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Chapter 1210

The Supreme Martial Artists were furious and chased over at full speed .

In their imagination, there was absolutely no way that these guys could escape!

Especially under such a desperate situation . But nobody could expect them to use the cliff, which was the most impossible for usage .

Under normal circumstances, at the level of Supreme Martial Artists, cliffs were nothing .

They could be raised with one hand .

So to use a cliff to run for one’s life was just a joke for high-level martial warriors of the Nine heavens continent . Seeing Chu Yang and others falling off the cliff, though the Supreme Martial Artists were furious, it was more for their multitude of methods and cunning schemes .

But absolutely not for them escaping .

When the chase continues, even if they went deep down underground below the thousand-feet-high cliff, there’s absolutely no way they could get away .

A red light flashed, and a red aura suddenly dispersed . A youth with a red light shining all over him suddenly appeared . It was Rui Butong .

He made a series of moves, and almost the whole mountain was blown up . Immediately afterward, he entangled with these Supreme Martial Artists with great enthusiasm .

To give the job of retreat-covering to Rui Butong who really had no fear for death was absolutely… utility-maximizing!

With a bang, Rui Butong exchanged a fist with a first-grade Supreme Martial Artist .

This was a real and solid exchange: both suffered a fist from each other .

This guy was slightly shorter . The opponent’s fist hit on his chest, yet his fist hit solidly at the other’s crotch!

A sound like an egg being broken sounded!

“Ahhh…” Rui Butong’s, with a scream of pain, flew up, yet got entangled with another Supreme Martial Artist .

That Supreme Martial Artist who received a fist in his crotch opened his mouth and his red face turned purple . And then, he curled up like a prawn, his mouth drawing breath, sweat beads the size of beans emerged rapidly on his forehead .

After a long time, he finally cried out, “Ahhh… My dick!”

Even in the middle of such anger in chasing down opponents, and under the circumstance of each suffering their own injuries, the other Supreme Martial Artists still couldn’t contain their laughter .

Holy shit…

Such a scream…

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Over there, Rui Butong had already exchanged several more moves with others, and placed himself in front of the two fifth-grade Supreme Martial Artists with a swaying body full of injuries .

Strength had gone out of his body, and the bones were already mostly broken, yet he still carried on, refusing to retreat .

Heavy respect showed in the eyes of two fifth-grade Supreme Martial Artists .

They could see that this skinny, small man in front of them cared no more about his own life in the cover for his friends’ escape .

Someone with such loyalty was worthy of respect no matter whether he was an enemy or a friend!

“What’s your name? Why do you fight so hard?” One of the fifth-grade Supreme Martial Artists’ eyes narrowed and asked calmly, “You know that they won’t be able to get away!”

Rui Butong spat out a mouthful of blood . Inside the blood, several pieces of his internal organs were visible . He coughed, laughed tragically, breathed hard and said, “I… never change my name . The ‘dirty man with pig’s heart and dog’s lungs’, Luo Kedi, is me!”

Everyone was stunned!

Dirty man? Pig’s Heart and dog’s lungs? Luo Kedi?

Since when were law-enforcement officers going to catch such a person?

Besides, this person had such deep grievances…

Rui Butong coughed and spat out blood . He said with a voice full of hatred, “You don’t remember? Humph… After today, you’ll have to remember me, ‘dirty man with pig’s heart and dog’s lungs’ Luo Kedi!”

He swayed and snorted, “I naturally know that they can’t get away, but I’ve got to do the cover anyway . Even if they get to take one more breath because of me… I’ve got to ward you off!

“Good man!” The two fifth-grade Supreme Martial Artists praised . There was pity in their eyes . This guy’s nickname was disgraceful, but he was a good man indeed .

Rui Butong swayed, laughing out loud tragically . Blood emerged from his mouth continuously . “Hahaha… Come, you want to catch them, you’ve just got to walk over my corpse! I, Luo Kedi, has no regret at death!”

Then he rushed over, swaying, and yelled with a harsh voice, “Kill me! Don’t leave me with one breath to watch my friends be caught by you!”

A fifth-grade Supreme Martial Artist closed his eyes and sighed deeply . “Alright, I will send you on your way myself!”

A hand waved, and Rui Butong’s body was sent flying like a piece of broken cloth . He bumped into the stone wall, slipped down, and all his bones were broken .

Yet he smiled and said with a low, hoarse voice, “Brothers… We’ll meet soon, I… I can’t…”

Then his breath stopped .

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The Supreme Martial Artists all felt a heaviness in their hearts .

Such a good man… Sigh! It’s really pitiful .

That Supreme Martial Artist whose penis was broken by Rui Butong’s fist pressed against his crotch, bowing down and gritting his teeth, he walked over . He unleashed his longsword and cut it downwards forcefully . “I’ll chop you…”

Before his longsword came down, it was hit out of his hand, and then his face received a slap .

‘”Such a heroic man is already dead! You’ve actually got to hurt his body?” That fifth-grade Supreme Martial Artist’s eyes contained tears, and he yelled angrily, “Are you still a martial warrior? Do you still dare to call yourself a man of the martial world?”

Then, he focused his look on Rui Butong’s body, sighed long and said, “Let’s bury him properly! Such a good man’s corpse should not be exposed to a wasteland . ”

Immediately, his hand turned, and a lot of broken stones were cleared to the side, showing a flat piece of land . His sleeves moved and a pit appeared on the ground . Rui Butong’s body was lifted and placed into the pit . His sleeve moved again, and a large pile of stones flew over and covered its top . A tombstone rose in an instant .

He used two fingers to function as a knife and engraved, “Here lies buried ‘Dirty man with pig’s heart and dog’s lungs’ Luo Kedi”

He was sad for a while, then he sighed . “How incompatible is your nickname with your real character . ”

He turned and left .

The other Supreme Martial Artists followed suit and leaped down the cliff .

The other fifth-grade Supreme Martial Artist had been watching from the top and taking notice of the movement down below and all around . He saw no abnormalities . The enemy had to still be down there .

Actually, both Supreme Martial Artists were quite calm: Could you run away even if we let you?

What place was that? It was a thousand-mile flatland!

Where could they escape to!

The group of Supreme Martial Artists leaped down the cliff like a windstorm .

At the bottom of the cliff, the ground was covered with broken rocks and it looked very messy! But to the Supreme Martial Artists, this was no big deal at all . Two of them made some casual moves and cleared it up .

“Dig the ground! Go as deep as it takes and find the people!”

That fifth-grade Supreme Martial Artist said severely .

Excitement showed on the faces of all Supreme Martial Artists . Looking for six living people within such a space gave them the joy of a cat chasing down mice .

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Because this was nothing difficult for them at all!

With a whistling sound, a large piece of land was already lifted up . One of them broke it into pieces as fine as powder, and immediately someone else took away the powder . After that, they did the same for another piece .

From the beginning to the end, a fifth-grade Supreme Martial Artist stood on the top, monitoring the surroundings closely .

Yet, the space of a hundred square feet, a thousand square feet, ten thousand square feet… were all searched through, but still nothing was found . Unease grew among them .

Could they have escaped?

Right at that moment, someone shouted, “There’s something wrong here…”

That third-grade Supreme Martial Artist’s spirit was lifted . He lifted up a piece of ground forcefully, finding a round opening of a cave . The soil at the opening was fresh, apparently the cave was only made in recent days . Some areas still had powders dropping .

“This is it! We’ve found it!” They felt their spirits lift . These guys also seemed clever, to decide on starting the works here beforehand and making such a secret tunnel… A pity, however cunning the fox was, it couldn’t beat the hunter! They were found after all .

“Don’t move!” That fifth-grade Supreme Martial Artist came over, looked at the pitch-dark opening of the tunnel and said, “Don’t go inside . We’ll continue lifting the ground . I’ve got to lift them up slowly!”

The rest showed understanding smiles . To do this could indeed torture someone even to the point of breakdown, like waiting for one’s death!

As pieces and pieces of land were lifted up, they became ever more excited, in a cruel way . It was as if they had already witnessed the gloominess and sorrow of those six people who were dug up from their hiding place several thousand feet below the earth .

And the situation right now meant that they couldn’t move .

As layers and layers were lifted up, the tunnel went in a zig-zag way and deeper and deeper . Their admiration increased .

Holy shit, was this guy going to dig all the way to the Middle Three Heavens?

When they were eight hundred feet deep, they discovered a sword sheath . They picked it up and looked: the sheath was very clean, apparently it was only left here just now .

They became even more energetic .

They continued digging .


Another one thousand feet below, a splashing sound came, and everyone was dumbfounded .

Presented in front of them was actually an underground river! It was connected in all directions and had a great number of sub-divisions . The stream flowed rapidly, bringing away all smell .

There was no knowing where the enemy went!

Apparently, this was where the enemy left .

“Bastards!” That fifth-grade Supreme Martial Artist roared in anger . He was so angry that the hair all over his head stood up!

After that much trouble, after seven Supreme Martial Artists busied themselves for a whole night, this was the end that they saw! How could he not be enraged!

Seeing this quietly flowing underground river, in an instant, all of them only felt a blankness in their heads .

Nobody imagined that the enemy would leave using such a method!

The law is strong, but outlaws are ten times stronger!

Once they left, they would be out of reach from now on . To catch them in the future would be as difficult as retrieving a needle from the ocean . Besides, among those hostages, besides those who were killed on the spot, the three most important were already taken away!

Though they had great poison in their bodies, Chu Yang had the reputation of the first Pharmacist in the world, how could they not know that he could cure them?

Looking up, they felt that they were standing in a giant grave . A grave dug out by themselves!

“Let’s go . ” The voice of the other fifth-grade Supreme Martial Artist came from above .

They were speechless . They were discontent and angry, but what could they do? To stay here would be a joke!

Soft winds blew, and it was already dawn .

The seven Supreme Martial Artists finally left .

After a very long time…

A voice groaned in the ground not far from the point where Rui Butong was buried .

“Holy f*ck… I’m almost suffocating…” It was Chu Yang’s voice .

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