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Chapter 1209

When Chu Yang down below finished speaking aloud, he immediately spoke another sentence to Rui Butong and Dong Wushang through voice transmission .

Immediately afterward, the piece of land above their head had finally slammed down .

At the moment it dropped, the three stopped at the same time . Then, they fell back abruptly, their feet kicking and the sword blade shining . Chu Yang in front actually moved right backward!

With a slight sound, Chu Yang had already gotten out . The time was very well controlled by him .

At the moment they retreated, another sound came from above them, when the Supreme Martial Artists flew over . Rui Butong and Dong Wushang followed Chu Yang out like flashes of lightning .

Chu Yang hesitated no more . The edge of his sword spun and made another hole several dozens of feet from the hole through which they just came out, amidst the dust .

Just after they got in, the big piece of land spun up and fell down silently once more, blocking the hole tightly .

The three held their breaths . Using clever techniques, they clapped the soil underground firm once more as they rushed forward, fast as the wind .

Though the speed was many times slower, they didn’t make a sound .

A loud bang came from the top, and the whole wasteland shook . The giant piece of land banged onto the ground . The grass all around was actually shaken so much that it took off from the ground and flew up in the sky .

The people above flew over like wind, only to abruptly realize that they couldn’t even see the shadow of their enemies . Someone cried out, “We’re tricked! They talked about going forward, but actually went backward!”

Immediately, the group hurried back to check, angered . They actually found a large hole cut out by sword light at the root of the large piece of land .

Immediately, everyone was madly furious!

“Youngsters! This is too much!”

One of the fifth-grade Supreme Martial Artists stomped his foot . “Chase!”

The group went chasing back the same route .

Yet, they chased out for more than ten thousand feet, and still had no discoveries .

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Finally, someone suggested, “Could they have stayed where they were?”


The person who spoke was given a hard slap on the face . “F*ck your mother! Why didn’t you say this earlier!”

That person covered his face, extremely grieved: I just thought about it too, didn’t I…”

Yet the rest had already turned back again, and chased back along the route in which they came! When they were back in the original position, they still had no discoveries .

That fifth-grade Supreme Martial Artist was so angry that his hair was about to stand up . He raged, “Find them even if you have to dig up the whole earth! They absolutely can’t escape . Dig inch by inch!”

One said, “Detect with divine sense!”

Two fifth-grade Supreme Martial Artists were furious at the same time . “If divine sense detection works, would we need you to remind us?” Angry, both of them were also puzzled .

The cultivation of the enemy was apparently inferior to their own, but how could they have eluded their divine sense detection?”

What they didn’t know was that Chu Yang underneath the ground was using his own divine sense to cover their whole party! Ever since devouring the divine sense of the first Nine Tribulations Sword Master, his divine sense was first in the world! Even Ning Tianyan’s divine sense might not necessarily be as strong as his . To hide themselves from these people above was just a piece of cake .

“Can we just hide here, wait for them to leave and then we will be safe?” Rui Butong asked whimsically .

“You’re dreaming!” Dong Wushang replied rudely .

“They will find us sooner or later!” said Chu Yang indifferently, cold light shining in his eyes . He said heavily, “Listen! When they find us, that will be the most dangerous moment, and that moment is our opportunity!”

“Wushang, you must stop the two first-grade Supreme Martial Artists at once! Butong, carry on with the original plan! I will use my full powers to make a way to reach Eagle Beak Cliff! Everything will go according to original plans!”

Chu Yang spoke with a low voice . In the desperate situation, the expression in his eyes was that of unprecedented calm and confidence . “You’ve got to believe that we can definitely survive that!”

Rui Butong cried out in surprise, “Boss, so you’ve already predicted what happened just now in your original plan? And you prepared for it intentionally?”

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“No . My original plan was that if my disguise was unsuccessful and unable to cheat the enemies, when it came to direct fighting… But since it wasn’t used at that point, it can be used now . If it’s not used now, it’ll be used in the next stage . The plan remains the same!” said Chu Yang calmly .

“Now… They’ve started . ”

Before they finished speaking, the ground started shaking violently .

The fifth-grade Supreme Martial Artist lifted up the ground piece by piece, after which others around him moved together to break the pieces of earth . Such actions were approaching them .

In the middle of the shaking of the ground, Chu Yang said calmly, “Brother Sha, Brother Qin, Brother Han, the three of you have to be prepared mentally . Though we’ve come this far… We may not really be able to protect you! In the case that you fall into enemy hands, surrender immediately to preserve your life and wait for the next opportunity for us to go and rescue you all!”

Han Xiaoran, Sha Xinliang and Qin Baoshan all shook their heads softly . Han Xiaoran said, “Brother, we’re already content that you came today! All our efforts were not in vain . As law-enforcement officers, we’ve already lost confidence in this world, in which even the Dharma Supreme who’s reputed all around the world and controls the heaven and earth… What else can we do alive? We may as well die and be at peace away from all this . ”

“There’s a chance so long as there’s life!” said Chu Yang calmly . “This is not the time for argument . Just remember to live! This is my only request for you all! In case you fall into the hands of enemy, hang on even if life is more painful than death!”

At that moment, the ground suddenly started shaking, and then they felt themselves in mid-air .

The piece of land that they were in was already lifted by the full force of that fifth-grade Supreme Martial Artist! The six stayed in the ground, but were raised high up in the air!

Immediately, strong forces came rushing towards them in all directions!

Having broken more than twenty pieces of ground in vain, all the Supreme Martial Artists felt a little numb, some even thought that the enemy might have already escaped and they were only doing useless work .

Though they dared not speak so, many of them thought so .

Strong forces from all directions met at one point .

That fifth-grade Supreme Martial Artist was already using martial techniques from his right hand to lift another piece of land . Apparently, seeing that the piece which he just lifted showed no abnormalities when being lifted, he had already given up hope somewhat .

Right at this moment…

With a loud rumble, sword aura swept across the space between heaven and earth .

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Three human figures rushed out from a piece of land at this moment of explosion and started moving in three directions . A flash of red light actually flashed, and Rui Butong disappeared immediately!

A fifth-grade Supreme Martial Artist and a third-grade Supreme Martial Artist responded the fastest, and with a movement of their bodies, they were already right in front of them! Right after they reached positions, Chu Yang was already coming at them!

In their faces, a flash of sword light burst abruptly and came straight toward them with magnificence, as if the sky had exploded .

Steel walls and bronze gates have yet to see the end of strife!

What harm is there in slaughtering the entire world!

These two techniques had finished accumulating strength at the moment of explosion . As the final “Don’t Restrain the Blade when Beheading the Entire World” technique was used, it had already surpassed the range of Nine Tribulations Sword Techniques .

Both its momentum and feeling was no longer that of the Nine Tribulations Sword Technique .

But the power was not in the least bit weakened!

Besides, Chu Yang vaguely felt that when he was using such a sword technique, the Nine Heavens Divine Technique inside his body seemed to throb suddenly, and abruptly jumped a little!

And with that little bit of jump, the sword aura actually suddenly became twice as powerful?

Chu Yang’s mind moved: could the Nine Heavens Divine Technique actually be capable of some changes? Or, were there some functions that he had yet to discover?

But before he had time to think, his people and sword had already rushed over . The sword light exploded most abruptly, and the internal energy in Chu Yang’s body reversed sharply!

Opposite him was one fifth-grade Supreme Martial Artist and one third-grade Supreme Martial Artist!

Both held swords in their hands and looked like they were facing strong opponents! Sword light flashed as he waved his sword, and two heavy sword mountains pressed down wildly!

With a mad explosion, Chu Yang spat out blood abruptly, and his body flew out obliquely . The speed was actually thrice faster than when his body moved as one with the sword!

Both Supreme Martial Artists swayed and stepped back .

A flash of redness went across their faces, and they were both very surprised . The opponent’s move was wild and potent, such that both of them felt shocked, especially the one who had already suffered shocks in the internal organs previously, he felt a sweetness at his throat and almost spat out a mouthful of blood . He forcibly swallowed the blood back, but his internal organs were already turbulent .

About eighty to hundred gaps appeared on the two longswords from the single contact just now!

The strength and power of the opponent’s sword technique and the sharpness of the longsword were both unexpected, but the most unexpected was the fact that after using such a technique, he could actually still turn it into soft force!

During the collision just now, he actually turned the attacking force of the two to his own propelling force, using it to fly obliquely and get out of trouble!

Such a reversal of internal energy was definitely sufficient to let a professional suffer from an accidental rebound, yet he was actually fine!

On the other side, Dong Wushang’s dark saber cut out madly, and he stopped one first-grade Supreme Martial Artist and one second-grade Supreme Martial Artist!

Though he was beaten from the moment of contact, he didn’t retreat even one step, possessing a mighty, unparalleled domination to stop the reinforcement from these two Supreme Martial Artists!

Within the time of one breath .

Just one single breath indeed!

Chu Yang came over, carrying Han Xiaoran, like a gush of wild wind . His original speed was already extremely fast, and coupled with the propelling force of a fifth-grade and a third-grade Supreme Martial Artist, his body was already moving so fast that its shape became blur . With a clang, the longsword cut the sword of a first-grade Supreme Martial Artist into two pieces . That Supreme Martial Artist was shocked and hurried to retreat, but Chu Yang paid no more attention to him . He grabbed Dong Wushang’s collar, and in the next moment, that strong propelling force really worked and within a second they were already more than three thousand feet away as if by teleporting .

They were already at the foot of Eagle Beak Cliff .

The two banged in there without thinking at all!

Immediately, a red light flashed, the hot aura exclusive to Rui Butong was released for a moment, and withdrew again . In the next moment, the whole mountain collapsed!

Behind Eagle Beak Cliff was more than ten thousand feet of emptiness .

Chu Yang carrying Han Xiaoran, Dong Wushang carrying Sha Xinliang, they rushed out at the same time, and together with rolling rocks, they fell off the cliff! Then, a figure was thrown down, and it was Qin Baoshan thrown down by Rui Butong . Among the rolling rocks, Chu Yang grabbed Qin Baoshan and disappeared among the flying rocks .

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