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Chapter 1195

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Chu Yang had always thought that although he could be very righteous and imposing, very open and aboveboard sometimes, he also admitted that whenever he decided to be shameless, there was probably no one who could best him at it!

But upon hearing this sentence of Lan Qingtian's, Chu Yang was suddenly filled with total admiration!

What was the definition of 'shameless'?

This was it!

Damn, compared to Lan Qingtian, I'm totally a polite and modest, selfless and impartial, open and aboveboard awe-inspiring gentleman!

There's no way I can compare to him at all .

If the thickness of the skin on my face were a brick of a corner of the city walls, Lan Qingtian's face would be the invulnerable Great Wall of China .

Coming to request a meeting in the most respectful manner, then immediately becoming hostile once he confirmed the other party's injuries! And even using his granddaughter as an excuse to ask for an explanation…

Chu Yang thought of Wu Juecheng's reaction when he had first seen Chu Le'er; he couldn't help but hold his hand against his forehead and sigh . "O-oh my god…"

Yue Lingxue closed his eyes . "Meixian is dead? How did she die?"

Lan Qingtian flew into a rage . With immense heartache and distress, he said, "Elder Yue! One mustn't be as shameless as you! Dealing her internal injuries, using a sword to pierce through her body to death, and even poisoning her in fear that she would survive!"

Lan Qingtian was teary-eyed . "She was just a frail woman and even deeply devoted to you! After treating her so viciously, to think you're actually denying what you've done!"

He shouted at him with great fury, "Today, even though I, Lan Qingtian, am far from being the match of Master Yue whose name awes and shakes the world, I must seek justice for my granddaughter regardless! Oh, heavens! Open your eyes and take a look, there's actually such a shameless person in this world!"

Even with Feng Yurou and Yue Lingxue's upbringing and self-restraint, they were so furious that they were trembling .

This bastard's skills at reversing truth and lies had already reached a new level!

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"Oh, heavens! Open your eyes and take a look, there's actually such a shameless person in this world!" Suddenly, someone shouted to the skies in grief and indignation . His tone of voice was exactly the same as Lan Qingtian .

Even his voice was practically indistinguishable from the original .

Everyone was stunned for a while . They turned over, only to see Chu Yang thumping his chest and stamping his foot in extreme grief and indignation . He said, "Oh, heavens… This is too shameless… This is simply just too shameless…"

Lan Qingtian's face darkened menacingly immediately . "Chu Yang, what are you trying to say?"

Chu Yang said in a mix of grief and indignation, "Oh, heavens… Think of how our clan had managed to build a friendly relationship with Master Yue only after using a woman to make him harbor guilt toward us so that we could make use of him… But how can our clan let ourselves be at the mercy of someone else? What a joke this is! Yes! He did help us, but so what? Yes! He did take care of us, but so what? Yes! He did put up with and condone us, but so what?"

He shouted with all his might, "He's more powerful than us! Him helping us is what he should be doing! To be unable to see through our deceit is because he's a fool! Being used by us is because he's a dimwit! What's it got to do with me? Now that he's injured, how can I not make use of this great opportunity to vent my frustrations? He helped us but I'm deeply angered instead! Who asked him to help us? That's practically a dog trying to catch mice — poking his nose into other people's business! After I've killed him today, I shall announce to the world that he is not my match and have been killed by me! Therefore, we are stronger than him!"

"Therefore, the emergence of our clan is through our own strength! It has nothing to do with him! I would feel guilty if he's alive but once he's dead, I would feel only joy! Die, die, die… Our clan is the true number oneeee…"

Chu Yang spoke with many tears, "Do you know how terrible I felt all these years when our clan kept getting criticized by others, 'Isn't your clan just relying on Moon Breeze?'? Even though we really are relying on them, you can't just say it out loud like that! We are suffering from so much injustice! So aggrieved! So repressed! And now, the time has finally come! Moon Breeze, you will pay for this!"

He shouted with righteousness, "I want to seek justice for my granddaughter! Even though she doesn't need this justice, this is my excuse! With this excuse, I have a good reason! I am righteous and upright! Even though my true self is a despicable and shameless wolf, my face is one of a saint! Yue Lingxue! Resign yourself to your fate! Wahahaha…"

He burst into raucous and wild laughter .

Everyone was stunned beyond belief!

Lan Qingtian's lips were spasming .

Chu Yang was absolutely right — All these that he had said were exactly what Lan Qingtian had been thinking deep down and unable to say out loud . And now, they had all been exposed as was!

And in a voice and tone which imitated his .

Indistinguishable from the original!

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"Hahahaha… Awesome! This is way too awesome!" Dong Wushang and Rui Butong were slapping their thighs and chortling . This simply felt too fantastic! Boss' performance earlier was seriously too satisfying!

One had to say, when dealing with people like Lan Qingtian, killing him with a punch was too easy a death for him . Since he could disgust people like that, couldn't others disgust him too?

Moon Breeze couldn't do it because of their status but Chu Yang had no reservations whatsoever!

I'm gonna disgust you! What can you do about it?

Even Wu Juecheng and Meng Chaoran laughed . Chu Yang's speech had really exposed the narrow mindset of a small-minded man . It was truly satisfying!

Moon Breeze was originally full of anger and extremely troubled . After hearing the speech, they couldn't help but smile too .

In the far distance behind everyone, there were also people smiling among the Zhuge Clan . They also thought that his speech was practically what they were all thinking and agreed wholeheartedly with indeed .

One should use exactly such a disgusting method when dealing with such a disgusting person!

"You~~~?!" Lan Qingtian finally regained his senses and flew into a huge rage .

"What about me? I'm grossing you out, can't you tell? The clan that's worse than a beast that I was talking about is you, the Lan Clan, can't you tell? How was it? Did it feel good? Are you satisfied?"

Chu Yang very kindly explained it to him, for fear that he didn't get it .

Lan Qingtian was beside himself with fury . With a wave, he commanded, "Take this kid down!" He shouted, "Don't endanger his life . I want him to be so miserable that he can't die even if he wants to! Kid, there are 3,798 kinds of extreme corporal punishment in this world; if I miss out even one on you, you can take it that I was raised by you!"

Chu Yang was furious . "F*ck you! What do you mean you were raised by me? Why would I have a bastard like you? If you were my son, I would have f*cking flung you into the toilet when you were still in liquid form! You, you, you… This is practically slander! Practically spreading rumors! You, you, you…"

Chu Yang acted like he was going to throw up blood from being extremely wronged . "You, you, you… You'd better go back and ask your mother… Ask her if your father is really me! What the f*ck… I've never met anyone who slaps this kind of shit on others… You're also really a f*cking unique one in the Nine Heavens…"

"Wahahaha…" Dong Wushang and Rui Butong were practically sprawled on the ground and laughing so hard that their entire bodies were spasming . Rui Butong called out, "Boss, are you sure he's not a bastard that you spawned many years ago?"

Dong Wushang chided him furiously, "Shut up! Even if he really is, they haven't acknowledged each other by dripping blood… Saying it now is just being irresponsible!"

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. . .

Lan Qingtian's whole body was shaking and his upright and squarish face was twisted . Even his voice had changed . "Take him down! Take him down! Hurry up!"

Two cyan-robed men came out with their swords drawn . Chu Yang said furiously, "All of you know that Elder Feng and Elder Yue are injured and came to take advantage of the situation?"

The two of them didn't reply . They drew nearer and came at him instead .

Chu Yang retreated non-stop . "I'm Lan Qingtian's father! How dare you kill me! How dare you kill me… You bastard that deceives your father and goes against your ancestors… How dare you f*cking kill me…"

The two men's swords became a glinting wall of light . Their faces were livid and they attacked him continuously while pretending not to hear him .

Chu Yang took another step back and drew his sword . "I'm going to retaliate, I'm really going to retaliate…"

The two sneered at him .

With a shake of his sword, Chu Yang shouted, "Dog-Drowning Sword, the first move — Floods From the East!" With a loud swash, great torrential waves seemed to appear in front of everyone suddenly . The frothing waves came surging and crashing in waves and tides without pause .

Those two did not expect Chu Yang's swordsmanship to be this impressive . Both eighth-grade Martial Saints, they joined hands to attack Chu Yang but were actually suppressed by his one move!

Both of them retreated .

Chu Yang shouted, "Dog-Drowning Sword, the second move — Flooding the Dogs!"

His sword shook again and the torrential waves covered both of them .

"Dog-Drowning Sword, the third move — The Waters Pierce the Dogs! Death of the Dogs!"

Within the surging waves, the sword flashed and glinted as it was wielded . Six waves of sword aura shot out one after the other and the shoulders and thighs of the two men were struck at the same time . Their throats also took a hit, blood spraying out .

"Dog-Drowning Sword, the fourth move — Freezing the Dead Dogs!" Chu Yang's sword stabbed into the air . Suddenly, chilly winds howled and blew, their surroundings turning icy and frigid . The temperature around them dropped by several tens of degrees suddenly!

In the direction where Chu Yang's sword pointed, the two men had already turned into ice structures, frozen into a bizarre pose .

Their necks were stretched out and their tongues lolling . Their eyes bulged furiously and their bodies were turned to the side with one leg lifted — just like a urinating dog . The most amazing thing was that long dog tails formed by snow were attached to the buttocks of both men, as well as two long dog ears made out of snow on top of each man's head .

They were actually frozen into place like this!

"Dog-Drowning Sword complete!" Chu Yang retracted his sword and returned it into its sheath . "I request for everyone's comments and criticism!"

Lan Qingtian's countenance was foreboding and sinister . "So you have a thing or two up your sleeve . However, no matter your capabilities, your death is certain today . "

At this point, under the lead of an elderly man in hempen robes, the people from the Zhuge Clan also came up and surrounded them .

"Everyone, move together and kill these few people as soon as possible! In case of future troubles!" Lan Qingtian said viciously, "But leave this Chu Yang for me, I want him alive!"

Thirty to forty men responded with a shout and flew toward them at the same time .

Right at this moment, Yue Lingxue suddenly lifted his arm and flew into the air . With a flash, he created illusions of himself which met head-on the thirty to forty experts who were charging at them . He reached out both arms and with a few resounding thuds, over thirty people were thrown out simultaneously, their heads crushed and brains gushing forth!

The ground was covered in blood and debris!

Yue Lingxue floated in the air, his robes white as snow . He looked impassively at Lan Qingtian and coldly said, "There is truly no more need for the Lan Clan's existence anymore!"

"Huh?!" Lan Qingtian got a huge shock . Dumbstruck, he retreated several steps . "You, you, you… Aren't you gravely injured… You…"

Yue Lingxue drifted in mid-air and over a distance of more than a hundred feet in between, crushed an expert who was about to escape with a palm strike . He shouted, "Who dares leave?!"

Then, he continued lightly, "This is a trap!"

Lan Qingtian felt his body turning cold .

Aside, Chu Yang was gloating . "Yet another clan is going to be eliminated from the Nine Super Clans . This sure feels damn awesome!"An ancient Chinese way of checking blood relations by dripping the related parties' blood into a bowl of water or on human bones

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