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Chapter 1150

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"Your Teacher is number one in the world, you know," muttered Chu Yang .

"Yes, number one in the world!" These five words seemed to give the young girl endless confidence . Her heart was put at ease at once and she laid back down . Then, she thought of something which made her giggle . She flipped over and faced Chu Yang again . "Chu Yang, what are you thinking about?"

I'm thinking of executing you on the spot!

Chu Yang howled in his heart but he said in an aggrieved tone instead, "N-nothing much . "

"But your face is so red . " The young girl placed her hand on Chu Yang's forehead . "Your forehead is so warm… Are you hot?"

Yes, I am! My entire body is in heat!

Grumbling inwardly, Chu Yang, as though begging for mercy, said, "Qingwu, go to sleep… There may be a fight ahead of us tomorrow . "

Mo Qingwu nodded and stretched her arms . Then, her eyes swiveling, she seemed to have thought of something yet again and she leaned toward Chu Yang's ear once more, asking in a low voice, "Chu Yang, are you fond of women with big breasts?"

Mo Qingwu's lips were right by Chu Yang's ear, her warm breath spraying his ear . Chu Yang only felt a ticklish and tingly feeling, almost climaxing on the spot . He said with a moan, "Little girl, don't ask something so indecent . "

Mo Qingwu let out a 'hmph!' . Then, as if she just thought of yet another idea, she suddenly flipped aside her blankets, followed by Chu Yang's . With a giggle, before Chu Yang could even recover from his dumbfounded self, she had already snuggled under his blankets .

Chu Yang's entire body became rigid at once .

Then, he felt something cool at his neck; it was the young girl's slender arms around his neck . She giggled and said, "Chu Yang… It's the most comfortable when I cuddle with you . "

She rested her little head against Chu Yang's chest .

With a grimace, Chu Yang discreetly shifted his lower body, clamping his thighs together…

His breathing became increasingly heavy . "Naughty girl! Hurry and go to sleep…"

"Aren't I just about to?" Mo Qingwu laughed again . Then, she puckered her rosy and supple lips and kissed Chu Yang on the lips . "Sleep time!"

And she closed her eyes .

Chu Yang quite literally felt like he was about to die .

About to die from keeping it together!

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He felt like he was about to explode!

"Your body is getting hotter and hotter," murmured Mo Qingwu .

Chu Yang then felt a weight on his body; it was the young girl's thigh over him . Her arms were around his neck, her head rested against his shoulder, and her thigh pressed against his abdomen — Just like that, she murmured triumphantly, her breathing becoming more and more rhythmic…

And she was actually about to fall asleep…

Chu Yang felt like flames were arising around his entire body . Feeling like he was about to be engulfed in flames, he hastily chanted the Heart-Calming Sutra in his heart . But as he chanted, he only got more and more hot and bothered .

He felt sticky all over, covered in perspiration .

Seeing that the young girl seemed to have already fallen asleep, Chu Yang carefully relaxed his thighs . He was at a loss, speechless at the situation .

How was he going to get past tonight?

"What's this…" Mo Qingwu muttered in discontent, reaching downward with her eyes closed and grabbing some kind of object, pushing it to the side…

"Sssss…" Chu Yang gasped, shifting his body with great difficulty to avoid the onslaught .

. . .

Chu Yang didn't even know how he survived the night…

With his eyes wide open, he counted sheep for two hours straight before his emotions gradually stabilized . Then, he felt a sense of bliss and peace of mind come over him .

His loved one was right in his arms!

All his regrets had been made up for!

With these in his life, what more could he ask for?

Chu Yang sighed in bliss .

At that moment, Mo Qingwu, who was in his arms, started to frown, a pained and forlorn expression on her face . She twisted and turned, as if she were about to wake up . Yet she didn't, seemingly still in her dreams…

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Chu Yang tenderly embraced her, and she calmed down a little .

Just as a groggy Chu Yang was about to fall asleep, he suddenly felt wetness at his chest . He looked over, only to see tears streaming down Mo Qingwu's cheeks…

Yet she was clearly still asleep…

"She's dreaming again…" Chu Yang heaved a sigh . Then, his heart trembled .

She's dreaming again? What's she dreaming of? Could it be…

He saw Mo Qingwu part her lips, panting anxiously as she said, "Don't make me leave…"

Chu Yang held his breath .

But after she uttered these few words, she didn't speak anymore . For a long while, only her tears continued to fall .

After a long period of time, Chu Yang had gotten rather drowsy . Just as he was about to shut his eyes, he felt Mo Qingwu suddenly grab his collar, tears still falling from her closed eyes . Her fist was clenched so tightly that her knuckles were white, yet she wouldn't let go at all .

Tears continued to fall from her eyes .

Chu Yang sighed, about to wrap her fully in his arms when Mo Qingwu suddenly increased the strength of her hold on Chu Yang's collar . She murmured, "Chu Yang… Should we have a next life… L-look at me more… I… I'm prettier than the sword…"

Chu Yang's entire body jerked! He was stupefied!

His eyes widened dramatically, yet there was no spark within . Only tears fell quietly down his cheeks .


Have you finally dreamed of this after all?

"I'm prettier than the sword!"

"I'm prettier than the sword!"

Chu Yang's heart ached intensely, as if the overturning seas and oceans…

. . .

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On Mount Xingyun!

This place was said to be where numerous heroes had fallen!

The legend went that when that super expert was folding the Nine Heavens back then, he had accidentally used too much force and swept a bunch of stars at the sides down .

After blazing through the atmosphere and landing in the skies of the Nine Heavens continent, they were about to destroy the newly-folded Nine Heavens continent . Greatly displeased, that super expert, with a wave of his hand, retrieved all of these fallen stars and kneaded them together, tossing them onto the continent .

After they were tossed down, they became a mountain range completely formed by meteorites!

This entire mountain range was as one and completely unable to be separated! The grounds were firm and solid; no matter who it was or what kind of godly weapon was used, no one had ever been able to separate from Mount Xingyun even a stone the size of a fingernail!

In addition, it was said that this mountain contained the power of the stars and was brimming with mystical powers .

The reason why the Zhuge Clan had chosen this area to build a city back then was exactly because they were attracted by the boundless mystical energy of Mount Xingyun .

The Great Nebula Divide of Heavenly Secrets Array was set up by engraving the array design on Mount Xingyun and then completed by activating Heavenly Secrets and drawing the power of the stars! From a certain degree, this array could be said to be the product of the universe!

Furthermore, ever since the Zhuge Clan had completed the Great Nebula Divide of Heavenly Secrets Array, they had never been able to succeed in creating another identical array! Therefore, it could be said to be the only great array in the world!

When Bu Liuqing and Feng and Yue stepped onto the mountain, the skies were misty and snow swirling .

The three of them climbed up the mountain step by step, appreciating the scenery around them along the way .

"It is said that this mountain is the number one wondrous existence in the Nine Heavens!" With a smile, Yue Lingxue said, "I've been here several times . Even at my cultivation level, I can't dig out a single rock here . That's how solid it is!"

Bu Liuqing rolled his eyes . He pointed at the mountain top and said, "What I'm curious about now is only one thing — In such a rock-solid place, how did these trees come to be?"

Feng and Yue both let out a wry laugh; this was truly inexplicable .

Bu Liuqing walked over to a tree . A slight smile on his face, he broke the tree, its trunk the diameter of a bowl, right in the middle with his palm!

He leaned forward to take a look, only to see so many tree rings in the cross-section that they couldn't be counted at all, having already joined together .

"This is a normal tree that has been growing here for at least close to ten thousand years! And it's only as thick as a bowl! Yet its weight is comparable to Star Iron!" Bu Liuqing examined the tree in his hand and said, "If someone uses this as a rod, it can definitely kill a Martial Saint!"

He contemplated and said, "Even a normal tree like this can have such results simply because the environment where it had grown is different… If it were a human, what would happen?"

Feng and Yue looked pensive as they thought about what he said .

With a wave, Bu Liuqing swept aside the accumulated snow, revealing a dark rock surface underneath . The roots of a pine tree could be seen within a long and thin gap in the surface . He bent down and reached his fingers into the gap, pulling at it forcefully .

The rock didn't move at all!

A cracking sound could be heard coming from Bu Liuqing's fingers .

Retracting his hand, Bu Liuqing rose to his feet once more . Somewhat embarrassed, he said, "See? Even my cultivation level cannot move the rock on Mount Xingyun . "

"Pfft… cough, cough…" Feng Yurou started to laugh .

Yue Lingxue was immensely amused too . He said, "Brother Bu, what I see instead is… This mountain may be so solid that we cannot move it at all, but the soft roots of a tree are still able to enter… and even grow to become a towering tree! Therefore… no matter how thorough a plan is, there will still be loopholes . "

What Bu Liuqing heard astounded him . He said, "You're right, what I wanted to say earlier was exactly that . My fingers were in so much pain that I forgot…"

Feng Yurou at last burst into peals of laughter, completely disregarding her image .

The three of them doubled over in laughter . The nervousness they felt when they had just arrived vanished among this laughter .

The three of them, with one in front and two behind, strolled toward the mountain summit leisurely .

The Dharma Supreme stood at the summit, his hands behind his back . When he heard the laughter brought by the wind, a peculiar smile appeared on his face . "They are certainly big-hearted to be able to still laugh at such a time . "

At the side, Wu Juecheng sat atop a pitch-black rock . "They won't be able to laugh very soon . "

The Dharma Supreme chortled . Then suddenly, with a loud holler, he called out, "Brother Yue, is that you who have come?"

Yue Lingxue's voice drifted over from the midpoint of the mountain . "Pooey! Dharma Supreme, what right do you have to call me your brother?!"

With a laugh, the Dharma Supreme replied, "Brother Yue, it truly disappoints me to have you treat me so after our ten thousand years of friendship . Even if you insist on supporting the Nine Tribulations Sword Master, surely you don't need to be so heartless?"

Enraged, Yue Lingxue was about to speak when suddenly a harsh and cold voice could be heard from above . "Bu Liuqing! Come up here and accept your death!"

Bu Liuqing flew into a rage . He bellowed, "Wu Juecheng! You despicable man! What, still intending to bully others by relying on the awe-inspiring name of your ancestors? Let me tell you, grandpa here won't take this bullsh*t from you! I pity the great Supremacy Chen Feng, because his lineage is going to end today!"

Wu Juecheng's cold and unfeeling voice drifted over . "Bu Liuqing, you can't kill anyone with just your mouth alone . "

Bu Liuqing snickered . "It certainly can't, but it can sicken you! I'm happy to do so! Wahaha, sickening the descendant of Chen Feng and Liu Yun certainly feels great!"

Wu Juecheng didn't respond anymore, but a substantial murderous intent instead gradually materialized, swooping over with exceptional force!

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