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Chapter 1162

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Rui Butong finished talking and suddenly he smiled at Shi Tianzhao and asked, "What is your name?"

Shi Tianzhao was startled . He said, "Shi Tianzhao!"

Rui Butong nodded his head slowly and said, "Shi Tianzhao? Alright, I got it . You shall die . "

He wielded the sword and dashed over!

Shi Tianzhao and the rest could tell from early on that, although the person in front was acting insane, he was actually a martial art exponent! He was at least a martial saint . Therefore, they had all taken precautions covertly .

However, they did not think that he would attack without saying a word . In just a moment ago, he was still acting insane and the next moment, he began to ask for the name and began to attack!

Against the sudden chilly sword attack, Shi Tianzhao quickly retreated . Behind him, two Martial Saints of the Sixth Grade stepped forward immediately . Their sword was drawn from the sheath and their faces were filled with ridicule .

Their cultivations were higher than that of Rui Butong . Therefore, they could tell from one glance that the person rushing over was only a Fifth Grade Martial Saint!

Against the two of them, it was a piece of cake!

"Ya! ~~~" Rui Butong let out a roar and rushed forward . With a high pitched voice and weird stance, he rushed forward with a tragic style of 'Even if I were to die, I would bring at least one of you along'!

The two Sixth Grade Martial Saints fiercely attacked with their swords . The air was momentarily lit up with the sword's light and reflections .

Rui Butong dashed over and his short sword clashed bravely with two long swords .

The two Sixth Grade Martial Saints revealed a cruel and ruthless look in their faces!

A mere Fifth Grade, dares to fight against the Sixth Grades? He must be tired of living…

Just see how my sword will put you down in one stroke!

The surrounding was filled with knowledgeable wise men who could tell from a glance that this fight could not be lost . Therefore, each of them was holding their arms and smiling, as they watched the fight . It seemed as though they were watching two gray wolves trampling on a tiny white rabbit .

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Under the watchful eyes of the crowd, the three swords clashed . Two long swords and a short sword .

A "Cha Cha" sound was heard, which sounded like a sharp long sword slicing off a thin wooden block . With disbelief, the two Sixth Grade Martial Saints watched how their two long swords instantly became four shorter joints . Immediately after, Rui Butong's short sword ruthlessly slashed their throats, like a venomous dragon!

As the scene became bloody, Rui Butong rushed into the crowd without a word .

Shua shua shua…

The tables turned so suddenly . No one would have thought that the short sword wielded by Rui Butong was actually a divine weapon that could chop the nail and slice the iron!

It was not just the two Sixth Grade Martial Saints who were murdered while being caught off guard, all the people behind them were basically just watching the battle leisurely . Who would know that there would suddenly be trouble in their own backyard? Two Sixth Grade Martial Saints against one Fifth Grade Martial Saint could not even block a single attack and just died, letting Rui Butong rush into the crowd, catching everyone off guard!

This was letting a tiger into a flock of sheep .

Originally, everyone should not have been so useless . However, right now, it was a scene filled with terrible cries . In a short while, Rui Butong easily slashed seven or eight people's throat and stabbed five or six people's chests . For those who escaped fast enough, Rui Butong merely amputated their arms or legs .

It was a scene filled with blood!

In the white snowstorm, there was suddenly a scene filled with colors!

Rui Butong continued to dash inwards and deep into enemy ground, while shouting crazily . Along the way, he took down a countless number of weapons, but was finally stopped and surrounded by numerous enemies .

Shi Tianzhao realized that he almost died just now . His whole body perspired with cold sweat and was horrified by just thinking about it . If his clan's Sixth Grade Martial Saints had not blocked the attack and he himself had not escaped out of the way, he would have been in several pieces by now .

He did not have the time to regain his composure as he shouted crazily, "Attack together! Kill him kill him kill him him him him…"

There was no need for him to say . The various martial arts exponents had already gone ahead, using their swords, sabers, fists or palms to attack Rui Butong .

Rui Butong screamed loudly and fought madly . Betting his life on the fight, he said, "Since I decided to come out here, I do not intend to go back alive! Kill kill kill…"

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In the blink of an eye, his whole body was drenched with blood . He had received a countless number of sword attacks . A few Martial Saint professional attacked at the same time, throwing palms after palms of attacks rapidly .

With a slam, Rui Butong raised his hands and broke the short sword into two fragments . He laughed loudly and said, "I would rather die, than to let you all have my sword! I will destroy it!"

Before he could finish his sentence, he was already thrown up into the air, his whole body bleeding out with fresh blood and he no longer had any signs of life in him .

Everyone had this type of mentality: Such great divine weapon, who did not covet? Who would have thought that Rui Butong would do something so drastic! When he knew that he would die from the battle, he actually destroyed his own sword?

This was really an a*shole to the maximum!

The various Martial Saints exponents dashed into the sky flustered and exasperated . Within a few moments, Rui Butong's body was beaten into a pile of rotten meat . However, Rui Butong's surprise attack actually killed 23 martial art exponents and crippled five others!

Within the Orchard Palace, although Chu Yang knew that Rui Butong had the ability of resurrection, he glared widely and was still filled with anger within, almost wanting to dash out into the open .

Dong Wushang stopped him and said, "He's alright . "

Seeing that Rui Butong was dead, Shi Tianzhao and the others could no longer wait . They yelled, "Let's charge in! Kill Chu Yang!"

Everyone roared in agreement and the various clans rushed into the Orchard Palace like an incoming tidal wave .

The main gate was kicked open and there were some who flew over the gates and in . Orchard Palace was not a big place, so instantly, it was filled with people .

Only the members of Ye Clan and Yè Clan, who disdained to fight, waited outside .

The next moment, "Bang bang bang bang…"

Within those who flew into the Orchard Palace, all those below the level of an Eighth Grade Martial Saint suddenly dropped from the sky . By the time they reached the ground, they were already dead .

Amongst those who rushed in on the ground, for those whose cultivation was lower, they stumbled for a few moments and suddenly fell onto the ground . Their entire body was blue-black and no longer breathing .

Everyone turned pale with fright .

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"Lethal poison! Damn it… retreat!"

The crowd retreated out of the main gates rapidly like a tidal wave .

Shi Tianzhao, Zhuge Changchang and their equivalents, were carrying a treasure to neutralize poisons . Therefore, they themselves were not poisoned, but they were frightened to the point that they almost became incontinent . In total, over 500 people came today and this wave of attack comprised almost 400 people .

Amongst those who managed to survive and came out, there were only less than fifty!

350 people were just lying down straight on the snowy ground of the Orchard Palace . There were all kinds of different colored clothing and they were just lying there with their faces blue-black and hideous! There were no signs of breathing in them anymore!

In front of everyone, a young man of an imposing stature suddenly appeared within the Orchard Palace . The moment he came out, he was like a majestic mountain that suddenly appeared . Even though he was merely standing there, his innate heroism and his noble and deep character were clear for all to see . His right hand held a normal-looking big black saber .

He lifted his head to take a look outside, but it seemed like he did not see anyone outside . He slowly walked over to those who were lying dead in the backyard and suddenly raised his hand . He spat on his palms and mumbled to himself, "Big Brother said that, in order to prove that your enemies are dead, the best way is to chop off their heads to see if they move or not!"

With a wave of his saber, a corpse in cyan clothes had its head chopped off . Immediately after he danced around at lightning speed . There were 300 over corpses within the backyard and their heads were each, chopped off in a single slash of the saber . 300 hundred over heads were then piled up in the backyard .

A tall pile of heads!

After all these, he let out a roar as he stroked his saber . Laughing loudly, he said, "With a long saber in hand, I can easily chop off the Saint of Martial Artists' head! I'm so happy, so overjoyed!"

Outside the door, Shi Tianzhao and the others glared widely in extreme anger . Just as they were about to lash out furiously, suddenly a few loud bangs were heard . The few Seventh Grade Martial Artist Saints who retreated out together with them wobbled for a few moments and collapsed . Following which, more and more people collapsed .

Amongst those who rushed in and retreated out, almost another thirty of them collapsed .

Everyone was blue-black on their faces . After twitching for a few moments, they stopped breathing . A few of the Seventh Grade Martial Saints struggled painfully for a long time before they stopped breathing .

Even though their cultivation levels were high, they could not fight against the lethal effects of all ten different poisons that Chu Yang had specially planned for! From the moment they rushed through the door, all the way to the courtyard, they had already been poisoned at least three times and an additional one time from a hybrid poison!

Those who made it out were already poisoned . Even if they had made it thus far, they could no longer carry out further!

Amongst all those who had rushed in, only 24 people were left standing .

Those standing were all at least an Eighth Grade Martial Artist Saint . All of them had sufficiently strong cultivation to resist the effects of poison . However, from 350 people, it was reduced to only 24 people in a short while… This contrast was sufficient to cause a mental breakdown to anyone!

The sudden huge change caused everyone to tremble in fear . As the oncoming snowflake hit the face, the coldness penetrated even the bones . The crowd also felt their heart becoming cold, like snowflakes .

Their eyes revealed a sense of fear .

What kind of poison was this?

So potent?

Shivers were running down everyone's spine as they stared at the courtyard . No one took notice that behind them, the corpse that had been minced up badly, was faintly giving out a red glow…

After Dong Wushang had finished chopping off heads, he took a few steps forward . With the tip of the saber pointing downward, he struck it onto the ground . With two hands pressing on the saber handle, he lifted his head to look at the crowd outside . A mighty aura diffused out from his body and suddenly he shouted, "Who will come to receive your death?!"

Following this loud roar, an aura of sharp saber intent came through violently!

An Eighth Grade Martial Saint from Lan Clan first collided with this sharp saber intent fiercely . He felt some chest tightness and suddenly, he threw up a mouth of fresh blood .

The face of Ye Shiyu was gloomy . He muttered, "Saint of Sabers, at least a Seventh Grade!"

Yè Mengse let out a sudden sigh . "When I first saw him in Middle Three Heavens, he was a mere Saber Emperor . Now, he is already a Saint of Sabers . That time, I had already felt that his future potential would be limitless . Therefore, I tried to invite him to our cause, but lost out to the Law-enforcement officer group who was a step ahead . I never thought that his improvement would be so drastic!"

At this moment, Ye Clan's Ye Se took a step forward . He spread out his hands and with a loud boom, all four walls of the Orchard Palace collapsed . The bricks exploded out and flew in all four directions . The whole place had become a piece of flat land .

He continuously flapped his two hands and strong winds suddenly appeared . The strong winds blew the snowflakes rapidly into the Orchard Palace courtyard . All the corpses and the thick layer of snow in the courtyard disappeared!

The whole place was clean and empty now!

The crowd's eyes lit up .

After this incident, no matter how lethal the poison was, it should have all been dispersed away, right?

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