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Chapter 1139

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The Valley Master and the High Priest flew up to the skies above and focused on the direction that the lotus was rotating in .

In the next moment, both of them let out a cry together and pounded hard with the white stick in their hands!

Both of them faced each other and stood upright in the air . They pounded hard on the lotus as they followed the direction of rotation . However, as both of their bodies were rotating together with the lotus, their bodies became blurred shadows in an instant…

It was a scene filled with violet vapor in the Nine Tribulations Space!

The thickness of the violet vapor made it look almost like a solid block!

All the herbs grew rapidly, as if they were reborn .

The Spiritual Spring was still bubbling, when it suddenly started to turn a faint milky color…

The original white spiritual energy within the Nine Tribulations Space was first compressed, then later expelled from the space and disappeared without any trace…

The entire Nine Tribulations Space was now a heavenly place for the Violet Vapors!

The Sword Spirit was still tirelessly transferring the spiritual energy into this space… Non-stop transferring…

In the skies above the Lotus of Heavenly Command, both the Valley Master and the High Priest had already become dizzy from the spinning, after doing their utmost to keep up with the spins .

Both of these two old men were bewildered . They thought in their mind, 'F*ck! Previously, we only had to spin for a hundred over times and the Heaven Nourishing Jade would be successfully refined… How is it that this time, we had already spun for three thousand over times and the Heaven Nourishing Jade is still not yet ready?'

This was really… really astonishing to the maximum!

Both of them would never know that . Originally, it would have only taken a few hundred rounds of spinning… All these problems started because of a super huge thief! Robbing away almost one-third of the Primordial Violet Vapor…

The Heaven and Earth Energy was severely insufficient! Therefore, the only way was to use time to compensate… and to use time to compensate meant that… the two old men would have to spin many more round . It was not just a little bit more, but a huge increase in the number of rounds .

Finally, the Primordial Violet Vapor above Chu Yang's head started to weaken…

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In the center of the lotus . A crystal bright object slowly started to rise up…

Slowly but surely, it reached ninety feet above the lotus!

Almost like a jade, but not! Almost like a solid, but not! Almost like a liquid, but not…

In Chu Yang's opinion, it was somewhat similar to one of the Nine Great Herbal Medicines, the Mysterious Ice Jade Paste . However, the potency of it would definitely be much greater than the Mysterious Ice Jade Paste…

The next moment, the lotus of heavenly command suddenly disappeared . It transformed into a stream of seven color lights and went into this weird object!

Immediately after, this weird object suddenly emitted a bright glow! Lighting up the entire hall!

The Heaven Nourishing Jade was finally accomplished!

It floated in the air gently .

In the air, all the violet vapor that had filled everywhere suddenly disappeared . A ball of strong violet vapor diffused out from the Heaven Nourishing Jade, as if it was escaping from the Jade, and rapidly escaped through the hall and into the limitless void…

The violet vapor must have thought, 'It's so terrifying… There's actually someone waiting here just to absorb us…'

Both the High Priest and the Valley Master dropped onto the ground at the same time .

Both of these old men rocked back and forth and felt really dizzy for a long while, before finally regaining their composure .

They had really been made dizzy by all the spinning .

The High Priest stood up . However, due to dizziness, he still spun one round before falling onto his butt on the ground again . Panting and holding his head up, he scolded, "F*ck, this time around is really unusual and strange . We spun for a total of 13,000 rounds… Even with my level of cultivation, all these spinning almost caused my brains to explode…"

The Valley Master smiled bitterly and he supported himself with one hand . He looked as if he was trying his best to withhold the sensation to vomit . Panting, he said, "You… you actually still counted?"

The High Priest snorted and replied, "How can I not count it… Valley Master, the next time there is such an occasion, let Second Brother do it . I will not do it again even if you kill me… Another time of spinning would probably be tantamount to throwing away my own life…"

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The Valley Master laughed out loud .

The two men regained their composure . They finally stood up and could look up to see the Heaven Nourishing Jade that was still spinning in the air . The Valley Master let out a sigh and said, "The Heaven Nourishing Jade this time around is incomparably complete . Furthermore… why is it so big? It is double the size of all the previous times!"

The High Priest looked at it and frowned . "Yes, it is indeed much bigger… But why do I feel that it has only half of the contents? Missing another half? Usually, it has always been a round shape . Why is there a missing half this time around? Only a semi-circle?"

"This I really don't know . However, even if it is a semi-circle, it is more than sufficient . "

The Valley Master said reassuringly, "Hurry, let our little brother come down . Please go over to cut and divide out the Heaven Nourishing Jade . Leave behind the portion for nourishing the heaven, then a portion for the Medicine Valley . The rest of it, leave it to Chu Yang! That's the rule for nourishing the heaven!"

The High Priest said reluctantly, "Giving so much of it to him… This guy would be really happy…"

"This is what he deserved!" the Medicine Valley Master said sternly .

The High Priest let out an embarrassing laugh and replied, "I was just joking…"

In a place that no one knew about, inside the Nine Tribulations Space…

"Such a good item such a good item…" The Sword Spirit was holding up the semi-circle, loving and not wanting to let go of it at all . Although he was panting from fatigue, he was happily smiling . If the Valley Master and the High Priest saw this scene, they would be in a shock to know that the semi-circle which the Sword Spirit was carrying, was actually the Heaven Nourishing Jade!

An entire half of it!

Even Chu Yang did not know how the Sword Spirit had managed to cut out half of the Heaven Nourishing Jade, under the watchful eyes of the crowd? Therefore, he was chasing the Sword Spirit for an answer right now, while in the Nine Tribulations Space .

The moment Chu Yang stepped into the Nine Tribulations Space, he was met with an almost liquefied form of the Primordial Violet Vapor . Then he choked and almost went out of breath! The highest purity ever of the Violet Vapor made Chu Yang hold his breath instead .

It was like suddenly swallowing a mouth of sticky rice and the rice just got stuck in the airways .

"*Cough Cough Cough*…" Chu Yang was astonished . "So much of the Primordial Violet Vapor?"

The Sword Spirit replied proudly, "When the vapor went into you through the skull, I stole them… and managed to steal half of it . By the time I stole half of it, it was already sufficient to make improvements to the Nine Tribulations Space . The violet vapor which can completely change the nature of the space . Just in case, I stole another half of it . It's a waste not to steal the violet vapor when there is so much…"

Chu Yang fainted .

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"No wonder I felt that the process of violet vapor entering my body through the skull has no benefits, other than removing some miscellaneous impurities from the body…" Chu Yang continued rudely, "So it all went here . "

"You wanted to absorb it directly?" The Sword Spirit looked at Chu Yang, as if he was looking at an alien . "Aren't you scared of exploding!"

"Erm…" Chu Yang rubbed his nose and continued, "What is this about?" as he pointed at the Heaven Nourishing Jade .

"How did you manage to cut it out?" Chu Yang was really puzzled .

The Sword Spirit snorted and said, "Isn't this a piece of cake? At my top speed now, even the Dharma Supreme may not be able to see my shadows . How can you people see me?"

After a while of bragging, the Sword Spirit then said, "When the Heaven Nourishing Jade was formed, at the moment when the violet vapor was dispersing, I took action," the Sword Spirit hugged the Heaven Nourishing Jade with a look of fatigue and continued, "The Heaven Nourishing Jade refined by the Nine Tribulations Sword Master, how can I not have half of it? That is such a great deal for them… This jade, it is worth so many lives…"

After finishing his sentence, he took up the Heaven Nourishing Jade with both hands, like carrying a rare treasure and put it beside his arms . Only then did he finally heave a sigh in relief .

Outside .

The High Priest rose up and carried the Heaven Nourishing Jade into his arms before slowly descending to the ground . Even if it was just a simple hug, he had already felt peace in his body and mind…

The Valley Master personally flew up and came to the side of Chu Yang . He gently said, "Brother Chu, now that the refinement process is done, you may take rest . Meanwhile, let me take a look at how the poison in your body can be neutralized . "

Chu Yang was in the midst of interrogating the Sword Spirit . Therefore, he got a shock when he heard that and immediately returned consciousness to his body and replied, "Thank you, Valley Master . "

The Valley Master was afraid that the poison might have hinder Chu Yang's movement . He directly carried him and flew up before saying with a face full of gratitude, "You've worked hard!"

Following on, he helped to diagnose the Seven Poisons of the Netherworld . He frowned and said, "Brother Chu, this poison… although it is now being suppressed, it can still become a serious complication in the future . However, if you were to use the Heaven Nourishing Jade to remove the poison, it would be a little overkill…"

"Let me slowly think of another way," Chu Yang revealed a generous smile and said, "The responsibility of the Heaven Nourishing Jade is huge! For the Nine Heavens, for all living things of this continent, for all the commoners… and also for the fate energy of the Pharmacist for the past thousand years, the Heaven Nourishing Jade… should be kept for greater use…"

Respectfully, the Valley Master said, "Young man is indeed a heroic person! Such a character, you are indeed worthy of the title "World's Number One Pharmacist!"

Chu Yang replied in a panic manner, "I was just lucky, in terms of the medical theory, or as compared to the Valley Master and the High Priest, I am still much more inferior… How would I dare to take up such prestige?"

The Valley Master admired Chu Yang even more; such an impeccable young hero . Regardless, he would want to get close to Chu Yang .

He said, "Young man, you have become the champion in this banquet and also successfully refined the Heaven Nourishing Jade; therefore, you are definitely worthy of this title! Not just this, from today onwards, you would be my dedicated Pharmacist! Ranked Number Seven! You are the Seventh Dedicated… . "

At the same time, he took out a jade plate and said, "Brother Chu, this would be your proof of identity! With this, you can freely enter the Medicine Valley! And also enjoy all the resources and facilities of the Medicine Valley!"

Chu Yang took over the jade plate with profound respect and humility .

This moment, the High Priest finally came out . Using a Purple Crystal jade core plate, on top of it was five palm-size Heaven Nourishing Jade and handed over it to Chu Yang, albeit with a little heartache . "Brother Chu, this is the Heaven Nourishing Jade which you deserved . "

Chu Yang was simple and honest . Awkwardly, he said, "This… This is not too appropriate… Why not we divide it amongst the three of us?"

The High Priest was instantly overjoyed . He gave a pat to Chu Yang on his shoulders and said, "Nonsense, this belongs to you alone . Both of us did nothing, what is there to divide amongst? Furthermore, the Medicine Valley has some for ourselves…"

If Chu Yang had accepted it without saying a word, the High Priest would inevitably feel some heartache and discomfort; now that Chu Yang said this, it instantly made him feel much comforting .

With a face of awkward and being placed in a difficult position, Chu Yang watched as the High Priest stuffed the Heaven Nourishing Jade into his arms . Chu Yang was speechless . His whole face was red from the embarrassed and he mumbled, "This is not so appropriate… This is not so appropriate…"

This look, was simply that of an innocent little virgin…

Allowing no explanations, the High Priest stuffed the jade into the arms of Chu Yang before patting him on his shoulders . "Brother Chu, when you are done with your matters, you have got to visit our Medicine Valley . "

Chu Yang gave a sincere reply and said, "That is for sure . "

After handing over some matters, Chu Yang finally bid goodbye with some reluctance . He said that he would think of a way to neutralize the poison . As much as possible, he would not use the Heaven Nourishing Jade .

The Valley Master urged repeatedly for Chu Yang to visit the Medicine Valley . He explained to Chu Yang some of the benefits of being the Number One Pharmacist, which included a similar status to the Law-enforcement officer, High Priest Physician and the Chief Law-enforcement officer… All these benefits would be honored after the Nine Supreme Martial Artists had nourished the heaven…

Chu Yang happily agreed and walked out elatedly .

Behind him, the High Priest and the Valley Master looked at his back and let out a sigh of relief . "He is really a good, intelligent and sensible kid…"

No one could imagine that the one who just left was actually greedy and black-hearted to the maximum . He gained the most in this incident . With all these happenings, Chu Yang had actually gotten almost two-thirds of the Heaven Nourishing Jade . Furthermore, he had also gotten almost one-third of the Primordial Violet Vapor…

This guy was silently making a windfall . So much so that he was already a little embarrassed about it…

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