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Chapter 1141

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The Dharma Supreme had a wry smile . "If I were really the one who had done it, there's nothing much that I can say even if Brother Bu wants to take his frustrations out on me… But the problem is, it wasn't me . I'm currently chasing after that person too…"

Seeing that the Dharma Supreme was actually willing to explain himself despite his status, Bu Liuqing instead felt too embarrassed to make a false accusation at him now, because he had obviously witnessed him and this white-robed man chase after that person…

A fuming Bu Liuqing asked sulkily, "Who was that?"

"I didn't get a good look!" the Dharma Supreme continued solemnly, "The only thing that I can say for sure is that his cultivation is definitely not beneath yours or mine! In fact… his speed is even faster than ours!"

An irate Bu Liuqing snapped . "Isn't that obvious! If he weren't as strong as us, he would have been caught by you long ago and the Heaven Nourishing Jade pocketed by you . If he were slower than us, we would have caught up to him long ago… Have you gotten so used to spewing superfluous rubbish after being the Dharma Supreme for more than ten thousand years?"

The Dharma Supreme kept his calm . "Brother Bu, you know that what I said is the truth . "

"I'm asking you about his identity!" Bu Liuqing snapped again .

"No idea!" The Dharma Supreme shook his head .

"No idea?" Both Bu Liuqing and Yue Lingxue got a shock .

The most extensive intelligence network in the world belonged to the Dharma Supreme! It was so extensive that it contained data about every King level expert in the network! The database was scanned once every three days; whenever an important change was detected, it would be reported to the Dharma Supreme as soon as possible .

Data about all the experts at Supreme Martial Artist level and above was scanned once a day and reported immediately to the Dharma Supreme!

If even the Dharma Supreme was not aware of this person's background, then he would truly be an enigma!

"There shouldn't be such a person in the Nine Heavens," the Dharma Supreme took a breath before he continued, "In any case… Such a person should not exist . This is the most baffling part . "

"Indeed . " Even Bu Liuqing nodded in agreement .

In this world, all the so-called experts living in recluse and super experts who could astound the world the moment they make their move… did not exist at all .

This was because someone who practiced martial arts would need to cultivate . After cultivating for a period of time, he would require practical experience in terms of real battles to improve, be it in techniques or enlightenment . What one could comprehend in a battle of life and death would always be much more and deeper than what he could comprehend by simply cultivating by himself .

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There was no comparison at all .

The higher the level, the truer this was . Blindly cultivating without experiencing the real world would never make a super expert! Not to mention becoming a true super expert such as one of Bu Liuqing's level!

Therefore, so long as it was an expert, they would definitely have experienced countless actual battles! A swordsman uses violence to go against the world, such was the logic of the world .

However, as long as this person had even appeared once on the continent, the law-enforcement officer would definitely have information about him .

Yet the Dharma Supreme was sure that they definitely didn't .

In other words… This person's identity must be fake!

"Even if it's fake, he is also an expert for sure!" Bu Liuqing said coldly, "And only you law-enforcement officers and the Nine Super Clans would have such an expert!"

The Dharma Supreme didn't rebut his statement .

He was suspicious about this as well .

If he belonged to the Nine Super Clans or the Law-enforcement ward… Then this incident would be of even higher severity to the Dharma Supreme than to Chu Yang!

Because it indicated that there was already a breach of control in some aspects!

"It is possible!" The Dharma Supreme nodded impassively .

Bu Liuqing's gaze bore into him for a moment before he said seriously, "Dharma Supreme, you are being very meek today, always going along with what I say . Why is that?"

The Dharma Supreme heaved a long sigh, shaking his head as a wry smile appeared on his lips . He said, "My brother and close friend once upon a time is going to become an irreconcilable foe in these few days… My heart is forlorn! I don't wish to argue with anyone . "

With an extremely complex look in his eyes, he glanced at Yue Lingxue who was standing by the side silently . He said, "Brother Yue, I wish to speak a few words with you . "

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Yue Lingxue also felt rather repressed in his heart . "Indeed, I was thinking of the same thing . "

Bu Liuqing's eyes flickered as he commented, "Dharma Supreme, what is there that you cannot say here? Don't force me to reveal your biggest secret!"

The Dharma Supreme had a passive smile on his face as he replied, "If Brother Bu had the intention to, why would you wait till today? Brother Yue and I have been friends for over ten thousand years . Do you mean to say that on the verge of a life-and-death battle, even a simple exchange of words needs to be monitored by you?"

His tone was passive but his words could draw blood .

Bu Liuqing did not take a step back . He replied, "But your chat needs to be within my sight!"

He was the only one who knew that the current Dharma Supreme wasn't Dongfang Badao, but a soul hellbent on revenge!

He was afraid that Yue Lingxue would be duped, hence the insistence .

The Dharma Supreme had a wry smile as he answered, "Fine . " Then, he turned to Yue Lingxue . "Brother Yue, please come with me . "

He took the lead and walked off, drifting out several feet before he stopped in his tracks . His robes fluttering in the wind, Yue Lingxue followed behind him at a steady pace, his brows tightly furrowed and expression somber and complicated .

With the heavy snow, even a mere distance of ten feet already rendered one's vision indistinct . Now that they were several feet away, they were already out of sight, though it was still possible to lock onto them with one's divine sense .

Bu Liuqing snorted; the Dharma Supreme was clearly pulling a fast one here .

If it had been any other time, naturally a distance of several feet wouldn't have posed an issue . But how would he be able to see them in such heavy snow?

The white-robed man moved forward leisurely . With a small smile, he said, "Brother Bu, shall we… have a chat?"

Bu Liuqing frowned, followed by a cold chuckle . "You're not the Dharma Supreme's assistant, right?"

The white-robed man chuckled as well, asking curiously, "Why would you say that?"

Bu Liuqing narrowed his eyes . "Wu Juecheng! Don't play the fool in front of me . If what you want is a fight, I will be your match; if not, I would also have looked for you for one!"

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The white-robed man was indeed Wu Juecheng . He was rather surprised that Bu Liuqing managed to recognize him . He chuckled and said, "Supremacy Bu's temper is indeed as how the legends go . You are very sharp indeed; you could actually sense my aura?"

Taking a deep breath, Bu Liuqing replied, "I did not sense you concealing your aura; however, you were too good at concealing it… I, Bu Liuqing, do not profess to be much of an intellectual, but I do have the heart of a sword!"

"The heart of a sword…" Wu Juecheng repeated after him . Then, he gave him a free and uninhibited smile . "Brother Bu, after the nourishing of the Heavens, Wu shall ask for a taste of your heart of the sword . "

Bu Liuqing sneered . "Anytime . "

Wu Juecheng narrowed his eyes as he asked, "According to the time, Ning Tianya should have reached Tianji City by now… Why is he not here yet?"

Bu Liuqing held his breath when he said that . He gave Wu Juecheng a sharp look . "What do you mean by that?"

Wu Juecheng said lightly, "The Dharma Supreme has invited the Feng and Yue couple for a battle to settle all our scores after the nourishing of the Heavens . Brother Bu, an invitation cannot compare to a chance encounter; how about we settle our scores during that time too!"

With a casual smile, he added, "As well as… Ning Tianya's share . "

Bu Liuqing had a severe smile as he asked, "What happened to Ning Tianya?"

An indifferent Wu Juecheng replied, "You'll know after the nourishing of the Heavens . "

Sword intention raged around Bu Liuqing . He flew into the air, his eyes so sharp as though they had transformed into long swords that looked down upon all . "Wu Juecheng, fight me!"

Wu Juecheng shook his head . "It's not time yet . When the time comes, we shall settle all of our scores . I shall also see for myself at that time just what kind of capabilities the number one supremacy among swordsmen possess to be worthy of the title of number one!"

Bu Liuqing nodded slowly, saying carefully, "You will see it for sure! I will also let you know that the names of Chen Feng and Liu Yun will not intimidate anyone!"

Wu Juecheng's eyes also became fiercely sharp . "Is that so?"

"The Nine Tribulations of the past will not intimidate anyone either!" Bu Liuqing looked at him coldly as he went on, "Brother Wu, to be honest, what I look down on the most… is people relying on the name and glory that their ancestors have left behind to do as they please and act all smug and arrogant . "

Wu Juecheng said dispassionately, "Is that so?"

Bu Liuqing nodded heavily . "Yes! Back then, how awe-inspiring was the quote "The Morning Wind rises in the universe, the Flowing Clouds surge through the heavens beyond"? They truly swept across the Nine Heavens and went around the world unhindered, no one dared to look directly upon them! However… tens of thousands of years later, things are different now! If their descendants still try to go around using this same quote as a backing… Say, isn't that really embarrassing? Isn't that a huge joke? Right…? A signboard that has already been in decay for tens of thousands of years… What's there to shout about anymore, Brother Wu? Isn't this just friggin' desecrating someone's grave?"

Wu Juecheng gasped, heavy and sharp, his fists clenched tightly . With a voice like the frigid wind, he said, "Brother Bu, you will see for yourself the power of this quote three days later!"

Bu Liuqing sneered coldly . "I absolutely concur; I will resist the power of Chen Feng and Liu Yun with all that I have! But what I'm worried about… is that I may not necessarily see for myself the power of Wu Juecheng!"

Wu Juecheng glowered at him, the veins at his temples throbbing . "You will, Brother Bu! Three days is not a very long time . Brother Bu, you must keep yourself in tiptop condition during these three days! At that time…"

"At that time, the lineage of Chen Feng and Liu Yun is going to end . " Bu Liuqing did not let up his pressure as he went on, "Why don't you change your name from Wu Juecheng to Wu Juehou?"


Wu Juecheng's whip cracked through the air! Unable to tolerate any further, he was about to strike!

This was what Bu Liuqing had been waiting for after exerting so much pressure on him . He let out a loud howl, "The resilience of the Nine Tribulations is nothing more than this! The descendant of Chen Feng is nothing more than this! Wu Juecheng, it looks like you must have joined hands with someone else when you battled Ning Tianya, didn't you? I'm really not trying to belittle you, but your level of cultivation and self-restraint is something that even I look down on, much less you being able to hurt Ning Tianya? Hahaha… After being a follower of the Nine Tribulations Sword Master and being scammed your entire life, you've become pretty despicable and shameless too!"

Wu Juecheng gripped the handle of his whip in one hand, the end of the whip in his other . His breathing got heavier and heavier as he tried to suppress his raging fury . "Bu Liuqing! You will pay for this three days later!"

The glint of a sword later, Bu Liuqing had already drawn his sword . He pointed his sword at Wu Juecheng as he laughed . "Why wait another three days! Come, Wu Juecheng! Let grandpa here send you on your journey! So that your ancestors and your Nine Tribulation brothers won't need to wait in anxiety any longer!"

Bu Liuqing wasn't such a caustic person usually . However, when he heard that Ning Tianya had encountered danger, he erupted immediately! No matter what, he had to get back at Wu Juecheng for him!

Wu Juecheng roared into the sky, "Three days later, I will definitely end you!"

A crackle of lightning thundered in the air suddenly, and Wu Juecheng's white-robed figure vanished in the blizzard .

For the sake of the grand plan that would take place in three days, Wu Juecheng chose to grit his teeth and bear with it . Yet he couldn't tolerate any further and so, chose not to engage with Bu Liuqing any further and fled!

He was originally trying to provoke Bu Liuqing into a fight three days later . Even though he had made himself extremely furious in the process, he had achieved his goal! Patience was a virtue after all, and a lack of forbearance in small matters would upset great plans .

He retreated .

Bu Liuqing laughed aloud, imitating the way Wu Juecheng had howled into the sky . "'Three days later! I will definitely end you!' Hahaha… His mouth is really quite something!" Mockery permeated his laughter . 'Juehou' means the end of one's lineage and descendants . It's also the same term that he used in his previous sentence about Chen Feng and Liu Yun

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