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Chapter 1191

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"The Heaven Nourishing Jade is gone?" Rui Butong was not concerned about these matters and he also was unaware of the importance of the Heaven Nourishing Jade . Indifferently, he added, "If it's gone, then so be it . "

Chu Yang's face was very serious and gloomy . He said, "Let's bury the people . "

He let out a long sigh . "The people of the Medicine Valley, they have devoted their entire life to the study of medicine . Normally, they appear eccentric and unapproachable . However, their medicines were everywhere in the public . A huge majority of the medicine in the entire continent came from the Medicine Valley . They had done countless good deeds and saved numerous lives in the past ten thousand years… Yet, this moment, they actually suffered such a cruel death . Could it be that good people really would not have a good return?!"

Rui Butong kept silent .

"Let's do it," Chu Yang said reticently .

Together, both of them dug up a huge hole in the ground . They then moved the corpse of the people from Medicine Valley, one by one, into the hole, laid straight and flat on the ground . After that, Chu Yang stood silently as a mark of respect for the dead . He waved his hands and threw some dust and soil into the air .

A while later, numerous tall tombs started to stand in the forest .

A portion of the surrounding trees was removed by Chu Yang, leaving behind a huge ring of trees . The scene was like that of a circle of silent knights, protecting and honoring these group of Medicine Valley Divine Doctors who gave all their energies to the good of the Nine Heavens continent .

Finally, Chu Yang struck the snow-covered ground and dug up a small hill amount of soil . He continuously slapped on the soil . Within a radius of a few hundred feet, all the soil and stones were compressed by Chu Yang's force into a one-feet thick, nine-feet wide and thirty feet tall tombstone .

It was a flat and regularly shaped tombstone . Smooth like a mirror!

Chu Yang thought for a moment and used his finger to write onto the tombstone; expressing his grief and his unhappiness with the current world!

Working hard all my life, practicing my trade to be a god of medicine;

Rather devote my life to the valley, in exchange for perpetual spring in the Nine Heavens .

Who knew about the hardships of nourishing the heaven, no one knew about the unparalleled merits that you have made;

Now that you are dead with injustice not redressed, who shall take pity on the people in this world?

If good people meet bad endings, who would want to be a good person!

If there is justice in this world, please help the 400 souls of Medicine Valley find peace!

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The 400 doctors of Medicine Valley were brutally killed and buried here!

Hatred in the heaven! Injustice in this world!

Chu Yang from the South East pays my respect!

If I ever reach the heaven in this lifetime, I would be sure to ask the gods;

If there is no good ending for good people, why not just eliminate the entire Nine Heavens!

. . .

When the tombstone was erected, a feeling of grief and indignation came up strongly! In this lonely forest, covered with snow all over, it appeared as if the ground of snow had extended to the horizon and up into the Heaven!

Rui Butong actually felt his hair standing on its end .

There seemed to be endless souls with grievances gathering around the tombstone which Chu Yang just erected, angrily questioning the heavens!

Chu Yang stood in silence for a moment, before turning around and taking a huge step forward .

Following his departure, within the forest, the snow from the trees came dropping down . It seemed as if the people of the Medicine Valley were bidding their last farewell to Chu Yang .

Time spent with the people of Medicine Valley was not a lot . Furthermore, these people were rigid and inflexible in their thinking and actions . However, Chu Yang could not deny that these were a bunch of good people . A group of responsible people who were really doing their best for the good of the entire world!

All the traces of evidence had been checked . The culprit was definitely more than one person . Furthermore, the culprit must be an experienced executioner!

To actually not leave any traces of evidence behind!

Even to the extent of not leaving behind any torn cloth, any blood, flesh or hair . Nothing at all .

It was truly spick and span!

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Furthermore, the incident had obviously happened a few days ago .

According to Chu Yang's estimation, the incident happened one or two days after the battle of Mount Xingyun .

Chu Yang came back with a gloomy face and he went straight to the snow sleigh where Yue Lingxue was on . Yue Lingxue asked, "What happened?"

"All those from Medicine Valley, who had participated in the Medicine Banquet, 400 over people, they are all dead!" Chu Yang said with a heavy heart, "All of them died here… and we don't know who did it . "

Yue Lingxue and Feng Yurou both had a shock! Their body shook violently for a moment .

For all these years, the Medicine Valley had been standing tall in the Nine Heavens, not because of their physical strength, but because of the respect that they commanded from the public!

To attack the Medicine Valley, that would be a taboo in the Nine Heavens!

"What kind of person would be so perverse?!" Yue Lingxue was so angry that even his hair stood up and both his eyes almost split apart . He scolded furiously, "To attack the Medicine Valley! Such a scoundrel!"

Chu Yang quietly said, "Now, it has already happened . Furthermore, all the elixirs that the people of Medicine Valley had, they were all gone . Their Heaven Nourishing Jade is most likely stolen as well . "

The Moon Breeze couple was stupefied .

Chu Yang took a deep breath and said, "People of the Medicine Valley had organized the Medicine Banquet, their strength was really great! There were at least over a hundred Supreme Martial Artists! Who could have such power to kill them all?"

Yue Lingxue let out a dejected sigh and said, "The strength of the Medicine Valley is indeed strong . However, there is a point that you did not consider . Did you think that the seizing of power from the Heaven was such an easy task? Every time the Medicine Valley organized the Medicine Banquet, they had to pay a hefty price for it!"

"A hefty price?" Chu Yang asked .

"All the Supreme Martial Artists who took part in the Medicine Banquet or those who directed the heavenly force, they would not be able to recover their strength in the half a year that follows!" Yue Lingxue sighed sadly .

"I see…" Chu Yang muttered, "In this case, the culprit or at least the one who planned the murder must have been someone who had a deep knowledge of the Medicine Banquet . He must have also been really familiar with the strength of the Medicine Valley . "

No wonder Chu Yang felt weird to see all the people of the Medicine Valley die together . Even though they were poisoned, it seemed unlikely for them to all die at the same place… So that was due to the Medicine Banquet, which had actually drained them of their strength to fight back!

"Senior Yue, I'd just like to ask, during that battle with the Dharma Supreme, did he or did he not die?" Chu Yang asked seriously . The moment he mentioned the Dharma Supreme, his eyes became sharp and full of energy .

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"You suspect the Dharma Supreme?" Yue Lingxue said with surprise .

"Am I not allowed to suspect him? Chu Yang asked coldly .

The Moon Breeze couple kept silent for a long while, before finally saying, "Yes, the Dharma Supreme could possibly have done this!"

"So, is he dead or alive?!" Chu Yang asked clearly, word by word .

"I'm unable to confirm this!" Yue Lingxue said frankly, "That time when the Dharma Supreme escaped, Lord Zi Xieqing personally went to chase him down . When Lord Zi came back, she did not mention anything about the Dharma Supreme's life or death . "

Chu Yang frowned .

Based on his understanding of Zi Xieqing, since she had taken action, there was absolutely no chance that she would let the Dharma Supreme off! Therefore, the Dharma Supreme was definitely dead!

However, the matter of the Medicine Valley in front of his eyes, other than the Dharma Supreme, who else could possess such great strength and huge energy?

"The people of the Medicine Valley have accomplished huge merits for the Nine Heavens . Now that they have passed on, regardless of circumstances, we couple must go to their graves to pay our respect!" Yue Lingxue's expression was heavy and solemn . Together with Feng Yurou, they stepped out of the snow sleigh .

Everyone lined up coincidentally to go forward to pay their respect .

When they reached the graves, they saw the tombstone which Chu Yang had erected and everyone's heart shuddered!

They saw that the tombstone was shaped in a long sword and standing tall . The tip of the sword was pointing at the heaven! It seemed as if there were a countless number of loyal souls, complaining about their fate . They were each holding onto the long sword pointing at the heaven, to ask for an explanation!

"If there is no good ending for good people, why not just eliminate the entire Nine Heavens!" Yue Lingxue muttered to himself these two sentences . In his eyes, there was also some confusion at this moment .

Everyone respectfully bowed, paid their respect and bid goodbye to the numerous souls in deep sleep .

All the way until back on the snow sleigh, Yue Lingxue was still a little absentminded and not himself . He let out a long sigh and muttered, "If good people meet bad endings, who would want to be a good person? If there is no good ending for good people, why not just eliminate the entire Nine Heavens… Ai…"

He let out a long sigh and muttered, "Could it be that good people really would not have good endings? Even the Medicine Valley, which had so many doctors, were killed in such a cruel manner… Their entire life, how many lives have they saved? There are no tens of billions, but definitely at least a few hundreds of millions? Now that their corpse was thrown into the wilderness, this place had become a lonely tomb far away from the Medicine Valley! A lot of people did not even manage to have their names onto the tombstone!

"How did we even reach this current state of our society?" Yue Lingxue let out a sigh angrily .

Feng Yurou quietly extended her hands to grab her husband's palm . She said softly, "You are wrong . Who says that good people have no good endings? The best good ending to a good person is the peace of mind . A conscious free of guilt and regret . This is considered a good outcome… Otherwise, should all good people be super rich? I don't think so, right?"

Yue Lingxue continued to sigh .

Feng Yurou added on quietly, "Therefore, although good people may not have the typical good outcome that others may think of, we would still want to continue being good people! Furthermore, with our character and temper, we also cannot become bad people . . "

Yue Lingxue became energetic and said, "You are right, we want to be a good person simply because we want to have a good conscience! Why should we care about others? Otherwise, if bad people rule the world, should we then follow them and do evil? This is really ridiculous!"

At this moment, a few other voices spoke in unison, "Well said!"

The two of them turned their heads to take a look . They saw Chu Yang, Dong Wushang, Wu Juecheng and the others looking at them in admiration .

All along, Wu Juecheng had looked down on the Moon Breeze couple, thinking that they were too pedantic . However, he had now a bit of admiration for the couple . He said, "I am not a good person, but I still admire you couple . This is the first time I have admired you and I will continue to admire . "

Yue Lingxue heaved a long breath and gently smiled . "It's a pity that I'm not the Nine Heavens' Dharma Supreme! Otherwise…"

A thought crossed Chu Yang's mind and he said, "Otherwise, what would happen?"

Yue Lingxue shook his head and laughed . He said indifferently, "Just based on the strength of my own, can I eliminate the world's evil?! Can my righteousness return justice to this world?"

Wu Juecheng said, "However, eventually you would still want to leave this place . "

"If there is really such possibilities, I would rather stay here . " Yue Lingxue looked at his wife . Within their eyes, they seemed to mutually understand each other as they gave a peaceful, gentle smile . "We would rather devote our entire lives to the Nine Heavens . "

Chu Yang was emotionally aroused and he said, "Both of your wishes would definitely be achieved! Hopefully by then, we do not forget our original intentions!"

Yue Lingxue said proudly, "For the past ten thousand years, my original intention has never changed . Do you think it would change in the future? The kind of abrupt change seen in the past Nine Tribulations Sword Master would definitely not happen to me, Yue Lingxue!"

There seemed to be some underlying meaning to his words . However, Wu Juecheng did not get angry this time around . Instead, his face became pale and his heart started to palpitate .

At this moment, in the direction of Tianji City, the snow started to billow and roll towards them . A green figure stirred up a snowstorm as they came over in a wild whirlwind fashion, in the direction of the crowd .

Everyone focused their attention on that figure .

From afar, that person shouted, "Elders Feng and Yue… could you please wait a moment…"

. . . . . .

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