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Chapter 1223: 1223

Yet right at this moment, as Chu Yang’s sword fell, the wild wind suddenly roared above the stone column! The wind was, in fact, a hurricane!

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With a whirl, a huge stone, tens of thousands of kilograms, was already lifted and thrown out by the hurricane, before Chu Yang could kick out .

Immediately, a clear sound cracked, and then rumbled . Right in front of Chu Yang, dazzling lightning suddenly rose up . The electric light was shining bright, and the cliffs on both sides actually became transparent all at once!

Chu Yang looked down, and then with a scream, he covered his eyes .

On the cross-section of the rock, two dazzling rays of light appeared .

There was a light in the world called the ultimate .

The Ultimate Light!

And these two bright lights were lights of the extreme .

When Chu Yang’s eyes fell on them, a green ray and a white ray of light shone abruptly . Caught unprepared, Minister Chu’s eyes were filled with whiteness . He closed his eyes abruptly, only to feel the tears flowing out from the corners of his eyes .

Immediately, his eyes were so sore that he was actually unable to open them . He only heard the Sword Spirit’s extremely overjoyed incoherent speech . “Oh my god . It’s actually this thing . Oh dear, really actually… Oh my…”

Chu Yang’s heart moved upon hearing it, yet his eyes couldn’t open . He asked, “Sword Spirit, what is this after all?”

“It’s the ultimate good thing! The second of the Nine Great Herbal Medicines in the world . I’ve finally seen this thing from the legend… Oh my…” The Sword Spirit’s voice trembled .

He said a lot but nothing answered the question . Apparently, he was far too excited .

Chu Yang dismissed his words and worked hard to mobilize energy himself to let his eyes recover . Eventually, he could open it to a slit, and he hurried to look . He saw that on the cross-section of the rock, two pieces of jade were facing each other!

As the green light flashed, the wind roared; as the white light shone, thunder rumbled .

Right at this moment, a dazzling strong light came from the green jade while bright lightning appeared on the white jade .

Chu Yang hurried to close his eyes .

He still felt the two strong lights touch each other, and then collide violently, going past each other and onto the two cliffs . Immediately, the wild winds violently roared and rose on the cliff on the left . Snow went up like in an avalanche, dissipating in the air .

Flashes of lightning flashed above on the cliff on the right . Thunder started rumbling!

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Chu Yang’s mouth opened in shock . Several small stones flew into his mouth but he didn’t even realize it .

“So this Wind Thunder Platform, this Wind Thunder Mountain, and all the weather abnormalities are all from these two small pieces of jade?” Chu Yang was finally able to speak . When he closed his mouth there was a crack . Several stones were powdered up by his teeth . He spat them out .

“Small pieces of jade?” The Sword Spirit sneered . “There are no pieces of jade . Look carefully . ”

Chu Yang looked very carefully and realized that these two pieces of jade, one green and one white, could actually squirm… No, flow .

“This is a jade paste,” said the Sword Spirit indifferently . “Just like your Ice Jade Paste, but its energy is more than twice stronger . ”

“What jade paste is this?” asked Chu Yang, shocked .

“This is the Heavenly Heart of Wind and Thunder, also called the Heaven and Earth Jade Paste, which exists only in legends even in the Nine Heavens Imperial Court! I didn’t expect that it actually came to the Nine heavens continent and became one of the Nine Great Herbal Medicines!” said the Sword Spirit heavily .

“Heavenly Heart of Wind and Thunder? Heaven and Earth Jade Paste?” Chu Yang was puzzled . This was really the first time he had heard of these names in his whole life .

“It’s right that you don’t understand . I can only say that your luck… really… really makes me speechless,” said the Sword Spirit with some envy .

Even the face of the soul body was distorted .

“Please educate me . ” The goodness of Chu Yang was that he never refrained from asking about something that he didn’t understand . Of course, after asking he went back to his normal attitude .

“Ancient legends say that the heaven has a heart and the earth has a soul . ” The Sword Spirit took a breath and said, “And the heart of heaven is the mutual assistance of Yin and Yang, the combined forces of wind and thunder . ”

The Sword Spirit said with a sacred tone, “This Heavenly Heart of Wind and Thunder is only Heaven and Earth Jade Paste right now, but when the wind and thunder’s forces combine and integrate into one, that will be the Heavenly Heart of Wind and Thunder . ”

He looked at Chu Yang and said heavily, “The heart of the heaven above!”

Though he had prepared himself mentally, Chu Yang was still so shocked by this news that he felt dizzy .

The heart of the heaven above?

Oh my god…

“This is just a legend . ” The Sword Spirit was a little shy, and said, “It’s actually just a kind of description of this thing’s powers . ”

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“It’s okay . I believe you . ” Chu Yang looked at the Heavenly Heart of Wind and Thunder in front of him, smiling broadly . “Legend or not, I will fight anyone who says no to it in the future . ”

The Sword Spirit was once more speechless .

“How do you put away this thing?” asked Chu Yang humbly . He tried using the power of consciousness to put it into the Nine Tribulations Space, but the two pieces of jade actually didn’t respond to him . They stayed completely still .

“Your left hand is Yang, grab the thunder jade . Your right hand is Yin, grab the wind jade . Grab at the same time with both hands, separate them, and you’d be able to put them into the Nine Tribulations Space,” said the Sword Spirit . “…Be careful, it has to be fast, and you must do both at the same time, or…” ”

Before he finished speaking, Chu Yang had already reached out and grabbed the thunder jade with one hand and wind jade with the other .

The touch was warm, soft and smooth . It was as though they could turn into different shapes at any time .

And then, at the next moment…


Chu Yang’s two palms turned into burned coal!

The pain made him stand up and swing his hands wildly . He buzzed . “Bastard, you only talked about grabbing, but I’ll have to put them down one after the other, right? Why did I get hit once my hands let go?”

The Sword Spirit was helpless, but also gloated a bit . “This has to be the case . ”

Chu Yang felt conflicted, as he hurried to take out medicine .

Right at this moment, the bottom of the stone column of Wind Thunder Platform suddenly started sinking slowly . It went all the way to the far bottom, the same height as the ground . Thirty feet away as the thousand feet of accumulated snow and ice .

“Lord Sword Master, here is your welfare,” said the Sword Spirit .

“Welfare?” Chu Yang was shocked .

“There, look under your feet . ” The Sword Spirit’s mouth moved .

Chu Yang looked down and saw that where he stood, a crack as thin as hair slowly appeared . The crack expanded and opened up even more, showing a flat opening that allowed only one person to pass .

“This is the only passage to the Lower Three Heavens and Middle Three Heavens . Before the sixth fragment of Nine Tribulations Sword is obtained, this is the only place for entry and exit . Besides, you alone can enter and exit!”

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The Sword Spirit said, “This is what ‘The heart of heaven provides a way’ means!”

Chu Yang got excited . “I can reach the Middle Three Heavens from here? Or the Lower Three Heavens?”

“Indeed,” said the Sword Spirit . “But take note that you only have three months . Besides, when you pass through the way of heavenly heart, I, as a soul body, have to go into dormancy, and won’t be able to give you any help . ”

Chu Yang nodded continuously . “It’s okay . With my cultivation right now, if I still need your help in the Lower Three Heavens or Middle Three Heavens, that’d really be a joke . ”

The Sword Spirit warned, “Don’t ever forget it! You have only three months! Remember carefully that you must return here after three months! Even if you are only one moment late, the outcome will be unthinkable . ”

Chu Yang waved a hand impatiently . “Hurry up and go get your sleep inside . I don’t need you to teach me how to go about it . I know . ”

Like hell you know! You’re obviously too excited to know your directions already…

The Sword Spirit disappeared in a second .

And then, the Heavenly Heart of Wind and Thunder which had just been placed inside the Nine Tribulations Space both flew up and entered Chu Yang’s meridians, one from the left and one from the right .

The opening in the ground was already releasing a faint mist .

Chu Yang shut his eyes and jumped inside . He laughed out loud . “Brothers, your beloved oldest brother is back!!”

The white mist at the opening surged and devoured Chu Yang’s figure .

On the Nine Heavens Imperial Court, there were misty purple clouds .

Here, grand mansions and heavenly palaces made of jade and jewels were surrounded by clouds and mist . It was indeed extraordinary .

This was a grand palace hidden among the mountains .

In the front and at the back, countless guards protected the place such that it was impregnable .

A white shadow flashed, and Zi Xieqing dressed in snow-white descended lightly . She looked at the majestic palace in front of her and complicated light shone across her eyes . Then, she walked forward, her white clothes fluttering .

Before she went far, suddenly human figures flashed and two golden figures appeared in front of her . “Who are you? What are you here for?”

Zi Xieqing said calmly, “Please report to the Demon Empress that the person who made an agreement with her seventy thousand years ago begs for an audience . ”

The two golden figures looked her up and down and sneered . “With your cultivation, you can actually have an agreement with the Demon Empress seventy thousand years ago? Do you qualify?”

Zi Xieqing said calmly, “Whether I qualify or not… it’s for the Demon Empress to judge . If I lied, I’m right here and I can’t run away . If I didn’t, can you afford to delay the important business of the Demon Empress?”

The golden guards froze and gave her a doubtful look . “Wait for a moment . ”

One guard hurriedly flew inside .

In a short while, he ran out sweating . “Queen Demon Empress asks Miss Zi to enter to meet her . ”

Zi Xieqing snorted and walked away .

The two guards bowed in greeting, smiled and kept apologizing .

Inside the hall .

Zi Xieqing sat opposite a beautiful woman in a regal dress . Her face was calm .

“You are saying… you agree to my request back then?” The Demon Empress raised her teacup and took a sip . She looked at Zi Xieqing with a vague smile in her eyes . “Seventy thousand years ago, you had to run away even at the cost of severely harming your health . Yet today you deliver yourself to my door to agree to it?”

“Yes . ” Zi Xieqing took a breath . “But I also hope that you can fulfill one condition of mine . ”

The Demon Empress’s eyes narrowed, showing a dangerous glow . She said, “It’s been tens of thousands of years since someone dared to talk to me about conditions… Tell me about it . ”

“I can save the prince’s life with my Original Soul Essence and the Profound Purple Pill that I cultivated over one hundred thousand years,” said Zi Xieqing calmly . A bit of pain and longing passed through her eyes as she said firmly, “But I want to be human!”

“You want to be human?” The Demon Empress’s laid-back body suddenly sat up straight . She looked at her, shocked, the look in her eyes sharp and full of disbelief!

“Yes, I want to be human, a real human! Not a transfigured human form, but… a human!” Zi Xieqing bowed down . “Please help me, Demon Empress!”

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