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Chapter 1181

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Along the way, Chu Yang was shouting and scolding . He was scolding furiously in the dungeon of the Zhuge Clan . Everyone he met, he would go forward to give a tight slap . Each slap would take off at least two teeth from the person . Along the way, numerous people had already been bullied by him .

Towards the end, Zhuge Yunshan might as well helped to open the path for him . Whoever was in their path would be asked to move away before Chu Yang even came close .

They were finally out of the cave and the face of Zhuge Yunshan was as black as the gloomy clouds in the sky . He said, "Chu Yang, you have already rescued your Third Uncle, it's time for you to leave, right?"

"I will definitely leave . " Chu Yang rolled his eyes and smiled coldly . "Even if your Zhuge Clan mobilizes all the beauties in Tianji City to retain me, I would still refuse to stay . "

Zhuge Yunshan was instantly infuriated . He thought, 'You wish! To mobilize all the beauties within Tianji City just for you? Are you even worthy of that?'

"Since that is the case, I will not send you off!" Zhuge Yunshan brushed his sleeves and wanted to leave .

"Wait!" Chu Yang said, "There are still things to be done originally . However, because my Third Uncle requires immediate medical treatment, I will not do them anymore . I ask that you help to pass on a message . "

"What message?" Zhuge Yunshan was getting restless standing here with Chu Yang .

"The Moon Breeze couple has passed on some words for your Clan's Elder Master," Chu Yang said indifferently .

Zhuge Yunshan suddenly became serious looking . "The Moon Breeze couple has words for my Elder Master?"

Chu Yang sneered condescendingly and said directly, "The two seniors said this and you can use the original words to pass it on to your Elder Master: Is that person in black, you? If it is, come and offer your apology! If it's not, come and clarify! You only have one day! If you don't come, we will!"

Zhuge Yunshan's expression changed .

Chu Yang carried Chu Feihan on his back and he asked for a blanket from the Zhuge Clan to wrap around his Third Uncle's body . Then, he finally left, smiling coldly!

A single person, wreaking havoc before returning confidently and at ease!

This haughtiness, this arrogance and this unruliness were really unrestrained and displayed brilliantly!

Looking at the back view of Chu Yang far away, Zhuge Yunshan revealed an expression of deep thoughts .

Chu Yang must have been really confident!

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This was obvious . Otherwise, why would he dare to barge into the Zhuge Clan to demand a person, all alone?

Also, the more arrogant he behaved and the more haughty he behaved, the more obvious it became that… on his side, the fighting power of Moon Breeze couple had no damage at all!

Furthermore, his words came with a hidden threat .

Finally, he even mentioned to let Zhuge Cangqiong apologize or to clarify!

If they were really weakened, would they have done all these?

"Clan Master, this Chu Yang is really too much of a bully! Why don't we just take him down?" a man at the side asked softly . On his face, it was an expression of extreme anger, almost losing control .

"Such a fool!" Zhuge Yunshan said furiously, "Do you know why is he so arrogant? His intention was for us to deal with him! Once we take any actions against him, it would give the Moon Breeze couple a reason to take action against us! Isn't that walking right into his trap then?"

"But, assuming we were to kill him, even if the Moon Breeze couple did take action against us, what good will it do to him?" that man spoke hatefully .

"Hmm?" Zhuge Yunshan took in a deep breath and muttered to himself .

"Could there be a hidden agenda to it? Chu Yang seemed to be in a hurry to get it done . " Zhuge Yunshan began to pace around . "Could it be that the Moon Breeze couple is also leaving… after they get separated, it would be hard to borrow each other's strength again? Could it be this?"

The person by the side was suddenly roused and said, "You are right, this matter is really intriguing . "

He paused for a second and said, "Clan Master, Young Master and the rest have decided that after today's funeral procession, they will go and find Chu Yang the first thing tomorrow morning . "

Zhuge Yunshan was infuriated . "A*shole! As the Clan Master, I have endured such humiliation for the greater good of the clan . Are these a*sholes going to cause the entire Zhuge Clan to be obliterated?"

He started to pace up and down angrily . "Alright, ask the Clan Discipline Hall's member to wait at the gate . Anyone who dares to step outside the gate shall be executed immediately as a warning to the rest!"


Zhuge Yunshan walked towards the Clan's secret base . He was thinking in his mind about the guy in black that Chu Yang had mentioned…

That was really baffling to the mind!

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Elder Master had always been in linen robe, what man in black? Furthermore, the Moon Breeze couple actually requested for the Elder Master to go forward to explain or clarify himself… Zhuge Yunshan felt really depressed in his mind .

Chu Yang carried Chu Feihan on his back and stepped out of the Zhuge Clan's main gate . Just as he was about to move out, he saw a group of people in front, dressed completely in white, walking towards him .

The one leading in front was Diwu Qingrou .

Diwu Qingrou was also shocked to see Chu Yang alone carrying someone on his back and walking out from the Zhuge Clan .

"So, it is Brother Chu," Diwu Qingrou said indifferently .

The crowd behind him displayed extreme hatred on their faces, the moment they saw Chu Yang . After all, five of their clan's Supreme Martial Artists had died in the hands of Chu Yang's people! They were the ones who first dealt with Chu Yang and in the view of Chu Yang's people, they deserved to die . However… they were after half of the fighting strength for Diwu Clan .

"Brother Diwu?" Chu Yang was startled . He smiled and said, "The Diwu Clan has come to offer their condolences?"

"Yes, you are right," Diwu Qingrou smiled and replied, "The five people in our clan have died, so we finished their funeral procession yesterday . Therefore, we came especially today to offer our condolences to the seniors of Zhuge Clan and to send them off . "

There was absolutely no fluctuations in the voice of Diwu Qingrou .

However, it specifically emphasized that 'The five— people in our clan' . Especially the 'Five' word, seemed to have been emphasized a little .

Behind him, all the members of Diwu Clan thought that Diwu Qingrou was going to settle the scores with Chu Yang and seemed ready for a battle . Against the common enemy, all of them began to turn hostile as well .

"Oh? Your clan has five people dead as well?" Chu Yang smiled indifferently and added, "It must be that you have participated in some… conspiracy? And became the collateral damage?"

Diwu Qingrou replied indifferently, "Yes, there was a conspiracy . We didn't have a choice but to participate in it . "

Chu Yang said indifferently, "Yes, you might not have a choice but to participate in it, but during battle, the sabers and swords have no eyes . They do not recognize who belongs to Diwu Clan or who belongs to Zhuge Clan . "

A light flashed in the eyes of Diwu Qingrou . He said, "Based on what Brother Chu said, they all deserved to die?"

Chu Yang smiled gently and replied, "Your family name is Diwu [means Fifth], your clan is ranked fifth . Five of you went for the battle and five of you died . Seems like your clan's people might as well give this word 'Five' a tattoo on your faces . "

Diwu Qingrou gave a cold smile before saying, "Wherever we tattooed it, at the time of death, we will not be able to survive it as well . "

"You are absolutely right . " Chu Yang let out loud laughter and said, "Diwu Clan and this word 'Five' really have fate . A pity, I have no fate with this word 'Five' . Regardless of where you choose to tattoo it or when you choose to do it, I have never seen them before!"

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Diwu Qingrou said indifferently, "Our Diwu Clan's people all have the arrogance of the Diwu Clan! Normally, you would not be able to tell from the outside, you would need to look deeper than just superficial!"

Chu Yang gave an indifferent smile and said, "I will leave Tianji City soon . I shall learn more about the inner beauty of Diwu Clan in the future . "

Following which, he put up his hands and said, "Goodbye . "

Diwu Qingrou replied, "The mountains are high and the rivers are wide . Take care!"

"I have never believed in how high the mountains are nor how wide the rivers are!" Chu Yang let out loud laughter and sped off quickly, as if he were flying, with Chu Feihan on his back .

Looking at the back view of Chu Yang as he left, Diwu Qingrou gave a serious look and his eyes were cold .

The conversation just now could only be truly understood by the two of them! .

The word 'Five' had caused the rift between the two of them .

Diwu Qingrou knew that his scheming this time around had really pissed Chu Yang off .

His own troubles, Chu Yang might have understood; yet, Chu Yang was still pissed off as this time around what he did was really a little overboard .

The last sentence of Chu Yang relayed his intentions clearly . 'I will never trust you again!'

"This man is really crazy!" An Elder behind Diwu Qingrou stared coldly in the direction that Chu Yang had gone in . He said coldly, "I really cannot stand his actions and behavior . "

Diwu Qingrou said indifferently, "All the Eight Great Clans cannot stand him . However, around 400 to 500 Supreme Martial Artists have already been buried dead and yet, Chu Yang is still alive and kicking now . So what if you can't stand him, what can you do about it?"

Brushing his sleeves, he said, "In life, you have to remember one thing . When you cannot stand someone, that person might not be able to stand you as well! If you want to kill someone, always be prepared for that person to come and kill you anytime! Let's go in, the matter of Chu Yang shall come to an end for now . No one shall mention it again!

. . .

Back at the Orchard Palace, Chu Yang thought of the words that Diwu Qingrou said just now and his heart still snorted coldly .

He thought in his mind, 'I'm lucky to have been cautious of you . Otherwise, I would really have been conned badly . '

The moment he stepped in, Chu Le'er, who had been expecting them, came forward quickly to welcome them . Chu Feihan was still in deep sleep, yet to awaken .

Chu Yang carefully placed Chu Feihan on the bed that had been prepared earlier on . He carefully treated each of his injuries . Seeing how terrible his father look from all the torture, Chu Le'er's tears came weeping down .

"Big Brother, what happened to my father?" Although Chu Le'er was tough, she was after all a young girl . She asked as she wiped away her tears .

"It was the Zhuge Clan who did this to him," Chu Yang said seriously, "The one who did that is the one currently imprisoned here!"

"Zhuge Changchang?" the eyes of Chu Le'er instantly exploded with light and she asked anxiously .

"Yes, and it was all because of me . " Chu Yang had no intentions to hide and he explained the entire reason which prompted Zhuge Changchang to torture Chu Feihan .

"How could this be blamed on you, Big Brother?" Chu Le'er said hatefully, "It's all because of Zhuge Changchang this villain! I will definitely not let him off easily . "

Chu Yang nodded his head and said, "Since you said that, then, I will leave Zhuge Changchang for you to deal with . "

Chu Le'er nodded her head forcefully .

Chu Yang stared at Chu Le'er and said, word for word, "Le'er, you need to remember that this world is a survival of the fittest . Getting tortured is not a rare occurrence . If we do not strengthen ourselves, we would encounter similar incidents in the future . We would still get tortured . After all, our strength is still too weak . Do you understand?"

"I understand! Big Brother!" Chu Le'er nodded her head forcefully .

"And, what you have learned are the poison techniques which is also another unique martial art . Therefore, your mentality… needs more practice and honing!" Chu Yang said seriously, "Those who do not deserve it, do not kill them as you wish; however for those who totally deserve it… do not be soft-hearted or benevolent!"

"Yes, Big Brother!" Chu Le'er bit her thin red lips and said, "One cannot stand firmly unless his heart is hardened! Big Brother, this is what you wanted to tell me, right?"

Chu Yang was startled .

His face darkened .

Since when did this little girl learn these words?

Chu Le'er bit her red lips and stared at the white snow on the ground . She said softly, "I will make this Zhuge Changchang very regretful, very regretful for living in this world . "

Her voice was very light . Light like a thin wisp of smoke that dispersed immediately the moment it was spoken .

However, Chu Yang actually shuddered .

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