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Chapter 1165

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Everyone was rather stunned and confused .

Chu Yang's Monarch-level cultivation was something that the Lord Dharma Supreme had confirmed in the past . Yet he suddenly became a Saint of Swords now . Such a leap in improvement was truly rather baffling .

It wouldn't be odd if he had made an error in judgment but the Dharma Supreme, too?

Right at this moment, Ye Se's question reached everyone —'What is the reason for you to hide your true strength this whole time?'

Everyone became cautious at once . For Chu Yang to possess such forbearance, he must be after something big!

Chu Yang gave him a slight smile . "The reason why I hid my strength is precisely to kill some of those who are unaware during a time like now! Ye Se, you came here with a few hundred men, and now you actually want to censure me for hiding my strength? You… How old are you?"

Ye Se flushed . Just as he was about to reply, Chu Yang went on, "You should be a few thousand years old by now, right? By right, even if you don't have any knowledge, you should at least have some experience . Even if you don't even have any experience, surely you should have some common sense? For you to ask such a question at a time when two troops are confronting each other in a battle of life and death, I must say, have your several thousand years' worth of Supreme Martial Artist cultivation and age been wasted on a dog? Was I supposed to display my true strength for you to see when all of you are clearly after my life? What a joke!"

The doors opened . Other than Meng Chaoran and Mo Qingwu who remained in the room according to plan, everyone else came out .

Three female warriors — Wu Qianqian, Mo Lei'er and Chu Le'er!

Two of them in inky black robes, and the last one in robes of snowy white .

After being with Zi Xieqing for so long, she had been influenced by her into becoming enamored with white robes . All the bright and colorful robes that Chu Yang had bought for her were ignored by her .

It caused this big brother of hers to become somewhat anxious and perplexed yet resigned, unable to do a thing about it .

At present, out of the thirty ninth-grade Martial Saint experts that the enemy had, they were only left with eighteen, whereas Chu Yang's side looked like they had only 'lost' a Rui Butong…

Ye Se nodded viciously, a murderous glare in his eyes . "Good, good, what a sharp tongue you have indeed . But what a pity, Chu Yang! No matter whether you're a first-grade Monarch or a Saint of Swords, your death is inevitable today!"

With a wave, he bellowed, "Go! Take down all of them! Dead or alive!"

Under his command, all eighteen ninth-grade Martial Saint experts rushed toward them .

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When Chu Yang had been speaking, he looked as if he had been pacing about carelessly as he mocked them mercilessly . However, in doing so, he had closed the distance between them by quite a few steps without them noticing, and had already diverged from his original direction and where he had been . Now, when he saw the enemy rushing at them, he spun to the back with one clean motion…

Just as everyone thought that he was about to flee, Chu Yang's form shifted a few times, as though a phantom, before it turned illusory .

A mighty sword aura suddenly erupted in mid-air with an explosive blast!

The position of the blast was, surprisingly, right beside Shi Tianzhao .

An ominous feeling crept up the men of the Shi Clan at once but it was already too late .

Shi Tianzhao had originally been standing a great distance away, only in charge of commanding the troops and observing the battle . However, the first one whom Chu Yang went after was him . When sword light had shone right in front of his eyes, the sword light behind Chu Yang was only 50 feet away from Chu Yang, while the distance between Chu Yang and him was just less than 40 feet!

Shi Tianzhao didn't expect that the first one that the enemy would go after would be him, despite him having chosen to stay in the safest place . Greatly alarmed, he flipped to the back and fled .

Not even daring to resist the attack one bit .

If he had resisted with all his might, though he wouldn't be Chu Yang's match, he would at least have been able to delay a bit of time and not die immediately . However, he turned and fled without any hesitation instead, intending to rely on the wondrous Shi Clan movement techniques passed down in the family and escape .

But what he didn't know was that what Chu Yang, the King of Hell, was the most adept at in his whole life was his movement techniques! Moreover, Chu Yang knew all of the Shi Clan's ultimate techniques . With a flash of sword light, he stood right in his path and let out a shout . "'In my palm lies a pile of bones as tall as the mountains'!"

With a thunderous boom, sword light erupted forcefully . The blinding sword light formed a gigantic palm, grabbing Shi Tianzhao, who had fear and panic all over his countenance, from the front .

With a few ripping sounds, Shi Tianzhao let out a tragic scream . "Save me… aaahhhh!!"

Before he could finish what he was saying, his limbs were already detached from his body . Then, his head also flew into mid-air .

The four remaining ninth-grade Martial Saint experts of the Shi Clan looked like they had been struck by lightning at this moment . They cried out in grief, "Young Master…"

An icy Chu Yang was already charging toward them, riding on his sword light . "Stop calling for your young master . He's screaming for help right now on the way to hell . If you're really loyal to him, slit your own throats now and hurry down to serve him . "

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The four of them roared, charging toward Chu Yang all at once .

Within the Orchard Palace, a savage battle began!

Wu Qianqian, Dong Wushang, Chu Le'er and Mo Lei'er were surrounded by fourteen ninth-grade Martial Saints who were coming after them with insane vigor . Dong Wushang's dark saber was as ferocious as a dragon, blocking all of their attacks .

By right, Chu Le'er shouldn't have been there . However, when Mo Lei'er and Wu Qianqian had come out, the young girl had also secretly come along . She was under attack by one of the enemies this instant, her situation precarious .

Ye Se called over, "Lord Dharma Supreme has ordered these two young girls not to be killed for the time being . He wants them alive…"

Seeing an opportunity while a flustered Chu Le'er was evading other people's attacks, one of the ninth-grade Martial Saints grabbed at her unexpectedly . He caught hold of Chu Le'er's shoulder, laughing sinisterly as he said, "Little girl, you'd better come over… Huh?!"

All of a sudden, the countenance of this ninth-grade Martial Saint changed drastically . His face turned green in an instant and his hold on Chu Le'er loosened . She took the chance to escape .

Another man behind that Martial Saint, upon noticing his body turning stiff suddenly, came over in a flash amidst the chaos . He patted his shoulder and asked, "What are you up to? Why aren't you moving?"

Before he had even finished, he let out a cry as well, standing where he was as green flashed across his face before he stopped breathing .

The reason why Chu Le'er had come out was that she had filled herself with poison techniques, even circulating the toxins of the Human Face Rainbow Spider's poison core to the surface of her skin .

This type of poison, besides the fact that Chu Le'er couldn't yet force it out of her body at her current level of cultivation, was her strongest poison technique at present .

When that man had grabbed her shoulder, he had completely fallen victim to the poison, his body petrifying immediately .

When the other man came to pat him on the shoulder, he was poisoned alongside him too .

A shadow flashed and Wu Qianqian, fully dressed in black, evaded and dodged as she came forward to help Chu Le'er . Seeing these two men standing still and unmoving, she didn't think twice before slashing at them with her sword .

With a swoosh .

Blood sprayed everywhere, two heads flying high into the sky .

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Wu Qianqian got a huge fright .

It wasn't that Wu Qianqian had never killed before; on the contrary, the number of lives she had taken was not small . What had shocked her most was when she slashed her sword at them, she had clearly seen the eyes of these two seemingly moving . Yet they didn't duck one bit, her one slash actually taking the heads of these two ninth-grade Martial Saints!

Since when had she become so mighty?!

Chu Le'er was still badly shaken . Seeing Wu Qianqian so awe-inspiring and killing two ninth-grade Martial Saints with one strike, she couldn't help but clap in delight . "Big Sister Qianqian, you're so capable!"

Wu Qianqian was so bewildered that she almost wanted to scratch her head . She managed to stop herself and quickly grabbed Chu Le'er before ducking to the side in a flash .

At this point, Dong Wushang suddenly let out a howl . His dark saber transformed into a gigantic black wave that reached the heavens and he activated the 'Form and Saber As One' technique and began to attack at full force!

Chu Yang bellowed, "'Blood Under The Sword'!" His sword soared into the air like a silver dragon, charging forward with great force in mid-air . As his shout of 'The World Is Heartless' echoed, two out of the four ninth-grade Martial Saints of the Shi Clan let out a tragic cry, their bodies diced into a rain of blood that showered down from the sky .

A few wounds appeared on Chu Yang too .

Pressure on Dong Wushang became heavier and heavier, and he used 'Form and Saber As One' . Amidst the black waves, someone suddenly screamed and then stopped, followed by Dong Wushang's dark saber swinging over and reducing him to minced meat . Shortly after, screams could be heard from the others one by one as they were chopped into bits by Dong Wushang!

With one move of 'Form and Sword As One', Dong Wushang had slain six ninth-grade Martial Saints in one fell swoop!

Pressure around them decreased dramatically!

After a few rounds of combat, eighteen ninth-grade Martial Saint experts had turned to just eight!

This boggled everyone's minds .

Even Dong Wushang himself was so perplexed that he almost wanted to pass out .

He was indeed very strong; Dong Wushang had never been one to put himself down . But… he didn't expect himself to be this strong! In a battle of life and death, he had actually slain six ninth-grade Martial Saints in succession without breaking a sweat?

Then… Were these ninth-grade Martial Saints all herbivores?

Silenced ensued within for a short while .

Ye Se didn't expect this either!

At this point, the eyes of Ye Se, Yè Mengse and Zhuge Changchang were all widened in shock . Surely not? Even if they had Sword and Saber Double Saints, their men were ninth-grade Martial Saints after all, right?!

Eighteen ninth-grade Martial Saints against two seventh-grade Saber Saint and Saint of Swords; yet it was as if the wind had made a clean sweep of them, eliminating ten of them at once!

How did they come almost to the point of complete annihilation?

Yet the truth was right before their eyes and they couldn't deny it!

The eight remaining men retreated, still shaken . They looked at the corpses strewn all over among the chaos around them . Everyone took in a sharp intake of breath, shivers running down their spine as a sense of fear arose in their hearts .

No one was afraid of dying in battle . But dying in such a baffling manner that obviously wasn't poison was simply too puzzling .

There was an air of enigma about all of these .

"What's going on?" asked Ye Se as he strode forward a few steps, sporting a huge frown as he glared at Chu Yang .

Chu Yang shrugged and replied, "Who knows what's up with them? Maybe they've lived for too long and had already gotten tired of the secular world . "

As he spoke, King of Hell Chu, with an air of compassion that bemoaned the fate of humans, said, "Such great kindness! It is said that the secular world is a heartless path . Freeing themselves from such pain is also for the better, right… So it is my sword that has taken the role of a monastery's morning chime, awakening them to their inner desires . That is why they've met death head-on without fear and gone to their death with a smile . It is exactly them having seen through life and death and attaining great enlightenment!"

Ye Se was so livid that his nose almost became crooked .

What kind of bullshit reasoning was that?

Right at this moment, yet another bunch of tragic screams rang out in the air . When Ye Se turned back, his eyes couldn't help but widen dramatically . Out of the eight remaining ninth-grade Martial Saints, the heads of four of them separated from their necks and sprung into the air . Four pillars of blood sprayed high into the sky!

Their heads had been chopped off!

Behind them, a man covered entirely in blood watched him in delight, short sword in his hand . He taunted, "Didn't you say that so long as I came back to life, you'll call me Father? C'mon, call me Daddy!"

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