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Chapter 1154

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Before the Dharma Supreme finished his sentence, Feng Yurou let out a low grunt, and from between her lips spat out blood . She stumbled backward, unstable . Yue Lingxue's snow-white figure flashed and came over, shifting positions with Feng Yurou . His longsword cut forward wildly!

With a series of loud clashes…

He waved his sword nine consecutive times, like nine rays of lightning, or nine bursts of explosions! Among the nine who besieged Feng Yurou, two elder guards stumbled backward, and blood came out of their eyes, ears, nose and mouth . The other seven's bodies trembled violently, and blood burst out of them . Immediately, they flew out like a kite that was cut off from its string, and burst into pieces in mid-air .

Seven six-grade Supreme Martial Artists were killed by the impact of Yue Lingxue's single wave of sword, that even their spirit was destroyed!

Yue Lingxue felt a heartache for the injuries of his wife, and when he fought with all his strength, the power was unparalleled!

Yet the triangular besiege finally opened up a gap!

Yue Lingxue kept switching positions with Feng Yurou, who was injured, to exchange opponents, but the situation was no longer the same as before!

After all, the fighting was just as fierce and cruel on either side!

Bu Liuqing let out a long cry . His longsword moved rapidly like storms . He went one round, killing around Yue Lingxue and Feng Yurou . His longsword moved like a swimming dragon . In just a moment, all the enemies were killed or had retreated . Around him, there were about a dozen more corpses just from this .

Bu Liuqing's figure flashed like a strong gust of wind, and he stuffed a bottle made of Purple Crystal jade into Yue Lingxue's hand, and shouted, "Serve this to your wife! Guard her and treat her injuries, I'll take the enemies!"

He let out a long laugh, and with his longsword swirling, he turned and went back to killing .

One could only see his figure moving rapidly, as this single person guarded a large area of about two hundred square feet, protecting Feng Yurou and Yue Lingxue who were inside . A flash of white light formed what looked like a line, that any person who dared enter this circle was finished by him at the fastest speed!

Yue Lingxue didn't dare to take his time . He flew over to Feng Yurou's side, unplugged the cork and said hurriedly, "Take it!" And then he stuffed the medicine into his wife's mouth .

Feng Yurou was just feeling a burning discomfort inside her . Once the medicine entered her mouth, though, she only felt a warm wave going down along her throat . She felt energized immediately, and said, "What is this?"

"No idea . " Yue Lingxue stood, holding his sword . He was completely focused on guarding his wife . He looked at the movement of swords around him . The sharp sounds from the sword aura filled the space between heaven and earth . Bu Liuqing, alone with a single sword, blocking the siege of more than a hundred Supreme Martial Artists, actually looked all-powerful and confident . He didn't retreat, but even pressed forward!

All Supreme Martial Artists touched by his sword aura retreated with blood bursting out of their bodies, and injuries all over them . Those who were slightly closer were dismembered directly! He couldn't help but let out a long sigh .

I have always thought that my cultivation is not that far from that of Bu Liuqing and Ning Tianya . Looking at it now, I am really far from that…

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Feng Yurou only felt that her whole body was much more comfortable after taking the medicine . As she activated her internal energy, that warm wave felt like a gentle stream of water, smoothing out all her injuries . First, the blinding pain in her Dantian suddenly disappeared . Then, the warm wave floated upwards from the Dantian and into her meridians, and the pains in her meridians disappeared instantly as well .

The injuries from the shock in all her internal organs also disappeared completely!

Within the time of one breath, her body actually recovered to its original state!

Feng Yurou opened her eyes in disbelief, to the concerned eyes of Yue Lingxue . Her lips moved . "I've recovered!"

"Recovered?! So fast?!" Yue Lingxue cried out in joyful surprise . Though he knew that a gift from Bu Liuqing couldn't be anything ordinary, he didn't expect it to have such magical effects .

Feng Yurou held her sword and went back to fighting . She went to Yue Lingxue's side and whispered, "How did you get the Nine Tribulations Pill?"

Yue Lingxue was very shocked . He said, "Brother Bu gave it to me . "

Feng Yurou had already rushed to the side of Bu Liuqing, holding her sword, and went back to fierce fighting!

Yue Lingxue didn't have time to be shocked . His figure moved and flew up like a shooting star, occupying the other direction . His longsword cut out, and severed a Supreme Martial Artist into two .

The triangular formation was formed once again!

All approaching enemies started retreating .

The pressure on Bu Liuqing reduced drastically by half . He felt relaxed immediately, laughed and said, "Sister, you've recovered?"

Feng Yurou smiled respectfully and said, "Thank you so much for gifting the medicine, Brother Bu!"

Bu Liuqing laughed and said, "This is not gifted by me, but Master Zi! Thank her, if you have to thank someone!"

The three attacked together, and the three sharp edges of the triangular shape stabbed outwards violently . Painful cries sounded non-stop!

Out of the three hundred Supreme Martial Artists who came for the siege, at this moment, half were actually already dead!

Ye Di and others from the Eight Great Clans felt as if a knife was being twisted in their hearts! These were all best fighters of the clans! And they died here just like that…

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It would be somewhat acceptable if they had gains in exchange for that . But just after they got a severe injury on Feng Yurou, she actually recovered once more!

How could they not bite their teeth in anger!

At the top, Wu Juecheng's clothes were white as snow . He looked at the slaughter down below indifferently, but he didn't move . He preserved his energy and waited for Zi Xieqing to come, before he went for a decisive fight .

Right now, the only contribution he could make was releasing poisonous mists continuously .

Though everyone on their own side had the antidote, everyone knew in their hearts that before the powers of the three enemies weaken, these poisonous mists would probably not be effective .

All of those three had already connected the bridge of heaven and earth, so their cultivation was constantly replenished . How could it be easily exhausted?

The Dharma Supreme had already disappeared .

At another obscure location, the Dharma Supreme sat cross-legged . Faint strands of light-purple mists were sucked into his body through his breathing…

If professionals such as Bu Liuqing were here, they would immediately realize, to their dread, that what the Dharma Supreme was absorbing was just the power of the source of life . Besides, it was the source of life from the deaths of these professional Supreme Martial Artists!

So many Supreme Martial Artists had already been killed . Even though many of them were killed by shock, such that their spirits, including their sources of life, were completely broken and disappeared . However, there were still too many who were directly killed . Their sources of life had yet to have time to disappear, so they turned into pure energy and floated between heaven and earth .

This amount of energy could not be absorbed by humans!

In the end, it could only dissipate in the world, and the last bit of true spirit would also be deprived of all consciousness, and then enter Samsara…

Yet now, the Dharma Supreme could actually absorb them!

Moreover, this way, these Supreme Martial Artists also had their spirits completely destroyed!

The Supreme Martial Artists besieging the three were decreasing gradually…

Suddenly, a voice was heard by Ye Di and others . "Please go on!"

It was just the sound of the Dharma Supreme .

With a long cry, Xiao Se emerged and started fighting first .

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"The autumn winds are chilly, and the sky is colorless when the sword leaves the sheath! Supreme Martial Artist Bu, Xiao Se is here to challenge you!" Xiao Se sent out his sword, and autumn winds rose at the same time . Dead leaves across miles started flying . A vast and desolate atmosphere suddenly filled the space!

The sword moved like autumn water . Wrapped in autumn winds and clouds, the sword went in a cross-cut towards Bu Liuqing .

"Good Xiao Se! So you are already at ninth supreme level!" Bu Liuqing's eyebrows trembled a little, and so did the light from his own sword, as it slammed to meet Xiao Se's longsword . Xiao Se's body shook, and he volleyed back in the air . Immediately, he came back again, as quiet as autumn water .

His figure retreated, but the light from his sword actually moved forward .

"Good Xiao Se!"

Bu Liuqing's spirit rose from the shock . His longsword moved rapidly, meeting Xiao Se, and another five or six Supreme Martial Artists at once .

"Drifting alone on a small boat across the world! Master Yue, your junior is here to challenge you!" Ye Qingchou laughed . His figure was as natural and unrestrained as the clouds . He entered from the side and went right towards Yue Lingxue!

"In the darkness and depth of the night, emperor of the Nine Heavens!" Ye Di came in silence, and the atmosphere became darker, as though he brought the night with him . "Master Feng, I, Ye Di, challenge you!"

With the joining of three second grandmasters, the pressure on the three increased significantly!

Both Ye Di and Xiao Se had the cultivation of ninth supreme level, and they had been preserving their energy well, while the three had been using up their energy during fighting . As such, they were almost comparable to Yue Lingxue and Feng Yurou after fighting!

Besides Xiao Se, who was suppressed by Bu Liuqing once he entered, on the other two sides of the battlefield, they were already at a disadvantage .

"Master Bu, please forgive me!" A wave of extremely cold air seemed to have flown over from snow-capped mountains . Ling Fengyun, dressed in snow-white, joined the battlefield and attacked Bu Liuqing from the other side .

Immediately, Lan Muxue also came out, holding his sword!

Sound of a fierce gust of wind came from the back . "Supremacy Bu, Shi Jing is also here!"

The four second grandmasters, three top-level eighth-grades, one ninth-grade, accompanied by more than a dozen Supreme Martial Artists above six grade under their banners, all attacked Bu Liuqing together!

Bu Liuqing only felt the pressure getting heavier and heavier . He laughed out loud . "Good! Good! Wu Juecheng, why are you still not here to grab such a cheap deal? It is the teaching of your clan, hahaha…"

Wu Juecheng snorted . "Bu Liuqing, talk when you have dealt with them!"

Immediately afterward, Chen Mengchi flew out and attacked Feng Yurou together with Ye Qingchou!

The two guards of the Dharma Supreme joined the battleground once more, attacking Feng Yurou .

Immediately, it became a terrible fight!

Out of the eight second grandmasters, only Zhuge Hutu had not come out to fight yet . He had to maintain the array . However, despite this, the pressure upon Bu Liuqing's party increased at once to three times what it was before!

Bu Liuqing could still manage, but Feng Yurou and Yue Lingxue were already somewhat stretched .

The overall situation became disadvantageous to them .

"Hey!" With a grunt, blood emerged from the corners of Yue Lingxue's mouth . Opposite him, Ye Qingchou spat out a great amount of blood, and retreated . He exchanged his opponent's injury with his own - injuring Yue Lingxue at the expense of a severe injury for himself .

Yue Lingxue pulled out his sword, as he shouted, "Dharma Supreme! Aren't you coming?"

Chen Mengchi saw the opportunity and went up . The dozen or so Supreme Martial Artists around him started fighting together . "To deal with you, it would not require the Dharma Supreme!"

At the same time, Feng Yurou stumbled backward . He suffered a palm attack on his shoulder by Ye Di .

The triangular formation collapsed!

Ye Di's party saw their gains and their attack became even fiercer! The two guards' faces clouded, and each of their moves was deadly!

Amidst the chaos, Ye Di went up into the sky and exclaimed, "Blood-dripping method!"

With a wild cry, the situation changed suddenly!

One Supreme Martial Artist from Ye Clan cried out wildly, as the man, together with his sword, rushed toward Yue Lingxue . Yue Lingxue's sword stabbed out, and that person did not dodge at all . The sword plunged deep into his heart! Yet, that person actually reached out, and his arms entangled with the sword like ropes . His body continued to rush closer wildly .

Yue Lingxue was furious . His one foot kicked out, hitting another's chest . At the time of the impact, while blood was spurting, he hugged Yue Lingxue's feet tightly .

Yue Lingxue's longsword shook violently, and his foot kicked . With a rumble, that person on the sword was broken into pieces, and the man under his foot also became pieces of flesh and blood . Yet right at this moment, his back, shoulders and thighs were hit by people all at once!

The blood-dripping method was to exchange one life for another, to give up on one's own life so that the opponent's life could be taken by others!

. . .

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