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Chapter 1208

Tang Wufang died absolutely with everlasting regret!

This Jian Kongling looked desolate and lonely, a standard person who lived in seclusion from the world . This was definitely correct . Besides, he was obviously unguarded against him, with not the least bit of vigilant aura about him .

Besides, that sense of connection from common experience and state of mind was also absolutely not fake .

He trusted him and befriended him . This was beyond doubt!

How sensible was the spiritual sense of a Supreme Martial Artist? If he couldn’t even sense this, he might as well kill himself .

Precisely because of that, he let down his guard and prepared to make this friend first and then pulled him into the rank of law-enforcement officers . If he could be his assistant… he himself would be much strengthened: this person’s cultivation was definitely around fourth-grade Supreme Martial Artist, even close to himself .

Besides, when he pulled out the sword, he showed no intention of murder or fight .

He took out his longsword so openly . Besides, he didn’t show the intention of letting him comment on it, it was purely because he was stupid and praised it, that the other followed on to let him take a look .

When he approached it with great interest, he still sensed no murderous aura at all!

He only… went forward to look at the sword… Well, as everyone knew, it couldn’t be held up for looking . And it couldn’t be too far from the eyes, therefore, it happened to just be around the throat .

Following the sentence “this is the goodness”, Tang Wufang was just staring and preparing to look at the goodness of the sword, and suddenly, his head was sent flying!

This was so f*cking surprising!

Until his death, Tang Wufang remained happy and excited . Only after his head had been sent flying in mid-air for a long time, did the emotions in his eyes change into shock and disbelief!

It was too… unexpected!

Down below, Jian Kongling waved his sword in a beautiful sideways move . A flash of sword light suddenly turned into a violent dragon, plowing through the whole area of more than one hundred square feet!

Besides the two first-grade Supreme Martial Artists, two second-grade Supreme Martial Artists and that third-grade Supreme Martial Artist, all the other fourteen who came close were all decimated, cut into pieces .

With the sword intent, the Nine Tribulations Sword was reinforced . Once the longsword moved, the sword intent reached the target first, followed by the sword edge, and then the sword blade . But many times the sword blade wasn’t needed because the other two had already finished the job .

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Jian Kongling’s longsword turned and with a messy series of clanging and clashing, the iron chains and shackles on the more than twenty people were already broken . He shouted, “Run in different directions!”

And then, his foot kicked onto Qin Baoshan’s butt . He yelled, “Follow my force and fly!”

Qin Baoshan went up into the air as though riding clouds and mists, then he flew into the distance like an arrow .

At the same time, Sha Xinliang was also caught by Chu Yang at the belt and thrown out in the opposite direction from Qin Baoshan . And then, his hand grabbed and Han Xiaoran was already on his back . He cried, “Little brother . ”

Chu Yang had no time to respond . He humphed loudly, his longsword trembled and turned into a flash of lightning in the sky and a bright, shining light column . He actually made his body and the sword move as one, pulling his own body and Han Xiaoran’s to move to more than four hundred feet away within a blink!

At this time, two human figures abruptly flew up from the grass and caught Sha Xinliang and Qin Baoshan in mid-air . They had yet to stop when Chu Yang’s circular sword light column flashed towards them . The hands of the two stretched out at the same time, they were pulled by the light column and flew out .

They changed the breath in mid-air, immediately afterward, the two exerted force brought Chu Yang and Han Xiaoran to elope rapidly!

And they were already more than one thousand feet away!

All of this, from Chu Yang’s move of the sword to sever the head, then slaughtering people in all four directions, breaking the chains and freeing the people, to kicking Qin Baoshan and Sha Xinliang away, carrying Han Xiaoran, moving as one with the sword and escaping…

All of this happened within the blink of an eye!

Before anyone had time to respond, Chu Yang had already killed the enemy, saved the men and escaped .

It seemed to be smooth but all three knew that this was actually just a beginning! The danger was approaching and a hard battle had just begun! Real danger only just started to appear .

Behind them came several angry, extremely shocked roars . Several human figures rushed up after them, as fast as flying .

From the grass patch on both sides, a sharp aura emerged at the same time . That was the two hidden fifth-grade Supreme Martial Artists, who had already started to respond .

A voice yelled, “Good youngster!”

Suddenly, an aura as heavy as mountains came attacking, and pressed down with the weight of heaven and earth!

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The fifth-grade Supreme Martial Artist on the left raised a hand, and a palm as gigantic as a mountain was formed in the air, clamping down towards the three running like it was killing a mosquito!

The gigantic palm was full of destructive aura .

“Go first” Chu Yang’s body was controlled by the Sword Spirit right now . He pushed the two forward . Rui Butong and Dong Wushang knew that this was no time for politeness, so they bowed their heads and ran at top speed .

The Sword Spirit raised a hand, and an incomplete Nine Tribulations Pill was already in his mouth . His energy was mobilized and with an angry roar, a flash of sword light cut across the sky and went towards that gigantic palm .

An explosive sound was heard!

Sword aura met that gigantic palm, and that fifth-grade Supreme Martial Artist in the distance grumbled, a bit of blood emerged from the corner of his mouth . He muttered, “Such sharp sword aura! With only the clash of aura, it can actually hurt my internal organs!”

And the sword aura had disappeared like ashes after clashing with the full force of the fifth-grade Supreme Martial Artist . Chu Yang’s body flew out like a kite with a loose string, and he lost consciousness almost in mid-air .

Han Xiaoran on his back abruptly spat out a mouthful of blood .

Yet at this moment, the final clear consciousness made him control the blood in his mouth and not spit it out . He swallowed the Nine Tribulations Pill .

Immediately, the Sword Spirit’s consciousness became a void .

Though he fought with full force right now, he wasn’t completely recovered after all . After the clash, even his spirit suffered heavy injuries . Chu Yang’s body descended, rolling, and the effect of the incomplete Nine Tribulations Pill was repairing Chu Yang’s body during the rolling .

And at the moment the Sword Spirit’s consciousness retreated, Chu Yang’s own consciousness took over the body . He worked hard to propel the effect of medicine to flow through his limbs and bones . When he finally reached the ground, he had already recovered . The tip of his foot reached the ground, and the tip of his sword unleashed a long wave of burning brightness . Once again, his body moved as one with the sword, flashing and flying across the night sky like a meteor .

Behind him, the two fifth-grade Supreme Martial Artists made an “eh?” in surprise .

In their eyes, Chu Yang’s body had apparently lost consciousness and strength, and all his cultivation was broken by this earth-shattering force by the palm!

He fell down rolling completely uncontrollably, and once he reached the ground, he was meant to be totally unconscious! This was deduced by the great many experiences that the two fifth-grade Supreme Martial Artists had .

Yet, he didn’t expect that this person who dropped like a dead leaf actually bounced back up the moment he touched the ground, and started moving as one with the sword, which was extremely energy-consuming, at a speed no slower than previously .

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This was really too surprising .

Despite the surprise, the two had to go chasing immediately .

The opponent was carrying someone, and his cultivation was far below their own . He could definitely not run away!

More than one hundred feet behind them, several low-level Supreme Martial Artists were trying hard to catch up . All of them had great anger in their expression and shame and fury in their eyes!

This was too much!

It was really too much .

Such cheating, such scheming, such… There was no way they could even die in peace without killing me .

One fifth-grade Supreme Martial Artist raised his hand, preparing to attack, yet he was stopped by the other rapidly . “Wait! You can’t use that method . I used it just now and was beaten back by his sword aura . Now my internal organs are all injured . If you are also injured, these people may really get away today . ”

This fifth-grade Supreme Martial Artist thought about it, putting down his hand . In the next instant, he stomped his foot abruptly, and his one hand lifted forcefully from the ground!

With a loud rumble, immediately, the land of an area more than one thousand square feet was lifted up, and turned upside down like clouds . His palms clapped, and the whole piece flew up and smashed down at the three who were running .

“F*ck!” Rui Butong glared and cried out in surprise .

For all three, this was the first time they had a fight against people at the level of Supreme Martial Artist . Now that they did, they really felt the powers of a Supreme Martial Artist! The piece of land was lifted up and smashed down .

The three only felt the ground trembling . Above their head, it was all dark .

“Don’t care about it! Just run forward! Once we reach Eagle Beak Cliff, go according to original plans!” Chu Yang roared with a low voice . Carrying Han Xiaoran, he flew close to the ground .

Han Xiaoran grew anxious on his back and said, “Little brother, put us down and you all still have a bit of hope for life . If you keep carrying us, we may all die . ”

“Shut up!” Chu Yang raged . “If we’re to let you down, what did we come for?”

Han Xiaoran sighed long .

Chu Yang was right: if he could be let down, what was the point of them coming to rescue? Couldn’t they just leave him on his own?

But the situation was really dire .

Though they had killed most of the people on the enemy’s side, there was still one first-grade, two second-grade, one third-grade, and two fifth-grade Supreme Martial Artists!

Such ability gave Han Xiaoran a headache even to think about it!

With Chu Yang’s cultivation, how could he bring the three out in light of attack from so many professionals?

The piece of land lifted up above their heads were about to fall down!

Behind them, seven or eight figures came flying, so fast it was like they were riding the clouds . They were already right above the big piece of land .

Chu Yang’s eyeballs turned and he yelled loudly, “Destination: Eagle Beak Cliff! Advance at full speed! At all costs!”

His voice was so loud that it was almost deafening, and apparently hysterical . People from both sides heard it very clearly .

In the middle of the chase, the Supreme Martial Artists showed a bit of cruel smile: Eagle Beak Cliff? Even if you grow wings and really become an eagle, you can’t fly out of here!

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