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Chapter 1197

While the Spirit Beasts were certainly dissatisfied, none of them dared to resist when Zi Xieqing’s imposing aura was still around . Chu Le’er and Mo Qingwu even forcefully dragged out a grand and majestic Black Blood Tiger each and got onto them .

The two Black Blood Tigers weighed a good 250 to 300 kilograms each and were extremely burly and muscular . Just like that, the two little girls rode on one each and swaggered through the city . Err, no, through the Black Blood Forest…

As they continued on, they startled and stunned everyone around so much that all the paths in front of them were actually cleared out for them .

All humans and Spirit Beasts stood respectfully at attention on both sides in the Black Blood Forest . In front, amidst a great flurry of dust, people were constantly clearing the path for them .

It was only then that Chu Yang realized that the tablet which Zi Xieqing had given him was probably very extraordinary .

Only after he grabbed a random black-robed man who was a resident of the Black Blood Forest and asked about it was he informed that the tablet was symbolic of the ruler of the Black Blood Forest . He who held the tablet would be able to command the entire Black Blood Forest!

Chu Yang’s heart trembled .

Zi Xieqing was ultimately still worried about him . She didn’t say a single thing but she had still left him such a robust and powerful force!

From their conversation, he got to know that the people of Black Blood Forest, due to long years of living in darkness, had already gotten used to such conditions . Were they to leave the forest carelessly, their eyes probably would not be able to withstand the conditions outside…

Therefore, in instances where they absolutely had to go out for some reason, they had to wear an eye mask . In addition, the duration that they stayed outside would never exceed two months .

If not, their eyes would be ruined .

After Chu Yang got a grasp of the situation, he bade farewell to the waves of people who came to pay their respects and went deep into the center of the Black Blood Forest . When all the regional masters who were waiting there saw that the one who had come was Chu Yang and not Zi Xieqing, they were rather bewildered . However, Zi Xieqing’s divine sense was not to be doubted .

Chu Yang explained that Zi Xieqing had gone to the Heavens Beyond to settle some things and would return in the near future .

The regional masters were deeply convinced .

Considering Zi Xieqing’s cultivation level, going to the Heavens Beyond to settle some business was indeed very possible . And it would definitely be a success for sure…

At last, they passed through the Black Blood Forest . Everyone doubled their efforts and traveled for a distance before they rode on the snow sleighs again .

They hurried on their journey like that without stopping . With the help of the Wind Fox and the Spirit Beasts to pull the snow sleighs, they were able to travel over 1,000 kilometers a day . However, from the time that they had left the Zhuge Clan to the point where they finally reached the outskirts of Flat Mountain Ridge, close to two months had already passed!

The weather here was slightly colder than the south and the snow had yet to melt . They rode on the snow sleighs and whooshed their way through, reaching the Flat Mountain Ridge as if on a ship .

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The moment Chu Yang entered the Flat Mountain Ridge, someone went back on the double to report the news .

Eldest Young Master was back!

The Chu Clan, which had been quiet for a long time, was filled with joy at once .

Yang Ruolan combined three steps into two and ran out in a hurry . Chu Feiling tried to calm her down and said, “The mother should be waiting patiently in the room for the son to come over to greet her . Why are you so anxious?”

She answered his question with one of her own . “If you’re not anxious too, why are you running out here?”

He replied, “We don’t need to be so particular when it comes to the father . ”

Yang Ruolan snickered . “Oh I forgot, that’s your sworn younger brother too, right…”

Chu Feiling flushed crimson immediately, so embarrassed that he didn’t know what to say .

As the two of them craned their necks in anticipation, a row of snow sleighs came racing toward them from afar . On the first snow sleigh was their son who had been in their thoughts every day and night — Chu Yang!

Yang Ruolan’s heart was bursting with joy but her eyes were welled up with tears instantly . Even her hands were trembling . Chu Feiling wanted to crack a joke to get her to relax but found that his own voice was shaking instead .

Finally, when the snow sleighs reached them, Chu Yang was already flying toward them . He wrapped his arms around his mother . “Mother!”

Yang Ruolan returned her son’s embrace, tears streaming down her cheeks . Her voice trembled as she said, “Yang Yang, my good son… Mother has missed you so much…”

Chu Feiling came up to them, his eyes red as he pretended to chide them . “Look at the two of you, what are you doing? You’re in the vicinity of guests, where are your manners? Alright, stop crying, stop crying . It’s not like you can tie your son to your side when he’s already so big . ”

Yang Ruolan harrumphed and let go of her son . Then, she looked him up and down carefully . “You’re a little darker now, and you’ve lost some weight…”

Chu Yang had a wry smile on his face . To be honest, he had definitely gained weight during this period of time . But to a mother, as long as her son was away, he was definitely having it tough…

“These friends of yours are?” Chu Feiling asked Chu Yang .

Chu Yang gave him a look and said, “Let’s talk inside . ”

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At once, Chu Feiling knew that there were important figures in here . With a stern expression, he answered, “Alright . ”

At this point, Chu Le’er had already come flying toward them like a swallow . She hugged Yang Ruolan . “Eldest Aunt, I’ve recovered . ”

Yang Ruolan was beside herself with joyful surprise . “R… Recovered?”

Chu Le’er nodded heavily . “Yes, and we even found my father while we were out this time . He came back together with us . ”

At this point, Chu Feihan walked down from the snow sleigh . “Big Brother, Big Sister-in-law . ”

Chu Feiling and Yang Ruolan were overcome with elation . Chu Feiling went forward and clasped his hand on his third younger brother’s arm, so agitated that he couldn’t even say a word .

Only then did everyone walk into the courtyard of the Chu Clan . Mo Qingwu stayed at the back, her little face almost touching her chest, shy and embarrassed .

Oh dear, oh dear, we’ve reached Big Brother Chu Yang’s home . We’re gonna see Big Brother Chu Yang’s father and mother soon… I, I, I… This ugly daughter-in-law is going to see her in-laws at last… This is so embarrassing… What should I say? What can I say so that the two elders would like me… I’m so scared…

Chu Xiongcheng and the rest were already waiting for them in the main hall, though Chu Feiyan was not around . He was out escorting and guarding the transport of goods and hadn’t returned yet .

After dismissing all the servants, Chu Yang began his introductions .

The first one he introduced was of course Wu Juecheng . “This elder is the Teacher whom Le’er has just acknowledged…”

Old Master Chu stroked his beard and smiled at him . “This young brother1 has it tough . Le’er is still young, so I’ll have to trouble this young brother to teach her well . ” Chu Xiongcheng was Chu Le’er’s grandfather . To him, addressing Le’er’s Teacher as such was already very ‘courteous toward an educator’ .

Wu Juecheng said passively, “Taking a disciple is my own business and has nothing to do with you . Also, don’t call me ‘young brother’… This term feels very weird to me . ”

Chu Yang suppressed his laughter and said, “Grandpa, this elder is one of the Nine Tribulations from forty thousand years ago . He’s Supremacy Chen Feng’s successor, the Poison Doctor Wu Juecheng!”

With a loud thud, Old Master Chu Xiongcheng fell off his chair . Flabbergasted, he stammered, “This… W-what… did you say?”

“It’s true!” Chu Yang nodded affirmatively .

Old Master Chu Xiongcheng raised his head to look at Wu Juecheng . In that instant, he suddenly felt like he was looking at a great mountain that towered into the sky . His voice shook as he said, “E-elder…”

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Wu Juecheng shook his head . “Sigh, I think it’s better if you just call me ‘young brother’… This is even weirder . ”

Old Master Chu stuttered a little and wiped the sweat off his face .

Oh my god, what has this eldest grandson of mine been doing outside?! Even inviting such a great figure whose name and reputation outright shakes the world to the Chu Clan!

This seriously astounds this old man . Good thing I have no injuries or diseases; if I had heart disease or whatever, I would probably have passed away today…

“Grandpa, Elder Wu is going to stay here on a long-term basis from today onward . ” Chu Yang tossed out a bomb .

Old Master Chu’s limbs immediately started to tremble . “Welcome, welcome . I warmly welcome you…”

Chu Yang almost burst into laughter .

“Let me introduce these two elders to Grandpa . ” Chu Yang went over to Moon Breeze .

Chu Xiongcheng wiped his brows and walked over with a smile . He thought, “Wu Juecheng must be the biggest bomb already . These two shouldn’t be as scary . ” Yue Lingxue’s manners were impeccable . He bowed in greeting with a smile . “I am Yue Lingxue . This is my wife, Feng Yurou . ”

Feng Yurou nodded with a smile .

Old Master Chu hurriedly returned the greeting . “Brother Yue, hurhur, Fen-… Ah?!” Before he finished, he suddenly landed on his bottom on the ground, his image totally destroyed in an instant .

To Chu Xiongcheng and the vast majority of the people on this continent, Moon Breeze’s name was much more well-known than Wu Juecheng . After all, Wu Juecheng was from a time long, long ago and belonged only in legends . There weren’t many who would know of Wu Juecheng now .

However, Moon Breeze was one whose name truly resounded throughout the continent!

The legends and myths about Moon Breeze reverberated like thunder in the Nine Heavens continent!

And now, these two were standing right before him . How could Chu Xiongcheng remain calm?

He panted heavily . “The two Moon Breeze Masters?”

“Please excuse me,” said Yue Lingxue genially .

Old Master Chu swallowed, his breathing difficult .

“Grandpa, the two Moon Breeze elders are going to stay at our home on a long-term basis too,” said Chu Yang promptly .

“Welcome, welcome . I warmly welcome you…” The Old Master’s brain had already become entangled in a knot and was practically unable to process anything anymore . He was pretty much speaking in a robotic manner .

The surprises one after another had made him unable to react .

“Also…” Chu Yang was about to continue his introductions .

“Nice to meet you, Grandpa . ” Mo Qingwu popped out with her little face all red . She bowed in greeting docilely, her voice somewhat shaking . She felt like her body was hot all over, completely unsure of what to say and felt somewhat dizzy .

“Uh… Nice to meet you too . ” Old Master Chu Xiongcheng smiled at Mo Qingwu very amicably and kindly . He quickly calmed his agitated emotions, thinking to himself, “This little girl called me Grandpa the moment she came up to me . Surely she’s not some big-shot too?”

“This is Mo Qingwu . Grandpa, you can just call her Xiaowu . ” Chu Yang said with a smile .

“Yes, yes, Xiaowu… What an adorable name . ” Old Master Chu was smiling .

“Xiaowu is the direct disciple of the two Supremacies Bu Liuqing and Ning Tianya . ” Chu Yang supplemented somewhat mischievously .

“Hissss~~~” The Old Master took in a sharp gasp of air and staggered, his facial features all contorted .

Oh my god… I must be dreaming…

After shaking his head and confirming that he wasn’t, he hurriedly said, “Oh dear, you’re the two Supremacies Ning and Bu’s disciple . How can you call me Grandpa…” Old Master Chu was immensely fearful .

Isn’t that the same as saying I’m even more senior than Ning Tianya and Bu Liuqing? My god, if this gets out, someone is going to die…

Old Master Chu rambled, “…I should call you… Grandaunt… err, what??”

Mo Qingwu blushed and smiled . “It’s only right that I should call you Grandpa . ”

Chu Le’er pouted at the side . “Grandpa, just take it . This little girl’s super ambitious . She wants to marry my Big Brother so much she’s turning mad…”

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