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Chapter 1179

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The path continued to wind and turn a few thousand feet deep, before it suddenly started to brighten up . The rays of light gradually brightened as he sank another-few dozen feet .

The ground was a little dry and there were numerous night pearls hanging on the top of the stone walls, giving out a milky white glow . It was another long stretch of road, before it started to descend .

When it was about halfway through the journey, surging water sound could be heard from the outside . It seemed like there was an underground river nearby? However, although the water source was so near, water did not actually seep through the walls…

This workmanship could be considered superlative .

As the path continued to descend, it was another few thousand feet; Chu Yang suddenly realized that this place had become a weird stone wall, that was extremely hard . He tried to scratch it a little and realized that even with his level of cultivation, he could not scratch it!

It was another few hundred feet of descending, before the ground started to level off and straightened ahead . On both sides, it started to have prison cells .

The people within the cells were all unkempt and their eyes seemed to be fixated on something, such that even when the crowd walked past them from the door, their eyes never moved . It was clear that these people's hearts were already dead and they no longer had any hope .

They walked till the end of the path and Zhuge Yunshan suddenly asked, "The one that was captured just now, that Chu Feihan… Where is he held at?"

One of the prison guards hurriedly replied, "Just in front, in solitary confinement . You would see him after two more turns in front . "

Chu Yang remained expressionless, in his mind, he just gave a cold smile .

Zhuge Yunshan was obviously putting on an act and it was impossible for Chu Yang not to tell .

However hearing such words, Zhuge Yunshan was suddenly startled for a moment, before he replied, "Since when was he held there?"

It seemed like he was feeling awful in his heart .

This Chu Feihan was originally held in the first row prison cells . Since when did he move in? That place… . it was for…

"Someone came here later on with the Clan's token, to transfer him to another cell," the prison guard said with a helpless expression .

Zhuge Yunshan's face twitched a little as he turned around and asked Chu Yang, "Divine Doctor Chu, since you are already here, why not just wait a little while here, while I get someone to fetch him over?"

Chu Yang gave an indifferent smile and said, "Just as the Zhuge Clan's Master said, since we are already here, why not just go in to take a look? It's merely a few more steps . "

Zhuge Yunshan felt bitterness in his mouth . He said, "Alright, that is alright too . "

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He glared angrily at the prison guard, before walking ahead .

Indeed, after another three turns of the path, the security became much tighter . It was obvious that the security and vigilance here was at least ten times higher than in other prison cells . Divine senses were used continuously in this area of the prison .

In front, there were two prison cells, one on the left and one on the right .

Inside the prison cell on the left, there was a person whose entire body was chained up . His scapula, ribs and femur were all locked up with a metal chain passing through them . He was locked up firmly within the prison cell, but he was looking up, glaring at the crowd outside .

Chu Yang's eyes flashed and he saw that this man's forehead actually had a crescent moon symbol .

Could he be the Elder of the Three Stars Divine Clan?

The person that Diwu Qingrou had used earlier on as a bait to trigger the huge battle between all major Clans?

He was actually being held captive here?

This moment, Chu Yang suddenly realized why Zhuge Yunshan had the weird expression on his face just now . He was actually worried about this .

Chu Yang's heart jerked and he thought of his own junior, Tan Tan .

That day, he was talking to 'that Tan Tan', at the mountain top .

"…I was originally the King of the Three Stars Divine Clan…"

Chu Yang became gentler and warmer in his eyes, as he looked at the Elder from Three Star Divine Clan . He was thinking of how he could possibly help out this subordinate of this junior . However, it seemed rather impossible to save him together this time .


"This person looks really pitiful!" Chu Yang said indifferently .

"This man has committed really serious crimes and sins . Therefore, he is locked up here as a warning to the rest," Zhuge Yunshan said, with a face of indignation .

"Oh, I see!" Chu Yang nodded his head and said, "So he is a big devil . "

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Zhuge Yunshan smiled and said, "Yes, you are right . "

"However, even though he is a big devil, this kind of torture seemed to be rather… overboard," Minister Chu said with compassion .

Zhuge Yunshan rolled his eyes .

He thought in his mind sarcastically, 'A battle with your side can easily get over 700 of our Supreme Martial Artists killed and that is not overboard? You really have a compassionate heart . '

"Otherwise, I still have a piece of dried meat here, he can have it . " Chu Yang turned his hands and took out a small piece of venison that was just the size of half a fist .

"This… is not so appropriate, right?" Zhuge Yunshan said . As he spoke, he intentionally or unintentionally took over the piece of dried meat from Chu Yang and examined it . He was right, it was just a normal piece of dried meat .

Nothing out of the normal for it .

However, as a precaution, Zhuge Yunshan instinctively chose to reject the idea .

Chu Yang rolled his eyes and said, "So stingy . " He snatched over the piece of dried meat and threw it into the prison cell .

"You!" Zhuge Yunshan looked at him speechlessly .

"It's just a piece of meat," Chu Yang said as he spread out his hands .

That piece of meat which Chu Yang threw in, it was actually thrown off a little . It brushed onto the person's face and slid onto the metal chain beside and hung lightly on it . The person would be able to eat it as soon as he turned his head .

Naturally, Zhuge Yunshan would not appear too stingy . Since the meat was already thrown in, it would not be nice for him to go in and take it out, right?

Depressingly, he walked ahead .

No one noticed that a faint black smoke filled the air, it drifted into the prison cell and then again drifted out .

The chained up person of the Three Stars Divine Clan felt something and suddenly, his eyes brightened . He looked at Chu Yang with gratitude and turned his head over to eat the piece of dried meat . He chewed for a while before swallowing it . He mumbled a little and said ambiguously, "Thank you for your gift of meat today . If I manage to get out one day, I will be sure to repay you!"

Chu Yang did not bother about him and continued with Zhuge Yunshan to the next prison cell .

The moment he walked over, the man inside was already struggling to get up . He shouted furiously, "Let me out! Let me out! Whatever that you are asking, I totally have no idea . My daughter is still waiting for my lifesaving medicine! Let me out…"

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Chu Yang took a glance inside and suddenly he felt his heart go sour . Immediately, he became furious and turned his head to look at Zhuge Yunshan . He spoke word by word, "Zhuge Clan Master! This is what you said by not making things difficult for him?"

When Zhuge Yunshan saw the scene in front, he too stared blankly with a gaping mouth . He muttered, "What is going on here?"

The person inside was very skinny with his whole body drenched in blood and dirt . His eyes were lifeless . His predicament was the same as the person from Three Stars Divine Clan . His entire body was pierced through and locked up with metal chains . The white color of his bones was somewhat visible and almost half of his hair was ripped off . On his chest, there were three or four burnt scars .

His left leg was in a weird and odd shape at the back of his body . One look and it was clear that the leg was already broken .

However, in the person's face, although it was filled with blood and dirt, Chu Yang could still see the shadows of his own father, Chu Feiling, and his Fourth Uncle Chu Feiyan .

No doubt, this person, was his own Third Uncle, Chu Feihan!

However, he had been subjected to such harm! Such torture!

At this moment, Chu Yang was burning with anger in his heart . He could not wait to kill off everyone in the Zhuge Clan!

"This… I really did not think it would become like this," Zhuge Yunshan said embarrassingly .

After Chu Feihan was captured, he had especially given orders not to overly torture him; he did not expect him to be tortured so badly . Looking at this scene, how was this a 'Not to overly torture him' scene? It was more like 'Do your best to torture him'…

"What is going on here?" Zhuge Yunshan scolded furiously, "Hurry up and let him down!"

Immediately, the prison guards came over and opened the prison gate . Carefully, they unlocked and put Chu Feihan down . Although the movements were small and light, the metal chains embedded within the flesh were slowly removed out . What kind of pain and sensation would that be?

There were several times Chu Feihan passed out from the pain . He regained consciousness again and gritted his teeth hard .

Chu Yang hurried inside and took out some medicine for the injuries . He first applied the medicine on this Third Uncle and cleaned him up once . He then took out a bottle of Spiritual Spring water and fed him to drink it .

Chu Feihan felt like he was dreaming and his body became more relaxed all of a sudden . His pain was also relieved by almost half of it . He looked at Chu Yang, who was attending to his broken leg, and asked, "How may I address you, Young Brother?"

Chu Yang felt sourness in his heart and he replied, "Third Uncle, this is Chu Yang . "

Chu Feihan was startled . "You… You are that… My Big Brother… That…"

Chu Yang nodded his head and said, "Yes, I am . Third Uncle . You are alright now . You can rest assured . "

Chu Feihan smiled happily and said, "This is really great news… Son, your parents really found you, Ha Ha… This is great, this is great, this is great…"

Chu Yang tried hard to hold back the sourness in his heart . However, when he heard Chu Feihan excitedly say, "This is great", his tears almost poured out of his eyes .

He bent down his body and carried Chu Feihan up on his back . He said, "Third Uncle, Le'er is with me now . She is alright . Let us talk more after we get out of here . You should hurry to rest and regain your strength . "

Chu Feihan nodded his head and immediately stared with his eyes wide in disbelief . He said, "Le'er is alright? You are not bluffing me?"

Chu Yang nodded his head fiercely and said, "Yes, she is alright now! I have already cured her illness . "

"All is good… All is good…" Chu Feihan suddenly cried and said, "My daughter has recovered… Ha Ha Ha…"

After a moment of huge laughter, tears followed . Immediately after, he lay down the back of Chu Yang and actually fell asleep . Not before long, he actually started to snore .

A moment again, he was laughing . A moment later, he was already snoring .

Chu Yang's heart felt sour .

Who knew how Chu Feihan had lived his life these years . At Chu Clan, looking at Duan Shuyi was already not easy . Comparatively, Chu Feihan seemed even more miserable than his wife, by a thousand times!

This was because he was a man! He was a husband and also a father!

All these years of pain, for Chu Feihan, was inexplicable . His mind was always tensed up and he never dared to really rest . He feared that any extra moment of rest or shut of the eyes or just a little less hard work, would cause the life of his daughter…

Therefore, he had never really had a good rest . Even within the prison cell of the Zhuge Clan, it was the same .

Now, the moment he heard that his daughter was fine, the tensed up mind for over the past ten years, was suddenly relaxed . Immediately, his body could not take it… he actually fell asleep happily in such a situation!

This was because he could finally sleep!

This was because he had never had such a sound and relaxed sleep for over ten years!

This was because he could finally set his mind at ease .

There was hope for his daughter!

Chu Yang felt sourness in his heart . As he heard the snoring sound of extreme fatigue, tears suddenly welled up in his eyes .

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