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Chapter 1169

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Rui Butong's sharp teeth bit into the man's calf while his eyes shot over anxiously in Chu Yang's direction .

The look in his eyes was plain to all —'Boss! Go!'

Blood splattered everywhere as sharp teeth sank into flesh . Even the black-robed man couldn't help but let out a muffled grunt and cursed, "Damn!"

His left leg kicked out with force and with a bam, blood sprayed from Rui Butong's mouth . Both arms of his were broken, his entire skeletal frame splintering inch by inch . His limp body rose several thousand feet into the air before it started to fall back down .

The black-robed man was ultimately held back by him for a short while . As Rui Butong's body fell, fury flared in the man's eyes . He seemed to have been truly enraged, his eyes sweeping here and there as he searched for Chu Yang . "Chu Yang, the one I want to kill is only you! Do not let your good brothers die because of you! How can you bear it in your heart to do so!"

Indeed, what he said was the truth .

Watching the blood of his brothers spill because of him, Chu Yang felt as if a knife was stabbed through his heart .

Just like what the black-robed man had said, the one he wanted to kill was him alone!

He had to leave this place as soon as possible!

And lure him away!

If he didn't care for his life, his brothers would eventually be saved one way or another .

Although what the man had said were words of provocation, it reached deep into Chu Yang's heart .

Chu Yang let out a thunderous roar, riding on his sword and flying out as swift as lightning!

Two palms struck out viciously at Chu Yang!

A black shadow flashed and came behind Chu Yang like a flash of lightning . There was a cruel look in the black-robed man's eyes as he stared at Chu Yang's back with the eyes of a vulture, and he raised his palms with great momentum!

As he did so, a black aura actually manifested at the sides of his palms, as though a couple of empty holes had been ripped in the air .

Then, he struck out like lightning!

Two distinct black tunnels appeared in mid-air from the ferocious wind impact of these two palm strikes! Spanning across the sky of swirling white snow, they looked as though the path to the netherworld .

The man in black struck out with all his might!

Determined to kill Chu Yang in one hit!

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A sound rang out; it was Dong Wushang hurling out the remaining half of the dark saber in his hand with all his strength! Ever since the saber had been forged, it had never once left him . He cherished it as though it was his life; all the damage it had received in the past had never diminished his love toward it one bit .

This was the first time the saber had ever left his hand!

After hurling the saber out, Dong Wushang threw up blood and collapsed to the ground .

Earlier, he was the one who had charged the fiercest and posed the biggest threat to the man in black . Thus, his injuries were also the most serious . After hurling out the saber, he lost consciousness .

The dark saber hummed as it whizzed past the man's wrist .

Snorting, the black-robed man retracted the palm he was hitting toward Chu Yang and intercepted the dark saber instead . With a resounding clang, the half segment of dark saber broke into two once more .

"'Moment Between Life and Death'!" A sharp cry resounded and a crimson shadow flashed . Mo Qingwu gritted her teeth and with no regard for her life whatsoever, activated the movement technique that Bu Liuqing had taken the most pride in in his whole life . It was also the fastest movement technique as it transformed the power of life and death into speed . She came rushing toward them with everything she had!

In this instant, Mo Qingwu had completely turned into a stream of light!

The Qingwu Dream Saber was catalyzed to its limit, projecting a circle of rainbow at the edge of the saber, as if Mo Qingwu's life force rapidly burning!

The speed of 'Moment Between Life and Death' had completely made up for the difference in speed between her and a Supreme Martial Artist . Taking advantage of that one instant of recoil the man in black had from receiving Dong Wushang's dark saber, she came speeding toward him!

Slashing at him with her saber!

'Sword of Supremacy'!

Ning Tianya's secret technique!

With a flip of his palm, the man in black struck the saber . The saber trembled and Mo Qingwu spat out an arrow of blood . However, the saber in her hand didn't stop moving, lifting and landing once more .

With a frown, the man in black struck the edge of Mo Qingwu's saber again . It was apparent that no matter toward Mo Qingwu or Chu Le'er, he did not use his full power . He still had reservations about Ning Tianya and Zi Xieqing!

With a loud gurgle, Mo Qingwu only managed to utter "Chu…" before she lost consciousness in mid-air, her body falling backward .

At this point, Chu Yang was already 70 feet away .

The man in black snorted . "Do you think you can get away?"

He sprung into the air and with just one big step, he was already in front of Chu Yang, his palm hitting out with tremendous force!

The Sword Spirit wielded the Nine Tribulations Sword while the opponent struck out with his palm .

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The Sword Spirit hit out with both his palms!

The man in black snorted, meeting his palms with his own! The four palms clashed with a bam and Chu Yang's body, which was in the Sword Spirit's control, fell backward, both his wrists broken! His chest felt terrible, as though it was burning up inside, and his vision became somewhat blurry . Just one hit and he had already suffered serious internal injuries!

The opponent did not let up one bit, remaining hot on his heels like his shadow . Murderous intent and approval flashed in his eyes as both of his palms struck out at Chu Yang once more with the momentum of a great ax rendering a mountain in half!

Chu Yang, whose body was controlled by the Sword Spirit, also couldn't help but sigh in lamentation . The enemy's strength was simply incomparable; they had truly reached their wits' end at this moment…

Right at this moment, Wu Qianqian let out a loud cry . There was no knowing where she had actually gotten the strength from as she shot forward with the speed of a phantom!

The speed that Wu Qianqian displayed at this moment was something beyond a human's capabilities!

Even latent potential had no chance of reaching such an insane level!

Yet Wu Qianqian managed to do it .

There was only Chu Yang's crisis in her eyes and nothing else at all . At this moment, she actually defied reason and displayed this kind of speed that absolutely shouldn't exist in the Nine Heavens!

With just a whoosh, she was already right in front of Chu Yang .

Using her own chest, she received the black-robed man's palm strikes! Wu Qianqian's eyes were very serene .

In the Lower Three Heavens, I had wanted to die for you .

But you didn't let me .

You stopped me .

Today, let me die for you .

Even if you must die, let me fend off what I can for you first!

"No!" Chu Yang cried out!

Both of the man's palms had already landed solidly on Wu Qianqian's chest!

He realized something amiss; the person in front of him had become a stunning young beauty . This moment, she had the aura of one who was fully prepared to die . She was oddly serene, her eyes calm and tranquil as she used her frail chest to receive his palms that could split mountains and cut rocks .

Unexpectedly, he tried to retract his power as much as he could .

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He finally remembered — this was Yue Lingxue and Feng Yurou's disciple . Moon Breeze's deaths hadn't been confirmed yet; killing their disciple now was a little too soon .

However, a sense of absent-mindedness flashed across his heart .

As though he had been reminded of that life and death crisis ten thousand years ago… His beloved wife, with an air of resolution, similarly used her own body to receive the enemy's sword…

He recalled that brilliant flower of blood that had blossomed in the green hills and blue waters…

That was why he had retracted his palms .

However, the overwhelming power of his palms had, after all, landed solidly on Wu Qianqian's chest!

A snapping sound echoed .

Wu Qianqian's chest suddenly collapsed inward .

Yet she didn't back down, maintaining her forward stance and pressing on toward the man in black .

Her hand swung to the back and pushed Chu Yang out with great force .

Such that Chu Yang's body, which was already being pushed back, went backward with even greater speed .

The man in black stared at the resolute and calm eyes of the young lady in front of him and he sighed long and deep in his heart . He sprung higher into the air and ascended by 100 feet, avoiding Wu Qianqian's dive toward him .

Wu Qianqian's body went past his feet as it dived forward…

Blood gushed out of her mouth . She wanted to turn back, to see for herself whether her sacrifice had allowed her loved one to escape but she couldn't, her consciousness already fading .

Though the black-robed man had retracted most of the power in his palms!

He possessed, after all, the solid cultivation of a ninth-grade Supreme Martial Artist! His palms having landed on Wu Qianqian, even though a large bulk of it had been retracted, it was still not something that the fifth-grade Martial Saint Wu Qianqian could withstand!

Wu Qianqian's internal organs were all shattered; the bones of her chest and back were completely broken; her Dantian and meridians were also in a state where recovery was impossible, as if they had completely exploded!

Wounds of absolute mortality!

The man in black ascended into the skies . Just as he was about to chase after Chu Yang, his eyes focused on a certain area . Then, with a whoosh, he rose further into the sky and spun around, his form disappearing into the thick and heavy blizzard .

And he left just like that .

Outside the Orchard Palace, on the roads far away, two white shadows were seated atop a snow sled as they approached in the swirling snow . Both of them were dressed in robes of snowy white, their faces rosy as they sat on the sled . They looked to be chatting happily but the distance was too great and one couldn't really be sure .

However, the attitudes of these two were very relaxed and leisurely .

On the snow sled behind them was also a person in black robes . He was laying down, as if… war spoils?

Precisely because the black-robed man in the air had spotted this man and woman rushing over, he made a prompt decision on the spot to retreat at once!

Otherwise, once they realized what was happening here, even if the distance was this great, he definitely wouldn't be able to leave .

Therefore, the man in black made a quick decision and abandoned the pursuit against Chu Yang, fleeing at once!

Because these two were exactly Feng Yurou and Yue Lingxue .

Moon Breeze's appearance here, and safe and sound from the looks of it, was indicative of the failure of the battle of Slaying of the Tao!

Chu Yang could still be killed in the future . However, should he lose his life here, everything would be over .

The man in black vanished with a whoosh .

At this point, Mo Qingwu's form finally landed, just nice colliding with Meng Chaoran who was flying toward them . Meng Chaoran tossed his sword aside and caught hold of Mo Qingwu, and both of them tumbled onto the ground .

Wu Qianqian's body fell powerlessly, as though a broken ragdoll . Mo Lei'er flew over with all her might to catch her . A snap rang out; the violent impact had caused both of Mo Lei'er's arms to break . Both of them landed on the ground at the same time…

Wu Qianqian's body tumbled out of Mo Lei'er's arms, rolling a couple of times on the snow ground before it came to a stop . Her head of silky hair was in a mess, covering her face .

"Qianqian! Qingwu!"

Chu Yang landed on the ground with a boom before he jumped up, as if he had gone mad .

"Qingwu is fine, take a look at Qianqian first!" Meng Chaoran said anxiously .

Chu Yang let out a thundering shout . The corners of his mouth were covered in blood . Both his arms were still broken but he came over in a mad rush just like that . In this instant, both his eyes were already red .

He rushed over to Wu Qianqian, reaching out to hold her . The moment he touched her, a jolt of extreme pain came from his wrists . Chu Yang's brows were drawn tightly together as he gritted his teeth and helped Wu Qianqian up, letting her body lean against his own .

He fished out two incomplete versions of the Nine Tribulations Pill with his broken hand and pushed one into Wu Qianqian's mouth before taking one himself . He watched Wu Qianqian's reaction in a panic .

Emitting a weak moan, Wu Qianqian tried desperately to hang in there as she opened her eyes . When she saw Chu Yang, joy and relief flashed in her eyes .

The Nine Tribulations Pill had retained her last breath of internal energy, but it couldn't repair her shattered internal organs .

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