her lip in embarrassment .

When she saw Chu Yang sleeping next to her, a boundless sense of bliss and content suddenly filled Tie Butian’s heart .

This scoundrel was seriously… energetic .

Making her surrender instantly and suffering defeat continuously the previous night . When she thought of all those strange and bizarre… positions which Chu Yang had suggested, Tie Butian wanted to bite him .

But when she lowered her head to him, she gave him a light kiss instead .

From today onward, I, Tie Butian, am also a complete and blissful woman…

Looking at the red candles on the table and the red carpet on the ground, Tie Butian’s eyes turned a little misty . For the first time in over ten years, she had a ‘my bed is so comfortable, I don’t want to get up’ kind of feeling .

Her whole body felt incredibly languid; she couldn’t help but want to lay back down .

Right at this moment, she saw Chu Yang’s tightly shut eyes move a little, seemingly about to wake up . Tie Butian hurriedly got back into her original position and closed her eyes .

The fellow had woken up after all .

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Actually, he had already woken up when Tie Butian did, just that he pretended to be asleep and didn’t open his eyes .

Opening his eyes, Chu Yang mumbled to himself, “This pretty girl is still asleep… What a little piggy . ”

With her eyes still closed, Tie Butian retorted inwardly, “You’re the little piggy!”

Suddenly, she felt a sense of coolness on her body; a certain somebody had flipped the blankets over and was admiring her body at will… Tie Butian dared even less to open her eyes now…

“What a pretty little piggy,” mumbled a certain somebody . Tie Butian felt a pair of hands wandering about her body . They seemed to bring with them a magical power; wherever they went, that part of her body would heat up . Although her eyes were still closed, her face was already turning red uncontrollably .

“To think she’s still asleep… Then fine, I’ll secretly have a go,” muttered a certain somebody . The next moment, Tie Butian felt that somebody gently getting on top of her and…

“What… what are you doing?” The Emperor opened her eyes in panic, somewhat flustered . She was still limp from the previous night, how could he go at it again?Read more chapter on NovelFull

Chu Yang was already pressed on top of her . He gave her a lewd smile . “Your Majesty, your subordinate is here to serve you…”

Outside the forbidden city .

In Prime Minister Wang’s residence .

“His Majesty canceled morning court assembly . ” The old and feeble Prime Minister Wang sat on the high-backed chair, his muddy eyes staring blankly at his feet . He muttered out these words as though he was talking to himself .

Opposite him were four people in blue . One of them snickered . “Canceled morning court assembly? Hurhur… Old Man Wang, your words are rather one-sided and dishonest . Don’t forget that your entire family is in my hands . ”

“I know, you don’t need to remind me time and again . ” Prime Minister Wang breathed heavily in fatigue . He snapped furiously, “I’ve already told you all the important court matters without hiding anything . ”

The man in blue snorted and clapped his hands .

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Another man in blue walked in . He was the new Housekeeper who had joined Prime Minister Wang’s residence slightly over a year ago — Wang An .

“How’s the palace?” The man in blue’s slitty eyes narrowed into a line .

“We’ve suddenly lost contact with three out of the four people in the palace . There’s only Qiniang left now . ” Wang An said respectfully, “Out of the three, one of them suddenly went missing in the afternoon two days ago . The other two didn’t show up at all yesterday . Qiniang had informed me the moment he discovered this situation . There hasn’t been further news as of now . Looks like… they have most likely met with danger, if I’m not wrong . ”

“Hurhur… Not bad, not bad . Impressive indeed . ” The white-haired man in blue who took on the role of leader smiled lightly . “Lord Sword Master is impressive indeed . These actions of his are truly fast and furious . ”

The other man in blue remarked, “Three ninth-grade Monarch-level experts are gone just like that without even any warning?”

Everyone was solemn as they exchanged looks . The white-haired man in blue said, “It doesn’t matter . Compared to the grand plan, the deaths of three ninth-grade Monarchs are nothing… Especially when they have managed to sound out the situation . Their deaths were worth it! From this, we can tell that it’s real this time…”

The others nodded solemnly .

“How is Lan Ruo?” asked the white-haired elderly man suddenly as he raised his head .

“Young Master Lan Ruo is staying at the old site of the Heavenly Armament Pavilion now . ” The man in blue went on, “Eldest Young Master has been ready since long ago . He’s prepared to get onto the good side of this man no matter the price…”

“Alright . Inform the Eldest Young Master at once!”

At the old site of the Heavenly Armament Pavilion, a young man in blue walked out from the inside . He had pleasant facial features, a tall and slender figure and a naturally indifferent expression . If anyone from the Nine Super Clans in the Upper Three Heavens saw him, they would surely get a fright!

This young man was the number one heir to the Lan Clan, one of the Nine Super Clans in the Upper Three Heavens!

The number one talent among the younger generation of the Lan Clan — Eldest Young Master Lan Ruo!

Lan Ruo, twenty-eight years-old . He could be said to be a shining new star in the Lan Clan . Even among the younger generation of the entire Nine Super Clans, he ranked within the top few . And among the nine Eldest Young Masters of the Nine Super Clans, he ranked third!

Lan Ruo had already completed the foundation of a martial artist when he was merely three years of age . When he was five, he killed someone with his sword . When he was seven, he became a Martial Arts Great Master and only after a year, he became a Revered Martial Artist . When he was eleven, he reached King-level and when he was fourteen, he became an Emperor-level . When he was nineteen, his cultivation reached the level of a Monarch and when he turned twenty-four years old, he had already become a Martial Saint expert!

Although he had the Lan Clan’s impressive resources backing him up and supporting his cultivation, his own talent and aptitude stood out from the crowd . Becoming a Martial Saint at twenty-four let him rank third among the nine Eldest Young Masters .

Currently at twenty-eight years old, he was already an eighth-grade Martial Saint!

According to Lan Ruo’s own estimation, the Heavenly Treasures that he had consumed since he was young were easily enough to fill up three large houses!

The number one expert, number one intellectual, number one talent and number one cultivation madman among the younger generation of the Lan Clan!

The Lan Clan naturally didn’t hold back and gave all the best resources to this young talent . In addition, he was also usually the one to carry out the most crucial missions .

Just like this time when Lan Meixian had unwittingly discovered traces of the elusive Nine Tribulations Sword Master; the Lan Clan immediately sent this number one among the younger generation to carry out this mission .

If only one person in the Lan Clan could qualify in befriending the Nine Tribulations Sword Master and becoming one of the Nine Tribulations, then this person was no doubt Lan Ruo .

The Lan Clan did two things at the same time; the first was of course to stand by in the Upper Three Heavens while the second was to wait for news from the Lower Three Heavens . If Lan Ruo gave them positive news, then the Lan Clan would get in touch with the Li Clan at once and join hands to stand against the seven other Super Clans!

For the sake of another ten thousand years of prosperity, the Li Clan could stand against the world; similarly, the Lan Clan was also willing to take such a risk!

Lan Ruo walked out of the room, shaking his head and smiling wryly . “This place is really not bad… Surrounded by scenic mountains and lakes, the environment is elegant and refined . That King of Hell Chu does have a pretty good eye for these things . Seems like this place was even built by that Gu Duxing from some Gu Clan in the Middle Three Heavens? Not bad, it’s really not a bad place…”

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