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Chapter 1161

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Orchard Palace .

Ever since Zi Xieqing left, Chu Yang had been doing his battle planning . Anxiously planning!

Within the Orchard Palace, there were a total of nine people; Chu Yang, Wu Qianqian, Mo Qingwu, Dong Wushang, Rui Butong, Mo Lei'er, Meng Chaoran, Chu Le'er and an unconscious Ye Chuchen .

Amongst these people, Chu Yang achieved a breakthrough just a few days back and was now a seventh grade Saint of Swords . Dong Wushang just recently achieved a breakthrough to become a seventh grade Saber Saint . Rui Butong was a fifth grade Martial Saint . Mo Lei'er was a seventh grade Martial Saint . Wu Qianqian was a sixth grade Martial Saint . Mo Qingwu was a first grade Martial Saint . Chu Le'er was a third grade Martial Saint, but her battle experience was not worth a mention .

Amongst these people, the one with the weakest fighting strength actually became Chu Yang's teacher, Meng Chaoran . He was the first grade Martial Saint and he achieved a breakthrough just recently using the Tianyi Divine Art .

This was a matter that made people uncomfortable . Especially for Meng Chaoran, who must feel even more uncomfortable with it .

However, Meng Chaoran was indifferent and totally did not feel any discomfort about it . It was almost as if these kind of things were a norm for him . He did whatever he wanted to and totally did not put this matter to heart .

This level of virtue and grace, made the juniors full of respect for him .

After all, not everyone could face up to such embarrassment .

The first plan that Chu Yang made was to utilize his ace in the hole .

Chu Yang's ace in the hole was obviously Chu Le'er .

Chu Le'er's poisoning ability had reached that of a Martial Saint level; her battle experience was naturally zero to start . As for harming others, all the more she had not done it before .

However, she had Chu Yang beside her . Furthermore, within Chu Yang was the Sword Spirit .

These three people combined had a power greater than that of Wu Juecheng!

A more frightening thing was, Chu Yang had a significantly greater amount of poison as compared to Wu Juecheng . The world's rarest poisons were all with Chu Yang!

Poison sac of the Poisonous Flood Dragon, poison sac of the Human Face Rainbow Spider, Black Blood Poisonous Core Vine's poison… and others . In short, except for the spring poison of the lust dragon, Chu Yang had contributed all other poisons, for this biggest crisis of his life!

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Within this entire Orchard Palace of the inner three levels and the outer three levels, Chu Yang commanded Chu Le'er to use her Ten Thousand Poison Art to lay down several lines of defense .

Poisons that were invisible, had no taste, no color, hybrid type and the others . Especially outside the room of Ye Chuchen, the lines of defense were extra fortified from top to bottom, inside to outside .

These poisons were practically useless against Supreme Martial Artist . That's because their internal energy protecting the body would be able to keep out any poisons . However, it would absolutely work for anyone below the level of a Supreme Martial Artist .

In short, by the time Chu Le'er stopped, her Poison Art had already been exhausted by Chu Yang, three times over! Whenever it was exhausted, Chu Le'er would take a Nine Tribulations Pill and then restart her task after that…

She was so tired that her face turned green and looked pale .

Naturally, Chu Yang did not idle around while Chu Le'er was laying down the poisons . Chu Yang collected all the weapons from Wu Qianqian, Mo Qingwu, Meng Chaoran, Mo Lei'er and Dong Wushang, intending to refine each of them further .

Good tools were the prerequisite to the successful execution of a job .

When it was all completed, it was already the break of dawn .

Chu Yang did an allocation of forces based on his battle plan . Meng Chaoran, Wu Qianqian, Mo Lei'er, Chu Le'er and Mo Qingwu were to guard Ye Chuchen . They must not bother about anything else .

For facing the incoming enemies, it was left with just Chu Yang, Dong Wushang and Rui Butong .

Based on the strong request from Rui Butong and the suggestion from Dong Wushang, Rui Butong would be in charge of the first line of defense: The main gate .

With only a fifth grade Martial Saint level of cultivation, Rui Butong used a sharp saber as his weapon .

Flexing his muscles, Rui Butong bragged shamelessly, "Unless they don't come, but if they do, I will die at least three times! To boost my cultivation level significantly! Let them have a good look at how great I am!"

This sentence made Chu Yang, Dong Wushang and Mo Lei'er dumbfounded to the maximum!

Snow continued on without a sign of stopping . It felt as if the entire land was filled with serenity and peace…


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In a land of white snow, the shuffling of feet could be heard from afar . People dressed in different colors were packed, standing closely together . Every one of them carried a solemn face .

Every team had a dozen people!

The Ye Clan in black, Xiao Clan in cyan-blue, Lan Clan in green, Ling Clan in white, Shi Clan in pale green, Yè Clan in purple, Zhuge Clan in linen robe and Chen Clan in yellow .

The Eight Great Clans arrived with a mighty show of force!

The leader of Ye Clan was Ye Se . A third grade Supreme Martial Artist . These people also upheld him as their leader! The entire contingent had only Ye Se, who was a Supreme Martial Artist . The other Supreme Martial Artists in the clans had all gone to Mount Xingyun for the Slaying of Tao .

Ye Se had strongly requested to personally kill Meng Geyin and therefore, stayed behind .

Ye Shiyu had stayed at the back of the contingent, with some helplessness written on his face .

Xiao Clan's leader was an eighth grade Martial Saint due to the death of their clan's Young Master who died in the previous battle . Similarly for Lan Clan and Ling Clan . Yè Clan's leader was Yè Mengse .

The leader of Shi Clan was a Shi Clan Young Master, Shi Tianzhao; The leader of Zhuge Clan was naturally Zhuge Changchang . The Chen Clan had been slaughter once and therefore, there was no Young Master to lead them here .

Out of everyone gathered here, Ye Clan was naturally the one in charge . Zhuge Clan was the local host and placed second; Yè Clan and Shi Clan had their Young Masters leading and were therefore placed third and fourth . As for the rest of the four clans they were merely bodyguards for the other clans in this battle .

"Is it worthwhile for us to mobilize such a huge contingent for this kind of battle?" Shi Tianzhao grumbled with dissatisfaction . "There is not even a single professional . Heard that Chu Yang is only a First Grade Monarch Level… Look at these people…" He looked back and used his hands to draw out a circle in the air . He shook his head and smiled bitterly . "The lowest level of cultivation here is Ninth Grade Monarch Level… Any one of us who goes in would easily defeat them . "

Zhuge Changchang smiled indifferently and said, "Brother Shi, are you implying that your Shi Clan can take care of everything?"

Shi Tianzhao nodded his head and shouldered the responsibilities actively . "I think that I alone would be sufficient . The rest of the clans can sit down one corner to enjoy a cup of tea or others . "

"Then, is Brother Shi implying that the credit this time around would be yours alone to claim?" Zhuge Changchang's eyelids twitched for a moment .

Shi Tianzhao grunted and fell silent after that .

This sentence of Zhuge Changchang was the exact reason why all the various clans were willing to put down their status, and came over to deal with Chu Yang in such huge numbers .

Chu Yang's personal battle strength was nothing much . However, he signified a new and influential power . To mobilize over seven hundred Supreme Martial Artists against Chu Yang's new influence was beyond the words of simply 'powerful' .

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Outside, Supreme Martial Artists were encircling the place, but the essence of the battle was actually inside .

This was because Chu Yang was the core and leader of this new influence!

Therefore, Chu Yang's death was of utmost importance and would definitely claim the biggest credit!

Who would fall behind, given such a huge credit?

At the Orchard Palace, the crowd was fighting over who to go first in their sequence of attack .

Everyone wanted to be the first to attack . This was because everyone felt confident in the attack . Whosoever attacked first would claim all the credit as the rest would no longer have a chance to attack .

At this moment, the gates of the Orchard Palace opened . A thin and skinny person walked out from the door, wielding a short sword glittering like snow and frost . In front of everyone, he stood in front of the gate and smiled widely, showing the teeth . He said, "F*ck your ancestors, you all really came . "

This sentence stunned the crowd, but at the same time, it also drove them mad with anger!

They had never seen such an a*shole who started to scold foul words without even asking for the visitors' intentions .

Although they did come with evil intentions…

"Who are you?" Shi Tianzhao asked first .

"My surname is Rui!" Rui Butong pouted and suddenly looked up into the sky and shouted, "Ahwooh~~Ahwooh~~~"

Everyone gaped at the scene .

This a*shole, was he a wolf spirit?

Just as this thought crossed their minds, Rui Butong suddenly changed his voice and growled, "Dog Aunt! Dog Aunt!"

Shi Tianzhao was extremely puzzled .

Is this person crazy?

Within the Orchard Palace, Chu Yang and Dong Wushang who heard the sound of 'Ahwooh~~ Dog Aunt!' both revealed an understanding and warm smile .

What Rui Butong was imitating now, was Luo Kedi and Ji Mo . Looks like Rui Butong really missed his brothers, so much so that he started to imitate the habits of his brothers .

After all the shouting, Rui Butong suddenly became a different person in character . He became full of elegance and began to smile indifferently, seemingly having a card up his sleeve . He clasped both hands behind his back and took two steps steadily . With intelligence shining in his eyes, he said, "It will be a piece of cake for me, regardless of how big a force you would send . "

Inside, Chu Yang let out a smile . "Mo Tianji . " Dong Wushang also smiled .

Shi Tianzhao said furiously, "What are you doing?"

Rui Butong straightened his back and suddenly, his body became upright . Lonely and indifferent, Rui Butong looked at Shi Tianzhao with sharp-looking eyes . An aura of sword intentions came through amidst the sound of swords and Rui Butong said, "With a sword in hand, I journey to become the best in the world, life or death, victory or failure, I do not turn back . Out in this wide world, there will be someone who appreciates me, by the time I look back, I have already forgotten about our love!"

This time, Chu Yang and Dong Wushang who were hiding behind the door did not laugh . Contrastingly, they revealed a look of deep longing for someone . Gu Duxing!

However, the Eight Great Clans which Rui Butong was facing, were all extremely stunned

This guy… what is going on with him? He scolded us the moment he came out and then changed to four different characters, four different tones . Is he singing an opera?

Rui Butong extended his fingers and gave an understanding smile . His two warm and gentle eyes looked at his own fingers and lovingly said, "When a Viburnum appeared, all other flowers disappeared!"

Suddenly, his attitude changed again, becoming full of pride and arrogance . He shouted, "Who in this world doesn't recognize me Evil Young Master?!"

Shi Tianzhao said sarcastically, "So you are Evil Young Master . Indeed evil enough . Your evilness is the same as madness . "

Rui Butong let out laughter and suddenly he stroked his hair coquettishly . He acted like he was looking into the mirror, but he made each of his eyes looked up and down in separate directions . He pouted his lips and asked Shi Tianzhao seriously, "Do you think I'm handsome? Am I really very handsome?"

When this sentence came out, even Meng Chaoran could not help but start to laugh . Chu Yang and Dong Wushang even patted their thighs while they laughed . This voice was so remarkably true to life, it was exactly the voice of the extremely narcissistic Tan Tan .

Even a third grade Supreme Martial Artist like Ye Se stared, tongue-tied .

Everyone sighed and thought, 'What bad luck! We came over with a murderous intent to kill our enemies, but instead met a mad man…'

At this moment, they only heard the mad man opposite shouting, "Brothers, let us kill the enemies together! Let's battle!"

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