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Chapter 1180

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Chu Yang carried Chu Feihan up on his back and walked out of the prison cell . He saw that Zhuge Yunshan was blowing his top right now .

"What is going on here?" Zhuge Yunshan had lost all face and respect . As a ten thousand years old big Clan, they actually did this kind of thing . Treating a prisoner this way was definitely not the way to be .

The person had already been captured . What was the point of such cruel torture? Furthermore, he was a relative of Chu Yang . This could have been a bargaining chip in critical junctures . What kind of bargaining chip could it be, after you had tortured him so much? It would only aggravate the situation and do nothing good!

"What happened to the wounds and injuries of Third Master Chu?" Zhuge Yunshan asked furiously .

The prison guards bowed down and their entire body was trembling . The perspiration was dripping drop by drop down their faces . They stammered, not daring to say any words .

"Talk!" Zhuge Yunshan was trembling with anger . One tight slap landed on the prison guard's face and it immediately sent him flying . He turned one round in the air, before landing on the ground .

Chu Yang looked coldly at the scene . Zhuge Yunshan did not seem to be faking it . It looked like he really did not know about this matter . Otherwise, he would never have brought him over here .

However, this could not reduce Chu Yang's hatred towards the Zhuge Clan . Not even a little!

That prison guard crawled up from the ground and fresh blood was bleeding from the corner of his lips . He no longer dared to hide the truth .

"It's… It's Second Young Master…" the prison guard said, as he shivered in fear .

"Zhuge Changchang?" Chu Yang asked, feeling weird .

"Yes, it's him . "

"Why?" Zhuge Yunshan became puzzled . "What kind of hatred is there between Zhuge Changchang and Chu Feihan? To use such cruel torture on him?"

"It's like this… That day, Second Young Master brought the Elder Master's Clan Token over and asked to interrogate someone in the prison . After the interrogation is completed, he asked where the Chu Clan person was at?"

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The prison guard shivered and said, "That time, it was me and Lee Saner on duty . We told him the information and thereafter he took the Clan Token and came here . When he came out, he said, "This kind of jerk, how could we give him such treatment? Come, give him the same torture as that of the Holy Tribe bastard . "

"Why?" Chu Yang asked .

"At that moment, Second Young Master mentioned: Chu Clan, why didn't they stay in the South-East region, but had to come out here? Look at the little bastard of Chu Clan, who dared to snatch the girl whom I had taken a fancy to . He's really tired of living… Thereafter, Second Young Master began to use all sorts of torture techniques… to torture this… Chu Third Master…"

The prison guard continued to shiver in fear and his eyes dared not look up at Zhuge Yunshan .

"Was it because of Wu Qianqian?" Chu Yang felt weird and asked, "The disciple of Moon Breeze Supreme Martial Artist?"

Yes, that's her," the prison guard stammered, "That time, I vaguely heard a name like this . "

Zhuge Yunshan pouted and said, "Because of a woman?!"

Chu Yang nodded his head slowly and his eyes became cold and started to squint . He said indifferently, "Great! What a great Zhuge Clan! What a great Zhuge Changchang!"

No wonder Zhuge Changchang was so familiar with the matters of Chu Feihan . That guy actually did such a thing!

"Zhuge Changchang alone would not be able to complete this matter . You also participated in it, right?" Chu Yang asked, with his cold eyes .

"I deserve death for this . " The prison guard fell to the ground in front of Zhuge Yunshan . His whole body trembled even more vigorously than before .

"Since you know that you deserve death, then you are not yet mad," Chu Yang said indifferently . He took a step forward and ruthlessly stepped on his shoulder, pushing it down forcefully .

A terrible scream echoed through the underground dungeon . The prison guard had his entire left shoulder and arm crushed into pieces totally . Almost like a huge earth re-modeling hammer, smashing up the ground a few hundred times .

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"Stop it! He is my clan member . Even if he has made a mistake, he will be punished by the clan's rules! Since when is it your turn to punish him?" Zhuge Yunshan was furious . "How dare you hurt my clan member in front of me?"

Chu Yang let out laughter before he gave a last kick to the prison guard and sent him knocking into the iron gate . He fell onto the ground, like a piece of rotten meat .

Within the prison cell, the Elder of the Three Star Divine Clan was overjoyed . He shouted out, "Great! That's really satisfying!"

It looked like he had also suffered quite a bit under the hands of this prison guard .

After giving a kick that sent the prison guard flying, Chu Yang turned around and looked at Zhuge Yunshan with some arrogance . He said haughtily, "I shall punish your subordinate right in front of you and what can you do?"

Zhuge Yunshan was furious and panting from the anger . "Good, you are such a good man, Chu Yang . I will remember you for what you did today!"

Chu Yang smiled coldly and said, "I don't need you to remember me! I have already remembered your entire Zhuge Clan! One day, I will definitely take revenge on your entire clan; to collect my blood debt personally!"

Zhuge Yunshan's hair almost all stood up in the air . He replied sharply, "Zhuge Clan shall await your arrival anytime!"

Chu Yang laughed out loudly . He carried Chu Feihan on his back and turned to leave the place .

He pretended not to have heard the words of Zhuge Yunshan . Everyone who saw Chu Yang's arrogance felt irritated .

As Chu Yang walked over, suddenly, an Elder in linen robe appeared in front of him, blocking his path . He asked Zhuge Yunshan, "Clan Master, this person? This felon…"

Chu Yang scolded furiously, "A good dog does not stand in people's way! Scram now!"

Before the Elder could say a word, he already received the scolding from Chu Yang . He was instantly furious . "What a great junior person! You really feel like dying so much?"

Chu Yang took a huge step forward to confront . He smiled coldly and said, "Yes, you are right . Come come come, come kill me! Kill me! Kill me! You don't dare to kill me? If you don't dare, then you are the son of a b*tch!"

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Zhuge Yunshan shouted anxiously behind, "Do not be rash! Stop it!"

In a swift moment, he rushed in front of Chu Yang and anxiously explained, "This is Divine Doctor Chu, he is the ambassador of Supreme Martial Artist Ning and Bu . He is also the son-in-law of Moon Breeze Supreme Martial Artists' disciple… He is here on their orders, to fetch someone . "

The Elder was originally furious and red with anger . His hair was standing up from the anger and he was already about to attack . The moment he heard of Chu Yang's prominent identity, he actually shuddered in fear .

Instantly, he retreated two steps back .

Ambassador of Supreme Martial Artists Ning and Bu, son-in-law of the Moon Breeze Supreme Martial Artists .

With this kind of identity, Chu Yang could easily go rampant in the entire Nine Heavens Continent!

Almost 800 Supreme Martial Artist laid a siege to the Moon Breeze couple and Bu Liuqing . In the end, they were all killed . The Elder was fortunate enough not to participate in the attack . Since this young man came here on orders, if he were to kill him, it would cause huge trouble, regardless of who came to take revenge for him .

The Zhuge Clan lost over 50 Supreme Martial Artists in the previous attack . They were now at their weakest in terms of strength and power . If anyone were to come and make trouble, it might just cause the Clan to be obliterated…

"Umm…" The Elder retreated two steps, but was still glaring fiercely at Chu Yang . This young man's tone of voice was really irritating…

"What? You don't dare to kill me?" Chu Yang walked past the Elder and continued to glare at him constantly . He then smiled coldly and said, "I bet your mother did not give you any guts to kill me! Since you don't dare, aren't you going to scram, what are you still doing here? Waiting for me to give you tips? Or are you addicted to my scoldings already?"

Zhuge Yunshan anxiously perspired cold sweat . It seemed like Chu Yang was driven mad by the injuries of his Third Uncle . He had an urge now to just die here at the prison . He would not give up, without dying here .

There was no problem with Chu Yang dying here in the prison, but he better not implicate the Zhuge Clan into any troubles .

Zhuge Yunshan hurriedly stepped forward and dragged the fuming mad Elder away . Thereafter, he came back to direct Chu Yang out of the prison . He thought in his mind, "My dear grandfather, I beg you to hurry and leave this place…"

Zhuge Yunshan could not take it anymore .

Chu Yang kept scolding as he walked, "Zhuge Clan Master, you tell me if your clan members are degrading themselves? Just like that guy just now, it was originally none of his business . He had to dumbly put himself in front and get scolded . Isn't it so? After scolding, he is also happy and left satisfied… It seemed like him, coming out this time, was merely to get a scolding . If this is not degrading himself, then what is? I really cannot understand this…"

Zhuge Yunshan's face was black all the time, as he led and cleared the path in front for Chu Yang .

Inside, the Elder of the Three Stars Divine Clan could not restrain his smile anymore . This benefactor of his was rather interesting .

Thinking of which, he began to activate his internal energy to uncover the concealed medicine that Chu Yang had hidden within the dried meat, to recover from his injuries . He heard his benefactor shouting, "My name is Chu Yang! I'm Chu Yang! I came to the Zhuge Clan and now I'm gone! How! How! Ha Ha Ha…"

"He is rather an interesting character . " The Holy Tribe Elder smiled in his heart . This young man was not someone who did not expect returns for what he did . The last sentence seemed like it was said on purpose to spike the Zhuge Clan members . In reality, it was more to tell him his identity and for him to escape from the prison quickly, so that he could repay him .

The Holy Tribe Elder could not restrain his urge to smile .

Why would there be such a character in this world?

He was not exactly a gentleman, but also not a villain .

You can rest assured . I will definitely repay you!

During this period of time, the Holy Tribe Elder had already become hopeless . The agreement with Diwu Clan was already invalid . The clan did not fulfill their agreement to release him . Furthermore, Diwu Qingrou also paid a visit to him specially to explain the situation . Their identity was too important to risk it and the security was too tight . Therefore, they were unable to rescue him out of the prison . They could only wait for the right moment and slowly plan for it .

However, when was this 'Wait for the right moment and slowly plan for it' going to happen? Deep in their hearts, everyone knew the answer .

The Holy Tribe Elder had his own cultivation restrained and he could not absorb any nature's energy . There was no hope of him recovering and therefore, how was he supposed to get out?

However, this time around, although he was still not aware of what medicine did the young man Chu Yang hide within the dried meat, he could distinctly feel a difference, the moment he consumed it . His own bone dry Dantian started to gather energy . His cultivation began to recover bit by bit . Following the recovery of his cultivation, the spiritual energy of the universe also began to slowly aggregate together in him…

After some time, he would fully recover . By then, even if there was no external reinforcement, he would be able to escape by himself with an element of surprise! Heard that the Zhuge Clan was at its weakest in strength, after losing over 50 Supreme Martial Artists?

The Holy Tribe Elder thought silently in his mind . He started to activate his internal energy and his entire body began to give out a moon-like glow . Slowly, even those metal chains that had gone through his muscles to restrain him began to corrode away bit by bit…

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