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Chapter 1221

Chu Yang stood by the cliff, looking at the familiar Wind Thunder Platform; he shook his head and smiled emotionally . “From the past life to present, the landscape remains the same yet the people have changed . Only this Wind Thunder Platform is still as it was . ”

It was freezing cold, and both the cliffs and the Wind Thunder Platform in the middle were covered with ice and snow .

An ordinary person would die easily at the slip of a foot .

Chu Yang looked at the surroundings with some nostalgia and said, “Back then, Mo Tianji stood right there watching, and the people who besieged me were ambushing, here, here, and there… at nine places in total . ”

“My habit in the past life was such that if I were too nervous to choose a path, I naturally went toward the east, and that was where I suffered from the first wave of ambush . And then, I changed my direction and met the second wave of ambush . I changed directions six times continuously and during all of them, I faced enemies right in front of me! Then I retreated back to Wind Thunder Platform . And then, I finally realized that besides the directions where I went to, there was actually no ambush at all in other places . ”

Chu Yang smiled lightly . “That was when I knew how accurately Mo Tianji understood my character!”

“It’s really shrewd of him to not only predict each step that I took but also find so many people to die with me, based on my cultivation…” Chu Yang shook his head and smiled bitterly .

The Sword Spirit looked at this place and couldn’t help but exclaim, “That’s truly amazing!”

This place looked totally desolate, but once someone’s light-body martial technique reached a certain level, he could actually leap all the way onto the top of the cliff or choose any place on the cliff which was more than one hundred feet tall to stop .

To trap and kill an expert at light-body martial technique at such a place was evidently extremely difficult .

Yet Mo Tianji actually forced Chu Yang, who had already rushed out, back onto Wind Thunder Platform without wasting any manpower! Such calculation, such confidence and such scheming were simply terrifying!

Facing the menacing terrain in front of him, Chu Yang looked up and opened his mouth to receive the snowflakes in the sky . He asked, “Sword Spirit, do you feel anything?”

After all, this was intelligence from the previous life, in which he only managed to ascertain this being the place after confirming with multiple sources . But whether it was here or not, he didn’t have time to verify .

“Yes, it’s right now!” said the Sword Spirit excitedly . “I can already feel the aura of the sword mouthpiece . ”

“Sword mouthpiece?” asked Chu Yang . “The fifth fragment of the Nine Tribulations Sword is actually the mouthpiece?”

“Yes . ” The Sword Spirit pointed with one finger and said, “Look, these two cliffs facing each other, doesn’t it look like an open mouth of a person? And the stone column in the middle, that Wind Thunder Platform, isn’t it like someone’s tongue?”

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Chu Yang frowned and looked at it for a long while, before nodding, finding it far-fetched . “It does look alike . ”

He thought to himself, “Shit, if not told beforehand, who would think that this cliff actually looked like a person’s mouth? How big would a person’s body have to be to have such a huge mouth?”

Thinking of this, Chu Yang couldn’t help but smile strangely .

The Sword Spirit asked in confusion, “Why are you smiling?”

Chu Yang replied seriously, “I’m thinking, if this was really a person’s mouth… How big does the body of this person have to be?”

The Sword Spirit thought for a moment and said, “Probably the same size as this mountain . ”

Chu Yang said solemnly, “In that case, there is a problem . ”

The Sword Spirit naturally asked, “What problem?”

Chu Yang’s brows knitted together and he spoke very melancholically, “If this were a man, what about his wife? Could she bear it?”

The Sword Spirit looked at him, stunned .

Chu Yang continued worrying, “If this were a woman, what could her husband do? How on earth can it… Wow… Poor man, he must be dying from shame…”

The Sword Spirit was totally stunned, and eventually, he bowed his head silently .

At this moment, the Sword Spirit understood deeply the reason that Chu Yang could be the last Nine Tribulations Sword Master while others couldn’t… It was because Chu Yang’s thinking didn’t belong to humans at all!

He himself could never reach the speed of his thinking!

The previous Nine Tribulations Sword Masters were all thinking about what they would do after finishing practicing the technique, when they obtained the Nine Tribulations Sword… They were all looking forward to the future . Yet the things that this guy was thinking at such a serious moment was so blatantly ridiculous… such that he didn’t know whether to laugh or cry, and would rather give his shameless face and filthy mouth a hard punch!

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Just when he was about to make some comments, he heard the Sword Master say with a very confused voice, “Let’s go, why are you stunned at such a critical moment? What’s the matter with your brain? Worrying about the fate of the world right now? Really so untimely . ”

Chu Yang shook his head and blamed him, “I really don’t understand you, your head doesn’t belong to humans at all, too abnormal…”

He shook his head, and actually jumped over with a sense of helplessness, as though ashamed to be in the company of someone abnormal .

Though the Sword Spirit was a soul, he also felt the urge to spit out blood at this moment!

What the f*ck… Which one between us is the abnormal one? Hello? Can you please figure that out…

The Sword Spirit had no choice but to follow with a belly full of depression .

The Sword Master had already become extremely serious, not giving him any chance to discuss the topic just now . He said immediately, “Undue delay may cause trouble . Check immediately where the sword mouthpiece is actually hiding . ”

The Sword Spirit froze for a moment and had to check carefully .

In his Dantian, the sword tip, sword edge, sword blade and sword case suddenly stopped moving around the bit of Primordial Real Silk and automatically combined together . The sword intent which had been moving around the four pieces of swords also suddenly stopped .

And then, the sword actually rushed right out of Chu Yang’s Dantian, pointing up .

Chu Yang clearly felt that the four pieces of Nine Tribulations Sword in his body were all filled with an inexplicable ecstasy at this moment .

It was as though the brothers of life and death who had been separated for thousands of years were about to reunite at this moment, and they had sensed each other .

And this seemed to really be the case…

The Sword Spirit checked for a while and then pointed to the ground below their feet assuredly . “It’s right here!”

Chu Yang frowned . “Here… Is it to be all dug up?” He pitied this scene of natural wonder somewhat . Such one single column had been standing for tens of thousands of years… This wonder might not exist anymore after he took out the sword mouthpiece .

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The Sword Spirit nodded and said lightly, “For such a rock to stand still for thousands of years solely by the support of wind and thunder from the two sides was absolutely impossible . The only possibility is that… there is a Heavenly Treasure underneath here! And only such Heavenly Treasures blessed by heaven and earth would be able to use its livelihood to protect the rock column from decaying over thousands of years!”

“Heavenly Treasure?” Chu Yang’s spirits lifted . “Can it be…”

The Sword Spirit nodded deeply, and a smile showed in his eyes . “If my estimates are not wrong, I’m afraid another of the Nine Great Herbal Medicines is about to come into the eyes of the world . ”

Chu Yang immediately took a deep breath and a brilliance displayed in his eyes . He licked his lips and said, “I do not want to destroy a natural wonder, but the heaven is giving me a gift . I have no choice but to take it . ”

The Sword Spirit sneered . “How shameless! Don’t you always take disobeying the heaven as your responsibility?”

Chu Yang was irritated . “Even if I’m to disobey heaven, I have nothing against Heavenly Treasures!”

The Sword Spirit was speechless .

Chu Yang was silent for a moment, calming the emotions in his heart . Eventually, his palm flipped and the Nine Tribulations Sword appeared in his hand, almost joyfully . He waved the sword and the permafrost ice of thousands of years opened up . Chu Yang kicked out twice, and two ice blocks the size of two hills flew down from Wind Thunder Platform, showing the brown surface of the rock .

Just as Chu Yang was about to cut with the sword, he suddenly let out an “Eh?” . He only just realized that the surface of the rock under his feet seemed to change color at this moment, turning to yellow . Yet when he focused and looked again, there seemed to be no change after all .

“Can the rock change color?” asked Chu Yang .

The Sword Spirit froze . “What?” This guy didn’t see it, obviously .

Chu Yang didn’t speak, but cut out with his sword three consecutive times . Immediately, stone debris flew and wind and thunder roared on the Wind Thunder Platform . Yet Chu Yang’s sword seemed to cut off the wind and thunder as well!

Cutting Wind and Thunder on top of Wind Thunder Platform!

His left hand reached out, pressed against the surface of the rock and withdrew abruptly . A big rock was abruptly sucked out by him . He shook his hand, and the stone dropped rumbling into the abyss .

He cut open the cross-section of the stone, which was right in the middle of the forces of wind and thunder . Once it was opened, immediately, thunder roared on the left and strong wind soared on the right .

“Amazing powers . ” Chu Yang sighed, his feet stuck to the rock surface like huge rocks . He made seven or eight more waves unrelentingly .

Rocks kept falling down the mountain continuously .

It was lucky that it was totally desolate here, and the heavy snow blocked the roads . Otherwise, such noises must draw people .

Dozens of large rocks were thrown down by him successively . With a crack, the stone platform that connected the two sides of the cliff finally broke . The two sides fell from the air like two large flat boards .

Only a straight stone column was left with nothing connected on either side .

On top of the stone column, there was only Chu Yang .

“This feeling is really f*cking good . ” Chu Yang stood on top of the stone column . After the forces of connection and fixation were lost, this stone column the radius of thirty feet started swaying with an ever-increasing amplitude .

It was like a long, thin bamboo pole swaying in the wind…

The feelings of Minister Chu at the top of this “bamboo pole” was conceivable: should he not have high cultivation, he would probably have long been thrown out .

“This is not a job for an ordinary person indeed . ” Chu Yang swayed following the ground under him, while digging continuously . His movement got quicker and quicker .

He was afraid that this stone column would suddenly fall, and that would give him much more trouble to look through it . Most importantly, if it fell, the Heavenly Treasure inside would definitely be ruined…

That would give Chu Yang a heartache .

Loud bangs kept sounding, shaking the whole valley . Within only a few breaths, Chu Yang had only finished four hundred feet of digging . His sword cut out horizontally, he leaped up and kicked away seven dozen feet of large rocks, before falling again on that cross-section…

Finally, when the cutting reached two thousand feet below, there was finally a change to the situation!

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