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Chapter 1152

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Wu Juecheng was rather exasperated!

He had suffered these two slashes completely out of the blue . Fortunately, he had managed to duck fast; if not, these two slashes would have severed him into four! Right now, his left shoulder was throbbing and it seemed like the wound on his right calf so deep that his meridians were damaged .

And this was in his case! If it had been anyone else, these two slashes at the shoulder and calf would probably have cost them their lives . This was because no matter where the sword had gone, the explosive power of its sword aura could blast someone to bits on the spot!

"Damn it!" Wu Juecheng looked rather worse for the wear, because Moon Breeze, who had gotten a head start on him, was hot on his pursuit right now! He had just had an intense battle with Bu Liuqing and was even ambushed, and now, unable to catch his breath and re-adjust to the situation, he could only duck and dodge . The swords of Moon Breeze couple gleamed in the light like a rainbow as they stepped up their pursuit, momentarily forcing this man who had been one of the former Nine Tribulations forty thousand years ago into a very sorry state .

Wu Juecheng didn't even need to suffer these two slashes originally . However, he had been convinced from the bottom of his heart that gentlemen such as Moon Breeze would never ever launch sneak attacks! Thus, he had not been on guard against them one bit .

The gentlemanly image and honorable style of Moon Breeze were deeply rooted among all . Even the ones with the deepest loathing for them had to admit that the two of them were open and aboveboard in their actions and would never resort to underhanded tricks!

Because of that, their unexpected sneak attack had immediately achieved exceptional results!

The Dharma Supreme had left himself for last the whole time, originally intending to launch a sneak attack . Who knew that before he had even made his move, Moon Breeze had already done it first!

He was in a state of astonishment right now, his mouth agape . Then, he cackled and said, "This certainly didn't occur to me! Honorable people such as the virtuous Brother Yue and his wife have actually learned to launch sneak attacks in combat!"

A cold laugh escaped Yue Lingxue and he said impassively, "Dharma Supreme, which Teacher of yours… taught you that gentlemen don't know how to launch sneak attacks?"

A mocking Feng Yurou also said, "Dharma Supreme, you've already arranged for several hundreds of Supreme Martial Artists to be here to ambush us and you still expect us to fight honorably with you? What a joke!"

The Dharma Supreme's face turned red . Not from embarrassment but rather, from rage!

Laughing, he shouted, "Since that is so, then I shall come and join the fun!" He sprung into the air and flew toward Feng and Yue .

At this point, Bu Liuqing had already come riding on his sword, going right at Wu Juecheng!

Feng and Yue struck at Wu Juecheng successively thrice, forcing him into a situation where he couldn't cope with their attacks . Then, they withdrew from the battle at the same time and went forward to greet the Dharma Supreme!

The five of them twisted and turned, battling each other with great intensity!

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The area of their decisive battle was still a good way from the Great Nebula Divide of Heavenly Secrets Array .

However, the Dharma Supreme and Wu Juecheng weren't particularly anxious about it .

There was no point in getting anxious .

They still had time .

Feng and Yue had gone crazy on the offensive, however! Their beloved Teacher met an untimely death and only after he had died an unjust death for over ten thousand years was the truth revealed! And they had been brotherly with the murderer for over ten thousand years…

Whenever Feng and Yue thought of this, they would become so enraged that they could almost explode!

Yet the Dharma Supreme was still provoking them .

"Brother Yue, honestly speaking, I had no choice in that matter back then either!" The Dharma Supreme moved about leisurely among the glint and flashing of swords, his black robes fluttering . His voice was all the more light and casual as he said, "Your Teacher was already so old back then . Even if I didn't kill him, he wouldn't have lived for much longer, right? Besides, he was hogging the position of Dharma Supreme; if I didn't kill him, how could I usurp that position? I have my reasons too . I was forced into it…"

Yue Lingxue's countenance became grimmer and grimmer, the burning rage in his eyes getting more and more intense!

Both husband and wife bit tightly on their lip, neither of them speaking as they went wildly on the offensive! Wishing they could blast this bastard into dust with their swords!

Sword light rained around them, shooting about unrestrained in the swirling snow!

The Dharma Supreme sighed incessantly, doing his best to verbally incite their fury . Both of them were well aware that he was trying to provoke them but the fury within their hearts couldn't help but burn stronger and stronger!

However, as they battled on, they were astounded to find that the Dharma Supreme's cultivation level was much higher than what they had known it to be!

The three of them had been law-enforcement officers for over ten thousand years and had frequently sparred with each other . In their memory, the Dharma Supreme's cultivation level was no doubt higher than theirs .

If Yue Lingxue were to fight with the Dharma Supreme one on one, he would definitely not be his match . However, if both husband and wife joined hands, the Dharma Supreme wouldn't even have the chance to retaliate at all!

Moon Breeze's joint efforts were invincible!

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This was what the Dharma Supreme had said himself!

Hence, Feng and Yue had absolute confidence . Should the Dharma Supreme really challenge them to a fight to the death, he would inevitably be at a disadvantage as well .

However, they didn't expect the Dharma Supreme to be able to parry them this calmly today when the two of them were already giving their all . While he couldn't be said to be doing it effortlessly, he was certainly not having any trouble at all .

"What a Dharma Supreme, actually concealing your level of skill for so many years!" Yue Lingxue gritted his teeth . Feng Yurou looked mad with humiliation as well . Didn't this mean that the two of them had been treated as fools and kept in the dark for so many years?

The Dharma Supreme sneered condescendingly . "If I wasn't strong, how could I have killed your Teacher?"

Yue Lingxue flew into an even bigger rage!

On the other side, the battle between Bu Liuqing and Wu Juecheng had also reached a climax . Bu Liuqing rode on his sword, going to and fro as swift as the wind . He actually felt incredibly carefree in the battle!

"Wu Juecheng! Dharma Supreme! What are the experts that you have prepared and lying in wait waiting for?" Bu Liuqing's sword flashed and gleamed like the rainbow, his aura mighty as he laughed heartily!

An idea flashed across Wu Juecheng's mind . He raised his voice and shouted, "The people above, chop off Ning Tianya's arm now and throw it down! Since Supremacy Bu doesn't believe me, then we'll give him a token of authentication to look at!"

Upon hearing that, Bu Liuqing hollered, "F*ck you and your mother! Don't you dare!" A flash of sword light and a thundering boom later, the snow within a radius of several kilometers from where they were blasted into bits . Bu Liuqing charged up to the mountain summit like a shooting star!

Concerned that something would happen to Bu Liuqing and also worried that Ning Tianya had really been captured, Feng and Yue charged up after him . The furious Dharma Supreme said, "Intending to help Bu Liuqing? Not so easy!" With a dramatic wave of his wide sleeve, he blocked their path, the battle intensifying!

However, the two of them were worried about Bu Liuqing going up alone, how could they possibly be willing to get themselves entangled in a tussle with him? Both of them used their full strength, practically giving it their all to charge upward .

The Dharma Supreme blocked them continuously, his body swaying . At last, his face turned pale and he said hatefully, "So what even if the two of you go up? You're just throwing your lives away!"

Feng and Yue paid him no heed whatsoever, turning into two rays of sword light and chasing up to the summit with incredible speed .

The Dharma Supreme and Wu Juecheng exchanged a smile .

Their ploy was already half-successful . These three were already at the mountain summit; they were just left with Zi Xieqing now!

With a flash, both followed after them .

At the summit .

Bu Liuqing stood on a large protruding rock, his gaze sweeping to and fro, yet there was no one to be found . Even his divine sense didn't discover any trace of other humans!

Apprehension involuntarily arose in his heart .

Feng and Yue arrived shortly after . "Brother Bu, any discoveries?"

"This is very bizarre," said Bu Liuqing with a frown, "This area has blocked out all signs of life and divine sense; it's impossible to sense where people are hiding! Could this be the power of Mount Xingyun?"

Yue Lingxue replied, "That may not be . No matter how wondrous Mount Xingyun may be, it is but just a mountain . It's not possible for there to be such an effect . It's said that the Zhuge Clan owns a mysterious great array of immeasurable power . In my opinion, this should be the power of arrays!"

"Array? Hmph!" Bu Liuqing rested his hand on his sword . Then, he let out a roar, his sword flying out of his hand and spinning in the air . It transformed into millions of blinding light rays, shooting down all around into every nook and cranny, enveloping the entire mountain!

Bu Liuqing had confidence that the sword light of such an attack would penetrate every inch of Mount Xingyun!

If there were anyone hidden, even if they couldn't see them with their naked eye, surely they couldn't turn even their physical body into thin air!

Yet, after his attack landed, they only heard a flurry of clinking sounds, no returns whatsoever!

Bu Liuqing sprung into the air, catching the sword in his hand . His countenance was somber as he said, "Moon Breeze, let's go into a triangular formation . The moment enemies appear, we'll go at them with our full power . This place is too weird, don't go too far from each other, in case we give the enemy a chance to take advantage of . "

Feng and Yue nodded .

What Bu Liuqing had said was considerate to the two of them .

A flash of a shadow later, the Dharma Supreme appeared before them . White robes fluttered and Wu Juecheng had also landed on the highest rock surface there . He looked down upon them with a smile . "Bu Liuqing, your time is up!"

Bu Liuqing snickered mockingly . "Is that all Supremacy Chen Feng had taught you? Ambush and sneak attacks, using arrays, and bullying others through sheer numbers — are those Supremacy Chen Feng's teachings? I've certainly widened my knowledge!"

Wu Juecheng snorted . "Still so foul-mouthed at death's door!"

This moment, the Dharma Supreme in front of them suddenly sniggered and said, "We're about to be parted by life and death . From now on, the journey to hell will be long . The world of the living and that of the dead are two different worlds . May the three of you be well!"

Then, with a sudden stamp of his foot, a large black bed of rock beneath him slowly sank .

Laughing, the Dharma Supreme descended together with the bed of rock . "My heart is at ease knowing that the three of you can keep each other company on the road to hell and won't be lonely!"

Yue Lingxue stabbed at him with his sword but the Dharma Supreme was no longer there . The area reverted to its original state and Yue Lingxue's sword scratched against the black rock, sparks flying everywhere!

Then, they heard a voice saying, "The Heavenly Secrets alter and the stars move; the imperial court is split and the underground palace quakes! Slaying of the Tao, commence!"

With a loud whoosh, the entire world around them suddenly turned pitch black . Then, rays of dim light flickered and all the stars in the sky sparkled, dense and numerous!

It was already dawn by then . The glimmer of daybreak could already be seen and yet in this instant, the world returned to darkness!

The entire Mount Xingyun seemed to be spinning all of a sudden, the surrounding darkness also spinning along, astounding Bu Liuqing and the Moon Breeze couple!

Because the three of them could distinctly sense that this spinning was real and not an illusion!

The world around them spun faster and faster . In the dark, shadowy human figures appeared, charging at them from all directions one after another! As the mountain spun, the direction in which they came from seemed to be everchanging as well…

The experts of the Nine Super Clans and the law-enforcement ward had finally started to attack!

With a thundering cry, Bu Liuqing and the other two struck out at full power!

. . .

In the Orchard Palace, Chu Yang had long since been awake . He watched the drifting morning fog, staring into blank space as he waited, seemingly in deep contemplation .

Zi Xieqing was already seated under the flower archways, her expression gentle and serene .

"How is it?" asked Chu Yang as he walked over .

"The battle has already started," replied Zi Xieqing, her divine sense keeping watch over the happenings at Mount Xingyun .

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