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Chapter 1173

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But how many years had Moon Breeze awed the world and moved about unobstructed? Under the accumulated prestige of ten thousand years, their invincible image had already become deeply entrenched in people's minds .

The moment the man in black discovered them approaching, he had fled immediately and didn't even dare to look back, for fear of being detected by Moon Breeze's divine sense and having his identity exposed… After all, he had just killed their disciple…

How would he dare to stay under such circumstances?

Should Moon Breeze be perfectly fine, they would definitely go mad once they know that their disciple was dead! He wasn't even either of their match, much less both?

When Feng and Yue finally reached the gates, they wanted to get off the sled but they discovered that even this was an extremely difficult task, because their bodies were practically frozen . The husband and wife exchanged a wry smile; with no other choice, they could only put on an unbelievably mushy and loving act — After Yue Lingxue got off first, he put on the act of a dashing gentleman, smiling as he reached out and supported Feng Yurou down the sled . She rolled her eyes at him but she still accepted him helping her down .

They looked exactly like a loving young couple…

As sweet as honey .

But both of them knew — Just getting off the snow sled alone had already exhausted the strength that they had built up for a long period . They were simply too frozen throughout, almost falling off the sled flat on their faces .

After they 'calmly' got off the snow sled, they immediately saw a busy Meng Chaoran in the midst of transporting everyone from the courtyard into the room .

Chu Yang was walking to the room, Wu Qianqian in his arms .

"What happened?" Feng Yurou was shocked . "What's wrong with Qianqian?"

Dong Wushang had only just woken up . He insisted on standing without support . When he saw Moon Breeze walking over gracefully, it was the last straw on the camel's back and his temper erupted . He couldn't help but sneer, "The elders certainly have such amazing self-restraint, upbringing and bearing to be able to stay so calm and collected, and elegant and dashing at such a time . As someone of the younger generation, I am filled with such admiration . "

Dong Wushang had never been one to be mindful of taboos . After experiencing such a terrible battle, he was even less so . Seeing the Moon Breeze couple taking such a leisurely attitude, he was filled with rage and started to mock them .

Feng Yurou flushed red while Yue Lingxue chuckled . He replied, "Wushang's words are mistaken . One must know that a man ought to be big-hearted in order to make a name for himself in the world . When facing trials and hardships in the world, it is even more important to hold a calm and passive view and retain a steady state of mind in order to reach the top . If one is rash and easy to aggravate and his cultivation of the mind is not strong, he would inevitably fall prey to his inner demons . "

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Dong Wushang sneered in response, "If one can only become a Supreme Martial Artist by doing that, then what is the worth in becoming one?"

He turned away, limping as he went into the room .

Feng Yurou and Yue Lingxue walked unhurriedly at the back and followed them into the room . As they walked, they said, "It's an unpredictable world; having a serene state of mind is the most important…"

Everyone frowned deeply as they listened, wishing they could punch these two Supreme Martial Artists in their faces .

Once they were in the room, Chu Yang and the rest hurriedly prepared the beds so that the gravely injured could rest but instead, they heard a 'kakakaka…' sound coming from behind them .

Greatly bewildered, they turned around, only to see the Moon Breeze couple, their bodies upon being agitated by the warmth in the room, start to shiver and shake, as if suffering from the chills . Their faces were as rosy as ever but cold sweat formed non-stop on their foreheads and ran down their faces, actually lightening a few trails of rosiness on their cheeks…

Chu Yang got a fright . "What happened to the two of you?"

"You silly little goons!" Yue Lingxue gritted his teeth as he shivered, urging them in a low voice, "Why are you still talking? Close the door! And stop talking!"

Only then did everyone realize that something wasn't quite right . They hastily closed the doors and helped Moon Breeze over to the furnace . Feng Yurou's body was already somewhat on the verge of collapse .

But she hung in there and walked over to Wu Qianqian, placing her fingers upon her wrist to feel her pulse . Her countenance changed drastically at once, almost collapsing to the ground . "Qianqian, she…"

"It's alright, she won't die . " Although Chu Yang felt just as terrible inside, he very sharply realized that something was amiss . With Feng Yurou's Supreme Martial Artist cultivation, even if she was grieving, how would she lose self-control like this?

And to actually be so weak right now…

Chu Yang immediately sensed the abnormality of the situation . He hurriedly consoled her . "I've already let her consume the Heaven Nourishing Jade . It can ensure that her soul of origin does not dissipate . We'll make the most of our time and look for medicine for her and she'll be fine . "

Feng Yurou's expression cleared up slightly . "I see . "

But her heart couldn't be at ease after all and she checked her disciple's body . Seeing that Wu Qianqian's body remained supple to the touch and retained warmth despite not having a pulse, breathing or heartbeat, and that her face looked like she was fast asleep, she finally set her heart at ease a little .

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The moment she did, she almost fell .

Chu Yang grabbed and supported her hastily, helping her over to the furnace to take a seat .

"Meng Chaoran . " Yue Lingxue controlled his voice, maintaining a leisurely feel in it . "There's another person outside on the snow sled; it's Wu Juecheng . Bring him in carefully . Wu Juecheng's spine is already shattered so he can't move . Be careful when shifting him; don't carry this descendant of Chen Feng back in pieces . "

Meng Chaoran agreed and quickly walked out of the room .

Dong Wushang and the others couldn't help but want to laugh .

Yue Lingxue was actually still in the mood to joke about now?

Yue Lingxue took a deep breath, giving everyone a sharp look . Everyone then understood immediately — He was absolutely not joking around right now; Yue Lingxue was deliberately adopting a casual attitude to guard against the potential enemies in the dark!

They really couldn't afford any more hiccups right now . Everyone was already in such bad shape . Moreover, they were in the Zhuge Clan's home turf; should they launch just a probing attack on them, they would also be able to wipe all of them out without even breaking a sweat!

However, as everyone's spirits lifted, they were also taken aback . Because of what Yue Lingxue had said — Wu Juecheng! The descendant of Chen Feng!

What kind of person was Wu Juecheng? He was a long-time legend of the Nine Heavens continent! And he was here now like a captive?

At this point, Meng Chaoran carried Wu Juecheng in . This descendant of Chen Feng had already become an ice popsicle at this point . If not for the fact that he still had his last breath, he was practically a frozen corpse . Just the short journey of being carried in alone, he had already passed out and come to quite a few times .

Even Chu Yang frowned deeply upon seeing such a degree of injury and weakness .

However, Yue Lingxue indicated to everyone not to speak, so they could only stay silent .

Yue Lingxue continued to sit for a while before he said calmly, "The ones in the dark, why aren't you leaving? Do you need me to personally chase you out?" His voice was slightly high but it was very calm, the air of haughtiness the same as ever, awe-inspiring and domineering!

He didn't speak anymore after saying that .

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After another couple of minutes, Yue Lingxue suddenly let out a cold laugh . He said emotionlessly, "Still not leaving, the ones in the dark? Don't blame me for not giving the Zhuge Clan face!"

After waiting for another short while, Yue Lingxue finally let out a breath of air . "It should be alright now . "

Only now did Chu Yang dare to open his mouth . "Elder Yue?"

"I know what you want to ask . " Yue Lingxue waved him off, weary beyond belief as he panted . "Let me catch my breath first…" As he spoke, his body started to shake . The more he shivered, the worse it got . He only stopped shivering a couple of minutes later .

After downing four bowls of ginseng tea in succession, Yue Lingxue finally said, "Listen to me… We have won an overwhelming victory in the great battle of Slaying of the Tao! The Dharma Supreme has gone missing after being pursued by Lady Zi . She didn't inform us of his whereabouts even after coming back, but I surmise that with Lady Zi's cultivation and her personally going after him, the Dharma Supreme is more likely to be in bad shape than not . Even if he managed to keep his life, it would also be a dying struggle… so he's not a threat for the time being . As for the eight Super Clans, the eight second grandmasters — Ye Di, Xiao Se, Lan Muxue, Shi Jing and Ye Qingchou etc — have all died! None of the 769 Supreme Martial Artists of the eight Super Clans and the law-enforcement ward survived!"

This piece of news exploded among them like a bomb .

The atmosphere in the room became fervent immediately .

Everyone widened their eyes and held their breath as they listened with shining eyes . Zi Xieqing and the others had actually created such a magnificent and unbelievable outcome! Pitting only a few against a crowd and actually annihilating all of them…

From olden times to now, such a splendid battle outcome had only happened just this once!

"As for us, you can already see that my wife and I are gravely injured . We've hurt our life force origin, so for half a year to a year, we probably won't be able to use our internal energy or participate in battles," explained Yue Lingxue concisely .

This was a revelation to everyone . They were aghast and shocked — Even with Moon Breeze's cultivation, they had suffered such grave injuries . Just how horrifying had the battle been? And how were the others?

Dong Wushang's face was bright red . He jumped to his feet and said, "Elder Yue, I was wrong! I said the wrong things!" As he spoke, he slapped himself three times across the face .

"Good! Daring to take responsibility for your own words is the sign of a real man . " Yue Lingxue smiled with approval . "These few slaps are certainly well-deserved . They were very resounding so I won't blame you anymore . "

Everyone laughed .

However, what Chu Yang was concerned about was something else . "What about the others?"

"Lady Zi ripped open the dimension and flew to the vast unknown world . She has left the Nine Heavens continent and gone off to roam about the world," replied Yue Lingxue unhurriedly with an air of admiration and respect .

Chu Yang responded with a soft 'oh', a sense of disappointment and sadness in his heart .

She had left in the end after all .

"Before Lady Zi left, she asked me to relay this to everyone —'Take care'!" Yue Lingxue went on, "She also left behind two sentences . "

"What sentences?" asked everyone .

"'Should we meet again beyond the clouds, I pray you'll pick up the falling flowers at the river south'!" Yue Lingxue said dispassionately . When he spoke, he glanced at Chu Yang, intentionally or otherwise .

Chu Yang's eyes brightened .

"Bu Liuqing, Brother Bu, has attained the level of sinking the heavens and breaking through the void in the last battle . He has already passed the heavenly punishment and gone to the Heavens Beyond, the world beyond the Nine Heavens . "

Yue Lingxue also told them Bu Liuqing's whereabouts . There was respect and envy in his words .

Beside the furnace, Feng Yurou sighed softly .

Everyone else also breathed a sigh of relief .

That's great, Bu Liuqing was still alive .

The third person to be immortalized as a legend in the Nine Heavens continent, and the first to successfully sink the heavens and break through the void after Chen Feng and Liu Yun — Bu Liuqing!

Yue Lingxue looked at Chu Yang and said, "Lady Zi asked us to bring Wu Juecheng back and hand him to you to treat his injuries . "

Chu Yang's heart warmed and he said, "I will do my best to treat him!"

He knew that Zi Xieqing had remembered what he had asked her to do . After displaying her true power, she had to leave immediately and couldn't come back in time . Therefore, she could only ask the Moon Breeze couple to bring Wu Juecheng back .

After Yue Lingxue finished, he kept silent for a moment before he asked, "What happened here? How did Qianqian get hurt?"

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