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Chapter 1193

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Yue Lingxue was in the middle of self-blaming . Suddenly hearing this earth-shatteringly shocking sentence by Chu Yang, he actually couldn't wrap his mind around it for a moment . He asked, stunned, "…What?"

Feng Yurou actually heard it clearly, and she sat upright immediately and said, "Nine Tribulations Pill? Primordial Violet Vapor of the origins of the world?"

The sleigh was drifting forward as if it was flying . The wind was loud, and Chu Yang's voice was extremely low, just loud enough for the Moon Breeze couple to barely hear it, yet all his words turned to mad thunder in the sky, hitting the two hearts violently .

"Yes, I'm sure two Seniors can also guess from this- I am the Nine Tribulations Sword Master!"

Moon Breeze was completely stunned!

And then, they both fell silent .

Chu Yang secretly admired them, whose calmness and composure were worthy of the level of the ninth supreme level . Should it be any ordinary people, they must have cried out in surprise at this moment, yet Feng Yurou could actually control that cry which was about to come out of her mouth, such that it was only heard by herself .

And then, they even fell silent .

Yue Lingxue said lightly, "Proof!"

Chu Yang said, "I'm just asking how much you can recover with those two things . With a positive answer, I will produce the proof for you!"

Yue Lingxue and Feng Yurou exchanged a look and said, "We are at the top of ninth supreme level . With the Nine Tribulations Pill alone, we can recover 20%! With the origin of heaven and earth also… we can recover 30% to 50%!"

"30% to 50%…" Chu Yang paused . "That means, even if it is only 30%, you can recover to the level of top-level eighth supreme level?"

"No, it's the primary stage of the ninth supreme level!" Feng Yurou said, smiling, "You've far underestimated the ability at top of ninth supreme level!"

Chu Yang felt his whole body relax, and he said, "It should be fine, then . "

With that said, his hand turned and two pills appeared in his hands . He blinked and said, "This is the proof . "

The two held their breaths at the same time .

Chu Yang smiled, handed the pills over and said, "Hurry up, take it and recover your cultivation now . It will take at least one hour . Within the hour, I will protect you both . "

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Moon Breeze exchanged a look, nodded, took the Nine Tribulations Pill and put it in their mouths .

They didn't even say "thank you" .

"Thank you"s were far beyond necessary for moments like this .

All of them were in the same boat; besides, "thank you"s were not something that Moon Breeze was in the habit of saying . Thanks were not to be said but done . To safely escort the party back to the South-East and ensure that nobody got hurt would be better than anything .

Even if one said "thank you" ten thousand times, if he let the person, who was thanked, be killed, the thanks would worth nothing!

This was not the time for politeness, but restoring strengths .

The moment the two swallowed the pills, Chu Yang's hands turned again, and two balls of Primordial Violet Vapor appeared in his hands . Within a split second, he stuffed them into the two's hands, and immediately Primordial Violet Vapor infiltrated like mercury infiltrating the earth .

Moon Breeze felt two hot waves appearing inside their bodies, which rushed up and entangled together . Gradually, they infiltrated into their arms, legs, and all parts of their body, creating a lot of comfort .

The intense pain in the Dantian which felt like their internal organs were being pulled seemed to be completely smoothened by the magical elixirs and Primordial Violet Vapor at this moment .

Simultaneously, both closed their eyes, reached out their hands and pressed their palms against each other .

The Moon Breeze Dual Cultivation Technique immediately started working .

Chu Yang could see clearly that a faint purple gas with pale red light moved from Yue Lingxue's body towards the palms, extending slowly toward Feng Yurou's body . And then, Feng Yurou's jade-like white hands slowly turned red as well . The redness spread into her body with a faint purple gas…

After passing through the right half of the body slowly, Feng Yurou's whole body was enshrouded with a layer of misty red light, and the purple gas disappeared . And a layer of faint red gas covered Yue Lingxue's body .

Immediately, when the red light passed through Feng Yurou's body to her left palm, it had already turned into a ball of whiteness, which was passed to Yue Lingxue's body through her palm . Yet once it reached Yue Lingxue's body, it became white .

Yue Lingxue's body also shifted toward a shiny, crystalline kind of white, which soon spread over his whole body . Then, it was given out from his right hand, and became a very light red color again .

After this cycle was repeated several times, the two bodies shook at the same time . Their mouths opened abruptly, their heads inclined, and they each spat out a purple-black blood clot .

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After that, the speed in which the two shifted between red light and white gas accelerated a lot .

Within the time for drinking a cup of tea, the two faces turned pale, and they spat out more blood clots . The white light and red gas suddenly started turning rapidly, that it looked even dazzling like a marquee .

Gradually, the red light and white gas integrated into each other completely .

And it appeared coagulated and stopped moving . Yet Chu Yang knew that it was not still, but moving too fast that it cheated one's vision!

And the speed in which Moon Breeze circulated their martial power was actually enough to cheat the eyes of him, a seventh-grade Saint of Swords!

This shocked Chu Yang quite a bit .

After fifteen minutes, the sleigh kept moving at high speed, but it had already deviated from its original route to enter a vast unknown forest .

In front, the Wind Fox was leading the way . They rushed over like this all the way . Behind, Rui Butong was eliminating their traces . Within fifteen minutes, they had already moved more than one thousand feet .

The red light on Moon Breeze gradually subsided as well .

Finally, the two opened their eyes at the same time . Their palms separated and they turned to look toward Chu Yang .

Chu Yang was shocked . "It's done?"

Warmth showed in Yue Lingxue's eyes . "Yup . "

"So fast . " Chu Yang was a bit surprised . "And so peacefully!"

Feng Yurou started laughing . "Did you think that healing of injuries can produce some earth-shaking effects?"

Chu Yang laughed .

Yue Lingxue tried to mobilize his cultivation, and said surprisingly, "It's working better than I expected! A full 55% percent is recovered this time! Besides, the life force energy has also shown signs of replenishing . "

Feng Yurou smiled gently and didn't speak .

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Since Yue Lingxue had recovered 55%, with Feng Yurou's body connected to his, her recovery couldn't be any less .

This didn't need to be said .

"So the cultivation of you two is around mid-ninth-grade right now?" asked Chu Yang .

"Upper ninth-grade . " Feng Yurou corrected him once more . She couldn't help but smile, her lips pressing together . Yue Lingxue looked at her, stunned .

"Awesome!" Chu Yang felt completely assured .

With two upper ninth-grade Supreme Martial Artists in the party, and few professionals in the enemy clan, they were pretty much confirmed to be safe .

"But there's still an uncertainty . This time, we've covered up the injuries forcefully . To completely recover the life force energy, it will still take pretty long," said Yue Lingxue seriously . "Under the current situation, if we fight a top ninth supreme level master, the life force energy will be destroyed immediately . "

Feng Yurou smiled gracefully . "But the chance for the Nine Super Clans and law-enforcement officers to produce a top ninth supreme level professional is infinitely close to zero!"

Yue Lingxue smiled . "Indeed . "

Then he turned towards Chu Yang . "Chu Yang, thanks a lot for your trust . "

Chu Yang shook his head . "I had to do it, with life and death on the line . Otherwise, all of us will die together . There's no choice but to trust you . "

"But it's trust after all!" Yue Lingxue said solemnly, "Otherwise, Wu Juecheng is stronger than us, and right now his foundation is somewhat deeper than ours . Why didn't you choose Wu Juecheng?"

Chu Yang smiled bitterly . "You think I'd dare?"

"Yet you dare for us, and that is trust! Trust has nothing to do with life and death . " Yue Lingxue was a straightforward person .

"But, since you two seniors have recovered, we can definitely show the enemy with weakness now . " Chu Yang raised his eyebrows .

Yue Lingxue said deeply, "Then we'll wait and see who's the first one to come chasing… who's so eager for the two of us to die!"

Chu Yang smiled lightly . "If my estimation is not wrong, it is definitely not Zhuge Clan, but probably, Lan Clan . "

Yue Lingxue frowned . "Lan Clan . Why do you think so?"

"People, especially ungrateful ones, usually mean to kill their benefactors first!" said Chu Yang calmly . "He'd not be able to wait to kill his benefactor, the person who he owed, the person who can make him feel guilty . This is human nature! The nature of evil people!"

Feng Yurou and Yue Lingxue both fell silent .

The two felt at the same time, how cold their hearts must feel should the first group to arrive really be from Lan Clan .

Chu Yang smiled and said, "Since Seniors have already recovered, please protect me once and let me recover from my injuries . "

The two agreed immediately .

Only then did Chu Yang pull out the short swords from his shoulders and abdomen . He didn't dare to pull them out earlier because that way his spirit would be spilled and he wouldn't be able to recover for a while to protect Moon Breeze .

Besides, the matter of Moon Breeze's recovery couldn't yet be known by others, so Chu Yang had to endure it .

But now it was alright .

Watching Chu Yang pull three bloody blades out of his body so lightly, relaxed and casual as if it was body hair he was pulling out, the corners of Feng Yurou's mouth twitched .

Yue Lingxue's eyes actually showed approval .

This was what a man was supposed to be like .

Chu Yang took an incomplete-version Nine Tribulations Pill, and then his consciousness went into Nine Tribulations Space . "Sword Spirit, you once said that after retrieving the sword intent, I'd be able to absorb the core powers of that poisonous flood dragon and that Pearl of Heaven and Earth Essence? And Seven Shades Cold Energy etc . ?"

The Sword Spirit laughed and said, "You've got a really good memory . You actually remember something that I had casually mentioned so clearly . "

"Casually mentioned?" Chu Yang glared at him . "What do you mean?"

"Though it was casually mentioned, it was absolutely true!" said the Sword Spirit . "What, are we starting now?"

Chu Yang humphed and said, "If not now, when?"

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