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Chapter 1183

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Seeing Feng and Yue still gazing at him, Zhuge Cangqiong was rather anxious as he said, "Considering the Zhuge Clan's friendly relations with the two elders and how you have taken care of us, why would the Zhuge Clan ever do such an ungrateful thing? As for claiming that I was the one who had personally attacked, that's even more impossible!"

He continued solemnly, "The two elders should understand Zhuge Cangqiong's character! It might be possible if it's about something else but this… I request that the two elders look into this!"

Yue Lingxue slowly shifted his line of vision away from him . He said dispassionately, "If it's not you, then never mind; I'll just look into it elsewhere . However, I must say this first — Should I find out that it was the Zhuge Clan who's responsible for this, then, hurhur…"

"Should that be the case, I am willing to accept any punishment by the Elder!" said Zhuge Cangqiong sternly .

"No, I will not punish all of you . " Yue Lingxue laughed lightly, grief flashing in his eyes . "In our entire lives, my wife and I have only taken this one disciple last year… Hurhur, she is really our treasure! Should it be proven that the Zhuge Clan is responsible, not even a dog or a chicken will be able to leave unscathed!"

Feng Yurou said calmly, "Since you deny it today, when that time comes, do not blame us for being heartless and ignoring our past friendship . "

Zhuge Cangqiong's face flushed, cold sweat almost forming on his forehead . In a soft but resolute voice, he said, "Should the two elders really discover that the Zhuge Clan is responsible…" He gritted his teeth before he said, "You can do whatever needs to be done . We will not utter a single word of complaint!"

Yue Lingxue snorted . "Even if you have complaints at that time… would it be of any use?!"

Zhuge Cangqiong took a deep breath, wanting to say something but ultimately didn't .

"You can go!" Yue Lingxue said dispassionately, "My temper is fairly terrible lately . Because of my injuries, I don't wish to be angered nor do I wish to take up arms . However, make sure that your Zhuge Clan behaves during this period! Do not test my patience!"

He looked over and said in an imposing manner, "As for the battle on Mount Xingyun, I will go through the debts with you eight Super Clans one by one! If the Zhuge Clan wants to avoid that, then give me an appropriate explanation within seven days!"

"If you don't! When we leave Tianji City seven days later, we will only leave after we've annihilated the Zhuge Clan!"

After he finished, Yue Lingxue leaned back against the chair and closed his eyes . "Go!"

Feng Yurou said in a soothing voice, "Don't be angry, you're still wounded… Getting angry will only worsen your condition . "

Yue Lingxue let out a snort .

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"Since that's the case, I'll take my leave," said Zhuge Cangqiong awkwardly . "When I return to the clan, I will surely discuss the matter with the others and give Elder a reasonable explanation . "

Yue Lingxue didn't reply, his eyes remaining shut .

After a moment's hesitation, Zhuge Cangqiong said, "Just that… I heard that I have a great-great-grandson… who was lost here…"

Feng Yurou let out a cold laugh . "Even my disciple has been lost, what is your great-great-grandson in comparison? If you still don't go, I may just have to give you some advice!"

Zhuge Cangqiong suppressed his anger, letting out a forced laugh . "Since that is so, I shall take my leave now . I will pay a visit to the two elders again another day . "

Bowing, he took a couple of steps back . Then, with a flash, he vanished without a trace .

Yue Lingxue's face was grim, not saying a single word .

Only when he had ascertained that Zhuge Cangqiong had already gone far, Yue Lingxue's body finally swayed violently, blood draining from his face in a whoosh . He raised his head, forcing back down a mouthful of blood that he was about to throw up .

"It should be fine now," said Feng Yurou hoarsely, full of heartache .

Though it didn't look like they had exchanged blows when Zhuge Cangqiong was here earlier, Moon Breeze had to use every ounce of their concentration, spirit and energy to handle him . If there had been even the slightest hint that something was off, Zhuge Cangqiong would discover that the two of them were actually on their last breath!

Once this was discovered, no one would be able to stay alive today!

The danger within was seriously indescribable .

Just a short fifteen minutes and Yue Lingxue had already reached a point of complete exhaustion . If not for the fact that he had buried both his feet in the snow and had been secretly absorbing earth energy, he really had no confidence in being able to sustain till now .

Now that Zhuge Cangqiong had been scared off, the moment Feng and Yue relaxed, they were unable to hold on anymore .

But scaring off Zhuge Cangqiong today was the final step! They had eliminated the biggest uncertain factor!

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Otherwise, when they retreated from Tianji City in a few days, the danger that they would face would be much, much larger than what they were currently facing!

Chu Yang's arrogance and forcefulness, coupled with Moon Breeze's calm composure and threat directed at Zhuge Cangqiong, the person highest in the chain of command!

In addition, Moon Breeze deliberately revealing a hint of their serious injuries today was an even more ingenious tactic!

No one, after resisting a siege by almost 800 Supreme Martial Artists, would be unscathed, not even Zi Xieqing!

The biggest reason why Zhuge Cangqiong was tricked today was the feeling that Moon Breeze's injuries had given him — That their injuries were serious but they were definitely capable of fighting!

Zhuge Cangqiong had no confidence in taking down the injured Moon Breeze in one fell swoop here; should either of the two escape, the Zhuge Clan would definitely meet its demise when they make a comeback in the future!

Zhuge Cangqiong couldn't afford to take this risk .

How could a ten thousand years-old foundation be risked just because of a moment's rashness?

Chu Yang, Dong Wushang and the rest walked over . Rui Butong gave them a huge thumbs up . "Elder Yue is ingenious indeed! Scaring off the haughty and arrogant Zhuge Cangqiong without even batting an eyelid!"

Chu Yang snorted and glared at him . "Don't spew rubbish! What do you mean by 'without batting an eyelid'? Elder Yue being able to scare off a ninth-grade Supreme Martial Artist super expert Zhuge Cangqiong today with just one sentence in a situation where he's powerless is because of their ten thousand-odd years of illustrious and awe-inspiring reputation in the Nine Heavens! Do you think that just anyone would be able to scare off Zhuge Cangqiong with just one sentence?"

Rui Butong laughed in embarrassment . "Actually, I feel that if I were to go to the Middle Three Heavens now, I would also be able to change the world with just a stamp of my foot! And also scare off a whole clan with just one sentence… such as Old Second Gu's Gu Clan . I'm also a Supreme Martial Artist now, you know, although only first-grade . "

Dong Wushang laughed aloud . "If you were to f*cking go to the Lower Three Heavens, you'd already be able to scare off a nation! If you go to the estate of a landlord in the Lower Three heavens, you can even scare someone to death! Is there any point in saying this? If you have the time to be talking rubbish here, why don't you go and cultivate instead? If not, shall I spar with you? Actually thinking of scaring off Old Second Gu… You certainly are tired of living . "

Rui Butong flew into a mad rage . He let out a funny squawk and said, "Let's spar then! Your father's cultivation has improved leaps and bounds, do you think I'm still scared of you, Old Fourth Dong!"

"Who did you call yourself 'your father' to?!" Dong Wushang became enraged . He just so happened to have fully recovered today . Brandishing his dark saber, the two of them got into a fight .

Yue Lingxue looked at Chu Yang, Mo Qingwu and the others . "All of you are the ones involved . Just now when Zhuge Cangqiong was here, in your eyes… Is he the one who attacked you the other day?"

Chu Yang thought hard about this .

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He knew that this answer was extremely important .

Moon Breeze might look tranquil right now but they had been forcefully suppressing their emotions . Because of what happened to their disciple, Feng Yurou had been sighing and crying day and night these past few days . The moment they could confirm that it was really Zhuge Cangqiong who was the culprit, once Moon Breeze was fully healed, the Zhuge Clan's demise would be imminent!

"The body shape is different; there's also a difference in the look in their eyes . There are minor differences in the height and girth too . " Chu Yang chose his words very carefully . "As for how the divine sense feels like… there is some similarity but even more of a difference . "

Yue Lingxue's brows furrowed .

What Chu Yang had said was the truth . He hated the Zhuge Clan with a vengeance but to incite Moon Breeze to make a move because of the man in black… It wasn't that Chu Yang couldn't bring himself to do it but that he was still uncertain .

If it really wasn't Zhuge Cangqiong, then didn't that mean that that man in black would get away scot-free for life? And that there would always be a guillotine hanging over them for life?

While venting a moment's frustration would feel good, there would, however, be no end of trouble in the future after that .

The Zhuge Clan was in the open after all, while the man in black was in the dark .

All the others also expressed that they couldn't be sure . Yue Lingxue's brows knitted tighter and tighter while he murmured, "If it's really not Zhuge Cangqiong, then where would such a ninth-grade superior-level Supreme Martial Artist expert come from?"

Right at this moment, Mo Qingwu who had been leaning against Chu Yang the whole time suddenly raised her hand timidly . "Can I say something?"

"Go ahead . " Feng Yurou was very fond of this little miss in red, so she was very affable toward her .

"It's like this — I feel that the person just now is the man in black!" Mo Qingwu pursed her lips and said .

"Oh?" said Feng Yurou . "Where's the evidence?"

"I don't have any!" Mo Qingwu said, "My intuition just says that it's him!"

"Intuition?" Feng Yurou had a wry smile on her face .

While the saying about women's sixth sense was well-known… This little girl wasn't the only woman here, though?

The others didn't have such an intuition yet she did?

She smiled and stroked Mo Qingwu's hair, turning back and taking a seat .

"I'm serious!" Mo Qingwu was rather anxious .

Yue Lingxue had a wry smile on his face . "Qingwu, don't bother with this . Go to the room and visit your Big Sister Qianqian . "

However, a thought crossed Chu Yang's mind .

Although Mo Qingwu was still a child now, she would never joke about such things .

She should know the gravity of the situation!

But to still say what she did, as well as feeling by intuition that it was Zhuge Cangqiong!

Chu Yang suddenly recalled the dreams that Mo Qingwu had, especially that one line which she had uttered during the morning she slept next to him .

That one line engraved in his memory, never to be forgotten for life and all the lifetimes to come .

"Chu Yang, if we have another lifetime, I hope that you'll take a proper look at me . I'm prettier than the sword . "

For Mo Qingwu to be able to dream of something like her past life, was it that odd if her intuition was sharper than most people's? Was that impossible?

Chu Yang pondered about this . Then, he said firmly, "I believe what Qingwu said! The man in black is Zhuge Cangqiong!"

Everyone was stunned for a moment . Mo Qingwu looked at Chu Yang with bright and shiny eyes . At a time when she was being doubted, the person she liked instead affirmed her . At this moment, she practically wanted to dive toward Chu Yang and give him a good kiss .

"A Supreme Martial Artist can change his body's appearance at will, as well as the quality of his divine sense . This is not something out of the ordinary! Therefore, there is no evidence to look for . " Chu Yang continued steadily, "However, when the man in black was here, he had said, 'I am only here to kill Chu Yang today, I don't wish to kill others' . "

He went on calmly, "Why is that?"He uses an arrogant first-person pronoun here that also means 'your father'

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