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Chapter 1166

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Ye Se almost fainted .

This fellow in front of him who was so detestable and had a face full of vulgarness was Rui Butong! To think he came back to life again at such a critical moment!

Ye Se glared at Rui Butong as though he wanted to eat him alive .

Out of the 500 men who had come, only four ninth-grade Martial Saints and himself, the team leader, remained . Adding Zhuge Changchang, Yè Mengse and Ye Shiyu to the count, they had no more than just eight people now!

On the other hand, not even a single person on the other side had died till now!

And now, this guy had reappeared and was bouncing up and down in front of him yet again .

Ye Se was so enraged that he almost wanted to die!

Opposite him, Rui Butong was still bouncing up and down, mocking and taunting him relentlessly . "Ye Se, your father is right here, why aren't you calling me Daddy? What an unfilial son you are! Quick, call me Daddy! Call me, call me…"

With a loud clack, Ye Se bit down on his teeth so forcefully that he broke a tooth with sheer force!

Enough was enough; if even this could be tolerated, what in the world couldn't?!

But he had indeed said these words with his own mouth . There was nothing he could do even if someone had a handle on him now .

Chu Yang burst into laughter . "Congratulations on gaining a third-grade Supreme Martial Artist godson, Butong! Hahaha… This is truly a joyous affair!"

With a thundering roar, Ye Se charged toward Rui Butong . He hit out a palm strike at Rui Butong, who let out a big laugh and returned a palm strike of his own, neither dodging nor ducking!

The wind impact of his palm strike was accompanied by hot air!

With a bam, the two palm strikes connected in mid-air . Rui Butong let out a muffled grunt, his body rolling out like a ball . He tumbled and rolled for almost a full 200 feet, throwing up blood non-stop . Yet he raised his head on the ground and said, "Is this how you hit your own father? You unfilial son! To think you're so unfilial, going against the teachings of your ancestry…"

Ye Se roared in rage, charging toward him once more .

Right at this moment, Chu Yang and Dong Wushang exchanged a look . Both of them soaring into the air, the Saint of Swords and Saber Saint activated the 'Form and Sword As One' and 'Form and Saber As One' techniques at the same time!

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Silently launching a killer attack on Ye Se!

In the sky, a faint white shadow also shot toward Ye Se at the speed of light, completely undetectable by the naked eye .

Ye Se was just about to strike when the hair on his entire body suddenly stood on end, as if something terrifying was about to happen .

He stopped what he was in the midst of doing and ducked with all his might . A white shadow shot right past his eyes with a whoosh . With a soft scratching sound, a bloody gash appeared on his neck .

Ye Se was horrified!

What kind of person was it? To possess such speed?

He turned to look, only to see saber light like the mountains and sword light like the seas in front coming right at him with great momentum!

With a shout, Ye Se quickly defended with his sword .

A loud clang resounded! His sword was cut and broken by Chu Yang's sword, the remaining half of the sword subsequently crushed by Dong Wushang's saber . However, the fierce wind impact it had threw both of them out, their bodies tumbling backward as they uttered a painful grunt .

Ye Se remained as immovable as a mountain . He tossed the sword away and flew toward the two, grabbing at them . His heart was filled with hatred!

He must kill these kids!

But right at this moment, he felt a numbing itch on his throat all of a sudden . After detecting this sense of numbing itch, it suddenly grew into an unbearable tickling itch!

As though tens of thousands of ants were crawling in his bones!

Ye Se couldn't tolerate it further and scratched at it . This scratch of his, however, tore out a piece of his own flesh at the neck with a ripping sound . Blood flowed endlessly .

Instead of scratching the itch, it only got more intensified .

But Ye Se didn't dare to scratch at it anymore, aware that he had most probably been poisoned . If he scratched at it again, he might just break his own throat .

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However, he was totally mystified — When did he get poisoned?

What kind of poison could actually affect a Supreme Martial Artist?

Right at this moment, the white shadow flashed again . Ye Se flew into a rage . He lifted his arm, his palm, as though forming a gigantic mountain in the air, came crashing down with great force .

With a squeak, a white shadow darted out from the side of his palm at incredible speed .

"What are you?!" Ye Se tried his darndest to tolerate the insane itch and curb his urge to scream and shout . He bellowed in extreme rage and fright, "Get out here!"

With a flash, a white shadow landed on Chu Yang's shoulder .

Ye Se took a good look .

Only to see on Chu Yang's shoulder a tiny animal the size of only half a hand . Its entire body was snowy white, tiny and adorable, and covered in fur . From the looks of it, it definitely didn't weigh even 25 grams . Right now, its glittery bright eyes were widened, giving him a very condescending and dismissive look . It reached out its tiny and adorable paw that wasn't even the size of a little finger and groomed its whiskers .

There was actually a hint of triumphant glee in its countenance .

"Wind Fox?" Ye Se's eyeballs almost fell out of their sockets! He yelled, "That's impossible! How can a tiny Wind Fox injure me?!"

"Perhaps a regular Wind Fox can't, but this particular Wind Fox is different . " Chu Yang tugged the Wind Fox down from his shoulder, placing it in his palm . He sniggered coldly as he said, "The Wind Fox, limited by its natural aptitude, is already considered to possess great fortune if it could become a ninth-grade Spirit Beast . However, this particular Wind Fox… hurhur…"

Within Chu Yang's palm, the Wind Fox very cooperatively stood on its hind legs and struck an awe-inspiring and mighty pose . Its two tiny front paws rested at each side of its waist, its nose high up in the air as it looked down, haughty and arrogant!

"What is it about this Wind Fox?" Ye Se asked angrily .

"Go, let him see for himself!" Chu Yang tossed the Wind Fox out .

With a squeak, the snowy white Wind Fox flew out . Then, it suddenly began to expand in mid-air, transforming into a gigantic fox almost the size of half a courtyard!

The fox was snowy white throughout but its eyes were like amethysts, glittery and shiny . Although its body had become enormous, the feeling it gave off was still one of adorableness and tiny size!

There were four huge furry tails on the Wind Fox . They swung lightly, as though four large paper fans swaying . On the other side, the fifth tail had already grown out halfway, furry and rather short but still swinging .

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It was extremely adorable .

Once the Wind Fox had revealed its true form, it immediately stretched over a distance of ten over feet, huffing and puffing as it bit off the heads of the four remaining ninth-grade Martial Saints one at a time . Then, it grabbed a ball of snow from the ground with its paw, leisurely using it to clean its mouth and teeth .

After cleaning itself, it actually opened its mouth wide and puffed out a breath of air . Then, its little nose sniffed at the air, as though checking whether there was a stench of blood in its breath…

Putting everything described above together, this was a Wind Fox that extremely valued cleanliness!

"Four tails? Four and a half??" Ye Se's eyes bulged from their sockets . This time, he even almost forgot about the itch at his throat . "How can this be?"

"Why not?" Chu Yang looked at him in sympathy . "This Wind Fox is a twelfth-grade elementary-level Spirit Beast . Isn't sneak attacking you when your guard was down a very simple task?"

Ye Se's face was ashen and pale, his body starting to shiver . "That's impossible . The Wind Fox is not venomous; what kind of poison can affect a Supreme Martial Artist? This… This is definitely not possible!"

Chu Yang replied in a mocking tone, "Of course the Wind Fox isn't venomous; the poison on its claws was applied on . No poison can affect a Supreme Martial Artist?" Chu Yang let out a cold laugh . "Supreme Martial Artist Ye, have you ever heard of Innate Poison?"

"Innate Poison?!" The moment he heard these two words, Ye Se finally turned dispirited, revealing an expression of despondence . As a third-grade Supreme Martial Artist, how could he not know the formidability of Innate Poison?

Chu Yang had been distracting him with all sorts of topics while observing the color of his face and his reaction .

The more he spoke, the better it was .

Did you not understand? I'll explain everything in detail to you!

The longer we drag, the faster your poison will take effect!

The Wind Fox was the biggest trump card of Chu Yang's defense this time!

The Wind Fox was originally already a ninth-grade Spirit Beast back in the Far North Wastelands of the Middle Three Heavens . After it started following Mo Qingwu, it got even luckier . Under the catalyzing effect of all sorts of elixirs and endless resources, it quickly reached the peak of tenth-grade . By right, this should have been a bottleneck . However, when it followed Mo Qingwu to Tianji City, it ingested the inner core of a tenth-grade peak-level Spirit Beast that Ye Di had gifted at the city gates…

And it jumped straight to eleventh-grade .

After they found Chu Yang, during the time when Chu Yang was treating Chu Le'er, they had used the poison core of the Human Face Rainbow Spider but not its inner core . It also went to the little fellow here .

The Human Face Rainbow Spider was an eleventh-grade Spirit Beast itself; after the Wind Fox digested its inner core, its fighting ability skyrocketed to the peak of eleventh-grade . And when Chu Yang had gotten his hands on the Primordial Violet Vapor, under the instigation of Zi Xieqing, he had also given the little fellow some .

With this, the change was amazing!

For the Wind Fox, the jump from the peak of eleventh-grade to twelfth-grade was the most crucial juncture in its life . By right, it wouldn't have been surprising for it to be stuck at this stage for the rest of its life .

However, the mass of Primordial Violet Vapor completely dissolved this obstacle!

The Wind Fox charged right up to twelfth-grade, as if riding on a rocket!

Right now, the Wind Fox was pretty much the very first twelfth-grade Spirit Beast among the known species of the Nine Heavens continent!

A twelfth-grade Spirit Beast, had it been a combat-type, could easily counter a fifth-grade Supreme Martial Artist! Even though the Wind Fox's forte wasn't combat, Ye Se was still a piece of cake to it .

The reason why Chu Yang had confidence in setting up the battle formation, as well as the reason why Zi Xieqing could depart with peace of mind .

Everything originated from the Wind Fox .

It was the fundamental reason!

"I see," said Ye Se with a bleak smile . He felt his throat getting itchier and itchier; gradually, his entire body started to itch, as though even his skull contained a million ants biting him . He felt so terrible that he wanted to die .

He tried his best to tolerate it, trying to straighten his back and stand . But he only felt his battle strength slowly disappearing, his own morale also gradually dissipating .

At this moment, he desired nothing but death!

"Meng Geyin, come out and kill me!" Ye Se hollered, "Didn't you want to take revenge? Come, I'll let you fulfill your wishes! Hurry and get out here to kill me! Haha… No matter what, a man cannot die by his own hand!"

"C'mon! Come out and kill me!" Ye Se screamed and shouted .

The Innate Poison was spreading in his throat . Such an innate poison that already existed from the womb, once catalyzed into poison, even a Supreme Martial Artist wouldn't be able to take it!


A sword cry echoed and a gleaming sword shot out from the window . It was Ling Hanwu's sword!

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