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Chapter 1190

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Chu Yang and Zhuge Yunshan mutually nodded, paid tribute, smiled and bid goodbye to each other .

However, both of them knew that their hatred toward each other was likely unresolvable in this lifetime .

Only fresh blood could cleanse them of their hatred toward each other .

The horses started to hiss as they moved off slowly . Once out of the Tianji City's north gate, they went in the direction which Chu Yang came from, galloping all the way .

With the Zhuge Clan sending them off, Chu Yang and his group left without even looking back .

Only Yue Lingxue and Feng Yurou entered the second horse carriage . They waved their hands at Zhuge Cangqiong and said, "We are unable to get off the carriage to bid goodbye due to the seriousness of our injuries . "

Zhuge Cangqiong hurriedly said that he did not dare to ask for them to come down the carriage .

He thought in his mind, 'Too seriously injured to even get off the carriage? Only the ghost will believe you! Even your prisoner Wu Juecheng had recovered… And you both can't even get off the carriage!'

'But, not getting off the carriage is also good . If you both had gotten off the carriage… Everyone would have the mindset to escape for their lives, then that would be unpleasant . '

Seeing that Chu Yang and the group had almost disappeared from sight, the people of Zhuge Clan all became stern-looking .

"All focus shall be on the reorganization of our clan! To recover our strength!" Zhuge Cangqiong left only this sentence and disappeared from sight .

Zhuge Yunshan let out a long groan and short gasp .

The rest of the clans were all gleaming in their eyes . However, regardless, they could finally relax a little bit . With the departure of the Moon Breeze couple, the people felt as if a huge stone on their heads was finally removed .

With the Moon Breeze couple around, even if they did not take any action, the crowd felt as if a sharp, cold sword was pressing on against their throat and that their brain could be removed at any moment .

Now that they had left, everyone could finally rest assured!

One of them wanted to sound out the clan master's attitude and said, "Clan Master, are we going to just let them go… our… our dozen over Supreme Martial Artists… and their numerous descendants…"

Zhuge Yunshan stared at him coldly and said, "If you are willing, I can appoint you to lead your descendants and pursue them! To kill Yue Lingxue and Feng Yurou! Once you agree, I would give the order right away!"

To pursue and kill Yue Lingxue and Feng Yurou? That man looked down and dare not say anymore . He thought in his mind, 'If that's the case, you might as well sentence me to death . At least I would get to keep my corpse in one piece…'

Zhuge Yunshan said angrily, "Why are you not saying anything now? Aren't you very capable? Why don't you go? I will give the order right away!"

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That man almost wanted to hide his head in his pants . He kept silent all the way .

Zhuge Yunshan let out a heavy snort and said, "Those who only know how to talk big! Such a disgrace!" He brushed his sleeves and left .

. . . . . .

A vast forest, a wide piece of snow-filled land!

Between Heaven and Earth, it was all a scene of silvery white!

The snow had stopped for four to five days . The surface of the snow had partially melted . Below it was soft, and above it was a thin piece of ice . When the horse carriage went over the road surface, it was almost like: Chi Chi… Pu; Chi Chi… Pu…

"Chi Chi" referred to the horse carriage slipping on the ice surface . "Pu" referred to the horse stepping through the water surface . Therefore, the horse carriage staggered and moved unsteadily .

The crowd was speechless!

How could the horse carriage continue to move like this? What's the f**king matter with this guy?

After traveling for just over ten miles, they encountered such a situation . They thought that they might as well abandon the horse carriage and change to take a snow sleigh . Each of the snow sleighs was pulled by fifty Second Grade Spirit Beast Spiritual Snow Mastiff . It was indeed steady and speedy .

The Wind Fox was pulled out by Chu Yang . Its little body was placed steadily between the ears of the Spiritual Snow Mastiff leading the first snow sleigh . The Wind Fox was majestic looking, just like a general leading the troops towards a battle!

The twelve grade Spirit Beast was leading the way, opening up the path . The Spiritual Snow Mastiffs were full of energy and did their job to the best ability, sparing no effort! It was really a magnificent sight .

Along the way, the Wind Fox pointed out the correct directions . Even in the middle of the snow land where everything looked the same, a row of four snow sleighs was traveling in the accurate path and direction . There was absolutely no deviation from the correct path .

Of course, with the abilities of the Spiritual Snow Mastiff, even if it was a snow-filled deep trench or cliff, as long as the Mastiff sped up, they would still be able to pull the snow sleigh across it .

Out of the four snow sleighs, Chu Yang, Mo Qingwu, Wu Qianqian, Meng Chaoran and Ye Chuchen were in the first sleigh . Thereafter, it was the Moon Breeze couple in the second sleigh, followed by Wu Juecheng, Chu Le'er and Chu Feihan in the third sleigh . The last sleigh consisted of Rui Butong, Dong Wushang and Mo Lei'er .

Chu Yang, Mo Qingwu and the Wind Fox formed the frontal line of defense . On the other end, Rui Butong, Dong Wushang and Mo Lei'er formed the rear line of defense .

Ever since they began on the journey, Chu Yang had secretly placed Wu Qianqian into the Nine Tribulations Space . Every day, all his mind and focus were placed into the space . Other than the times for practicing martial arts, Chu Yang would spend time talking to Wu Qianqian .

Every time he saw this stunning beauty in deep sleep, Chu Yang's heart would ache, as if a needle was pierced right through it .

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There were also countless worries and concerns about her, growing in his heart .

Thinking of the words that Wu Qianqian spoke of, Chu Yang became confused and disconcerted .

In his mind, Chu Yang thought, 'I had never thought that I would already have a kid . I have a descendant now…'

'I really want to go down to take a look . But…'

"Senior Yue, how can we go down to the Middle Three Heavens or Lower Three Heavens now?"

"There is no way, other than to wait!"


"Yes, you heard me right . Wait . Wait for the Nine Tribulations Sword Master to open up a path to Heaven . That way, we can then continue on the journey . Otherwise, the only thing that we can do now is to wait!"

. . .

"Sword Spirit, when will the Nine Tribulations Sword Master be able to open up the path to Heaven? To recover the path to all three levels of the Nine Heavens?"

"The sixth fragment of the Nine Tribulations Sword!"

"Is there any other way?"

"Yes, to dream!"

Chu Yang let out a bitter smile . It seemed like he really had to hurry up and find the fifth and sixth fragment of the Nine Tribulations Sword . Time was tight, the earlier the better!

Chu Yang thought that he would definitely fall apart mentally, if his own child were to tell him many years later after growing up, "It's all because of my heartless father!"

. . .

Chu Yang sat on the snow sleigh, with a marten coat on his body . He looked at the path ahead which was originally so familiar, but now covered by snow . He muttered to himself, "Should we meet again beyond the clouds, I pray you'll pick up the falling flowers at the river south… Where's the river south?"

Long ago when he came down towards the South, there were only three of them . Now that he was returning to the North, things had remained the same, but the people had changed .

That time, Zi Xieqing was dressed in white, peerless in her style . Who knew how many heroes had she toppled and because of that, she also invited boundless killings! Now that Chu Yang was returning to the North, Zi Xieqing was already not around beside him .

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However, Chu Yang always felt that she was still around .

Especially when he passed through some places of memories and those places where something significant took place . In every such case, Chu Yang would always feel that Zi Xieqing was standing there in white, looking at this secular world indifferently, looking at this land .

When we first came, there was you, dressed in all white .

Now when we left, you were not around and the entire land was white .

Chu Yang suddenly felt that his mentality had grown old . He could not help but sigh . His eyes seemed a little zoned out, looking at the sky of white snow . His mind drifted away .

Mo Qingwu raised her head out of a thick pile of marten coats . Like a tiny fox sticking up the ear and she asked, "Chu Yang, what are you muttering about?"

The moment she opened her mouth, a breath of thick white mist came out .

Chu Yang smiled and replied, "Nope, it's nothing . "

Mo Qingwu revealed a smile and it seemed like she had realized that Chu Yang was depressed . She removed her own marten coat, with some heavy breathing to fight the cold weather, and quickly unbutton the huge and thick marten coat that Chu Yang was wearing, before she then slipped in and buttoned it up from the inside .

She was now wrapped in the arms of Chu Yang .

Chu Yang finally realized the greatest use of his marten coat . When they were about to set off, Mo Qingwu specially chose a really big and fat marten coat for him . When Chu Yang refused, Mo Qingwu would cry about it . Helplessly, Chu Yang could only put on the coat that was big enough to accommodate someone two and a half times his size .

Now Chu Yang finally understood . This little girl had this plan right from the start! It was exactly for this time, to let her snug in .

In Chu Yang's arms, Mo Qingwu arched her back and said, "This place is still the most comfortable . "

Chu Yang smiled bitterly .

Just like that, they continued to chat idly . Mo Qingwu began to feel sleepy and slowly after a while, she actually fell asleep .

Half a day had gone and they were already four to five hundred miles outside of Tianji City .

Suddenly, the Spiritual Snow Mastiff in front started to bark . Chu Yang was startled . He saw the Wind Fox turn into a stroke of white line and it disappeared into the thick forest on the left side of the front area .

Immediately after, the Wind Fox came right out in a white line and landed in front of Chu Yang with lightning speed . Its two paws moved up and down and it was constantly making sounds, as if it was trying to convey a message .

Chu Yang was startled, could it be that something bad had happened?

Chu Yang put Mo Qingwu down and asked her not to move . With a hand signal, Rui Butong came over very quickly . The two of them moved forward quietly, with the Wind Fox guiding them in front . The rest of them stayed put for now .

Once they entered the forest, Chu Yang saw a huge mess in the deep corners of the forest . Wind Fox used its claws to make a mark at one of the places . Chu Yang, on the other hand, waved his hands and sent the snow on the ground flying . It revealed a hidden corpse below the snow!

Due to the heavy snow, the corpse did not decompose and was still very much lifelike!

Chu Yang took a look and his heart shuddered!

He knew the person! The Fifth Elder of the Medicine Valley! His body had long become rigid, but the eyes were still wide open and filled with fear, as if he had seen something totally out of his imagination!

He actually died with a remaining grievance!

Chu Yang felt heavy in his heart . Rui Butong activated his body energy and struck a palm to send all the accumulated snow within the forest flying and tumbling onto the side .

It revealed the terrible scene hidden below the white snow!

The people of the Medicine Valley!

It was a hundred and seventy over people scattered all over the forest . Further inwards, there were still one or two corpses here and there . Chu Yang and Rui Butong combed through the entire forest and found almost four hundred corpses .

There were saber wounds and sword wounds, punching and kicking wounds… and even those who were hacked to death .

None of them was alive!

Chu Yang let out a long sigh . When he saw the plain and ordinary face of the Medicine Valley's Young Valley Master, Chu Yang suddenly felt very depressed . He had a melancholic urge to yell towards the sky .

During the Medicine Banquet, Chu Yang was unaware of just how many people from the Medicine Valley came . However, Chu Yang strongly believed that these four hundred people were definitely the main body of those who attended the Medicine Banquet .

They left hurriedly after the Medicine Banquet . No one had thought that they would all die here! Furthermore, they died such a terrible death!

Who was it, to have this kind of power? To kill off so many martial arts experts! Who was it, to be so cruel in their methods? To actually murder such a group of people who practiced medicine to help the public!

Suddenly, Chu Yang thought of something . He bent and lean over to touch the corpse of the Young Valley Master . Chu Yang's face changed and he went over to touch the corpse of the other few Elders . Chu Yang's expressions became even more terrible .

Very quickly, Chu Yang gave a check on every corpse and his face took on a really ghastly expression! He retracted his hands and stood up, only to stand there in shock .

"What happened? Big Brother?" Rui Butong asked with a surprised expression . He had never seen Chu Yang's face as ugly as it was now .

"The Heaven Nourishing Jade is gone!" Chu Yang spoke sternly, "The elixir and Heaven Nourishing Jade were all gone! None of it left!"

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