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Chapter 1149

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The entrance of every hole shone with a white glow . They formed a circle around the dignified form of the Dharma Supreme!

The Dharma Supreme roared deep and loud into the sky, piercing black rays shooting out of his eyes . Nine rays of white light emitted from his body and locked on to the hole entrances!

"Now!" bellowed the Dharma Supreme .

The nine Supremacies soared to the skies all at once . When they were 100 feet high, that white light linked all nine of them .

The corners turned crisp and clear from one person to the next!

As though a colossal nonagon in the sky!

The Heaven Nourishing Jade in each person's hand emitted a holy white glow, producing a mysterious and peculiar pulse of life in this instant!

The next moment, the nine Supremacies went to a hole each!

Ye Di was the first! And Xiao Se, second!

The Nine Super Clans took their positions one by one, according to the order of the Nine Tribulations back then, until the eighth position! The ninth was supplemented by the Supreme Martial Artist from the law-enforcement ward .

Everyone had a regal expression on as they sent the Heaven Nourishing Jade in their hands into the gaping hole at the same time!

The Heaven Nourishing Jade emanated a life force akin to the trembling of one's soul at this moment, before disappearing .

However, the nine Supremacies could distinctly feel their own hearts softening to a large extent and trembling!

Then, the nine of them went forward simultaneously and blocked the hole entrance before them with their chest, exactly at the position of their hearts!

All the cultivation power they possessed gushed out with great force!

White light coiled around the Dharma Supreme as he stood in the center . Numerous rays of holy white light emitted from his body, followed by more rays of white light going back into him…

The Dharma Supreme's eyes were closed during the entire process .

However, every strand of his hair was standing on end! Almost indiscernible black aura emanated from every strand of his hair…

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The next moment, the nine holes in the sky started to gradually dim and darken…

The holes seemed to be slowly shrinking…

And then, with a deafening rumble of thunder, all nine holes vanished!

Blood sprayed from the mouths of all nine Supreme Martial Artists and they plummeted to the ground .

A prismatic light shone in the sky and then disappeared, leaving no trace behind .

The Dharma Supreme slowly opened his eyes, a dark glow flashing across them . A hint of a smile couldn't help but appear on his lips as he slowly descended .

All nine Supreme Martial Artists had the feeling that something seemed to be missing in them . Yet when they checked carefully, there was nothing out of place, other than their organs having suffered vigorous trauma from the impact .

"You've done well . " The Dharma Supreme landed gracefully next to them with a smile, his hands behind his back . "All of you must have suffered trauma from the impact… Hurhur, your injuries this time are not minor . Do not think lightly of it and quickly circulate your energy to recover . We still have a big battle of utmost importance coming up tomorrow!"

As he spoke, he brought out nine elixirs and distributed one to each of them .

The moment they consumed the elixir, a warm feeling spread throughout their hearts and they felt a lot more comfortable . After circulating their energy, they recovered their stamina shortly . They couldn't help but feel somewhat bewildered .

Because the Dharma Supreme had said that their injuries were not minor!

Since it wasn't minor, how did they recover so easily?

The Dharma Supreme sighed . "You may not realize it just yet but I must remind you that during the nourishing of the heavens earlier, what was expended wasn't just the Heaven Nourishing Jade and your cultivation . A portion of life force origin energy from each of you was also extracted . "

Then, he sighed again, deep and long . His hands behind his back, he said with a somber tone, "My brothers, for the sake of the Nine Heavens and for the sake of the ten thousand years-old legacy of the clans, the life force origin that everyone has lost this time may not be able to be recovered at all, or may require an extremely long period of time before it can be recovered! Do you have any regrets?"

The nine of them exchanged a smile . "So that's what it is . It's nothing but just a bit of life force origin energy . All of us have lived such a long life, what's a little life force origin energy to us? Besides, if this can destroy the Nine Tribulations and allow our clans to prosper for another ten thousand years, we'll do it even if we have to give up our lives!"

Moved, the Dharma Supreme said, "My good brothers!"

With a wave, the experts on guard hurried over . "Escort my brothers back! Tomorrow is the day of the great battle; everyone, take care and be well!"

And so, the nine Supremacies nourishing the Heavens was concluded .

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Yet the Dharma Supreme lingered, as if lost in reflection and as if lost in melancholy… His expression was somber, his brows tightly drawn together .

Heavy snow fell around him and the Dharma Supreme walked back and forth in the snow…

No one dared to bother him . They knew that the Dharma Supreme was in a state of gratification for the sake of all the lives in the world, and also… sorrowful…

Thus, everyone stayed quiet, only watching over him from afar .

. . .

In the snow, the Dharma Supreme followed the trail of the nine Supremacies nourishing the Heavens, walking for an astonishing period of four hours! If someone had kept count, they would know that he had circled the Heavens-nourishing nonagon for a total of 999 times!

The Dharma Supreme took a deep breath, his face deathly pale . The next moment, with a loud cough, he exhaled a long wisp of black aura . The same black aura also emanated from all seven of his facial orifices at the same time .

Then, he coughed up blood, vibrant red staining the snow-covered ground .

Panting, he wiped away the traces of blood at the corners of his mouth with the back of his hand as he murmured, "Dongfang Badao, you're surprisingly stubborn! However, you've still been completely erased by me today…"

Suddenly, he let out a bizarre laugh . "With this, there's a total of 81 Supreme Martial Artists' life force origin energy… Hurhur… It's about time…"

With a spin, his form vanished without a trace .

Only after an hour of his departure did the black aura drifting in the area gradually dissipate .

And even three days after his departure, that mouthful of blood still remained in the snow, vibrant and striking!

The swirling snow couldn't even cover it!

. . .

In the wee hours before dawn .

The sky was still dark . Strictly speaking, it was still in the middle of the night .

Chu Yang's divine sense detected movement in the courtyard . Then, it instantly vanished .

A hint of a wry smile appeared on the corners of Chu Yang's lips .

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Bu Liuqing and Feng and Yue had already left .

They were super experts after all . Heading there in advance, they could survey the terrain and even give the opponent a kind of "I'm very confident and have nothing to fear" feeling .

When he returned the previous night, Chu Yang had already informed Bu Liuqing and Feng and Yue to try not to kill people with a 'Wu' character on their robes . At a critical moment, they could try to break out of the siege in their direction .

The result was the three of them laughing out loud — Break out? And give up on their intense and deep-rooted blood feud?

Causing Chu Yang to be speechless to the max!

Intense and deep-rooted blood feud… But Feng and Yue had already borne with it for ten thousand years . Hadn't they come all this way despite not being able to find out the truth these ten thousand years anyway? If the Dharma Supreme hadn't said anything, wouldn't they have been kept in the dark for the rest of their lives?

So why did the Dharma Supreme tell them? Just to kill them, wasn't it?

The feud had already existed for ten thousand years; couldn't they just slowly take their revenge?

And Bu Liuqing as well; even if Ning Tianya had died and he wanted to avenge him, did it absolutely have to be today and not any other time? With his cultivation level, couldn't he just come and go like a shadow and slay them?

But Chu Yang was also well aware that rather than saying today's battle was revenge, it was more like them going over to vent their extreme frustrations!

If these frustrations weren't vented, no one would be comfortable!

But… they could pay the price of venting these frustrations with their lives…

The sound of timid knocking came from the doors .

Chu Yang opened the door, only to see Mo Qingwu hugging her blankets and somewhat cowering in the doorway . "I… I'm scared…"

Heartache arose in Chu Yang and he hurriedly pulled her in . "What's wrong?"

"Teacher left earlier, telling me to take good care of myself… The more I thought about it, the more afraid I became . I can't sleep," a teary-eyed Mo Qingwu said, "So I came here to look for you . But I slept so late last night, so I'm really sleepy now…"

Chu Yang stretched his neck . "Huh?"

"Can I sleep here with you?" Mo Qingwu looked at him pitifully . "Chu Yang, I'm really scared…"

Chu Yang's eyes widened . "Huh? Sleep here?"

Looking at the young girl's maturing curves, Young Master Chu gulped, feeling his throat suddenly become dry and parched . His lower half was also vaguely raising its head . He hastily clamped his thighs together, letting out a forced laugh and said, "Qingwu, you're still young, you need to know that there's a difference between men and women . This… Sharing the bed is…"

"It's precisely because I'm still young that I'm not afraid . " Mo Qingwu gazed at Chu Yang with her round and dark eyes . She giggled and said, "Surely Big Brother Chu Yang isn't such a beast? To harm even a little girl like me?"

Chu Yang was stunned .

Where did she learn to say such things?

On the other side, Mo Qingwu had already joyfully come to the bedside with her blankets . She shifted Chu Yang's blankets inward and placed her nice-smelling blankets on the bed . Then, she took off her coat, revealing a thin nightgown on the inside .

"It's so cold…" The little girl shivered and dived into the blankets . She pushed her long hair out of the blankets and her hair spread on one side of the pillow . Tilting her head toward Chu Yang, she asked, "Chu Yang, aren't you going to sleep?"

"I will, I'll sleep, I'll sleep…" Chu Yang's back was bent, his thighs still squeezed together . He climbed onto the bed clumsily, feeling as if he was going to burst into flames…

"Your posture is so strange," commented the young girl honestly .

"Uhh, hurhur, haha… Is it?" Minister Chu hastily wrapped himself tightly in the blankets, breathing a sigh of relief . He could feel his lower half as hard as iron and extremely high-spirited .

He couldn't help but groan inwardly .

Little girl, aren't you just torturing me now… Strange position… Isn't this strange position all because of you?

The next instant, he felt something tickling his cheek . The young girl had leaned over, her cherry red lips by his ear as she said, "Big Brother Chu Yang~~~~~"

Her voice was tender and delicate . Chu Yang shivered all over when he heard her voice, muttering, "She's a little devil…"

Then, the young girl rested her head on Chu Yang's pillow . She reached over and grabbed Chu Yang's arm, placing it under her head and resting against it . Then, her arms reached over and wrapped around Chu Yang's neck, murmuring blissfully, "Ah… Now I'm not scared anymore . "

You're not scared anymore but now I am…

Chu Yang felt rather powerless .

"Chu Yang, do you think my Teacher will win?" Since she wasn't scared anymore, the young girl started to ask what was on her mind the most .

"He definitely will," answered Chu Yang distractedly as he stared at the ceiling, his body ramrod straight like a zombie .

"Really?" The young girl got excited, raising her head and looking at him with her shiny twinkly eyes .

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