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Chapter 1192

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The green shadow advanced forward . The figure was slim, and it was actually a woman . She looked like she had run at top speed across a very long distance . Her hair was messy and her face was pale .

Seeing that they all stayed where they were without moving, she was finally assured, and actually opened her mouth to spit out blood . The struggles of her journey were apparent .

Feng Yurou was shocked . "Meixian, what are you doing here?"

The person was Lan Meixian from Lan Clan, the master of Tie Butian, also the master of Chu Yang's mother Yang Ruolan and the person who brought Wu Qianqian to the Upper Three Heavens .

"Senior Feng . " Before Lan Meixian could say anything, tears rolled out of her eyes . She suddenly knelt down on the ground and said, "Meixian has come here to confess my sins to two seniors on behalf of my clan!"

Yue Lingxue said indifferently, "There's really no need for confession . After all, we have different goals, and we didn't blame you all . "

Lan Meixian said, "Yet… with this matter, we were in the wrong first . "

Yue Lingxue smiled slightly . "Yet those people have already died . They are completely dead now!"

Lan Meixian looked lost in thoughts that she didn't even realize that Feng Yurou had already helped her stand up .

Yue Lingxue said straightforwardly, "In fact, even without that incident, we are meant to be enemies in the future . I am going to help the Nine Tribulations Sword Master, and you, Lan Clan, are not! What difference does it make for us to forgive you now? In the future, the Nine Tribulations Sword Master will dominate the whole Upper Three Heavens . Is your Lan Clan really going to passively wait to be dealt with?"

Lan Meixian sighed deeply, and more tears poured out of her eyes . She said, "I was only thinking about our old friendship being wasted, how could I have thought so much about the future… Or perhaps, the Nine Tribulations Sword Master will die in the Middle Three Heavens . One can never know . "

Yue Lingxue sneered . "Ridiculous . "

Then he turned back and said indifferently, "You may go back . "

Lan Meixian was stunned . Suddenly, she asked in a trembling voice, "If we become enemies in the future, are you going to kill me?"

Yue Lingxue's eyes flickered, he said, "Yes!"

Lan Meixian laughed tragically . Suddenly, she spat out several more mouthfuls of blood and said, laughing, "Yue Lingxue… you would kill me?"

Yue Lingxue asked calmly, "Why can't I?"

Lan Meixian's expression suddenly became somewhat hysterical . Her body swayed, she fell down and then stood up again . Her body was covered with snow . She said deeply, "For you… I left Lan Clan for three thousand years… For you, I preserved my virginity and cultivated an ice-like heart and jade-like bones; for you, I wasted more than three thousand years of time and youth for nothing…"

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"And now, you are going to kill me?" Lan Mei Xian's voice turned sharper gradually . "Kill me… for some inexplicable Nine Tribulations Sword Master?"

Once she said this, even Feng Yurou was stunned!

Yue Lingxue's expression was unmoved . He said unemotionally, "Back then when you saw me, you've already told me about this . But at that time, I've already been married to Rou-er for nine thousand years!"

"At the time, I've spoken clearly, that it is ordinary in this world for a man to have several wives, and I'm not personally against it, yet Rou-er and me, our hearts are connected as one, made by heaven and earth, there will be no place for anyone else!"

"Should I forcefully marry you, I was afraid that the heart connection would break, and the two of us would become debilitated!"

Yue Lingxue said softly, "So at that time, I found the head of your Lan Clan and asked for the clan to restrain you and take care of your marriage . "

"So, I sympathize with you for the three thousand years you wasted waiting for me, and it is enough to move anyone; it moves me as well, I'm not lying . Yet, I don't actually owe you anything . "

Yue Lingxue sighed . "To say so may be somewhat heartless, yet I speak from my heart! And it is the plain truth: Meixian, I know that you like me, and so does Rou-er, but are you willing to let the hearts of Rou'er and me break, let our cultivation techniques damage us that we become debilitated?"

Lan Meixian spat out even more blood, saying with a sharp, yet soft voice, "No, but so long as you are willing, I am willing . Even if you become debilitated, I am willing to take care of you for a whole lifetime! Why don't you give me this chance?"

Yue Lingxue let out a long sigh and said, "You may go back . "

After that, he spoke no more . He turned and walked towards the sled .

He didn't want to say anything more, because his heart was cold .

Over these years, he had helped Lan Clan so much simply for these innocent feelings of the girl back then . His good relations with Lan Clan were also built since that time, after which he gave them various help and assistance…

Yet Lan Clan schemed against him all the time .

Now, this woman actually said that she would rather have him become a debilitated person, for her to take care of him for a lifetime?

How can you take care of me?

What's more, it was not only he himself who would be debilitated, but also his loved wife, Feng Yurou!

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Yue Lingxue's feelings suddenly turned so bleak that he wanted to laugh .

It was an angry bleakness .

He didn't want to speak anymore .

Seeing that he left, Lan Meixian's eyes were suddenly filled with a desperate madness . She screamed, "Are you really so cruel?"

Yue Lingxue's figure, which had already turned away, wanted very much to say: It's not me who is cruel, but you . "

But he didn't say it after all .

Right at that moment, Lan Meixian suddenly leaped up and screamed with a sharp voice, "Then kill me now!"

Such a move was truly unexpected . Everyone thought at first that this was Yue Lingxue's personal romantic entanglement, and stood far away lest the Moon Breeze couple was embarrassed . Nobody expected that Lan Meixian would actually do such a mad thing at this moment!

In an instant, Lan Meixian had already thrown herself to Yue Lingxue's back and hugged him . Yue Lingxue, with his heavy injuries, actually felt unable to withdraw himself . He only felt the bones all over his body shuddering .

Rui Butong and Dong Wushang moved immediately and pulled Lan Meixian to the side .

Yue Lingxue stumbled two steps and spat out blood . His face was as pale as paper .

Chu Yang was enraged, and yelled, "Kill her!"

Lan Meixian's action was extremely harmful, because with this move, she exposed the fact that Yue Lingxue was really suffering from heavy injuries, making him unable to fight!

Should this news be let out, none at the scene would be spared! This consequence was really too serious!

Dong Wushang and Rui Butong's saber and sword went forward at the same time!

Lan Meixian looked at Yue Lingxue blankly and muttered, "So you're really injured!"

When she was talking, a saber and a sword had already reached her .

Suddenly, a human figure suddenly leaped up from the snowy waves which Lan Meixian arrived with, and rushed over with terrifying speed . With two clashes, his left hand stopped the saber and his right hand stopped the sword . His body shook and he spat out a mouthful of blood . Dong Wushang and Rui Butong fell backward at the same time .

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That person hugged Lan Meixian at the waist and leaped up immediately .

Chu Yang's sword went out without hesitation!

It moved like a long rainbow!

A black hole in the shape of a sword suddenly appeared in the white snow in the air, in just a flash!

That person grumbled, waved a hand and threw out three short swords . Chu Yang didn't avoid them, and they pierced into his right chest, left shoulder and abdomen .

Yet the movement of his sword wasn't disrupted at all . He rushed up fiercely!

With a bang, that person ran at top speed while drawing out a sword to meet Chu Yang's longsword . With a scream of pain, his longsword, together with his arm and shoulder were all smashed into pieces by Chu Yang's sword .

Yet Chu Yang also suffered from the shock, such that blood gushed out of his mouth, as he fell from the sky .

With a long, sharp cry, that person's figure rose like a whirlwind, and the remains of his crippled body were wrapped up in snowy powder in the air . Just as he was about to leave, Mo Lei'er came to his face and her sword went toward him with full force .

The person let out another scream, as his chest and abdomen were hit by the sword . His foot kicked, sending Mo Lei'er flying out, and he ran away quickly .

Suddenly, Wu Juecheng waved his hand and yelled, "Bring something with you . "

The person's figure actually trembled visibly in the air, and then it turned into a torrent of snow!

Chu Yang yelled . The sword spirit immediately possessed Chu Yang's body . As the situation was too urgent just now, before the sword spirit had the time to possess him, Chu Yang already made his first move .

Yet that person moved rapidly even as blood spurt out of him, and he was actually unable to catch up . The sword spirit screamed angrily, and the Nine Tribulations Sword left his hand .

Behind him, heavy snow was falling, blocking everyone's sight .

This move of sword invisibly carried the force of sword intent .

This was the first long-distance attack technique of the Nine Tribulations Sword!

The sounds of wind and thunder roared!

The Nine Tribulations Sword turned into a meteor, flashed and disappeared . It pierced through the chest of that person, through the body of Lan Meixian held in his arms, and flew out into the distance!

A big hole actually appeared at the chest and abdomen of the person . It went from one side of the body to the other . His right shoulder was crushed into powder, which disappeared . His abdomen was injured by Mo Lei'er's sword . His internal organs were injured by the shock from Rui Butong and Dong Wushang . He was also poisoned by Wu Juecheng . Yet, he actually held Lan Meixian's body and went away all the way, disappearing from their sight .

The sword spirit rushed to chase after him . With a wave of his hand, the Nine Tribulations Sword flew back to his hand . He leaped up, and his body rose into the sky for dozens of feet . All around them there was only silence .

They actually disappeared without a trace .

A white shadow flashed, and the Wind Fox only just arrived . Things happened so fast just now that before the Wind Fox wrapped its brain around it, things had already ended .

Everything happened in a mere moment, happening, and then ending immediately .

The sword spirit let the body drop . Chu Yang took over the body, looked at the rest and yelled, "How are you?"

"It's no big deal!" said Yue Lingxue . "Rou'er and I will choose another route, you all hurry up and leave! If not, we will all be wiped out when they catch up!"

"What bullshit!" Chu Yang yelled furiously, "Get on the sleigh quickly and leave immediately!"

With this command, everyone got on the sleigh immediately . Chu Yang let out a clear sigh . The Wind Fox flew back immediately and sat down on the head of the Spiritual Snow Mastiff of the first sleigh . The Spiritual Snow Mastiff started moving with full force, and the sleigh started moving away rapidly like a small boat in the snow .

Rui Butong sitting at the end endured the shock in his chest and abdomen and continuously spread out fundamental power to wipe out all traces behind them .

Nobody spoke . The situation was so tense with imminent peril .

Should the poisonous mist released by Wu Juecheng in the end work, that person and Lan Meixian would have already died . In that case, they would keep running a bit longer at the worst . Yet in case they didn't die, there wouldn't be many among the people on this side who could survive!

Because the other side's greatest concern was already gone!

They had already left Tianji City, and about to be safe really soon . Yet they didn't expect something like this to happen .

They were extremely speechless indeed!

Chu Yang didn't get on the first sleigh, but the sleigh of Feng Yurou and Yue Lingxue . With no time to waste, he lowered his voice and said straightforwardly, "Seniors, if we have the powers of Nine Tribulations Pill and the powers of Primordial Violet Vapor from origins of heaven and earth, how much can you recover?"

Real intentions had to be revealed in the end . When life and death hung in the air, Chu Yang could care no more about exposing his identity in front of Moon Breeze .

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