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Chapter 1145

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Chu Yang had to admit that part of the enemy's scheme had succeeded .

Bu Liuqing was originally the most difficult element to be forced into action!

Yet he was the first to take action now by agreeing to the battle challenge!

With the news of Ning Tianya, and bad news at that, even if Bu Liuqing's legs were broken, he would still crawl over for the battle if he had to! Moreover, once he was there, if he didn't achieve what he had gone there for, Bu Liuqing was someone who would rather die than retreat!

This was the undeniable truth!

In other words, it meant that they had already locked down Bu Liuqing for battle . As long as their enemy was powerful enough, they would be able to finish him there and then!

However, when it came to such emotions, how could Chu Yang dissuade him?

Chu Yang heaved a sigh . "Did they make a battle pact with just you?"

Bu Liuqing replied, "No, they exchanged a battle pact with Feng and Yue as well . The Dharma Supreme invited them to settle their scores of ten thousand years on the same day, at the same place!"

"Scores of ten thousand years?" Chu Yang was shocked . "What kind of score do they have with each other?"

"Feng and Yue's Teacher was the previous Dharma Supreme . " Bu Liuqing let out a sigh . "He died in the hands of the current Dharma Supreme! The Dharma Supreme said it out loud and clear today!"

Chu Yang sighed once more, a bitter taste in his mouth . "Which means that Feng and Yue are adamant in going too?!"

"Yes!" Bu Liuqing nodded affirmatively . "And it will be a decisive battle where nobody backs down until one of us is dead!"

"Just a battle pact alone and three out of four of the super experts on our side have been taken away at the same time?" Chu Yang was rather at a loss for words . "Haven't you all considered the possibility that this is a huge trap that can cost you your lives?"

Bu Liuqing looked toward the sky, his voice passive as he said, "In a man's lifetime, there are things that he cannot do and things that he must do! It is enough as long as he maintains honor in his heart and holds a clear and staid conscience . As for other matters, if necessary, there's no looking back even if it means death!"

"Even though it's obvious that this battle challenge is a trap, it is still one that I must go for," Bu Liuqing was resolute as he continued, "Even though I know that I will perish if I go, I still have to go nonetheless!"

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Chu Yang heaved yet another sigh .

He could fully understand Bu Liuqing and Feng and Yue's decision!

If the enemy had come to Chu Yang with the safety of Meng Chaoran, Gu Duxing and the rest as a condition to challenge him to a battle, would he have gone?

That was a question that didn't even need to be asked! It went without saying!

It was precisely because he could understand that he felt powerless .

Because Chu Yang dared to say this for certain — As long as these three turned up for the battle, Mount Xingyun would surely be their eternal resting ground!

Earlier, he was still wondering what kind of means the enemy could employ that could drive these people into a situation where they couldn't even escape if they wanted to . But now, it certainly looked like a task that was beyond simple!

For people like the Dharma Supreme and Wu Juecheng, the moment they challenged someone to a battle, it meant that they had absolute confidence! In sending their opponents to their grave!

If not, they wouldn't have made a move at all!

"Chu Yang, should I unfortunately perish, take care of Qingwu!" Bu Liuqing said quietly, "If Old Ning is still alive, he'll naturally come back . If he's dead… Xiaowu will have only you from then on; do not let her down . "

Before Chu Yang could even answer him:

The door to Yue Lingxue's room drew open . Feng and Yue, along with Wu Qianqian, walked out slowly . Dressed in robes as white as snow, the couple looked as if they were one with the heavens and earth as they stood in the snow-covered grounds .

Feng Yurou opened her mouth first . "Chu Yang, I have a presumptuous request to ask of you . "

Chu Yang had a wry smile on his face . "Please go on . "

"In three days, my husband and I will head to Mount Xingyun to have our final battle with the Dharma Supreme! The odds are against us this time; should the two of us perish on Mount Xingyun… I'll leave Qianqian to you!"

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Feng Yurou gazed at Chu Yang seriously . "Chu Yang, do not forget your promise to Qianqian!"

Chu Yang was flabbergasted .

Nothing had even happened yet and here they were, already entrusting their orphans to him .

"I don't care if you have several wives! Nor do I care what your arrangement is! And I care even less about your reservations!" Feng Yurou, a woman who was usually gentle and delicate, displayed a forceful side to her at this moment . She said firmly, "In any case, you must leave a position for Qianqian! And give her happiness! And make her happy!"

"Teacher!" exclaimed Wu Qianqian . She was initially on the verge of tears but now, she was so embarrassed that her entire face had turned red .

Chu Yang heaved a heavy sigh . Then, with an exceptionally forceful tone, he said furiously, "Are you so sure that you'll die once you go? That you can't even wait to entrust your orphans to me?! Are you aware that your current behavior shows that you have no confidence in yourselves whatsoever?! If you don't even have confidence in yourself, how can you triumph over your foes and come back victorious?!"

"All of you f*cking entrusting your people to me! If I die, who do I entrust them to?" Chu Yang was in a mad rage . "All of you are people who have traversed the world as you pleased, and looked down upon all from a high vantage point! Don't you even have confidence in returning home safely after slaying all your enemies?!"

"You have Lady Zi by your side, you won't die," Bu Liuqing nodded toward Zi Xieqing and said, "Lady Zi, I'll entrust the safety of this area to you . "

Zi Xieqing had a wry smile on her face as she replied, "What's the use of entrusting it to me when the three of you are the main forces? After all, I'm departing this continent soon! If all of you are dead and I've left, then the few of them left here can only wait to be bullied and humiliated until they die . "

A slight smile on her face, Zi Xieqing continued, "Bu Liuqing, Feng and Yue, the three of you have lived for a long time . All these years, surely you have made countless enemies and foes in this world? And each and every one of them is no weakling! If you were to die when your disciples haven't even grown to their full potential… Why don't you think of how they'll deal with your disciples? Especially when they are such beautiful and attractive female disciples . "

"Even if Chu Yang is a superhuman, he is but just a Monarch! Any old first-grade Supreme Martial Artist can wipe all of them out! And among your enemies, just how many of them are first-grade Supreme Martial Artists? Giving it a reasonable estimate, surely there's at least 100?"

"When you go for your final battle three days later, will you be able to wipe them all out without leaving a single one?"

Zi Xieqing went on, "You'll have had your fill of fun after fighting and killing your enemies . After all, it's all over when you're dead . Who cares even if the enemy tears your dead bodies apart and feed it to the dogs, you won't feel it anyway . But have you ever given this a thought?"

Bu Liuqing and Feng and Yue couldn't help but break out in cold sweat .

Indeed, each of them had so many foes that they couldn't keep count anymore .

If they were around, even if their foe was right before them, they would also have to kneel while they spoke, not even daring to cough loudly . But what if they weren't around anymore?

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Leaving behind only a weak and powerless disciple with a low level of cultivation…

And female disciples at that…

The three of them practically didn't dare to continue this train of thought .

If the three of them perished and Zi Xieqing had left, then what awaited Mo Qingwu, Wu Qianqian and the rest was definitely torture and humiliation that was worse than death!

In fact, the same went for Chu Yang and the others!

"It is easy to go to one's death like a hero, but difficult to bear with disgrace for the sake of something more important!" Chu Yang let out a long sigh . "Do give it careful consideration . "

"But such enmity is something that we must avenge!" Bu Liuqing gritted his teeth, taking a few deep and heavy breaths . "The children have to take care of themselves on their own eventually; only when they have faced and withstood difficulties can they grow up to be a great presence! We cannot always be around to protect them for life; there are some things that they will have to face sooner or later . "

Feng and Yue nodded, their expressions pained but grave .

Chu Yang sighed . What they had expected had eventually made its way here . Their opponent had long grasped these few people's personalities perfectly, and the traps that they laid were something that they could not resist no matter what .

"Alright! In that case, take care of yourselves as much as possible . " Chu Yang waved at them, his attitude cold and distant . "The few of us here will need to get used to the feeling of being all alone without anyone to depend on as soon as we can too… Just die if you want, it'll be cleaner after you guys are all dead . "

The facial muscles of Bu Liuqing and Feng and Yue spasmed a little, all of them feeling that this fellow's words were really disagreeable to the ear! At such a moment where the atmosphere was so heavy, they actually had the urge to give him a tight slap across the face…

Everyone remained in the courtyard for a while . Under Chu Yang's urging, they returned to their respective rooms .

Chu Yang gave Zi Xieqing a look .

Zi Xieqing, who got the hint, said, "Brother Bu, Feng and Yue, I would like to discuss some matters with the three of you . Please wait a while for me here . "

As Bu Liuqing and the other two looked on in bewilderment, Zi Xieqing turned and went back to her room .

Chu Yang snorted and left in a huff .

When they were in the room, Chu Yang whipped out three small clouds of Primordial Violet Vapor with lightning-fast speed, giving Zi Xieqing a fright .

"Are you sure?" Zi Xieqing lowered her voice .

"Better than seeing them throw their lives away!" Chu Yang shrugged .

Zi Xieqing giggled and said, "Chu Yang, you're really such a generous person . This kind of thing, even in the Nine Heavens Imperial Court, is also considered a treasure of the highest grade! Giving them these today is enough for them to form life force origin energy . If they can survive this battle, this would be the same as constructing the staircase to heaven for them . "

Chu Yang laughed lightly . "It's certainly better than us going up all alone, right? They have terrible tempers but you have to admit that they are all good people, and very lovable at that . The fewer such people die, the better . "

Zi Xieqing laughed aloud .

Chu Yang went on to say, "However, I cannot give them these things personally . All of my secrets would be exposed if I do . Therefore, I can only give one incomplete version of the Nine Tribulations Pill to Bu Liuqing as a backup . As for Feng and Yue, I can only give them the Primordial Violet Vapor . I'll leave with you the incomplete versions of the Nine Tribulations Pills that they'll need in the event of injury . The moment something happens, you can rip open the dimension and go over immediately and let them consume it at once . What do you think?"

Zi Xieqing said gladly, "That would be for the best!"

Feng and Yue were reliable, of course, but they were model examples of an honorable person .

They could use methods that conformed to reason and sense to deceive an honorable person, but it would be difficult to do so with methods that didn't!

Before Chu Yang had reached a level where he could stand on his own, he couldn't afford to take even the slightest risk . Therefore, he could only use Zi Xieqing as a front to do these things .

With Zi Xieqing's cultivation level and status, even if she presented the incomplete version of the Nine Tribulations Pill to them and claimed that she was the one who had refined it herself, nobody would doubt her . Because she had the skill and status to back it up!

Besides, the Nine Tribulations Pill was originally a myth; up to this point, other than the Nine Tribulations Sword Master and the Nine Tribulations, even though there existed others who could've seen the Pill before too, it didn't include these few people here…

When Zi Xieqing came back out again, her face was a little pale .

She walked up to the other three and said lightly, "This is a little something from me, to boost your chances for this battle . "

With a flip of her hand, three clouds of violet vapor appeared and entered the foreheads of the three people lightning quick!

Blurry violet vapor emanated from them at once, followed by intense perspiration . Yet it felt amazingly comfortable, as if even their soul and spirit had been purified at this moment .

"Life force origin?" Bu Liuqing was someone who could tell when he saw good stuff, so he couldn't help but exclaim .

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