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Chapter 1140

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When Chu Yang walked out of the Great Heavens-Reversing Array, he still felt like he was dreaming .

Heavy snow fell outside, the world a wide expanse of white between heaven and earth .

The swirling snowflakes landed on his cheeks, giving Chu Yang a kind of intangible feeling of tranquility . He didn't activate his energy, only walking step by step in the snow with the speed of a regular human .

In this misty and blurry environment, Chu Yang felt exceptionally clear-headed . He went through in his mind what had happened here, and then Mo Qingwu's strange dream… as well as that mysterious number one gifted scholar in his past life, Xue Leihan .

There must be a connection here somewhere!

Chu Yang declared inwardly .

In the distance, a few gazes shot his way simultaneously .

A sharp-eyed Bu Liuqing watched the walking Chu Yang, never taking his eyes off him . With a distance of over ten thousand feet in between them, he was a blurry spot even to Bu Liuqing; he had merely used his energy to lock on to Chu Yang's location .

Chu Yang was the champion . This meant that he must have the Heaven Nourishing Jade in his possession right now!

There would definitely be people who had ill intentions on the Heaven Nourishing Jade .

Therefore, Chu Yang was in terrible danger right now .

On the other side, Feng Yurou and Yue Lingxue stood side by side in the snowy sky . Both of them had a rather complex look on their faces .

"The Heaven Nourishing Jade is finally forged," murmured Feng Yurou, as if talking to herself .

"Yes . " A hint of tragic solemnity flickered on Yue Lingxue's handsome face . "These past hundred thousand years, each and every generation of the Dharma Supreme had gone to extreme lengths and given their all to assist the Nine Tribulations Sword Master . If our predecessors knew that we are the only remaining law-enforcement officers who are still persisting in the same efforts while the rest have all given up… What would they think? How would they feel? Would they all weep in unison…"

"But no matter what, we must carry on Teacher's wishes! In his final moments, his very last instruction was for us to uphold the mission of the law-enforcement officer and assist the Nine Tribulations Sword Master, such that this continent can be peaceful and harmonious," Feng Yurou said with a smile in the snowstorm .

"The nourishing of the Heavens will begin in three days . " Yue Lingxue raised his head and retracted the protective barrier that he had put up, allowing the icy snow to fall onto his cheeks . He savored the chilly frostiness as he went on, "We shall strike at that time . "

He paused a little before continuing in a heavy tone of voice, "This… may be our final battle! Rou'er, are you scared?"

Feng Yurou took a breath as she gazed tenderly at her husband . With a hint of guilt, she answered, "I'm not scared, just that… My biggest regret is that I wasn't able to leave behind any offspring for you…"

Yue Lingxue was at ease as he said with a smile, "Even if we have generations of offspring, they will all return to the earth after many years . Rou'er, there are so many people in the world and so many family names in the world . However, after these past hundred thousand years, there are already a lot of family names that we don't see in this continent anymore . Because they don't have any offspring, or maybe they only had daughters and no sons . Daughters follow their husbands after marriage, giving up their original family name… Only the large clans can preserve their name and continue their legacy until today…"

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"However, gradually, as the world changes, the large clans will disappear as well . "

Yue Lingxue continued passively, "So what if it disappears? Disappearing now and disappearing ten million years later makes no difference; it's disappearing all the same . Everything is gone after death; even if there is another world, it doesn't belong here anymore either . Why bother so much?"

Feng Yurou listened to him in a daze . Her eyes turned red as she said, "I have never thought so far, I just wanted a child of my own…"

Yue Lingxue let out a long sigh . "If we survive today, we will have one . "

The two of them leaned against each other, Feng Yurou nestling in her husband's arms . They did not speak another word, only enjoying this calm and quiet lull before the great battle…

. . .

Chu Yang walked out, one step at a time .

Another 300 feet and he would be out of the Medicine Valley's protected zone .

There were several powerful presences in the surrounding .

They were the experts of the Nine Super Clans, all preparing to strike!

Chu Yang was prepared long ago for this . A mocking smile appeared on his lips .

I know what all of you are up to . If I can't even think of this, if I let you have your way… then how do I survive in this world?

In the faraway distance, a long howl suddenly echoed!

It pierced through the air!

The snow in the air was reduced to powder, falling from the sky!

In front, a blanket of snow suddenly sprayed upward . A white shadow sped forward among the snow like a typhoon, its speed lightning quick!

The figure was covered entirely by the blizzard, neither his form nor his face visible!

In fact, not even his aura seeped out .

Before anyone could even react, this white shadow shielded by the blizzard had already reached the area 300 feet in front of Chu Yang!

In the distance!

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Bu Liuqing shouted in alarm, "Not good!"

His feet suddenly sprung off the ground, his body as swift as an arrow while he shouted mightily, " How dare you!"

The glint of a sword shot out rapidly from his hand!

It formed a gigantic light sword that could render the heavens and earth in two and flew through the air! To aid Chu Yang!

Yue Lingxue and Feng Yurou also realized that something was wrong, making their move at the same time!

But that white shadow was simply too fast!

They had only just reacted but that white shadow was already before Chu Yang . He let out a vigorous and long howl as he laughed aloud, "The Heaven Nourishing Jade! It's mine!"

His palm strike landed with a bam!

Chu Yang, unable to retaliate at all, flew outward . That person's hand formed a hook and grabbed hold of Chu Yang's collar . With a loud rip, his robes were reduced to shreds, numerous objects falling out of Chu Yang's bosom!

That person grabbed at the objects, his speed not reduced by even a bit . Then, he soared into the air, his indistinct white form flashing in the sky and disappearing from sight! A long and resounding laugh echoed in the sky as he disappeared into the far distance…

Two shadows, one black and one white, chased after him from two different directions at once . They were the Dharma Supreme and Wu Juecheng! The two of them had been observing for a long time . That white-clad figure was surprisingly unfamiliar to them and they had no impression of such a person in their memory at all . The moment they saw this happen…

…both of them chased after him right away .

Should they be able to retrieve the Heaven Nourishing Jade… it would be theirs!

An enraged Bu Liuqing and Yue Lingxue chased after them with all their might .



Chu Yang finally landed in the snow . He tasted something sickeningly sweet in his throat before coughing out a mouthful of blood . He laid weakly in the snow, his whole body shivering and his face deathly pale without any hint of rosiness .

Feng Yurou landed by his side with a whoosh . She placed her fingers on his wrist immediately and felt for his pulse . Thereafter, her countenance relaxed at once . "Thank goodness! He only wanted to rob you…"

At this point, a few shadows landed nearby at the same time, looking at Chu Yang with a complex look in their eyes .

They were the Supreme Martial Artists of the Nine Super Clans!

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Chu Yang slowly came to, his voice shaking as he asked, "What happened… eh? My… my Heaven Nourishing Jade? And where did my spatial storage ring go…"

Feng Yurou sighed and replied, "Brother Bu and my husband have already gone after them… Hopefully, they'll be able to get them back . "

Chu Yang was rather dejected . "This… Who was that?"

This question puzzled everyone too .

Who exactly was that?

That speed that they had witnessed was even faster than them; he had to be a ninth-grade Supreme Martial Artist at least!

"What are you people doing here?" Feng Yurou looked coldly at the ten-odd Supreme Martial Artists, who were all sixth-grade to seventh-grade, from the Nine Super Clans around them . Her eyebrows gradually drew closer and tighter; she was already in an anxious mood beforehand and now this had to happen . When she saw these people, she couldn't help but flare up . "Get lost!"

Upon seeing Chu Yang's robes in pieces, his skin almost exposed to the elements, and even the ring on his finger stolen from him, as well as sporting a huge gash… that was probably left behind when the ring was stolen…

It was obvious that Chu Yang couldn't possibly hide anything on him now!

It looked like he had definitely been robbed!

Since that was the case, everyone's minds were set at ease .

Who still had the mood to stay and suffer through Feng Yurou's temper? They all bid their farewells one by one, vanishing without a trace as they gloated at his misfortune .

Who asked him to be such a showoff!

Served him right!

Robbed now, wasn't he!

This was too satisfying, hahaha…

The Valley Master of the Medicine Valley and the high priest etc hurried over . "What happened?"

Chu Yang said dejectedly, "I was robbed… The Heaven Nourishing Jade… It's gone…"

The Valley Master and the high priest stamped their feet in despondence, letting out a long sigh .

Shortly afterward, Mo Qingwu had already squeezed her way in anxiously . "Chu Yang, Chu Yang… You, you… Does it hurt?" Worry was all over the young girl's face as she leaned toward Chu Yang and showed him great concern . Her originally childish face looked extremely gentle and beautiful at this moment as she said, "It's fine… As long as you're fine… The Heaven Nourishing Jade doesn't matter, everything's fine…"

Her tone didn't seem like Chu Yang was older than her; on the contrary, she sounded like she was a lot older than Chu Yang .

Chu Yang mustered a smile and held her small hand . "I'm fine…"

"As long as you're safe…" Mo Qingwu said gently, "To me… The Heaven Nourishing Jade can't even compare to a strand of your hair…" She gave him a relaxed and easy smile, endless consolation and a kind of power that could put someone at ease in her smile .

Feng Yurou sighed inwardly as she watched Mo Qingwu, thinking, "This girl may be young but she's so understanding, attentive and thoughtful… Such devotion… Moreover, Qianqian's identity is rather awkward… It's really going to be difficult for her to be pitted against this girl…"

. . .

Bu Liuqing and Yue Lingxue joined hands in giving chase . Bu Liuqing's cultivation level was profound and high, almost instantly leaving Yue Lingxue behind the moment he gave chase on the light sword . However, Yue Lingxue's speed had always been swift and was only one step behind Bu Liuqing as he hurriedly gave chase…

Both of them were extremely enraged!

This was too disgraceful!

The three great ninth-grade Supreme Martial Artists were right there guarding and someone still managed to steal something right under their noses… This made the two of them wish they could bury themselves in a hole somewhere!

But there was a burning question in their minds too — Who, exactly, was this person?

His cultivation level… was almost too scary…

He had covered several hundred feet in an instant . Not even a trace of him remained in front of them .

Bu Liuqing and Yue Lingxue stopped in their tracks rather dejectedly .

They couldn't catch up .

A deep fury rose in their hearts . Both of them were livid, neither of them speaking a word .

In front, two figures returned empty-handed .

When they saw Bu Liuqing and Yue Lingxue, the two of them paused for a moment before continuing to walk toward them .

"Dharma Supreme?!" Bu Liuqing roared furiously, "Was it you?!"

Supremacy Bu, who was stewing in rage, switched his target, clearly intending to vent his anger on the Dharma Supreme…

The ones approaching them from opposite were the Dharma Supreme and a figure dressed in white robes . His robes were loose with wide sleeves and his facial features indistinct as he lagged a step behind the Dharma Supreme, giving people the impression that his status was beneath the Dharma Supreme .

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