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Chapter 1237

Tie Butian felt really embarrassed . This person’s mother was actually her Senior Sister, yet she had fallen in love with this person… This was really embarrassing… Now that everything was out in the open, how was she going to face him?

‘An ugly woman could not avoid seeing her husband’s parents after all . ’

Someone actually said this sentence . That person was really acting recklessly!

Thinking of that ‘Senior Sister as well as Mother-in-law’, Tie Butian felt really shameful momentarily, too ashamed to show her face .

“Heard that you have seen my mother?” Chu Yang covered his belly and tilted his head, sizing up the beauty in front of him .

Tie Butian momentarily felt bitter . “It was really Senior Sister who told you about it . ”

Chu Yang denied it . “Absolutely not . ” Chu Yang thought in his mind that although his mother did tell him about it, the first person who told him was definitely not her .

Tie Butian sighed and said, “Then it must be Qianqian!”

Chu Yang let out a sigh and said, “It’s Qianqian; Qianqian found me; Thereafter… during one of the battles, she took a lethal blow for me . At her dying moments, she told me about this matter of yours… Ai…”

“What happened to Qianqian?” Tie Butian was shocked . She grabbed Chu Yang’s wrist and asked, “Dying moments? How is she?”

“She’s still in a coma, I would need to find the suitable medicine to save her life,” Chu Yang replied .

Tie Butian was slightly reassured . She gritted her teeth and said, “If you let Qianqian down, then that’s really… not ought to be . This little girl, she’s too crazy for you…”

Tie Butian and Wu Qianqian shared the same fate in life . When she heard that Wu Qianqian, while being on her deathbed, still remembered to remind Chu Yang about this matter, she was really grateful for her actions .

Although Wu Qianqian had never thought of accompanying Chu Yang, let alone keeping Chu Yang for her own, how could she have never even imagined it before?

Which young girl would not wish to be together with their loved one forever and ever? Although Tie Butian was an Emperor, she too had the sentiments of a young girl .

She also had dreams!

She just chose to restrict herself forcefully, in order not to make things difficult for the person she loved .

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By saying this, Wu Qianqian had basically broken down the last barrier that Tie Butian had .

At this moment, the door of the Imperial Study room creaked open . A little shadow stumbled in and raised his head . With a baby voice, he said, “Are you all done… I’m very hungry…”

This voice was like thunder out of the blue, making both of them a little panicked . They hurriedly separated and both anxiously checked on their dressing… like a cheating couple who had just been caught by either the other person’s husband or wife .

Chu Yang turned his head and saw a fair and bright little kid staring curiously at him with scrutiny, using his black and bright eyes .

Chu Yang blinked and felt that something was not right . He even doubted if he had seen it wrongly and took a closer look to confirm that he was right . Yes, that little kid who looked just like himself was staring at him with a ‘curious and scrutinizing’ look .

This gaze was like that of dilemma and hesitation over a decision to buy or not, for a piece of pork in the market .

Why would a little kid have this kind of gaze?

Minister Chu was a little perplexed .

He saw the little kid walking over using all his effort step by step, stumbling along the way . He walked over to Tie Butian and hugged her calf while looking up . “Queen Mother, I’m hungry . ”

Tie Butian then remembered that in the midst of panic, she had evacuated everyone from the palace . The Crown Prince actually had no one looking after, resulting in him wandering over by himself .

“Little Yang Yang, how did you manage to find this place?” Tie Butian also felt a little confused as she held up her son and asked . Her son had only started learning how to walk three months ago . Furthermore, this little kid had some laziness and therefore, he had never walked such a far distance by himself before .

“Is this place hard to find?” The one-year-old little kid stared with his round eyes and continued with some disdain, “Queen Mother, if you are not in the Diligence Hall, then you would be at the Morning Court Assembly or the palace . Otherwise, most of your time will be at the Imperial Study room . ”

Tie Butian was so amazed that her eyeballs almost fell out of her eye sockets .

This little kid talked reasonably and smoothly . Ever since he started to talk, this was the first time he talked so much . Tie Butian was worried for a long time that her son would stammer in his speech . Now, this little kid actually talked so smoothly when he started to converse .

Chu Yang initially wanted to step forward and tease the little kid, thereafter to quickly bring their relationship closer and to create a bond between him and the kid, who were father and son… Finally, both of them could then work together on Tie Butian —— Chu Yang knew deep down in his heart that a child was always the best bargaining chip against a woman .

As long as his son wanted to leave with him… Then even if Tie Butian did not want to leave, she would have to leave! She would have to accept even if she did not want to .

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However, before he could step forward, he heard what the little kid said . It was an instant shock to Chu Yang as he stood there . He could clearly hear his own jaws dropping onto the floor . He thought in his mind, ‘This… is a one-year-old little kid talking? This… This tone, this intonation, is exactly that of an experienced person!’

Minister Chu was dumbfounded as he turned his head to take a look . He saw this little kid looking at him with his round and bright eyes .

Chu Yang let out a dry cough and said, “Little Yang Yang… Ke Ke, do you recognize me?”

The little kid rolled his eyes and ignored him . Tie Butian then went on to call for the palace maid to help make a meal .

Chu Yang asked curiously, “Can’t you just feed him with your milk?”

The little kid’s eyes instantly brightened up when he heard the possibility of being fed with milk .

Tie Butian was flushing red . She snorted and replied, “This child is already more than one year old and therefore cannot be fed milk anymore . We must train his willpower and that would start from weaning off his milk . You don’t know anything, what are you blabbering about? This is the constitution and rule for us royal family to train our children!”

The little kid instantly became discouraged and lowered his head, as he heard that he could no longer be fed milk .

Chu Yang was astonished . “More than a year old and he can’t be fed milk? This is absurd? By this logic… my… this kid is really suffering with you . ”

Tie Butian became furious . “My son is suffering with me? What do you know? This little kid is basically a reincarnation of a lazy worm! Other than the few months when he first started to crawl or walk, he now would always take the easy way out . If he could sit, he would never stand; If he could walk, he would never run… This laziness, I really don’t know who he is taking after!”

“So awesome?” Chu Yang was flabbergasted .

“Hand it over!” Tie Butian extended her hand .

“Hand over what?” Chu Yang was confused .

“That piece of jade!” Tie Butian was red with embarrassment . She gritted her teeth and said, “Are you going to let me just go out like this?”

“Oh oh oh…” Chu Yang hurriedly took out the jade and sighed in admiration . “This is really great stuff . I wonder whether I would turn into a lady if I put it on?”

Tie Butian rolled her eyes and put the jade around her neck . Instantly, she regained the looks of an Emperor . Chu Yang was again left dumbfounded . In this aspect, he was really inferior to his son: The little kid was already used to such a scene and therefore had no reactions to it .

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“Wait here, while I go and change!” Tie Butian waved her hands in an imposing manner .

“Yes, your humble servant shall obey your commands . ” Chu Yang bowed eccentrically .

Both of them burst into laughter and there was a wonderful feeling in the air instantly .

Tie Butian walked out and summoned a palace maid to hand over his instructions .

Everyone from the palace had all returned .

“Your Majesty, Prime Minister Wang and the others are worried and have all waited outside for a long time to seek an audience with Your Majesty . ” A sharp voice came through .

“I’ll go take a look . ” Tie Butian frowned and was just about to carry her son out .

“Let me look after the kid . ” Chu Yang hurriedly volunteered . “You can go and get busy with your work . ”

Tie Butian snorted and understood his evil motives . However, she still left Tie Yang in his arms and left hurriedly .

Chu Yang felt a soft and warm lump sinking into his arms . Momentarily, he was drunk from his own limitless happiness! He thought, ‘This is my son… Yes, my son!’

Smiling, Chu Yang lowered his head and extended his mouth to give a kiss onto this fair tiny face .


He felt something amiss with the kiss . With a look, he realized that he had kissed onto the back of a fair tiny hand . Shockingly, he saw that the little kid actually placed his own palm at the position that Chu Yang kissed and was looking back at him with a disgusted face .

Chu Yang scratched his head and thought that this little kid had really quick reactions . Chu Yang tilted his head and kissed again . The little kid tried to block with his palms everywhere that Chu Yang tried to kiss . However, he was after all just a one-year-old kid . How could he manage to block all the kisses? Very soon, he declared his own failure and his fair face was kissed all over until it was full of saliva .

“I see…” Chu Yang was happy in the midst of kissing and saw that the little kid no longer blocked . Instead, the little kid asked in a weird tone, “Is your mouth clean?”

Chu Yang was astounded and thought, ‘Is my mouth clean?’

“You feel happy kissing me all around, but I feel disgusted . ” The little kid extended his fair hands and wiped his face forcefully . He tilted his head and rolled his eyes over and over again .

Chu Yang looked at this little kid which he had in his arms and was momentarily dumbfounded .

Chu Yang could not help it, but carried the little kid further away from him and sized him up again . The kid was merely two feet tall and at most fifteen or sixteen catty in weight . For such a little kid, it would already have been considered a talent if he could speak logically and express himself clearly . Yet, when this kid spoke, his tone was actually so similar to Chu Yang?

“I’m someone who loves cleanliness . ” The little kid stuck out a finger and pointed at the tip of Chu Yang’s nose . He warned sternly, “In future, without my permission, you cannot kiss me . ”

Chu Yang almost fainted . He turned his head toward the door and wanted to find Tie Butian for help . He thought, ‘F*ck, what freak did you give birth to…’

“You little kid, do you know who I am?” Chu Yang frowned and looked at him with scrutiny .

“I have heard of your well-known reputation for a long time!” The little kid was in Chu Yang’s arms and his two fat little hands were in front of his chest . He raised and shook them for a moment . It actually looked like he was paying respect with his hands . “Chu Yang! Hmm, my father . ”

This was a huge shock and surprise to Chu Yang!

It was such a huge shock that Chu Yang almost relaxed his hands and dropped the little kid to the ground . He stared at the kid with both his eyes wide and round like a bell . “You know me?!”

“That’s needless to say!” The little kid rolled his eyes .

“How did you know me?” Chu Yang’s eyeball almost popped out of his eye sockets .

“Ai… My Queen Mother has never revealed her original female dressing in front of others… Secondly, when she sleeps, in her dreams, she would often call out your name…” The little Tie Yang rolled his eyes and added, “Furthermore, after I’m born…”

The little kid looked at Chu Yang in a bad mood and said, “Old Chu, do you understand?”

Old Chu?!

Minister Chu was shocked like being struck by five bolts of lightning at the same time . Instantly, amidst all the confusion, Chu Yang felt really dizzy…

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