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Chapter 1232

Unexpectedly, there was no sound of children playing within . It was instead very quiet .

An imperial maid walked out softly and soundlessly . “The crown prince is asleep . ”

Chu Yang was taken aback . “Such a regulated lifestyle?”

It had only just reached noontime . The sun was still right above their heads, not one bit leaning toward either side . Only those who led an extremely regulated lifestyle with very strict self-discipline and already formed a habit of napping in the afternoon would be able to sleep at this time .

“Little Yang Yang’s naptime has always been very regular . ” Tie Butian smiled with pride . “Brother Chu, do you know? This child has almost never wet his bed since he was young; he never gives me any trouble . He eats when he should and sleeps when he should . He’s very quiet and very clever and a very good boy . ”

There was undisguised pride on Tie Butian’s face .

“Uhh…” Chu Yang scratched his head . “I’ll go in for a look . ”

“What’s there to see when he’s already asleep?” Tie Butian was rather reluctant . “We still have a lot of time . What if you wake him?”

Chu Yang chuckled sneakily . “I’ll just take a quick look . ”

Under Tie Butian’s extreme reluctance, Chu Yang tiptoed in soundlessly, his stance as though a burglar .

Only for him to see a tiny figure fast asleep in the huge bed in the middle . Covered by a thin blanket, his hands were neatly within the blanket . His tiny form looked very quiet and very steady, actually giving off a quiet and contented feeling .

The milky fragrance unique to babies wafted over .

When Chu Yang leaned over, he saw that the child had a healthy complexion and supple and tender skin . His little mouth was red and moist and he had a straight and pointed nose . His eyes were shut, making his eyelashes look even longer, as though two little fans on his eyelids .

His breathing was regular and it was obvious that he was in deep sleep .

Chu Yang was overwhelmed at that moment, warmth overflowing within him and his eyes almost brimmed with tears . He stood bent over in front of the bed and took in the sight greedily, his body unmoving .

There was no mistake!

This was definitely his child . That face which was almost identical to his aside and that aura almost exactly the same as his aside… Just this sense of connection between people sharing the same blood and flesh could already drown him in reverie .

Chu Yang discovered that with just this one look alone, he already didn’t want to leave .

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He wanted to pick up the little fellow, give him a good kiss and laugh in content . His heart was filled with a kind of boundless content, as though there was nothing more that he wanted .

At this moment, Chu Yang practically wanted to throw his head back and howl and laugh into the skies!

This was a very common value among peasant families but in this instant, Chu Yang felt like this saying was really true!

“So pretty…”

“So good-looking…”

“What a good child…”

Minister Chu murmured non-stop to himself .

Tie Butian was rather anxious .

This guy doesn’t seem to be able to extricate himself the moment he saw the child… This is terrible!

She tugged quietly at Chu Yang’s sleeves a few times but he didn’t even feel it…

At last, when she tugged forcefully…

“What are you doing!” A very displeased Chu Yang turned and asked unhappily with a frown, “Can’t I even take a look?”

Tie Butian was rather speechless . She answered him in a whisper, “You’ve already watched him for over an hour!”

Chu Yang rose to his feet in embarrassment . Then, he took another couple of lingering glances before he said, “It’s already been over an hour?”

“Let’s talk outside . Don’t wake him up . ” Tie Butian held on to his sleeve and walked out . Chu Yang was pulled out very reluctantly by her, looking back every three steps or so . Only when they were out and had entered the study with the doors closed behind them did Tie Butian finally let out a sigh of relief .

Chu Yang looked at Tie Butian, jealousy suddenly burning inside him!

Damn it, I was just looking at my son and I was actually dragged out, while this woman is by his side everyday… and hogging him!

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Chu Yang suddenly felt very resentful .

Previously, he had been considering responsibility, duty, the people and their lives, difficulties… etc .

But now, he didn’t really feel like restraining himself anymore .

Especially after seeing his son, all the more he couldn’t control this emotion of his anymore!

“He’s really very adorable!” Minister Chu’s throat was dry and hoarse . He snatched Tie Butian’s teacup in the study and took two large gulps before wiping his mouth and asking in a somewhat hasty tone, “What’s his name?”

“Tie Yang . ” Tie Butian was just as apprehensive as him . “The name takes meaning from the black poplar tree which is as tough as iron, standing tall and straight and facing the world proud and unyielding!”

“Tie Yang… Tie Yang…” The more Chu Yang muttered the name, the more he felt like something was wrong . He was a little uncomfortable with it; if the little fellow were to return to his ancestral roots and become a Chu, wouldn’t he be called Chu Yang then?

Won’t he be clashing names with his father in that case?

Chu Yang was rather speechless . Becoming sworn brothers with his own father was already a huge joke; he didn’t expect that now that it was his turn, he was going to clash names with his son instead?

“Err, Tie Yang . That’s a pretty good name,” said Minister Chu against his will as he pressed on his nose bridge . “Does he have a pet name?”

“His pet name is Little Yang Yang . ” Tie Butian smiled and said, “As for his courtesy name, it can only be given when he turns sixteen and becomes of age . ”

“Mm, not bad, Little Yang Yang . ” Chu Yang smiled, though he was a little upset .

My pet name is Yang Yang and Teacher used to call me Little Yang Yang all the time back then . And now, not only is my son taking over my actual name, he’s even stealing my pet name…

Both actual and pet names were clashing!

This was simply…

“He seems to be clashing names with me . ” After mulling over the topic non-stop, Chu Yang finally couldn’t help but bring it up .

“Clashing names?” Tie Butian thought about it before she said, “It won’t . His family name is Tie while yours is Chu . Why would it clash?”

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Chu Yang placed the teacup down with a heavy heart and sighed long and deep .

Tie Butian’s heart shrank and she asked, “Why is Brother Chu sighing?”

Chu Yang had a melancholic look on his face . “Brother Tie, earlier on, didn’t you ask me why I had come down to the Lower Three Heavens all of a sudden? I wasn’t being honest with you at that time . The main reason why I’m here this time is actually to look for Brother Tie for help . ”

Tie Butian gave a slight start . “Help?”

“Yes!” Chu Yang went on seriously, “In the whole world, Brother Tie is the only one who can help me with this matter . ”

Seeing that his countenance was solemn, Tie Butian’s heart couldn’t help but sink as well . She said, “You can tell me, Brother Chu . As long as I can be of help, even if I have to utilize the power of the entire empire, I will not hold back!”

Chu Yang heaved a heavy sigh . “I still remember the day we went our separate ways . Brother Tie had said, ‘The world is dangerous, take care of yourself!’ Even though I, Chu Yang, daresay that I have been careful enough and quick-witted enough, I still fell victim to the scheme of others while going about the Upper Three Heavens . ”

Tie Butian’s countenance turned a little anxious . “Fell victim to others’ scheme? What happened? Are you injured?”

“I’m not injured but I’ve been poisoned . ” Chu Yang sighed . “Brother Tie, I look alright to you now, don’t I? But that’s only because I have suppressed the effects of the poison with elixirs . However, this is not a long-term solution; once the poison takes effect, my body would turn into watery pus and perish . ”

As he spoke, Chu Yang brought out a small gourd of Spiritual Spring Water . “And I’m only left with this much of the potion which I have been using to suppress the poison . It can only last for one more month…”

Chu Yang looked at Tie Butian mournfully and a little defeated . “If Brother Tie doesn’t save me, in a month, you and I would be separated by life and death . Look here, Brother Tie, you can already see a bit of it on my arm . ”

He tugged his sleeve up to reveal his arm, only to show on his upper arm a dark blue bruise which seemed to be rotting .

Tie Butian’s countenance changed greatly . “What have you been poisoned by? It’s actually this bad?” She was furious and in a panic . “And you still drank that much with me when you’re already poisoned?”

Chu Yang replaced his sleeve and smiled lightly . “Poison can remain unneutralized but wine is a must during a reunion with a good friend . ”

Tie Butian was infuriated . “Stop talking rubbish! Hurry and tell me what poison is it? How can I help you? What are you dilly-dallying so much for?”

Tie Butian was really in a panic now, fire almost shooting from her eyes .

“Brother Tie has seen this poison before too . That’s why I put everything aside and came here at full speed after knowing that I was poisoned . ” Chu Yang grabbed Tie Butian’s hand . “Brother Tie, you must save me!”

“Don’t worry!” Tie Butian promised sincerely . “As long as I can help, I definitely will!”

“With clothes, the new are best, but with friends, the old are best . ” Chu Yang sighed emotionally . “Brother Tie is indeed a true friend!”

“Are you saying it or not?” Tie Butian was so panicked that she stamped her foot .

“I’ve been poisoned!” Chu Yang looked at the female Emperor with bright and shiny eyes and said softly, “Aphrodisiacal poison!”

“Aphrodisiacal poison?!” Tie Butian was dumbfounded .

“To be more specific, it’s the same type of aphrodisiacal poison that I got during that time in the mountains of the Beyond The Heavens Sect . ” The corners of Chu Yang’s mouth turned up to reveal a smile . “The Lust Dragon’s aphrodisiacal poison!”

“Ah!” Tie Butian let out an alarmed cry . She was in a daze .

At this moment, her entire body started to burn up madly!

Tie Butian could finally confirm that Chu Yang had long been aware of that matter! And that he was here today to negotiate with her!

The Emperor wished that she could bury herself in a hole . But Chu Yang obviously did not intend to let her off . He was still holding on to her hand and shaking it hard . “Brother Tie, you definitely can neutralize this poison!”

Tie Butian’s deepest and darkest secret had been suddenly exposed by the party directly involved in such a straightforward manner . She was mad and shy and embarrassed all at the same time; her entire body was burning and she struggled with all her might . She said furiously, “Let go of me! Let go~~~”

It had already reached this point; if Chu Yang were to let go of her… then he wouldn’t be called Chu Yang anymore . One might as well just call him Chu Dumb Pig . He gripped Tie Butian’s hand tightly, refusing to let go no matter what . All the while, he begged, “Brother Tie, save me… My poison is pretty serious…”

Tie Butian’s head was lowered all the way, her face almost buried into her chest . “You idiot! Let go of me! You…”

One could vaguely tell that even her neck had turned red . Her two little ears were also so red that they looked almost like translucent rubies . This came too sudden; the unexpected ambush had thrown the Emperor’s wits out into the high heavens . Right now, her entire head, mind and heart were completely blank!

Yet Chu Yang’s grip was getting more and more forceful . He pulled her toward him and into his arms, all the while saying, “Brother Tie, Brother Tie . You’ve already saved me once and neutralized my poison before . Surely you’ll be even more experienced this time around . Hurry and neutralize my poison for me… Can you really bear to see me die…”

He lamented in grief and indignation, “No matter what, I’ve also bled for Iron Cloud and fought for the sake of so many people . I’ve contributed a great service for the Iron Cloud Empire and also put in my all for Your Majesty… Your Majesty, Brother Tie, this is terrible! My poison is taking effect…”

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